Panels separated by limbs during darkness devil


Yeah, same for that and when curse flicks the nail into katana from out of the panel. That and the limb paneling are my favorite art flexes in chainsaw man because of how they take advantage of the medium, I wonder if they would adapt or do something comparably fit to animation when it gets animated.


The "tournament"...


Sorry my brain is failing me hard rn what is this in reference to??


Balls kicking scene


Ahhh well I assume that would sit in the "elevate" camp aha def can't wait to hear and see it


I’m worried about anything that made you turn a page before a reveal. Everything else should be fine. The tension and clues might not translate well to video.


Thats the only thing Im worried about as well. There is something special about turning a page and seeing hell for the first time, which will be hard to replicate


They could have a black screen for 1 or 2 seconds and then flash it in with an omnious sound


I’ve been praying that’s how they do darkness devil


I think the anime will elevate many subtle character moments. The anime has full control of its own pacing, so those character moments people easily missed in the manga can be emphasized through proper pauses and pacing. I think this will be really help speed readers appreciate CSM's writing even more. The panel I consider the anime can't top is [the astronauts](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E0tvlI2XMAcRc2X?format=jpg&name=large) which is just perfectly made for portrait orientation. Such a visceral image where no single section of the page is wasted. The anime adapting it 1:1 is like trying to make Mona Lisa into a landscape. Having it filled with empty space on the left and right just wouldn't feel the same.


I agree and disagree—scenes where specific panels are used to highlight really minor/mundane actions that might be implied otherwise—like when Dennis is talking to kobus at the hideout and says that he used to be only content with something to eat, three panels show him saddened, biting some food, happy for a moment again, then sad again I think highlight this by page space being given to such a minor action which wouldn’t otherwise be highlighted so.


Personally, every time I read chapter 63 (hell devil being summoned), page 13 is really hard for me. That would be the only panel that I would not mind being altered or excluded entirely.


The scene when aki kills ghost devil. 📈