It's a nice person's voice. Which is totally what the character is about. Makima is an appealing character, that's the point of it. You are seduced by how socially integrated and cool she is, in contrast to the main characters.


As I've said elsewhere, people's view of Makima seems to be extremely colored by how she is in the final arc of the manga. When we first meet her she's definitely a bit twisted but she also has a playful almost cute side to her. I think her voice actor conveys that sort of disarming quality quite well.


one of the first things the character says is "dogs we can't use get put down"


Eh, the narrative always leads you to believe that while Makima is a bit twisted she's ultimately on the "good" side. And with early Power and Denji, you can believe that. Her subversion is that she is straight up just the final boss.


Makes me wonder how my experience, as someone who read the manga well after part 1 finished and “makima is a bitch” went viral on Twitter, is different from someone who didn’t know she was a villain from the get go


I read CSM as it was being released and it was a shock for me. I mean, it was clear that she was manipulative and she had some obscure things hidden, but man, to be the main boss was not expected.


Fr. I was rather anticipating some crazy fight between Chainsaw and Gun Devil only to find Gun was a goner.


As I read it week by week I kept hoping she had a good reason for what shes done. That killing aki, Angel, and power just HAD to be for a greater good... right? And then she just kept solidifying that she is in fact an unrepentant villain in this story and that she always had been. Great writing and frankly I lile the voice as I think it fits her in my head when I first read it


I'll tell you what it was like, it was a shocking move to see. Seeing someone who saved Dennis and his friends just to kill them by herself just shocked me. After that event I just wanted her to die. So after that i couldn't see any related thing to maligna without remembering what she did.


I've said it before But I swear I think some of Makima's biggest fans have never even read the series and only know of her from her rule34 page.


Makima always seemed really "off" in the manga. Like from the very first moment of her and Denji in the Diner, she was being really weird. Yes she was showing him kindness like he had never known... but she was also just like "oh by the way, your life belongs to me and you better do everything I say or I'll straight murder you... but if you're a good boy I'll let you be my pet. Now drop your food and immediately go prove your devotion to me." At no point does she not seem manipulative towards Denji, and frankly seems incredibly uncaring about casualties to her subordinate. Then the assassination thing goes down and you get real worried about her beyond just being weirdly intense. I don't think I ever saw her as cute, and found her presence quite uncomfortable most of the time... FWIW I think the VA is fine and I'm going to reserve judgement until the show is actually out, but when reading CSM I personally imagined something a little more... menacing? Maybe not outright evil but just more commanding. She had serious Dom energy in my mind. It was deliberate, level, serious, with a hint of a threat dripping off every line ESPECIALLY when she was smiling.


If I was trying to make a character feel 'off' then giving them a sweet voice while having them say fucked up shit would be the perfect way to do it imo.


Yeah you’re correct, some people (seems a lot) don’t know anything about nuance…


especially since voice actors have a crazy range of voices. she can easily play sweet makima voice now then change it into a more menacing and evil tone in the final arcs


Yeah this is exactly how she came across to me, i hope that the cutesy voice might just be an act by Makima (wouldn't put it past that wench) and during the later scenes she drops it.


Sounding menacing would work against the "off" feeling right?


these people think that makina should sound like dr evil. they dont understand that she's supposed to fool the other characters *and the audience* into thinking she's cool and nice. (but, this is yet another case of "a lot of people hate this, trust me". i dont think there are more than a dozen people who hate makina's voice)


Most of the comments I've seen under the posts about the anime are people saying they're disappointed or taken aback by Makima's voice and if that's just the population on Reddit compared to say Twitter it's probably a little more than you think


Makima was ambiguous, and possessive, not "nice". She had this uneasy air around her where you feel like you have no reason to trust her but she is somehow able to disarm you quite easily in short order. This was literally her first interaction, and everyone was scared of her.


She never once fooled any reader that she's nice


I'm quickly learning that many people in this did indeed think Makima was nice, cute, and supposedly sweet. Which is frankly concerning for a number of reasons. The least of which is reading comprehension, but mostly because they seem significantly more likely to get in unmarked van with a known serial murderer.


Hmm, she was weird alright, but no one in this series is normal pretty much lmao. Waiting for each chapter release since about the begging of the manga I got the impression that she was a weirdo, but overall she wanted to help in the fight against the gun devil and she did give Denji a proper job and the opportunity to have a normal life, although you know how that went. Also she seemed more normal towards other characters at first, so I assumed that she treated Denji and Power more as tools because they're hybrids/fiends and she doesn't trust them for personal reasons, kinda like Aki at the beginning


What it seems to me worrying is to think people believe that a character that rolled 20 in Charisma in order to accomplish his mission should sound like Cell… Seriously dude…


Sorry, speak of yourself. I was never a simp. I saw that bitch was scheming something the first chapter she showed up


It really wasn't subtle either: Chapter 1 "You can be my pet." Chapter 2 she says "Don't talk back to me. As my Pet you should only say 'yes' or 'woof'... dogs we can't use are Euthanized" Very appealing and normal for a woman to say when meeting someone for the first time.


Tbh I thought makimas voice would be deeper but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. The anime isn’t even out yet and ppl are apparently already upset? Smh


I imagined Makima to have a mature and seductive voice but can’t complain without a single episode out


Cuz all the memes and shit woofers has made us to believe that she has a mommy voice. Makima has to have a eerie voice which should be menacing at times.


Bruh they are called “woofers” now im dead lol.


I guess you could say they’re “sub woofers”


I'm more of the opinion that she has a calm and deceptively charming (but not to the point of being seductive) voice, something that would make people feel at ease as they hear her speak, like a dog hearing its owner's words even though they don't understand a bit of it.


I thought of her having a soft voice and probably high pitch because she doesn't need it to be intimidating it is her actions, her unpredictability, and deeply calculated actions that make her intimidating


Ah so it's all the degenerates that are upset, make sense they probably didn't even pay attention to makima's personality/character and was just attracted to her looks Hence forth this "noooo where's my mommy master makima voice???"


Right, kinda sad as fans often demand a strong female presence in shows but when they get it they still look them for sexuality and shit. Chainsaw man is gory, action driven and metal af still people be simping on girls is down bad. I am sad cuz most probably body pillows will sell more than other great things


Yeah, I have no idea why people sexualize Makima in the manga where the main character's sole motivation is to touch this lady's boobs... and she plays along to keep him under her thumb. Nothing at all sexual about that.


Yeah exactly, they were expecting some ara ara.


Honestly, how much acting can you put into a single voice sample in a single PV? Lukewarm to freezing cold take, but I think the softer voice completely suits the Part 1 Makima that leads the Devil Hunters- a soothing tone can go a long way to “control” a group of people. A deeper voice would fit more when she decides to go on the offensive in battle scenes or something similar, and any good VA, including the one chosen for Makima, has a decent range for just that.


Imo this was perfect. The lines spoken by her are to Denji and Aki. They should be sweet Makima. I would want then VA to also have the range for harsher tones in suitable situations.


I think it makes more sense to have an eerie, softer voice. Fits her character more imo.


She's a manipulator not a seductress.


...but she specifically manipulates Denji using her sexuality (and treating him like a person). It's not like she wasn't perfectly alright with letting him think he had a shot at her ta-tas. Is it so weird to think of her as a seductress archetype?


people love pretending to be prude


Manipulation can be done via seduction though. I’d say at parts she definitely is using seduction to manipulate people (like the one wish scene).


My point is, she manipulates people that's her schtick. Seduction is just a part of it but not her major tool. She exudes innocence to lure people that she's a righteous person not necessarily hot woman who capitalizes on lust of others. So a childlike voice suits more than that of mature woman. She just looks like a seductress because we see it Denji's perspective.


Yeah people are really missing the entire point of the sexual themes of CSM. None of it is meant to be sexy, Denji is literally a lonely teen falling for any girl who's "nice" to him (except Power who takes on more of a sibling role) It's all very awkward teen coming to terms with sexuality and the nice innocent girl shtick is definitely more appropriate for Makimas role in the first half of the manga


This is my stance. I'm not upset though. I was just caught off guard.


yep,i always assumed she would be calm and sultry...not over childlike like powers voice but mature enough to have Denjis knees weak


its possible she could talk differently after revealing her true self


But just imagine how chilling it would be if she kept talking like that while explaining to Dennis that she has systematically broken him down and had been working towards that the whole time... It might be way more engaging than a sudden deep voice or whatever


Yea, I find when females over-enthasize deep voices for the 'edgy' effect in dramatic scenes it becomes less enjoyable and kinda cringey. If you get what i mean




I always pictured her with a soft maternal voice, since the rhetoric around her is always a fucked up mother figure to denji


Yeah it's not what I was expecting but I wouldn't say it doesn't fit either.


Anime Twitter is full of the worst takes, and a vocal minority of the people over on Twitter are real mad about Makima's casting.


^ this, all the way twitter is a meme (anime twitter even worse), never take it too seriously


You didn't understand the story


Oh no not this shit again.


Not for 10 years at least?


Dread it. Run from it. 139 will still arrive. You will suffer like the rest of us for 10 years at least.


Listen here you stinky dragon


I think you're one of the few people who understood my name's reference, gonna give you an award lol


I didn't but I'm curious. Mind explaining?


You dropped the /s


idk man there were a lot of comments in the trailer thread about how people expected her voice to be deeper and didnt like the VA for her.


Twitter users aren't human, simple as that.


Twitter users shit on the best parts of a story and praise the most cringiest parts as peak fiction (you know which story I'm talking about)


I think it's pretty fitting tbh. I don't know why people thought it'd be deep.


Yeah, the voice in my head was always silky and soft-spoken. She seems so warm at first but when you listens to the words she actually says they're quite unsettling


Exactly! She said some of the most fucked up shit and no one had a serious reaction. I only imagine that someone with a soothing, calm, almost hypnotic voice could say those things and not have people freak immediately.


ya'll can tell what voice it is from manga? I do heard them but recalling it is impossible.


Well typically when they spoke in the trailer they showed the character that was speaking, so yeah i could tell


Same. I'm actually surprised *that* many people thought she'd have a deep voice (but after some explanations, I understand where they're coming from) Whenever I read her dialogue I always picture a lighter, soft-spoken, almost unnervingly calm voice. With a cadence or tone that subtly lets your guard down. >!And in hindsight, one that is very much unsettling, as if completely oblivious that her actions are abhorrently inhumane. I think the contrast between her lighter voice and her actual actions and intents only elevates the nature of her manipulative character. Like I can already imagine her laughing scene is going to be an intentionally contrasting experience. Denji finally alone with Makima in her house, witnessing the cute girl he's put on a pedestal laughing in a cute way, but for all the wrong fucked up reasons.!< A deep "ara ara" voice never really crossed my mind.


The same argument works if she have a mature gentle voice.


Now that you mentioned it, I did envision Makima with a lighter voice when she asked Denji if she asked Denji if he was going to kiss someone and when she asked for death row prisoners. A light voice, but in a cold way.


Remove that first space to fix your spoiler tag for all people.


Because i think we associate an authorative or commanding figure with a deep voice (but that's me talking out of my ass) But even though i am in the "makima should have a deeper voice" camp, i like the VA work on makima. It's nice and soothing, and it really helps to sell the "friendly" figure to denji early on


Me too. It is almost exactly as I imagine.


Same. My first thought watching the trailer was that they nailed everyone's voice.


Hell yea. Was so delightful hearing their voice, so in character.


Because of how internet portayed makima. They always think that she is their mommy so they expecting her voice to be seducting and gives ara ara vibes.


I had no voice in mind before watching the anime and I think it was very fitting with her character, since she is supposed to be a very proper well mannered character


It's kinda like with people being surprised she doesn't have a huge ass and/or badonkers because of all the drawings that had it, i guess. The voice is exactly as i imagined it to be. If anyone, i thought power would have a deeper voice (especially considering that Ai's most famous role does have it)


i imagined her voice to be more mature simply because she's older (like mid-late twenties?) the voice does sound a lot younger, but that's an issue with japanese dubbing and the infantilization of women in japanese society as a whole


Same all of them were


Makima will tell denji he is her dog now and "dogs we can't use get euthanized" in ***chapter*** ***2***. Makimas cutesy voice will be fantastic because of how much of a contrast it will be to what she says in that voice, but you can't possible be arguing that the voice "fits her from the way she is presented in the manga".


Makima presents herself as a sweet, perfect woman that apparently many people in Public Safety want. She's also unexpectedly unsettling, that not even Denji could understand what was happening when it was all revealed to him. I dunno, it works fine enough.


Not to mention any good voice actor is perfectly capable of dropping their voice an octave if necessary. People are complaining for no reason; I’m sure we’ll hear a less cutesy voice as the story gets darker.


I'm not sure of any case where Makima might even drop her voice. She maintains an eerie serenity through even the most chaotic of situations, as if she were always in control, so to speak. No matter what happens, even when she's flirting with Denji, Makima still has the same calm aura around her.


We can actually. How she acts and wears on the date with Denji made me think that she actually have a sweet voice, in contrast to her real personality. And playing to that contrast is the perfect move imo.


I'm expecting it to be like Unohana, cute and sweet at first but the more your hear it, the more you fear it


Chibi needs to calm down on this one. He lowkey taking other peoples disagreement personally and disregarding them by saying "they don't deserve this anime". bruh people think the voice actor on this is just OK, just because you think it's perfect everybody should think its perfect too.


He is unironically REEing more than the people he is complaining about.


"Don't deserve good anime" lmao calm down


Chibi always overblowns things with his takes.


twitter moment


I also had a suspicion that he purposefully mispronounces things just to get more comments on his videos correcting him.




Those randoms on twitter with 5 likes on their tweets son’t speak for the entire community, mf needs to step out of his twitter bubble.


It's just a way to discredit people's opinions or straight up downplay them.


I hate the take that “they don’t deserve good anime” but I think makimas voice is fine at most it could’ve been a little deeper


Yeah as someone who for sure expected a deeper voice, that doesn't mean the light voice is bad. It's insane to judge the actress's performance off of just what we have so far. Like, at least wait for the anime to come out first.


“They don’t deserve good anime” in this instance just feels like a way to discredit peoples opinions and make shit more serious than it is. I personally don’t mind makimas va but she didn’t stand out much to me


Exactly. Most people aren't even harassing the VA or anything, just a bit disappointed, yet people here take that personally. I hate when fanbases get super defensive like this.


And then people have the fucking gaul to say that the chainsaw man fandom is going down the road of aot. I think anime Twitter is just incredibly sensitive and usually doesn’t do a good job at knowing what opinions are


>And then people have the fucking gaul to say that the chainsaw man fandom is going down the road of aot. ...honestly the fandoms are lookin the same ngl


to be fair if anyone tried to harras the VA, her fans (idol fans, those guys are crazy) would fight back, and she's easily one of the most popular singers in her group on top of it




The dude generally gives way too much crap for what people post on twitter and I unsubbed a long time ago, because he covers dumb twitter drama way too often


I like it, but I get why some people find it a bit off at the moment. I’m sure most people will grow into it.


Her voice is “cute” but there’s something sinister bout it too


I wouldn’t call it a bad voice, but do people have to like it? Edit: I should’ve mentioned I wasn’t expecting her to have a “mommy” voice. I just thought it would be a little deeper.


I mean you have all rights to be sceptical but wait season 1 first few episodes to confirm it yourself manga readers still don’t know who makima is


I always pictured her to have a voice like Chiwa Saitou or Maaya Sakamoto, and honestly Ive always imagined Chiwa's Senjogahara voice when reading the manga. Kinda more like a monotone but intimidating voice? Idk how to explain it lol definitely wouldn't describe it as MILFy though just kinda deeper. I'm sure the choice they made will be great once we see the full product but it definitely wasnt what I had imagined


Yes since the only argument I've heard against the soft voice is people wanting her to have a "mommy" voice, like ew


Basically this, while the voice is a bit light Dommy mommy is literally only a personification upheld by makima simps


Literally made her into that type of character from all the art and hentai lol, always saw her as seductive but cute.


I mean, she definitely *is* that kind of domineering character. Seduction and manipulation are pretty important parts of how both Denji and the reader view her throughout the story, and she is the physical representation of control/domination, it’s just that fans are embarrassing af about it lmao the “mommy” shit is scuffed as hell but I definitely think she’d have a deep voice for sure. If there are people actually mad about it it’s pretty damn weird though


Granted I think the source material does a pretty good job painting her in that light too. The whole dog motif and the chains is what started it all lol. The fan base just takes it to the extreme




Everyone saying she should have a “mommy” voice don’t understand Makima’s actual character and are just horny.


There’s a middle ground though. I’m pretty indifferent to this whole think but I would’ve chosen a deeper voice too, and not because I think Makima should have a "mommy voice", whatever this is, but because her voice sounds a bit young for an adult woman; that’s all. Now it’s not that important either way and I’m sure the VA will do a great job, however I can understand why people were surprised with this choice.


I don't really need her to have a mommy voice but I do think it could've been deeper. It's not like I'm rioting over it though.


Vocal minority ig. Ppl i know plus myself did preferr something more "mature". Saori hayami would have been a more fitting voice imo. I dont understand all the complains tho, im definitely sure her voice will grow on me


don't know. . . I find it extremely easy to identify her voice, if she's the makima seiyuu then it'd just be saori hayami's makima


I feel like Saori Hayami is way too overused nowadays. She's like in everything. Her voicing Makima would just make it another Hayami performance and not as unique imo


Sawashiro Miyuki for me


Not sure what part of her character necessitates having a higher-pitched voice


This guy loves to manufacture fake drama to respond to.


I imagine she will shift her tone when things get revealed


I don't think her voice will shift. Makima never stopped being who she was, she just made her actions more apparent to Denji and Co. later on.


People are allowed to dislike things, they don’t just have to mindlessly consume


I mean, did people only complain about the voice not being what they expected or did they straight up hate on the voice actress and stuff? Cause of course you are allowed to dislike things and saying they don't deserve a good anime for being upset is a horrible take, but if they are being jerks about it that's not acceptable either.


Both. I have seen people calling the staff names just for choosing her and heard that Japanese folks are already harassing her too.


It's sad that I'm not surprised people would do that


People overreacting on both sides, don't treat the VA like she's the worst thing since Hitler but then you got some people who can't take the opinion of others thinking she could be better lmao


Can I just say, Aki sounds exactly like I thought he'd sound from the manga? Like, that's exactly the voice I imagined he'd have. It's uncanny


Chibi creates drama where there isn’t much of any.


I honestly expected her to have a more "mature" voice just to lean into the Control Devil aspect; someone who speaks with authority and all that. But this voice actress is good cause at the start while she may be mysterious she's doesn't seem outright dangerous, which can lead into some nice contrast between her power and her appearance.


I didn’t like it at first but after watching the trailer a few more times her va has really grow on me, seems like a good fit for the role


I didn't see anyone complaining. What I saw were people who thought her voice would be something, and when they saw VA's work, they realized that this delicate voice made a lot of sense for the character.


You don't like the voice actor of the character = you don't deserve good anime? That's the dumbest take I've seen.


I like most ive seen complain expected makimas voice to be deeper. Her voice was nothing i couldnt have gotten used to but i started liking it already after realizing exactly this. Makima is ofc initially portrayed as the good guy, or at least she portrays herself as that. Also by going with a ligher voice this allows the VA (provided they have that range which i have been told they do) to go with a deeper voice in later parts when Makima reveals her true nature. Imagine her having her conversation at the end with Dennis telling him she invited Power over in her regular voice and then when she gives him the instructions on whats gonna happen next she just switched to a deeper voice more fitting for her true personality and sticks with that for the rest of the story


She has the same VA as Kanade from Project Sekai so i'm pretty excited to see how she'll voice Makima in the anime


I was a bit weirded out by it at first because my overall opinion of Makima is more negative, serious, and overall just not a good or nice person. Thinking about it now though it makes sense considering how she is supposed to make others think that’s she’s actually nice and a good person to be around. It might take me some time to get used to since I wasn’t expecting it but I don’t really have an issue with it


Honestly the juxtaposition between her voice and her actions is gonna be fantastic.


This is such a fucking stupid post. It’s basically saying people aren’t allowed to make valid criticisms about an anime. People should be able to not like something about the content they view without being framed as having committed some kind of heinous crime


He’s very annoying, he doesn’t get to decide who and who doesn’t deserve great anime based on personal preference. I liked her voice acting, but the “soft toned voice fits perfectly” is his own subjective opinion.


People mad she has a soft voice. I think it fits. It's very girly and it's very calming. She isn't immediately presented as a supervillain yall.


I think peoplw are not complaining that she have a soft voice (Most mature characters on anime also have a soft voice too when they speak) her voice sound a little bit "high pitch" that you can hear on young playful anime girls. It will takes time for me to get used too.


So basically, "mindlessly consume and you can have no opinion ever unless it's positive." Excessive positivity is just as bad as excessive negativity. I'm neutral on her voice but it's definitely not what I had in mind for a professional 20s something woman.


Did you see the second trailer for the CSM anime that's now been confirmed for October? If not, then yes, yes you did. If you have seen it & are still confused, chibi is talking about the people who are unhappy with how her voice sounds, spoiler:it doesn't fit with their down bad head canons.


Eww chibireviews


wait did something happen? what's up with them? just curious btw


He's the typical anituber that uses fake news/drama for views.


ah i see thanks for explaining


Well Makima is portrayed as a strict business woman, so I think it makes sense for people to expect a deeper voice. I have no idea why this dude would take someone's dissatisfaction with the voice chosen so personally, is what I would say before realizing this was twitter.


You missed nothing its bait


Are people really upset that Martina's voice sounds like that? She's not a dommy mommy. She's got a silent chaos to her, she doesn't need to be overpowering to be controlling, her demeanor alone says it best. I liked her voice tbh


I can hear so many potential voices for Makima. One is bright and cheery, or lower voice and seductive, or cold and commanding. I wasn't ever really expecting a soft tone though, but I'm not complaining about it, with the amount of care they've put into this series I'm expecting it to rock.


Tbh I wasn't big on the voices on the trailer. But honestly it's just a trailer


Denji and Aki were good I dunno


I didn't like Power at first, but she grew on me after a couple more watches


Why is everyone so hypercritical about these things now a lot of manga has been done so dirty with their adaptations like there’s no point in being annoyed when it could’ve been done a lot worse


voice fits cause its suppose to let your guard down and you slowly start picking that something aint right until the reveal


Slowly? Every appearance of Makima is made deliberately unnerving. It's more like we know that something is there but we just don't know exactly what it is. Makima's intentions were shrouded in ambiguity.


At least half of Makima's lines are full on ominous but spoken so vaguely and absent of context that you're not entire sure what she's insinuating only that it's not great.


I think everyone sexualized makima so much in anticipation that they want a dom mommy step on me voice but I always thought it was sweet and soft. She is supposed to seem innocent and oblivious of wrong doing in her mind no?


I don't get why people are so horny for Makima, but I also don't think her voice should be that high pitch. I expected a more serious tone since she's playing the role of the public devil hunters. People asking for a "mommy voice", and now calling Asa/Yoru mommy seriously concerns me.


Fastest simping series community I’ve ever seen 😂


It turns out you can *not* sound like a teenager without being sexualized as a milf as well.


Yeah, people have literally had the Makima from the manga completely warped in their mind by the stupid mommy woofer simps. The voice is perfect for her character. She was never a dommy mommy, she gained control through gaining people’s trust, and the soft voice is exactly perfect for that. A mature voice would not be as charming and easily trustable.


Who complained?


People are actually angry with Makima’s voice?


There's people who would prefer different voices, but the guy who tweeted that overreacts and blows things put of proportion. Not saying that there's no one who's angry about, it's just that the guy is making a mountain out of an ant hill.


I expected her voice to be a bit deeper, but we’ll see what happens. My one concern is that, to me, Makima and Power sounded similar. Like, it sounds like the same voice actress was shouting when Power’s voice came in. It was weird. That being said, maybe the takes they used just happened to sound similar, who knows… What *I* know is that bro needs to chill. It ain’t that deep.


Chibi is a csm fan and people can be so cringy some times. Personally I think there was better options but they already nice va's and by considering how they can change their voice I have full faith on them


Why did y’all think her voice would be deep? What gave that impression 💀


Goofy cringe community


Makima’s voice is almost exactly how I heard it as I read the manga. Like a sociopathic Rei (evangelion) voice.


Makima's voice is perfect, like exactly how I imagined it to be in the manga. It adds to the allure of her character, because she's not loud and large. She's quiet and dignified.


I like her voice 👉👈


Idec as long as more people are able to watch the awesomeness that is chainsaw man 🫶


Her voice sound exactly like what I expected so I definitely can't complain


Tbh, I was kinda expecting a Miyulo Sawashiro tone voice. But i have no problem on Makima's voice now.


Before this became a thing, I never knew people had imagined Makima with a deeper ara ara voice. Her personality and visual appearance just doesn't match up with that archetype. I've always imagined her voice to be more on the reserved side but one that represents a young woman in her mid 20s who is in a position of authority. Of course, the only take that matters is the author's and the production team. We don't have to like their choice, but it's completely their decision to make and we should respect it. The fact that they picked Ai Fairouz to voice Power should allay any concerns about their casting choices. And for the record, I quite Kusunoki Tomori, the VA they chose. I've followed Love Live! for year and she's been great in Nijigasaki. Quite an excellent singer, and I'm always happy when VAs who got their start in Love Live! get opportunities like this.


I imagined her more deeper and suave but I'm sure it'll be good. Power was spot on for me!


Everyone singe handily expected a deeper voice. However I have not seen one single complaint about the lighter voice.


Bro I’ve seen people call it dogshit just because the gore from the trailer isn’t gory enough 😭 nothing you can do man some anime fans just hate anime


Tbh i cant imagine makima with a deeper voice. I always thought her voice was like this when i was reading the manga.


People are even complaing that they find Powers voice actors annoying. Like dude thats literally how her character is supposed to be. Makima's is soft toned which is exactly how i pictured it to be. Im certain it will grow on everyone overtime. I think Mappa chose the right people for the job hell we havnt even heard the dub voices yet and people are complaining. Ive been waiting for months for this i think people she be happy to have even be given the anime in the first place


It’s a great voice when you consider makima isn’t a villain until the end. If they had her with a deep controlling voice it would be obvious that she’s evil.


Definitely interested to hear rhe English dub and I'm usually always a sub kinda of guy


I think her va is fine


Meanwhile tatsuki fujimoto: Blooood Yassss!


I disagree but go off king


eh, Just another day on twitter i guess...?


I personally expected someone with a deeper voice but idgaf it's anime