Why does Power wait so long to bring a human to the Bat Devil? When Power brings Denji to the Bat Devil, she was already part of the Devil Hunters. There is a flashback where she stumbles on the street, rushing to find a human for the Bat Devil. Why doesn't she just take the first human she encounters? Instead she joins an organization and waits until she is assigned a partner (a Devil Hunter nonetheless) to "trick" him into being fed to the Bat Devil. Also, who was feeding the cat during that time?


It was also mentioned that she met makima immediately after meowy was taken.


So far I can't really say im sold on it tbh. I didn't read the manga but the anime so far feels very familiar. Generic badass moment poses, small humorous quips, pretty generic designs overall except for chainsaw man and predictable plot. I'm still gonna watch the season out but so far it's not for me.


I recommend going to r/csmanime or r/Anime to discuss the show, this subreddit is full of spoilers and when the story really takes off, you’ll probably want to go in without knowledge of future events. It’ll make the experience a lot better!


Ok thanks for the heads up!


i LOVED that ED +overall great episode


This is my first anything with Chainsaw man love the series but i think this episode was an step down from the second and first one even if the action was so good


I feel like I might get a ton of dislikes for saying this… but I think the 2nd ED was better than the 3rd one.


With the amount of ED's we're going to get, everyone's probably going to like some more than the others lol. Hvaing said that though, this one was definitely my fav so far lol


hey fair enough :/ I liked the 3rd ed a bit more. maybe we can find common ground disliking the 4th ed.. or maybe it will be great! :)


Lmao that's what I came here to say. I was 100% on board with the whole "new ED every episode" thing if it meant a new Zutomayo CSM-themed clip, but the third ED is less my type 😂. But hey, it's good to have music for every taste


I’m a massive ZUTOMAYO fan so I feel you


This isn't Twitter. Don't worry


Nah, you can have your opinion fam


Yknow, as much as i enjoy it, I'm mildly perplexed by the huge discrepancy in reception between eastern and western watchers. Oddly enough it's falling through the ranks in Japan in terms of critique and appreciation, and I really wonder what the reason could be for that. Shits weird, some "highlights" below 😐 -Isn't the director a war criminal after all? -Why are you aiming for a Japanese movie that doesn't have a particularly high reputation worldwide? -I think Denji's role is generally bad. -It's like saying that anime is for kids and not for adults, so why did you become an anime director? -The very popular original has been turned into personal property by the director for the first time! In a bad way -If you want to imitate a live-action movie, go to the MCU instead of the insidious Japanese movie lol -It's not really a gag, but it's definitely not a serious, dark atmosphere like a funeral. -If there was no original, or if it was an unnamed original, I think it would have been appreciated here as well.


To some extent I agree with you😔


I mean it's the first time I've seen a manga have such a divide in fanbase opinions. odd, really 🤔


I'm loving the anime. It feels more like watching a movie than the usual anime. The only downside is the sound design during battles. But it's really good. It's visually beautiful like Fire Force season 1.


Is power already under Makima's thrall here? I dont remember Power being manipulated this early, but the way she cowers when Makima tells them to knock it off is really striking. Plus Denji visibly looks confused at how Power reacts


Everyone in the Devil Hunters was under Makima's control from the start. Aki is already in love with her, she seems to have set up her contract with the Prime Minister way beforehand and we meet more people who are in love with her and/or think she saved them later even though she wasn't shown directly interacting with them beforehand. Power's name also fits neatly into the theme naming of her other fiend/devil subordinates. Given her intentions, she doesn't seem like the type to add something she doesn't control into her plan.


She is, it was already in the manga at this part


The chainsaw sound is exactly what Makina was explaining in the car. It was exactly what the Bat Demon felt when he heard the chainsaw start after his attack.


I'm trying but this show is not holding my interest and it's because of denji he just has no purpose


You an anime only? If so I recommend to leave this subreddit since this is for manga readers and allows spoilers. CSMAnime is safe though.


don’t worry bud jus keep watching, his purpose develops with time and speaking from a manga standpoint his view on boobs will prolly change next episode


he gay?


ttraction is that sometimes it is not used where it is needed, in static and close angles, when denji just gets out of a pile of zombies, it seems that he is a firefly, sometimes very strange animation and several frames per second, this is the end of the claims, everything else is implemented very well, and the scene with Makima and the accompanying ost scene are just great Episode 2: there are no complaints at all, everything is at a very good level and everything that I praised in the first episode is just as well executed in episode 2 Episode 3: this is the same episode that, when first viewed in poor quality, caused very strange emotions, that the first thing that caught my eye was the difference in the drawings, makima at the beginning and makima in the car are depicted differently, the same thing was noticed during the fight when he had a different Dendzhigolova shapes, then different colors, first dusty and battered, and then clean and smooth, only at the beginning of the episode, when power and denji are fighting, it seems that there are few frames, and it really hurts the eyes, let's move on to the battle, in which there were sometimes problems with directing and animation, at the end, when denji sawed off the mouse's hand, we were strangely shown how he turned 360° and hit him, just like when denji takes the father and daughter out of the fight, he hits the mouse in a jump, and it doesn't look very good, and the recoil from the blow is not felt, and so I don't understand again, why use cgi in static frames an But there are also advantages, the visual is also very good and atmospheric, the battle is also beautiful, everything is beautifully destroyed, it's very cool animated and a lot of details Bottom line: in general, I am happy with the adaptation, but sometimes very strange moments happen, and this is the use of cgi, and with all my love for this anime, I do not leave the feeling that we could get an adaptation better


so the thing about ep 3, im pretty sure most of the animation isn’t cgi. it’s rotoscoping which is basically tracing over real life movements. so i see there were a couple times where it stood out like in the office building and such, but i feel like the fight was directed pretty well after rereading the fight. the animation was pretty fluid and it kept me in the fight, while the usage of cg in the first episode i noticed more. side note on the difference in panels and them not doing exact shots, i think it’s better if they don’t constantly make each shot a direct manga shot. not only does it make seeing the actual shot for shot more rewarding but it allows the anime to move differently, gives it a feeling of almost something on its own


By the way, about the panels, the only complaint is the final pose, which was changed for some reason, and in the end denji was made some kind of superhero pose, why do this?


lmaooo ohh i gotchu, tbh idek it just seems cool and good for cliffhanger i suppose they thought. shit was clean tho😩


I'm not arguing, I was sitting there myself and figuring out where cgi is and where 2d is, I just don't understand the point of using cgi in static frames, the moment when denji shouted that he hadn't touched his tits yet was beautifully drawn, but after that there is a static cgi model, why? I'm not saying she's bad, I just don't see the point, people notice it. As for the direction and panels, I'm not complaining about the whole fight, only about some moments, the problem is that these moments just catch your eye, I agree with the smoothness of the animation, the animation of the bat was at a high level


oh i understand it no argument here, cgi throws me off sometimes too. i hope it’s not too much of it tbh. i thought they were gonna commit on cgi denji because of his head in chainsaw mode but i was happy to see they could draw it regularly. hopefully it slowly becomes less as the series goes on. ik sometimes they do it to either save money or they feel it’s too hard to draw regularly, but i don’t think should have problems like that so im a bit confused as well. cant wait to see how some fights play out.


The stakes are high for a battle with a katana man


I wanted to point out that Makima's voice actor did an amazing job, we all have our expectations for the anime adaptation and one of them is Makima's voice, some expected a deep and dominating voice but instead, we got a soft and modulated voice. in my opinion, I think its a great choice, it definitely took me a while to take in but I get it now, Makima's voice is soft it makes me feel comfortable. It's like I can rely on her for everything. I just wanted to get that thought out :) ps: her voice is really similar to my own mother whose days are already counted, so i get a bit emotional now.


Agreed, Makima sounds like how I imagined in the manga. Was anyone else bothered a little by powers voice?? I feel like her voice is so high pitched and just a little bit forced like I kinda imagined it being scruffy and more tomboyish


Stay strong king 🙏 art imitates life indeed


My theory for why the fight felt slow is because one of the next enemies main power is speed


ED got the AOT creepy ending feels


I am just loving the animation for the show. It's just *chef's kiss* perfectly matches the manga's style. Also loving seeing Denji and Power animated together.


dude... i've read the entire manga but this episode made me realize just how scary denji actually is in chainsaw form. like dude, he's literally 3 walking fucking weapons of evisceration. there's nothing anyone can really do to defend, as long as denji keeps pursuing, unless they're made of titanium or some shit.


I love the angle on Makima specially the close up shot of her face when she said "Can you quiet down?". Aside from that, the ending is a fucking banger. I could see myself vibing to that death metal of a ending.


the close up shots on makima’s eyes? chefs kiss


Does anyone know if/when the full edit of the ED will be released? the only on on spotify and youtube rn are the TV edits.


They really are making sure Makima’s movements, poses, and head tilts come off as charming and hypnotising, aren’t they?


I've been looking for anime with a fight scene(s) as good as literally the last 5-10 episodes of naruto Shippuden and this anime scratched that itch....wait...these fight scenes alone rank this anime in my top 3 so far


Have you watched jjk?


Yeah I second this go watch Jujutsu Kaisen its also animated by Mappa and scratches thst Naruto itch for sure


I want fanart of Power in the outfit she wears in the ED.




no? she was just in her usual drip?


yeah ik but she turned up naked for one shot lol nice name btw


i think the scene you are saying is from OP, the scene where power was shown as the state she was in before being captured by makima


its in the ed too dude, that shot where the lighting is red and the blood is green


I really, really, really liked it. BUT, I will say that the direction is kinda weird, for example, when Denji throws the car at the bat devil it feels very slow. Which, yeah… it could be a slow mo, but like.. why did the guy come out in normal speed?! It felt pretty out of place. Also, (and i’m sure i’m not the first person to say this) I don’t really get why this anime feels so serious, the humor is almost just not there, same as Denji’s voice actor (while being very talented and fitting) doesn’t really have that charisma that I thought he would. Anyways, the animation is stellar as always and you can really tell this is a passion project, (I would also like to add that i don’t really get why they used CGI for Denji’s body, like yeah… i can understand the SAW but not his body sense it’s a normal sized person, especially how they completely nailed the animation for a big character like the Bat Devil.) All and all, I did really enjoy this and would like to leave a question, where do y’all think the anime will leave off? Because, I don’t really think they’ll animate all 11 volumes for only 12 episodes.


theres 24 episodes!


? how do u know??


it’s 2 cours, it just says it all over the promos, and 2 cours means 24 episodes


It literally does not say that anywhere. We probably will get a continuation but let’s not act like it’s actually confirmed lol


it’s confirmed 😭😭


Where? I can't find that anywhere.


oh that makes sense. and jjk did 7 volumes as 24 episodes but csm is very fast paced so it makes sense


which means darkness devil and hybrid fight next spring!!!!!!!


that’s so hype omfg


Oh my god dude Fujimoto is super invested in the project. He is a major cinephile and that was very clear in the manga. Since what he did in the manga is basically impossible to adapt into an animated medium, they're going for the movie-feeling style, and it works great. The humour is still there too.


i agree, but i think the delivery could definitely better.


They're not crazy enough to animate all of it. Judging by the character art they've released, we're ending it with Denji meeting Reze in that booth


oh ok. i would’ve guessed at vol 5 before it shows the alley door scene again


I envy people that will start the anime after the whole first season is out. I feel like it’s meant to be binged


I'm watching like this right now and I kind of agree


I mean, no, it’s just we’re so used to shows being released all at once. But yeah it would be cool to chew through


Each episode leaves me feeling the same way… I wish there was more! I love this show but part of me almost wants to let the episodes come out so I can binge at least 3 in a row or something :)


Great episode!


I think I’m the only one that doesn’t find the animation to be that good. Sure it’s good for the most part but, every fight scene the cg just looks clunky.


Dude I'm so sorry you got bombarded with downvotes for something that isn't even all that outlandish. You bring up some great points, I don't personally think the CGI works either. It's a shame that we can't even have this opinion without people immediately jumping down our throats with "YoU JuSt LiKe HaTiNg WhAt Is PoPuLaR DoNt YoU?". Like is it so outlandish that we find the CGI out of place?


I gotta be honest I think what they've nailed is the very toned down slice of life feel in some scenes. Power and Denji with the vending machines, on the train, Denji holding pochita or having a meal with Makima, power utterly giving up as she's grabbed by bat, Makima and buds driving into that warehouse and embracing Denji, all the sound and energy captures the manga perfectly. But Denji and power arguing in front of Makima felt clunky to me, as did the fight scenes. Chainsaw man doesn't really have heavily choreographed huge fights that often, but those portions haven't worked as well for me so far. I don't have an inherent issue with the CGI, I think it was used effectively for non fight scenes in AOT (maybe more so than the fight scenes)


You like hating on what's popular don't you? The animation is God Tier and you know it. Your just too salty and mentally whacked to admit the truth.


What? I never said I didn’t like the anime, but when people call the animation “god tier” I’d have to disagree. Cg fight scenes make them look like they’re running at a lower frame rate and ruins the immersion for me at least.


dude ngl the cg last episode was legendary. have you seen his head and neck? those parts are so beautifully done with so much detail, its genuinely better than anything they could have done with 2d. the movement is really good too, im pretty sure the 3d is hand manipulated frame by frame because no way the movement looks that well integrated into the rest of the normal 2d animation i know the cg still somewhat stands out but my personal benchmark for good cg is when it doesn't pull you out of the experience/ruin immersion


honestly, my expectations for the animation were reallyyy low because of how it went for SNK (i stopped midway in the last seasons because of how derpy the animation was), but im really pleasantly surprised with CSM, I like the animation a lot


The animation is gorgeous, and I like that the staff seems to be very careful about adapting the original work very faithfully; but does anybody else get the feeling the episodes feel a bit... slow? Sometimes it indulges for seconds on shots that were just small, quick panels in the manga. So while the overall pace is fine, the pace within the scenes, as in when you look at them shot by show, feels oddly dilated and artificial to me.


I think thats just due to the way Fujimoto structured the manga. The manga moves really fast as far as pacing is concerned, while the anime is going for a cinematic feel. The trade off is that the show needs to move slow to make sure it it doesn’t go past Katana Man during the first season. Second season will be up to the end of the International Assassins arc. Third season will end part 1. Fourth season will adapt the current manga arc (can’t wait for that!) If they went by the manga’s pace, they would be finishing the Reze arc in season 1, but that would be a weird place to end a season, since that and the next arc are so connected.




They are doing 1 cour, unlike something like Jujutsu Kaisen. Its more like AoT Final Season. This season is a confirmed 12 episodes. My logic is based on them sticking to that format for the entire run. MAPPA has experience with both release formats, but manga pacing and anime pacing are two different animals. Hell, I don’t think the pace of the manga lends itself well to an anime tbh.


Yeah that’s the one thing that keeps sticking out to me too. For a manga that has such cinematic and quick fights they feel almost overdone.




My brother in Christ it is free on shonen jump.


find it yourself, literally just need to google


You can ignore him or help him but what do you do you cold piece shit lmao fuck this sub


I chose the third option, call him out on his laziness. How about he just does the absolute bare minimum effort before going on reddit to ask for help (posted it in a episode discussion as well) ![img](emote|t5_rmtrq|22157) I rather spend 10-15 seconds replying like this instead of accommodating someone like that


Spent your time on being a piece of shit lmao takes a normal human being 2 secs to copy and paste a link you fucking cunt lmao fuck you


the ending was crazy got me hyped




great episode. seems like the series will get better as each episode passes. different than the manga but i think fujimoto wanted a more serious anime.


i feel like fujomoto and mappa is making chainsaw man anime more like monogatari, kizumonogatari, evangelion/gainax/flcl , haruhi, fma, clannad, tatami galaxy, cyberpunk edgerunner, devilman, terror resonance, death note/code geass, fate visual novel/fate zero, madoka, texhnolyze, lain, serious part of gintama, steins gate, ergo proxy the manga was like a studio trigger action anime with the the final fight being like kizumonogatari


take a shot for every show you named (pls don’t)


mappa csm is better than mappa aot


mappa aot had little time to do the first season they animated plus it was a first for them to do that style of animation.


Does anyone knows what music starts playing when denji transforms into demon while flying with the Bat demon?


im pretty sure its the music from the very first pv. idt the official version has being released it but you can find tons of fan extensions on youtube


Chsm anime -> halo / Chsm manga -> DooM


what do you mean by this? Halo = slower and cinematic / Doom = fast and chaotic ???


The anime seems to me so stylish and slick (like an energy sword). The manga is raw, like a meathook shotgun.


This shows animation is top fucking notch, and the story as well is wonderful.


Dude I just hate cgi denji so much though. No matter what they do it always looks off. It always feels like I’m watching a video game cutscene when I see him in chainsaw form


Well yeah, cgi in anime will always look off. I gotta give them credit for it looking as good as it does though.


Love that we get to hear more of that tune from the first trailer. I got goosebumps hearing that slow piano opening and I got them again watching the power flashback. Am I mistaken thinking that the rising guitar at the ending battle is the same song?


So far this episode's ED is my favorite :)


okay but tell me why they stopped the episode right before he rips Power out of the bat's stomach..


Manga has same cliffhanger so why not


Ive seen a lot of anime onlies wondering if Power and especially Meowy are ok so yeah it gives people something to talk about lol


kinda sorta not really tho


I fucking love Maximum the Hormone


didn't they do Death Note OP 2


Yup, love that one too


Damm, at this point in the manga, i wasn't that hooked yet. Can't imagine when it gets to the pure badassery moments


same lol. im surprise. i never shed a tear reading the manga. i just felt empty. but i did shed a tear watching the anime. the anime is surprisingly emotional


You can spell emotion without motion. Having this series animated in the highest quality with top knotch sound makes it a whole new experience.




10/10 we see the muscle devil


you think they moved the scene?


Having read the magna, I think it’s much more terrifying with the Demons having their voices in the show. It will be interested to see how far they take it. You can definitely tell there is more to Makima earlier on in the show than in the books, that came outta left field.


This episode was amazing. The visuals. The animation. The OST. Everything.


this episode is gold, a whole different step from before


I honestly love how they use the CGI in the animation. I think they use it in a way that's really smooth, and adds uniqueness to the fights.


I need these back track from the anime man, it sounds fire as hell


It’s very cool and enjoyable so far, but now that we have 3 episodes to get a feel for what to expect from the anime, I think I’m still gonna like the manga better. ( I’m biased since I prefer manga to anime in general but there are exceptions ) the manga feels more over-the-top and I’m all about that. But honestly I’m not even disappointed, the anime is very very good, it just shows how insane the manga is.






Makima's influence over Power is much more obvious here than it was in the manga.


Yeah in the manga when she cowers after Makima tells her to be quiet, it comes across like Power doing Power things. In the anime it's genuinely kinda heartbreaking For all the talk of the little things the anime doesn't quite capture from the manga, it strengthens a lot of other aspects as well


when i read the manga, i honestly didn't even notice it until it was revealed she was the control devil.


Agreed. denji’s ignorance is somehow way more sad for me at this point vs when I was reading. Something about seeing it all in motion.


Sure the animation is beautiful, but characters and plot so far are so cheesy.


I've read the manga, and I'll say that it's supposed to feel that way, so far... 0_0


They are upset because csm is to good to have anyone complain about it I guess. It's a personal criticism people he didn't say it was shit, just cheesy. Which I agree with wether I want to or not.


idk why its downvoted, CSM is deliberate cheese


You’re ballsy complaining about a series in the series’ subreddit


Are you expecting zero complaints in subreddits??? Just because i'm complaining in cm's sub doesn't mean i hate it. I'm just pointing out what i think about SO FAR. And so far the characters and the plot are cheesy as fk. It looks like another version of jujutsu kaisen.


You'll probably change your mind once you've read future arcs. If you don't then it's just not for you.


Not expecting zero complaints just don’t expect your complaints to not be checked under a microscope


with this takes, it is obvious that you didn't read the manga


I'm anime only. That's what i think about it so far


Go to r/csmanime


Its anime bro not high art


It being anime doesn't mean It cannot be whatever "high art" means to you. Personally, I would say that "high art" is an art pièce that's trying to tell something greater than it is. For exemple, trying to convey feelings of happiness and trying to define it in paintings (who are just paint on a canvas), despair in music, even with simple lyrics (Radiohead does this well for example), or the inadequacy of life and it's mysteries that are part of its beauty (one interpretation of Blame! I had, a super manga). So if an anime tries to tell something greater than it's medium, I think it's cool (and I've read CSM, I would consider it masterpiece)


Wow, aren't you too quick to judge? This is literally the 3rd episode.


Give it a little time. It might not be for you but this isn't really the meat of the story yet imo.


Do we know the music that was used for the power flashback scene, gave me goosebumps !


The music in general for the series has been pretty good so far but that track especially so.


yeah I agree the music was on point this ep. i usually dont notice it too much but it was fantastic


Can we just appreciate how great the outro was for this ep


Request: Can someone make that scene of Power hitting Denji with the Scout's "BONK!" noise? Or just the hit sound of the bat


Yaboiroshi on youtube got that covered


What's the name of the soundtrack that starts playing at 14:50 (during Power's flashback) it's very similar to the one that played in the pv trailer


Commenting so I can come back later and see if you all figure it out.


I think it’s called sweet dreams but the version that got uploaded to Mappa’s YouTube channel doesn’t have the part in it that the first anime trailer does


Staying to know to


Thank god they’re blending 2D with CG, it was palatable.


Okay g one o jo


You know, after watching Tanaka's greatness in this episode, I want him to direct and animate Makima's shrine scene so much!


I think the OST is weak as fuck maybe it's my fault for expecting something as incredible as Dorohedoro OST, it just sounded like placeholder hero theme. The action timing and choreography was pretty awkward and slow, everything this episode felt cinematic and incredibly well done but as soon as Denji grabbed on the bat and turned into a chainsaw everything went downhill & it kinda broke direction wise imo.


The fuck?


it's an opinion


A shitty one at that.


You really think this is a good [chainsaw man](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9_w93xGero) theme? It sounds like a shitty flash game main menu theme lmao


It's fine for what it is, a non important fight compared to the others that will come.


It's the second time it's used, it's literally the theme of the protagonist, you will hear it more specifically at key moments or whatever it is you deem "important".


Sounds like you're very picky and trying to find faults where I found none.


your argument was "It's fine for what it is, a non important fight", i.e it's not supposed to be good, usually when you like something you don't portray it like that. You know you can enjoy something and criticize it fairly, right?


Fairly? Lmao k.


Goddamn, almost every aspect of the series is perfect so far. The story is being done beautifully and with so much wonderful style. That 2D animation is FUCKING ASTONISHING, especially when he was going up the bat devil’s arm. Still bummed about CGI man and it takes me out of it a bit, but everything else is insanely solid.


Dude went through all that just to get to first base with a girl he just met. Edit: second base


Better than jam and toast I guess


Let me preface this by saying the fight in episode one wasn’t badly animated But this fight was way better in terms of animation. Regardless of if Denji was CG in the episode 1 fight or not, there were moments he felt out of place and it was jarring to see him. Compared to this fight, there were moments, but those moments were way less, shorter, and more infrequent. Over all the animation was way better, especialy his “I haven’t even copped a feel” moment. That was some beautifully animated 2d art


The animation itself purely from a technical point was good, the directing was really bad. Nothing had impact or weight and it was way too slow, sound design also felt rather lackluster and Denji theme was really dull. Honestly I really loved ep 1 action but this episode's action was just meh.


So I've noticed that there are some bad animation moments. This time it was the few seconds when the bat was panic screaming. Same happened in the first episode when the zombie devil was panicking. Not a problem, just weird that those two seconds of animation are low quality EDIT: the moment I mean in episode 1 is at 12:10 (crunchyroll) and episode 3 17:10. Just weirdly stiff compared to the quality of the rest. Still a 5/5 anime and much better than I could've hoped




Sorry, 17:10. The "you're drinking my blood? that's disgusting". His faces animation is not on par with everything else. But that's not as bad as the episode 1 Still, these are very minor grievances that I just happened to notice :)




Exactly! But it's only for a few seconds so not that it really matters. Otherwise everything is gorgeous and definitely happy how well Mappa is doing this


Stuff like this happens all the time, calling it weird is improper. Also, its 2 seconds, come on.


I call it weird because beyond those two seconds once in episode 1, once in episode 3, it's gorgeous. Of course it's not an issue at all, just something I noticed and was wondering how'd that slip by. Still a 5/5 anime, even better than I dared to hope from the manga


This must be a joke.


not at all. Added the timestamps of what I mean. It's a gorgeous anime otherwise so those just stood out to me


The new ED was freaking lit. Sad we only see it for today. BUT UGH! I want to see Power's reaction to him being the same thing as her, but looks like I have to wait at least 1 more week. SMH. And screw this devil. Killing the cat was sad :(


Don't give up hope yet


Awesome fight scene, Got goosebump when Denji pull its chainsaw tail when fighting bat devil for the first time. Nice Makima ass closeup. Honestly feel bit upset with how they drew Makima's face in the early episode, looks bit weird and creepy, really different compared to episode 2's design, but it looks better in middle episode (car scene)


Fight scene was awesome, much better than episode 1 (to me) and I have no complaints about it. I love the rest of the episode, the animation is stellar as ever and the music that plays along with the Power backstory scenes is phenomenal. ED was cracked. We’re in good hands.


The episode is so funny. I actually didn’t appreciate that part That Much when I read the manga, but the animation really did wonders. The shift and struggle of Denji was so fun to watch. He’s such a simple boy. Also, what’s with the 3 sec close up of you-know-what. MAPPA knows their audience well. (There’s an explanation for that shot but it’s still so funny without context) Part that broke me was when Denji said he’ll never get along with Power… oh boy




I have high hopes with the scene execution, MAPPA rarely lets down. I’m worried I’ll get too attached with the trio (I think they’ll focus on their relationship) and it’ll hurt more than it did when I read the manga :(