They both get very different very fast but it is funny


MCs are also orphans who get overpowered demonic entities inside of them in the first episode, the quiet black haired guy can summon dogs and can rarely use a sword while the abrasive girl of the group prefers using the hammer as her choice of weapon. Also the MC is given the choice to join the organization or else he dies on the spot


MCs both have plot twists regarding their dad, and the demon inside them massacres everything when it takes over


One more so has a >!plot twist regarding his mom!<


Well thats just semantics. I would argue that Yuuji has two dads, since we dont know Kenjaku's original gender and his current form is male


I mean he did get clapped by Yuuji's male dad while occupying a female body, so technically Kenjaku is just a person of varying genders throughout the millennia


He raped Choso's mother while he was a man, and got knocked up by Yuujis dad while being a woman. Taking genderfluid to the next level Although i would hazard a guess that Kenjaku was originally female, since the oldest form we have seen of him (Kashimo flashback) was female


The flashback with Kashimo was presumably 400 yrs ago while Kenjaku themself is more than 1000 yrs old so for now I identify Kenjaku as bi




The first seasons are centered around pieces of an extremely powerful entity which grants power when consumed


What’s the plot twist with the dad in jjk?


Fujimoto jokingly called it a JJK ripoff once, the authors are also friends and fans of each others' work


naruto too


You literally just made a general statement for modern battle shonen


Dennis isn't really happy-go-lucky...


I mean... the two authors are friends lol


Fujimoto himself has said that Dorohedoro and JJK were big inspirations for CSM


No, he said that "CSM is a Dorohedoro and Jujutsu Kaisen" rip-off in a sarcastic tone. The works that he actually took inspiration from were FLCL, Abara (both confirmed) and (likely) DevilMan. The concept of monsters born from the concentration of bad feelings it's something from Japanese culture and that's why it happens in a lot of mangas, and the blonde-pink-black trio was created in Naruto, outside of it JJK and CSM don't have anything else in common I haven't watched Dorohedoro tho, maybe there are elements from there that are actually inspired from.


Dorohedoro is fire. I think the main thing it borrows is the punk/grimy aspect and it being a really gross and dark story that very easily becomes lighthearted and wholesome. Would highly recommend reading it over watching. Amazing art.


Damn... I do be dumb More seriously though, I personally interpreted that joke as both a "it ended up very similar" and "I had some inspirarion", but your comment makes more sense Also, as for dorohedoro, id say that Caiman has superficially a similar personality to Denji decently often but the manga as a whole doesn't really remind me of CSM at all.


FUN FACT! Both the Fox Devil "Kon" and Divine Dog: Totality, also "Kon" appeared on the SAME week as each other.


Aside from the things mentioned by other people, doors are also very important in dorohedoro.


I really hope they continue adapting Dorohedoro , it s a shame they only covered around 40 chapters and stopped right before shit was about to go down..


>!The resemblance is like only the start (like first 9 episodes) and this is the worst part of chainsaw man, it seems like your average shounen jump there!<


Lol remember when we thought gathering bullet devil parts was going to be a pattern


The way i see it is that CSM is all about Denji , he is 90% of the screen and we always see his perspective on things , the story is experienced from his eyes (well now it s asa and denji) . While JJK is about the jjk world and Yuji is just a pawn in it , in fact Maki and Kenjaku are arguably the most important pieces (cause maki is the no CE squad that goes against what Geto wanted) . I might piss of people by this statement but imo anyone could ve had Yuji's role as a vessel , while no one would replace Denji cause it would change the entire story.


Both are wonderful gems :3


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Bruh I have a manga idea I wanna do in the future and this is literally it