Asa: "I want be to rid of you so badly I am willing to kill someone for it." Yoru: *(tears up)* "That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me." ------------------------ #[Head over here for the discussion thread of the last chapter](https://www.reddit.com/r/ChainsawMan/comments/yvzg6n/disc_chainsaw_man_ch_111_links/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)




The ez devil


If chapter 113 is coming out. What volume would that be?


I only just finished reading Part 1, where can I find Part 2? Do I just need to wait for it to come out physically?


Denji's gameplan is gonna be to "naturally" reveal he is Chainsaw Man. That, or he's gonna have to go home and Asa is gonna meet Nayuta, and Denji's pet posse.


Y’all are the cringiest fan base of any anime all time.


Did you activate an alt account just to talk shit to CSM fans? That's fucking sad, dude.


Nope, what’s sad is you’re a virgin




I just know Asa and Denji are gonna end up falling in love and the war devil gonna hold Asa’s life hostage so he vomits nuclear weapons back up.


That would be sick if it happened!! Love me some denasa angst


I don t think they will go in this route...


After the latest episode of the anime I had no choice but to read the manga to find out what happens next. I got caught up in 2 nights. This is one of the greatest stories ever and I cannot wait for more chapters of part 2.




Jump to alt account to talk shit is cringe behaviour


Cared enough to reply, sorry you’re a virgin who watches CSM lmao




how many of us did this lmao


I did, just finished Part 1 in two days, and today I caught up on Part 2. Amazing story, and I can't wait to see what happens in this part. I also love the pacing of chainsaw man. Something like over half of the chapters end in a major cliffhanger somehow, and it feels like the story progresses at a great pace. Compared to some mangas where a series of meaningless battles between unimportant characters will last a year.


I did it too~


Literally just finished volume 11 and only started reading after the last episode. Insane story


An insane ride




Me too! Lol


Same thing happened for me with demon slayer and jujutsu kaisen. After the finale I immediately picked up the manga. I guess I couldn’t wait for chainsaw anime to finish this time hahaha


I just finished the manga in two nights not too long ago as well


Couldn’t put it down either eh? I would have finished in one go if I didn’t have work. Was on my mind the entire day and now after finishing it’s still the only thing on my mind!


It’s a fun read, wishing I could read the manga again without any prior knowledge


Are you literally me? Wtf.


My brother we have finally came to understand the greatness. We are here.


In honor of no chapter this week, it’s prediction time ​ The date isn’t going to go horribly, it may even go well. Even so, it's not gonna meet Denji's expectations. Admittedly, I don’t remember a lot of Part 1, but as others have pointed out Denji has been forced to learn life lessons the hard way and things never meet his expectations. Denji's going to break off their relationship after this date, and we'll move on from it really quickly with Asa pivoting to using animals as weapons. Why, you ask? As a foil to Denji feeling boobs for the first time. Yes, he was let down and Makima picked him up, but do I expect Yoru to be there for Asa? Not at all




It comes out on 6 December 🗿


This is a certified Dennis Moment


just to ask when is 113 coming out


never. series ended


Cord man. People have a fear of cords. That’s it.




Conflicted on wether I like Asa x Denji being the class weirdo rejects falling in love or Asa x The embodiment of War that's possessing her body more.


What if this Haruka fellow actually is grass cutter man or something like that? I mean, chainsaws aren't the only things that have a starter .


Leaf blower fella


Honestly that seems pretty likely


Weed Wacker man lmao


Okay but like how many fucking people are afraid of weedwackers


bunnies 😔


Now I hope their date ends horribly, since that means nobody’s on Fujimoto’s chopping block


I hope it goes horribly because he needs to be in hell looking for fucking Power. Not dicking around some high school.


My boy needs an education he hasn’t been to school at all


You hope the date goes bad so that the main characters are safe I hope the date goes bad because it’ll be hilarious to see it go up in flames, Fujimoto style We are not the same


Anyone else like Part 2 way more than Part 1? It's so good


I think Part 2 starts stronger than Part 1 started. It's very promising but too soon to say if I like it more or less.


Not the part 2 I wanted. I need Denji in hell looking for Power SAO Alfheim style.


definitely part 3 material, i hope he takes his time with this story


eh, part 1 start was build up then straight action then depression then some more action and BOOM end


Hell no. The series should’ve ended at Part I. It was a masterpiece betrayed by a seeming lack of self-discipline in its caving to popular demand to continue the series. Denji’s character has already been debased. But Fujimoto has earned the benefit of doubt, though, so I’ll give him a chance. doesnt change the fact that each chapter only serves to worsen the coherence of Part I.


Denji is the same as he was in part 1 wtf are you on about???


you suck dick and balls


Sloppy BJ devil Koebnin


Damn I haven’t started part 2 yet because I’m afraid of this


It's different, it gives a completely different feel. Part one was all sudden and every single scene was impactfull and it had a pretty closed and controlled feeling with makima. Now in part 2 everything we had is gone, so it's like a new start. It's not as dark and we have yet to see anything mayor happening. There is not much mystery going on contrary to how part one was, which could pretty much be summed up as a mystery. Then again, we are only 15 chapters in, and the manga has yet to have an actual calm fase and low tide... Or maybe it's just Fujimoto sensei wanting to fuck us up all again, giving us the illusion of tranquility and rest...


Most people I've seen are really enjoying part 2 (myself included), and then there are a few very salty people hating it for a couple reason. Personally, I can't say wether it's better or worse than 1, specially since we only have about 15 chapters, but it has quite a different feel to it


You should start it, it’s genuinely equal too if not greater than part one IMO. Don’t listen to this goof.


probably thinks naruto, one piece and bleach are masterpieces. hoping Fuji’s talent pulls through and he successfully subverts the “saga” tropes as well.


The reading comprehension devil struck again




That’s encouraging, maybe I’ll wait for volume 12 to drop in the US and binge it. Thanks man


I find Asa and Yoru to be carrying it as the MC's so far, I love their dynamic. Hot take: I honestly prefer them to Denji too. I hope he gets sidelined for a while longer. Though, I doubt thats gonna happen lol with the next chapter.


I do but because it builds upon Part 1. Too soon to say though but Fujimoto exudes confidence every time he drops a chapter. Part 1 is literally an introduction to their universe, we haven't even tasted the geopolitics in it seeing as governments seem to have some amount of power over the devils (Reze - Russia, Gun - USA, Quanxi - China).


Aren't Reze and Quanxi dead? And the USA part of the gun devil was likely captured by Japan, which means they own the largest chunk, followed by the USSR.


Reze, Quanxi, Denji, and all the other "hybrids" are functionally immortal and would only need some blood to revive. I have to guess that these hybrids were "distributed" with Reze going back to USSR and Quanxi to China; the other hybrids must have been recovered by their own organizations because they're too useful to be left alone, at least in my opinion. Since Makima died and reincarnated into Nayuta the control effects are gone.


Being as there is no new chapter I reread last weeks chapter and have a theory about whats going to happen. I can't help but wonder something. Denji's character is based on one that constantly learns human lessons the hard way, and in a sense its a way to contrast his hard life that he used to have where he knew nothing and had nothing. Kinda like the Yin and the Yang of it all. The more about life he learns and gains, the more pain he goes through. Now keep in mind that though Reze had real feelings for Denji, he wasn't the one to kill Reze (technically), and even though he killed Makima, her feelings weren't reciprocated towards him. What if this is the first time where Denji gets in a relationship with a character and they both have feelings for each other that are fully reciprocated, then Yoro forces Asa to try and kill Denji? Denji is then revealed to be the real Chainsaw Man and in a heartfelt goodbye Asa tells Denji to kill her because she doesn't want to kill him, and he has to stop the war devil. Could be an interesting plot point where Denji has to learn the hard way that being a hero doesn't mean you can save everyone, and that people he cares about can become his weakness to which he learns that keeping his identity under cover is actually important to protect the new those he cares about including the new control devil child which we have yet to see again.


assuming that the chainsaw man that saved the cat is in fact denji, i think he already knows he can't save everyone. it would be cool to see a bit of makima in denji in the form of a Machiavellian "the ends justify the means" philosophy to devil slaying


He doesn't save dudes. Come on.


There's no doubt that Denji was the one who saved the cat, Yoshida talked with him about it after and gave back his ID that he dropped.


Yeah I think fujimoto can take things a bunch of different ways right now and I'm pretty confident in his storytelling, which makes me excited.


I really hope this happens… just wanna see our boy denji happy again. Plus I really like Asa and Denji together as a pairing. Fingers crossed it works out between the two of them next chapter.


Yeah unfortunately I see this going down a dark route where like I said Denji has to kill her or he loses her to maybe the war devil. Either way I feel like Fujimoto is setting us and our boy up for some heavy growth.


Good point. He's come a long way in part 1 but he still hasn't really ever had to keep people safe long-term.


I mean in my opinion it's the next phase of him becoming a hero. At one point he's gotta fight for a cause, or have something worth protecting. He's comically a degenerate character but fujimoto has shown that Denji grows and learns. His iq isn't 0 lol.


I don't think that Denji is ever going to become a "hero". There's a recurring theme in CSM of people being driven by selfish motives rather than ideals like "the greater good". It's a subversion of the stereotypical hero narrative.


That’s incredibly insightful and well thought out.


I appreciate it!


no new chapter?


Looks like its next week


fuck and he really had to do it after such a cliffhanger.








I feel ya. At least we’ve got the anime today.


true true


Is it true that there will be no new chapter today?


Yeah .. on mangaplus, if you scroll a bit more at the end of the chapter, they will usually tell you when the next chapter will drop Last week, it was written it will drop on 6th December


New chapter comes out every tuesday


No. Sometimes it’s every sometimes it’s bi. I think we’re going back to a bi schedule


Sometimes I’m bi




Yeah I know, it’s tonight for me. I heard some rumours that it go back to biweekly


No mangaplus says the next chapter release 6/12


Wait so its next tuesday ?


looks like it


Fucking slapped


This shit sucks. This is no where even close to the level of quality of part 1. It’s embarrassing. I really tried to like this crap but it’s so cookie cutter and boring. My god to think CHAINSAWMAN would become….this. Huge disappointment.


Humongous bait, congratulation !








Reading this comment is pain. It's literally the same level of quality as part 1, it just doesn't have an entire manga worth of build up yet. Did you think the beginning of the second part would have the same level of payoff as the ending of part 1?


Unbelievable cope/10


You know we are only 15 chapters from the second part, right? Patience brother


Yes and it sucks


This isn't finished, chill


Okay. Maybe it’ll somehow pull a huge 180 and surprise guess we’ll find out. I’m not holding my breath


Bro is 16 loses everybody, becomes a dad to 20 dogs, and a daughter that murdered everyone he cared about. Has to scrape the streets for cash & gets no compensation for saving lives


.. weird thought. is dneji technically immune to this power cause he already is a living weapon?


I suspect War's power doesn't work on devils, otherwise it would be an instakill through contact.


dennis is actually 17+. remember the birthday cake incident?




also it didnt feel that good when he touched boobs for the first time


I would say that people could financially suport heroes but they probably already pay some kind of tax for public safety


Except Denji isn’t working with public safety anymore, he’s literally just a guy now




I’m calling it, Asa falls for denji after he compliments her hair. That’s it, no meeting Nayuta, no slow burn romance, straight to the point. She is the horny one now.


Honestly, I think this is one hundred percent how it’ll turn out. Denji is not only burnt out physically/emotionally, but he most likely has caught on already, seeing as though he was there the last time a devil possessing somebody had visible scars, and seeing how reluctant he was to say yes.


Who was the other person who had scars and was possessed? Violence? Kurose was being impersonated, not possessed...


Any the case, denji would believe or have suspicions that Asa is doing that then? I guess?


I mean he was introduced to Asa for the purpose of making her into his girlfriend, so I'm gonna be really surprised if he actually starts acting all suspicious after getting exactly what he asked for. He might have some reservations if she says "i like you for you, Denji" because every woman who "wanted" him was after csm. I think denji will be optimistic about the whole situation tho, if less excited because of his Part 1 trauma


God please no... Do we really need Makima 2.0?


How is that Makima 2.0


She's a female four horsemen devil that is out to kill Denji.


Chainsawman endgame is Horsemen harem


please don't let it be horseman harem, Nayuta is like a daughter to him!


I'm literally about to burn my computer.


That would be incest, Fujimoto would never does this!


Bold strategy Cotten, let’s see if it pays off.


Denji just goes "Your hair looks really nice" and she immediately decides she wants to fuck him


Is any one else actually like… worried for Dennis’s fate???? I remember seeing official art of Chainsaw Man pt.2 with Yoru holding a chainsaw…. What if the Chainsaw man in the cover is the other one???


No way Fujimoto would kill Denji off so soon, when the entire first arc was basically his superhero origin story and how we’re only a dozen chapters into the next arc


he's probabl not a chainsaw man. for starters there are, seemingly, only one version of each deivl that exists at any time so he wouldn't be one. ​ not to mention that they'd have to do it without pochina intervening.


I always love Asa & Yoru interactions


Idk why y’all aren’t liking this part as much, in my opinion Asa is by far one of my favorite characters. I also was STOKED to see denji again, I hope he finds the blood demon soon and gets powa back too


I'm loving this part so far. I think Fujimoto has struck a great balance between letting Yoru have independence and be the main character while still allowing Denji to be an integral part of the story. I was really concerned at the start that Denji would play a minor role, but I'm happy to see that he's important. Unfortunately I suspect finding Power is quite a while away. Probably at least 40 chapters away.


Power is probably not going to be back for a long while 😔


Yeah I know 😭😭😭 I’m sad cuz she was my favorite character


Cuz it’s not nearly as good as part 1.


Part 1 took like 30 chapters to get going let’s just smile that we are here to watch this awesome story develop.


This is the same thing that happens every time a post time skip scenario focuses on a new character.


I disagree, I like this part about as much as I liked part 1


The chapter was good... At this moment i like part 2 a bit less than first one, but its Just started and i am interested in how it'll turn out, all i hope for that part 2 not gonna "nerf" denji since he is not MC anymore and all that stuff, especially if something like " I'll sacrifice myself cause... Idk the plot say so :)" gonna happend, nah bruh, im leaving


I love both, but I hate how slow it takes for manga to come out. I basically read all the way through the first arc in two days (if I’m being generous), and now I’m stuck in biweekly release hell for the next year. I know that these things take time to come out, but I can’t take it, man 😔


The only really great ark was the climax of season 1. I personally am liking the more character focus then the non stop action. Plus we killed all previous characters so we kinda need it


Part 1 start was also slow and not as good as most of part 1 , not sure regarding the amount of chapters but it took a bit to pick up




You are on the initial set up again.


I think most people agree that they want it to focus on Denji, but few people are gonna say that Asa sucks, I'm curious if it's ever going to focus back on Denji again this part but we'll just have to see


maybe you should have focused on enjoying the manga instead of expecting it to live up to your expectations


I think you just read through it too fast. I'm really enjoying the dynamic between asa and yoru, and I'm really excited to see where the story leads


Probably because you rushed through the chapters to get caught up


Trick question, they’re all a 5/5.


this is a tad off topic but i didn't think it warranted a post. on chapter 90 and i still can't figure out the angel devil's abilities? when anyone says use however many years, what exactly does that do? take away xyz years of life from whoever the weapon is used against? also - is there going to be any explanation for makima's eyes (or for what exactly makima is if she isn't something like denji)? i always thought there was going to be some link to kon since they both have those eyes...


I think you misinterpreted Angel’s powers a bit, anyone he touches lifespan is drained until they die. He can then use up the years he’s drained from humans to create swords, the more years used the powerful the weapon is. So let’s say he drains a 10 year olds lifespan, he could then create a 10 years sword, which would be relatively weak. Also- that’s a little bit of a spoiler but it’s kinda explained >!Makima is one of four devil’s known as horsemen, they’re not primal devils but they’re incredibly powerful and all of them share the trait of ringed eyes. We’ve seen 3 show up in the manga so far, Makima is the conquest/control devil. Denji is a hybrid of a devil and human, Makima is a full devil!< Hopefully that’s helpful


oohh awesome, ok, yeah i did misinterpret his powers. thank you!!


The years drained come from the target's remaining life, not how old they are. A ten year old wouldn't have a ten year lifespan, unless they were going to die at the age of twenty. Also he doesn't necessarily drain people until they die, he only took two months from Aki.


Ahhh ok thanks, so it’s similar to how the curse devil takes the users lifespan


He’s wrong. The years come from people he’s already touched.


why is denji so fuking relatable.


Cause you wanna get the bag and have a girlfriend.




How do you knoe


I check it at mangaplus and The PAIN!!!


was announced last week i think


Did someone notice that girl with pochita's cord as earrings (supposedly a Horseman) always has her head left tilted ? At first i tought it was just a pose so we can see the earrings being unbalanced but even when she stands behind that fake chainsaw man, we can see a bit that her head is not completely straight, idk..


Shes Famine allegedly, one of the 4 horsemen Conquest Death Famine War


U said it


Wdy mean by "fake csm"? He literally showed starter cord on the chest.


Because he looks like someone that talks behind backs


Maybe she's Justice and has her head tilted like a scale Would explain how she ressed Yuko maybe making or extending her pact (since she changed even more after it) Considering Yuko only ever killed people, maybe she's the death horseman


Would be funny if she actually makes him a weapon buts it’s just his head chainsaw and when she starts him he just wakes up but no body


We need a strong weapon to beat Chainsaw Man, and crafting this weapon requires Chainsaw Man parts. To obtain Chainsaw Man parts, we must beat Chainsaw Man.


Devil May Cry 5: Chainsaw Edition


Quiet Yoru, I need to do my Michael Jackson dance!


From the start I've always wondered if pochita is actually the chainsaw devil or not. It seemed kind of strange to me that the chainsaw devil was so powerful that all other devils feared him in Hell. I mean chainsaws can be scary, but to be so powerful that he can go toe to toe with a these crazy powerful devils? Also him eating the devils felt like something different from the chainsaws. Maybe the president that showed Asa his chainsaw cord really is the chainsaw devil and it'll be revealed that pochita was something entirely different. My personal guess is that he was the Death devil, though that may not be right since all 4 horsemen were apparently fighting the chainsaw devil. So maybe the "Forgotten" devil or Void? Course this is all my personal theory, probably wrong looking at how crazy the series is.


I got a weird theory about that. ​ He was always the chainsaw devil. but he was an odd one out as he wasn't... devilish enough, exactly. Have a weird theory of where the angels be at, and that angels and devils are the same thing depending on a collective perspective. soemthing has gone MASSIVELY sideways in the cosmology and only devils are manifesting as a result. ​ He encounters another devil who is of a similar nature, maybe one who even remembers being an angel maybe? the source of the power to seal other devils. he had pochita eat him and gain his powers to seal other devils away maybe in hopes of figuring out why things are so massively sideways comsologically speaking. Maybe singular devil is responsible for it and or sealing it away will fix the cosmology. ​ However pochita has to make sure he doesn't die, cause in doing so it will force all the devils in question to reincarnate back into hell.


I also think pochita is a different devil but he just likes chainsaws so he sticks with it.


Chainsaw devil was strong because other devils feared him. Because he killed devils and ate them and they were forgotten. How powerful are you when people who gain power from fear, fear you?


why coudnt he be that strong though? chainsawman has no true powerscaling. if a random devil killed enough devils, theyd become stronger and thereby more feared, regardless of what they represent. pochita could easily be the chainsaw devil and be as strong as he is because he killed and ate enough devils. i dont really get this take


I kinda agree with the take just because of the chainsaws power to eat devils and have th be forgotten. Like... Devils seem limited by their names, a chainsaw should not be able to do that no matter how strong. It's like one punch man, he just did some sit ups and now he is God killing level lol.


Thinking that pochita was always an odd one out of a devil and made a pact with another devil. he took on that devil's power. Mayhaps a devil that embodies 'chaos' or something... Or perhaps a devil of a great fear or sin. apathy, ignorance? ​ ​ Tehcnically we could say he grows stronger from eating devils but at the same time they are forgotten so long as they sit in his stomach, so no energy is directed at them.


I've been thinking about this and remembered makima listing all the things forgotten. Like one of the things was a star that broke children's minds who saw it. Did pochita eat a eldrich god??? If so all bets off man I have no clue.


or the star that broke minds WAS the being he made a pact with?


My thought was that he might actually be the “Murder” Devil or something along those lines, something that would make sense both to manifest as chainsaws and to have that ability of erasure


I'm calling it now. Asa is going to find out that Denji is literal scum of the earth while dating him. Someone she considers so genuinely atrocious, she'd have no guilt in killing. Hence Denji is going to be saved by his own scumminess.


I've seen comments predicting every possibility lol. - Everything will go well, they'll fall in love, and Yoru will use that to manipulate Asa - Denji will be disappointed with the date, like how he was disappointed after squeezing Power's boobs, and he'll break off the relationship. - Asa will hate Denji and no longer feel guilt, saving Denji from being killed. And some more that I'm forgetting. I can't wait to see how next chapter goes. Personally I predict that their date will go well, Denji will be disappointed because he doesn't actually know Asa so the date won't feel romantic, but their relationship will continue. Maybe Yoru will take over for a bit to make the date more interesting.


I think it’ll be more interesting if instead of Denji being the typical horny coomer, that he actually tries to get Asa to dislike him but Asa falls for him anyways. Denji actually grows out of his horny coomer phase exactly when it is completely inconvenient for the War Devil.