i guess he *does* get stronger, right? you should absolutely read the manga, partially because its really good at using its medium to do what its doing, and partially because so much wild shit happens that i don’t think the anime is going to get around to in *forever*


Also, some jokes are better told using the manga. There's a gag from chapter 4 the anime adapted that didn't translate well, and ruined the joke


which one are you talking ab exactly?


Wait which one? 🤨


The gag with Denji at Akis place.


Bruh this is what happens when you watch from illegal site


He doesn't get *stronger*, I'd say. He just gets more accustomed to his powers as the story goes on.


he gets better at killing, which is definitely some kind of strength thats gained


Yes! But the question here is *how* he gets better at killing.


And also because for some reason CSM fans in particular just cannot shut tf up about spoiling things for anime onlines. Unless you become a complete hermit from social media, chances are you *will* get spoiled eventually. Better to be safe than sorry and just consume everything first.


Maybe go to an anime only sub. This sub is for the manga. Also, Go read the manga


Yeah I know this is a manga spoilers sub, I was more talking about ... basically everywhere. Especially Twitter and youtube comments. If you're consuming any CSM community content at all as an anime only you're at high risk of being spoiled. Some people can't seem to understand that even implicit spoilers ("guys does he know?" "makima is tricking you!!" "don't get too attached to \_\_ hahaha") are just that, spoilers.


Fair enough, I definitely don't do that shit. I'm just protective of this sub being where I can drop my spoilers as I'm'm the kinda of guy to tell people I love what dead characters are getting up to in whatever manga just to make sure surprises land


bro fr its ridiculous especially on twitter. manga readers keep getting angry at manga readers for shipping certain characters or liking some as if they werent the same back then


Yo exactly


A Shonen manga with a super powered main character. That answers your first question. Second question, absolutely amazing shit, yes


I mean, going by the rules of the world, >!doesn’t he technically get weaker? That is mentioned multiple times, how Makima made sure that the general population is not afraid of chainsaw man to weaken him, tho I guess the devils still do fear him, and quite a bit.!< >!I mean, you can definitely count Pochita’s true form as an upgrade but that’s not really Denji. Actually one of my favourite parts of CSM is how the characters strengths don’t really progress by power levels and stuff, he just learn to use his brain more.!<


This is very true, but in the sense that he learns, and adapts to things, like learning how to actually use his abilities, I'd for sure say he still got stronger at least in some way. And idk if this makes sense, but it could be possible that the fears of devils increase another devil's strength more than the fears of humans would? Correct me if there's a factual statement about this, but it just kinda sounds like it should make sense to me 🤷‍♂️


Yeah he definitely seems more powerful, especially form the little bit of CSM action we got in part 2. He would have had a way harder time fighting the cockroach devil back in part 1


>!If you want to get really technical, a Devil’s power isn’t based on how much *they* are feared, it’s how much the thing they *represent* is feared. For example, the Darkness Devil holds domain over Darkness and everything associated with it. The general populace isn’t familiar with the Darkness Devil, per se, but they are *very* familiar with a fear of the dark. That’s what makes it so powerful.!< >!So while the public may look more favorably on Chainsaw Man as an entity and maybe that *slightly* would reduce his power, the fear of *chainsaws* is very prevalent and will always make him strong.!<


>!I’m pretty sure the manga confirmed that a devil’s power also increases if that devil is feared a lot. That’s not only how CSM got weaker, but also how the Gun Devil got stronger after its first attack.!< I don’t actually have any proof to show you but if this isn’t the case then I guess I gaslighted myself into thinking it is a thing.


I think that’s true. It’s both. But also >!Chainsaw Man is implied to be like the Devil that all Devils fear. The Doom Slayer of his world. So even if the public all love him, he’d still be mega-powerful. Because if the things that scare everyone else are terrified of *him*, then that makes him the scariest thing out there. Batman rules.!< Also make sure you spoiler tag stuff about the >!Gun Devil!<


I just assumed an anime only wouldn’t be reading this far down a comment thread with that many spoiler tags but sure, >!Also yes, CSM is definitely still very powerful given his status in hell!<


I’m never sure lol. Can’t be too careful


Yeah I get that, have seen multiple comments on YouTube spilling shit for anime onlies… definitely one of the fandoms of all time…


I think Makima speculated it but I think it also says somewhere that Chainsaw man gets his fear-power boost from devils fearing him, too.


Chainsaw man isn’t exactly a manga/anime where ppl are measured by “strength” or “power levels” or whatever


It's kinda like JoJo in a way that the characters use their powers in different unique ways using their brains rather than actually becoming stronger


Except Koichi, Kira, Giorno, Pucci, And Johnny


Kinda dio too


(Spoiler alert) >!Denji trains with Kishibe and Power. He isn't measured by strength but he actively tries to get more powerful!<


New to anime. Just watched the second episode of chainsaw man. Could any of y’all recommend similar animes?


Jujutsu Kaisen is amazing if you haven't seen it yet, and it's pretty similar to Chainsaw Man. If you're new to anime I assume you haven't watched that many yet and in that case I'd recommend these: Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, Vinland Saga, Fire Force, Demon Slayer and many more.


Thank you. I’ve seen Fullmetal Alchemist, One punch, first season of Vinland Saga and Demon slayer. I’ll check out the rest though.


JJK is very standard shonen manga, good guy bad guy, and a main character with a bunch of friends/sensei, who inherited some special trait from their bloodline and have a destiny to fulfill. It’s entertaining but somewhat unimaginative and cookie-cutterish. CSM is not that, at least haven’t gone in that direction.


I like JJK because it takes the *standard* shonen formula but reforms it, and definitely has a lot of original ideas. I can’t really explain it but JJK feels different to other “similar” shonens to me but when you break it down it really has all the basic tropes. Weird


Its kinda Like my Hero Academia when it first came out. Basically a generic shonen but it does many things better than other similiar shonen


I really agree with the second part of your post. I'd say the strengths of JJK are in the HxH-esque power system that is incredibly complex and the general sense of mystery in the world. There's lots to break down every time we see something new and the big minds of reddit & fandom in general come up with the most insane theories that often are quite plausible.


All you described is just s1 of the anime, as it completely flips that idea on it's head right after where the anime ends and the manga picks up.


No I’m up to date with manga. Shibuya arc is a typical arena and culling game appears to be similar, maybe it’s more like survival game but still… not to mention Itadori’s family, being vessel for Sukuna and pseudo-Geto’s plan is all just very typical shonen elements…




The author himself of Chainsawman said, “Chainsawman is basically mix of Jujutsu Kaisen and Dorohedoro”. So I recommend checking those.


Thanks a lot!


How would you say they are measured?


Idk, how do you measure characters in lord of the rings or Star Trek or any one of Shakespeare’s plays? It’s not really that kinda story


Read it and find out 😁


By a hierarchy of concepts, I guess? I don't know if this concept has already been introduced, but devils scale in power depending on what they are based on. The most abstract or common... Are the most powerful. As for human characters, JoJo i sthe best analogue. To make an example from the anime, blood powers are stronger than sea cucumber powers, not only because blood is more abstract,but also because Power is more clever than the sea cucumber devil.


Makes sense, I was just curious. I’m going to start it once I catch up to this manhwa im on


I mean, you kinda forgot the key word **fear** in your explanation, given that the devil’s power is based on how much those things are feared. But yeah, that’s the general idea of it


I know I didn't want to spoil it since I don't know when they explain it


I see, my bad then






By fear. Devils become stronger the more they are feared. Denji learns to fight but doesn't learn tricks.


I think what makes chainsaw man’s power system interesting is that, while each character only has a “gimmick”, it’s a gimmick that says a lot about the character. Denji is a chainsaw hybrid. His gimmick is that his arms and head turn into chainsaws. Sure, but that makes him fight like a wild animal, it shows that he’s reckless and battle hungry. Makima’s gimmick, at first, seems like immortality. Fucking wild, she’s so mysterious. How did she do it? Next panel, Makima is performing a ritual using life sentence prisoners as ammunition to squish other humans. Dude that’s sick, she seems nice but is truly brutal and could kill Denji if he wasn’t loyal. Aki can almost instantly kill enemies but has to trade part of his lifespan for it? This dude is willing to sacrifice anything. Etc.


he doesn't get stronger he gets smarter


he doesn't get smarter he just gets more insane


I’d say he does get stronger during the latter half of part 1 tbh


until he doesn´t, because devil logic


You should read it, and he doesn't get stronger he just learns how to make better use of his tools and abilities


Are you forgetting the um…. Post “Bang” form 👀


Isn’t that not technically Denji?


That's not Denji, yeah.


Some people speedread the final arc to get to the end quickly for some reason, so they have no clue what happened in it. >!This includes a lot of people thinking that black chainsaw monster form was Denji even though Makima only calls it Chainsaw Man and not by Denji's name, and she also mentions Chainsaw Man fought the four horsemen and ate a bunch of Devils in the past, which obviously mean she's refering to Pochita and not Denji since Denji was a kid back then (unless they think kid Denji somehow fought the four horsemen in hell in the past?).!< >!A lot of people also think that Denji erased Makima by eating her, even though Nayuta exists and Denji explained to Kishibe in the last chapter that eating her wasn't a condition to trigger her contract, which is why it managed to kill her.!<


That’s not Denji and that’s like a one time thing


I wanna see it again sometime tho ;-;


That gets love nerfed.


I recommend you read the manga first. I originally planned to wait for the anime, but reading it first is 100% worth it. You’ll be more excited for the anime too if you read the manga. Also there’s the bonus of not risking being spoilt any plot points


Yes, go experience the manga, the way Fujimoto sets up the images within the pages and the way he arranges his panels is a unique and amazing experience in his manga.


Lmao why are there butt hurt comments on this question? But anyway, denji just learns more on how to make use of his power since pochita (chainsaw devil) is already op And def recommend reading the manga, it's amazing 👏


Dude, no Naruto is here, he is already strong as fak. Makima mean's carrier. And yes, you MUST read the manga


I wouldn’t say he gets what most manga do by stronger but he more gets smarter with everyone he fight his actual strength never really changes. He has chainsaws and he just find better and more creative ways to use them


Read the manga. He'll get stronger alright but it's mostly cause the chainsaw devil (pochita) is so strong


Chainsaw Man is an action shōnen so that should answer your first question (in case you didn't get it, yes Denji gets stronger like any other action shōnen protagonist). I don't really like to say if someone should or shouldn't read something, what I can tell you is that if you enjoyed the first two episodes and just want to see how the story goes, then go ahead and read it. Part one of the manga is only 97 chapters long, chainsaw man has a really fast paced story so you can read it in like 4 hours or less, what I would certainly recommend is that if you decide to read it then you should start from chapter 1, the anime skipped a little bit of the story. If you like chainsaw man you should also check out Jujutsu Kaisen, Jigokuraku: Hell's paradise, Dorohedoro, Dandadan and Dai dark.....


If you are planning on reading the Manga make sure to read the Digital Colored Comics version. it looks amazing


Where can I find it👀


Yes he gets stronger and yes you should read it.


Denji does get stronger for sure. The manga is so good, but I've thought it would be cool to experience the story for the first time in the anime, so if you have the patience to watch a weekly episode for the next 10 weeks, I'd wait with the manga


Less that he gets stronger, more he realizes how strong he actually is


Does it care? Why do every average anime fan has to size new animes with the “strong” measure?


Bro doesn’t know grammar


Calm down dude


Just asking a question bub


All right, this sub stinks by now. bye


Nah man he gets nerfed


Binge read the manga


Bro whatever you are doing right now stop it, get in your car, and go buy the manga. Sure you can read online but trust, once you start you won’t be able to stop, and once it’s done the hard copies will be a must for your collection.


Whoof whoooof!


It's funny how anime only are literally asking to get spoiled, like wtf?


Lol I read manga, just was wondering if it was worth reading


I mean, yeah ofc it is if you like the anime


It’s just some manga that I can’t get into. For example I watch my hero, but I can’t get into the manga at all




The stuff the anime covers this season will be good, but the amazing stuff is mostly going to be covered in the next seasons. If you want to be anime-only, you'll have to wait a few years to see the goretastic stuff. If you're impatient like me, read the manga. It's really good👍


Pochita gets physically weaker, but Denji becomes more skilled.


They never really put any emphasis on him getting stronger, but he does get better at fighting. If you liked what you've seen so far then you should read it. The anime actually skipped a chapter. You'll get spoiled if you hang out in this subreddit though.


Im curious why does the power of a character matter


Very ballsy of an anime only to be posting in the sub that has a shit ton of spoilers but anyways. Without saying much, Denji does get stronger as he learns to utilize his Chainsaws to a further extent. As for whether or not you should read, I think that the manga has a sense of grittiness that the anime can’t capture due to stylization. Other than that, assuming MAPPA adapts the manga faithfully, either medium is perfectly fine because they’re both good in their own ways.


Read the manga after the season ends


yes-and-no to the first question Hell yes to the second, but maybe wait till the anime has finished it's first season ? First two episodes were bangers and hopefully the rest should follow suit


(##Mild Spoiler##)To answer your first question i would like to ask a question.....have you watched texas chainsaw masacar and on a scake of 1 to 10 how scary was it...and are chainsaws in general scary...kf you say Yes then denji is tribg already if now then not


Yes and yes


Yes, but mainly from learning how to use his powers in versatile ways


after seeing denji’s contribution in a certain ‘mr worldwide’ arc, I can safely say denji never gets stronger but his strategies get a lot better


I think the manga is absolutely worth reading. Because of the sparse dialogue and how many action panels there are, you should be able to finish in one or two sittings if you want to. But none of that stops Fujimoto from writing some of the most subtly layered and complex character relationships in modern shonen. The biggest tragedy is that it may take another year or two before we even get the best parts of the story in anime form. Also his paneling is really unique and the whole manga just flows so smoothly despite all the chaos. Definitely a ride worth taking!


Power scaling isn’t a huge part of CSM, I feel like Denji just uses his power differently. And yes you should read the manga with how rampant spoilers are.


I wouldn’t say he gets stronger other than one time so far but other than that its more about him learning what he’s actually capable of instead of being a smoothbrain. Chainsawbrain.


Read the manga. You'll understand what the hype is all about. This is not your classic power-level shounen


Bro for god sake leave this subreddit NOW my man wants to be spoil 💀


First question yes, second also yes but wait until after the anime finishes it’s first season just because imo I like reading manga after watching their anime because it either makes me appreciate the anime more or makes me love something I already like even more if I prefer the manga


I strongly recommend the manga. The anime seems fine so far but the manga is amazing.


1) There is no linear growth in CSM, but yes. 2) You should read it.


I think you should read it purely because the author Fujimoto is one of the few author that could utilise manga as a medium to the full potential to play part in story telling. His top notch panelling and layout are great and not intrusive, the art you can see for yourself, characters have a lot of depth and growth, good pacing especially with the action, etc


Few months ago couple of my friends were hyping chainsawman up to unprecedented levels so I wanted to know whats the hype about (wasnt really thinking about watching it beforehand) and checked manga and yes its great. Now I cant wait for next episode, despite the fact that I know whats gonna happen. And if I didnt read manga I dont think i would be hyped for next episodes (mainly because at the start its your average shounen anime, but its get really crazy very fast later on). So I definitely recommend reading it. Its really good and you will still look forward to the next anime episode.


Yes, you should read the manga. And I suggest you don't post this sort of posts, because you're pretty much begging for someone to come and spoil it to you.


Denji gets overall better at fighting as the series goes on and comes up with “creative” ways to use his abilities. Definitely read the manga as it’ll have more stuff overall


You’re probably going to get a pm that spoils everything now unfortunately. Best to get off Reddit and read it


If you’re thinking a shonen style powerup, then nah. But he does get a helluva lot stronger in the final act of the arc


As Denji learns more about devils and his powers he develops more creative ways to manipulate his chainsaws and powers from being half devil.


Yes and yes


He gets a comfier back that’s about it


This poor man (OP) has no idea what’s in store. If I were you, I wouldn’t even worry about this question because it’s way too early in the anime to ask this sorta question.


yes to both questions


Csm is more about character growth than combat. There are a lot of memorable fights, but it’s more so how dumbass denji beats the villain than getting power ups.


Not a typical shonen power scaling


I would either A. Watch the anime until its 12 episode have aired then read the manga B. Read the manga to avoid spoilers, if you know what happens then no one can spoil.


He kinda gets stronger but you should definitely read the manga


WHY U IN THIS SUBREDDIT???? Pls go now before you get spoiled. To answer your question, just read the manga. Trust me, you’ll have so much fun.


He gets "smarter" he can use his abilities better and a little creative but in a dum way lol


Denji becomes a pimp


This is this only reply I needed to see to get me to read it🥱


Denji gets way more pervert


I guess, but it isn't really that kind of manga.


Yes and yes.


By stronger, I mean he does recieve training from Kishibe, and instead of just using his chainsaws Denji learnt to also use chains to catch people to apply his power more, and then after something terrible happens, Denji becomes the "Original Chainsaw Man", meaning he basically becomes Pochita's true form. In this form, Denji can like 8v1 all weapon devil's and kill all of them in like 3 panels. Even Makima said "Yeah, this doesn't look winnable."


Please don't ask question, especially not here, not when you haven't even read the manga yet. Should you read the manga? That depend on you, can you wait? If you can, I would recommend waiting for the anime. If not, feel free to go to the manga.


go to r/csmanime if you don’t want to get spoiled To answer your questions he kinda gets stronger? Like not Denji himself chainsaw man And yes you should absolutely read the manga


Yes... And Fuck yeah! There's a reason csm was soo popular even before the anime


Id recommended reading the manga, though if you're enjoying the anime you could always wait for s1 to finish and then start reading, just make sure to read from chapter 1 as they've already missed some bits (which is fine) and its also just incredibly well written/drawn


You should definitely go read the manga. Just in this two anime episode has already been stuff from the manga left out. The manga is also very cinematic draw and doing so easy to read


I guess you could say yes because as time goes on he’ll get more control of his chainsaws and learn how to use them more