It´s real fellas. The real CSM anime was actually not the friends we made along the way!


4 days late I just wanted to talk about the trailer and voice casting. At first I really thought Makima would have more of a deeper and seductive voice but her current once totally fits the mysterious vibe of her. This is the voice actors first major role I heard and I know she’ll do great after listening to some of her other roles. The animation is amazing as always I almost feel bad for MAPPA having to animate some certain scenes, as expected of MAPPA. They weren’t joking when they said no censorship kinda wish they did the same to AOT. Anyways Aki’s voice is just how I imagined it to sound like, kinda similar to Megumi from JJK expect all of these voice actors (expect for power probably) have their first major roles and I know they’ll do amazing. At first I thought Denji’s voice actor was the same as Bakugou same goes to many other people, again great casting for Denji just how I imagined it to be! Don’t even get me started on Power. That casting is amazing I can’t believe Power and Jolyne! Just how I imagined it again. I think all the casting is perfect expect Makima it kinda through me off but I know I’ll get used to it since this is just a trailer. They animated the “kon” scene so amazingly I was hoping it would be in the second trailer. I see they reanimated some scenes tho (like when power was jumping of the building holding that hammer) great regardless. Kinda disappointed we didn’t see Himeno Kobeni Angel Beam or Reze since I really wanted to hear what they would would like. For Reze I understand because she’ll be in part 2! Cute little Pochita crumbs in the trailer is always great. So excited for October and to think it’s coming out one day before my birthday (October 25th) it’s like a miracle! For sure will go down in anime history.


i was literally nodding to everything you were saying and then get this,,, 25th october is when my birthday is too


Finally someone with the same birthday as me, hard to find!


6 va bReleased! Nada . Con. N mi me num


All my friends knew about CSM without me even telling them. None of them even watch anime much. It’s so crazy how big this has become. So hype !


Its not that hard considering this community


I knew they weren't gonna censor anything but holy shit that's a lot of blood. It feels refreshing to see so much uncensored blood with this high quality animation. Brings me back to 90s-2000s era where they held no boundaries. Anyways fucking amazing trailer, they really did do a perfect job for casting and I can't wait to see and hear everyone else. Reze, Kobeni, Himeno, Angel, Beam. There's too much hype


I mean, blood wasn't been that censored lately, but what about organs?


I think it depends because I haven't seen much with gore lately. Everything is usually off screen or implied. But you also have anime like Higurashi gou which had censoring, but also had an uncensored version released elsewhere which showed some insane shit. So organ wise it probably just depends on what they want to show if they want to show it. If that makes any sense


This anime will not do good in China cuz of all the blood


It’s not like Chinese citizens hate blood either way. It will do well even if they have to find other ways to watch uncensored versions.


😦 I’ve some anime shows censor the blood with white stuff and I looks so wrong https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/2376959-spy-x-family


"Uncensored' version literally has chinese subs, clearly an edit.


That is an edit.


Hope so


"This party's gettin' crazy... Let's Rock!" wait wrong series...


the way just i whipped it out and started tickling it 😫😫😫😫


First episodeout? Omg


Honestly really disappointed but my expectations were too high I’ll be sticking to the manga for this one :/


Nah people this guy just came to sub to troll leave him alone


what were you expecting exactly?


Better voice actors really I’m not mad at it though I just don’t think I’m gonna be watching it anytime soon maybe hearing Kobeni will be enough to save it for me but oh welllll I can’t blame anybody but myself


you're kidding, right? the voice actors were chosen well and by fujimoto, this is how the characters were intended to sound like. just cause some of them don't have prior voice acting experiences doesn't mean they're bad.


Maybe daisuke ono voiced power would pleases him


I never said they were bad I just don’t like them sorry but that’s just how I feel


the fuck's wrong with you man


Sorry I forgot this is Reddit and opinions aren’t allowed :/


It's mostly that you refuse to back up your opinion with a reason that makes any sort of sense


Opinions are allowed and opinions of your opinions are also allowed. You can have whatever opinion you want and others will say if it's dumb or not. It's dumb


it's sad how the VAs are trying their best (and doing an amazing job) and here you are saying that their work sucks sucks to be you


I like voices. Except power maybe. Not saying VA is doing a bad job, in my head character had different voice. Author probably know best what voices characters should have, so I am not arguing with Fujimoto Tatsuki's choice. But reddit is fucking stupid, guy above didn't harass anyone, just said that he doesn't like the voices, got downvoted to hell and gets "sucks to be you" and "your opinion is dumb"


Seeing Aki’s “Kon” made me so unbelievably bricked up.


It also made me realize he wasn't closing one eye to look cool, he literally has to target the thing he wants Kon to eat within the hand sign.


if he would have said it in the trailer it would have been cooler, but it was cool enough as it is like if all sound stopped for a second, and it's just aki saying "Kon." then the intense music starts again


They shold definitely do this and I hope they do,this completely replicates what was going on in the manga with denjis intense fight with the leech devil and then all of a sudden aki saying 'kon' felt like a moment of this


VAs are perfect, W animation, Makima & Power beautiful af, can’t wait to see them all in action.


Music went hard af hope we get more of that in the real thing.


Makima's voice is very close to what I imagined it would be. Sweet, alluring, relaxed, reassuring, youthful and slightly mischievous. A voice that can manipulate you to do what she wants, not because it is commanding, but because it is convincing due to the facade of innocence and honesty.


Too many people forget how Makima is supposed to come off for the first 90% of the manga. The reveal of her true nature is so impactful because she is so disarming.


How tf do you look at a powerful manipulative woman and think “yeah, she has an uwu voice” lowkey feels like they chose to give her a loli voice just to counter the dommy mommy energy.


Dude, please get off the Internet for a few days, I think it's poisoning your brain


She views humans as no different than dogs yes? So it makes sense she’d talk to humans she likes in a higher pitched voice similar to how most people do with dogs in real life. She’s not a mommy dom because from her perspective that’d be beastiality.


The VA did voice some cutesy characters in the past, but she doesn't have an "uwu" voice just because she was talking in a higher register in the trailer and didn't have a sinister voice. Many "ara ara" female characters are voiced by VAs that have great range. Tomori Kusunoki might use this relaxed, brighter tone when talking as the Makima the characters know. Then she might use a different tone when she is the scheming Makima who is the Control Devil. I don't know if you have watched the Monogatari series, but Chiwa Saito used different registers when she voiced Senjougahara. In Kuroko no Basket, she had a happy, casual voice for Aida, and a used a much lower register when the character was pissed off or serious. And "how tf" do I look at a powerful and manipulative woman and think that she could possibly have that voice? Well, because I'm a woman, and I know how many women operate. I know shit that women do to get what they want even when they don't deserve something. I know that everyone has a different voice and they can use it however they desire and are able to. Haven't you ever met a woman who uses their cutesy or cheery tone to get what they want? That "pretty please" tone? A sultry, seductive tone isn't always the way to go. I've watched my guy friends' get manipulated and heartbroken by different kinds of women, even by the softest and "uwu"-est of all. Many vulnerable-looking ones are actually "dommy" in private, and are served hand and foot by their partners. If Makima was a real person with the personality she has, no matter what her voice is like, she would still be threatening and suspicious because that is who she is. This is just how I imagined her voice when I read the manga. I'd still be happy if she was voiced by someone like Miyuki Sawashiro, who does more of that "cool girl" "big sis" voice, because that would typically fit a character like Makima. I just happen to like the unexpected this time. If the way you imagined Makima when you read the manga was different from they way I did, that's okay. You don't have to be rude about it. We can comment whatever but we both have no control over the decision the Studio and/or Fujimoto made regarding Makima's VA. It's not our manga, and it's not our project. Maybe give it a chance since we've only had a glimpse so far. On a side note: Goku in the original dub doesn't have a macho voice, but he can still blow up planets. I prefer his voice in other dubs, but I never cared enough to complain because his voice never was a hindrance to his image anyway.


I understand your point, and of course a woman could have have a voice like this in real life. But this is fiction and to me there is a strong artistic expression in how the visuals of a character cooperate with the talent of the VA and how their voice can bring out the character. To me Makima at no point got what she wanted by sweetening up to someone other than Denji and she did with Denji by being very motherly utilizing his lack of a mother and loneliness. In real life yeah there are women who get what they want by using a cutesy act. with Makima though, she never had to use the cutesy act because she is not extremely strong and intelligent. She get what she wants by demanding it by force. Manipulation was simply the best move to keep Denji in control. And another thing I looooove monogatari, one of my all time favorites all the VAs did an amazing job in that show, especially Senjougahara. The case here is different, because the VA doesn’t have that broad experience and voice to really bring out characters the way Chiwa Saito has done. Tomori Kusunoki has not done the same, she has voiced almost exclusively loli characters and I don’t think that is just a coincidence. She has a loli voice and that voice only really works with lolis. Maybe she has some hidden incredible range that she just never got the chance to show off. If she does then I hope this is her chance to show it. Thing is, I just doubt that’s the case. It’s like with lilypichu, she has great range, but that range is strictly within a higher pitch than normal voice. Makima shouldn’t have a super ara ara voice either, that would be equally wrong. For me this is just the wrong way to express the character so I can’t help but feel disappointed


Let's not forget that, eventhough Makima was obviously sus from the beginning, MANY still blindly simped for her and were genuinely surprised about her true nature when it was revealed. Who knows, man. I could be wrong about this, but who knows... All I care about is that the characters get portrayed properly. I don't like ruining my experience just by giving up based on my initial impression on things. My first comment above was about sharing how I imagined Makima. In my head, she had a calm, reassuring and kind of alluring but not sultry voice. That is why I said it was "close". I didn't post that comment to say it was perfect/ ideal/ spot on/ or correct. It was not to disregard anyone else's opinion. I commented to share. So I may not be the right person to talk to about "is this the right voice for Makima or not" because my intent was to share my reading experience. I didn't come here to compare with other people's thoughts or to defend my thoughts.


I can understand that. But also how do you mark something as spoiler, because I wrote some really spoiler stuff.


I understand how you feel, since you probably looked forward to the anime like many of us. I honestly had no expectations. I didn't even look at the list of people involved because I didn't want anything to affect my experience of watching the PV for the first time. After I watched is when I looked back on how I read the manga. So I really am I just waiting to see how it works because we, who have read the manga, already know Makima's true nature. Anime-onlys, however, don't. I kinda want to know what their opinion is. I'm curious to know if the team chose this voice to make Makima eerily nice with that "relax, everything is daijoubu" voice. As if a devil rehearsed for this role of a normal, trustworthy and socially acceptable human. Reminds of Willy Wonka with his "let's go jolly campers!" voice but underneath the role is Johnny Depp who has a completely different speaking voice, and how Willy Wonka could easily sound like regular Depp if he wasn't pretending to be okay all the time. My opinion could be wrong this time but it won't bother me. 😅


!spoiler! Well that’s the thing though, it was obvious from the start that she wasn’t who she seems. Denji almost indirectly points this out but brushes it off (clever setup by fujimoto) to me it’s never a true nature unveiled with Makima but actually with Denji. With Makima instead we get this progressive layer by later showcase of who she really is and then when everything goes to shit, Denji is unveiled and she steps in, with some surprise of course, into the role that was set for her. To me there is no distinction between later Makima and early Makima. There isn’t some flip that happens where her character is suddenly different. It’s like I said, a process the things that is unveiled is the extent of her character not the true nature. Fujimoto is stupidly good at what he does. His strength isn’t his artstyle but how deep he can write characters and how integrated they feel in the story. They are one thing and not separate like a lot of other shows. Also how do you mark as spoiler, this shouldn’t be spoiled for people randomly scrolling through


> ! spoiler ! < Minus the spaces


Idk what I am doing I can’t make it work


Sorry. I forgot to say that you replace 'spoiler' with what you want to hide.


I can see why people expected Makima to have a deeper voice, but she's not supposed to be an actual mother, guys. From the manga, it feels like she's a young woman in her mid-twenties.


While I have zero problems with the voice, just wanted to point out that not all "young women" sound cute and soft. There are many, many women in their mid-twenties with deep and husky voices. Just depends from person to person. Some have a high-pitched voice all their lives, others have a deeper one from adolscence itself.


All of the characters sound just like they did in my head, especially Makima and Aki.


I love the soundtrack it really reminds me of Clown Core i wonder if the music production team was inspired by the Chainsaw Man AMV made by Seamoore Manga.


They seem confident that they will adapt the entire Part 1 with Makima's VA that will definitely be reused for Nayuta


Do we have any idea how many episodes there'll be?


Dunno, but it seems it will end on Katana Man arc (fair, it's a pretty cathartic for a season finale)


I think it’ll go farther than that, unless its one cour.


They would've shown Reze in the trailer if so. Multiple cour seems to be the idea (also looking at Makima's VA selection who's totally going to voice Nayuta)


Most trailers only ever show the first few chapters.


I cant tell whether you think it’ll be fully adapted in one season or not


I'm pretty ignorant, it's not right ? Cause isn't that too much for only 1 season ?


The source material being only 98 chapters would put it at like 4 chapters per episode if it were to be two cours, with all the action they could do a lot of chapters for some episodes. I think its possible to adapt all of it if they do around 26-28 episodes. With how popular the series already is i can definitely see them doing more than a traditional two cours


absolutely beautiful big improvement over the first pv which i was really excited for


Mfs want Makimas voice to spoil her character so goddamn bad it's sad


It’s not spoiling it’s just straight up fitting the characters instead of making her a loli. The VA has basically only voiced loli’s in the past I have no clue why they would chose to go with her. Power is the bratty character, her VA fits her. Makima is nit bratty. Idk why they chose to make her a narrator for it, it felt so weird. Everything is perfect, but the choice for Makimas voice, I just can’t.


wtf about that voice sounds 'loli' to you. she sounds nice and has a higher pitch but she doesnt sound like a literal kid ​ and her va has done deeper voices before


What deeper voices, show me or cap. She literally sounds like a depressed teenage loli character. I am not talking about small 5 year old child loli, loli is a wider range than that. Problem is both how light the voice is but also the pitch.


You heard a specific voice in your head while the showrunners themselves heard something different. Only one who really has a say in whether or not the voices are accurate is Fujimoto and I doubt he has much of an issue with the casting. Like I get it,you would've preferred someone different and that's fine but it's still nothing to get all bent out of shape over.


It’s not that it doesn’t fit the imagined voice for her I had, the problem is it doesn’t fit the character itself


Dunno about that,initially Denji thinks she's the nicest person in the world and her voice pretty much reflects that part of her presentation. Besides,considering her **actual** character it'd make sense for her to have a honeypot voice lmao


I think that is a Denji thing and not a Makima thing. Honeypot voice makes slightly sense but this voice doesn’t I think her voice should be smooth and other than that the range and aesthetic og the vocie can be broad. This just doesn’t fit in that range, voice, feels forced as well.


I just don't feel like a couple lines of plot exposition is enough to say her voice doesn't fit the character,and thats even without considering the voice actresses range in other projects. >feels forced as well. I don't understand this part though,it sounds just as forced as any other anime voice acting tbh lmao


It looks more gore than the manga, I don't remember there was blood when the chainsaw came from his head.


Bro was trying to read with his eyes closed 💀


I actually reread it 5 times, the scenes in early manga they skip the transformation sequence. The scene in this pv seems like it was from bat devil scene. I have a small attention span, so i only remember early manga and the ending. .


There definitely was lol. Thats the reason why he needs blood to start them because its fuel for him


All my homies hate makima




I wonder if the popularity of chainsaw man will Surpass that of Castlevania, invincible, and Arcane at this point. Maybe it has a chance of even beating last Airbender on IMDb.


Arcane is much more accessible as a series. I think CSM will break a lot of stuff inside tjr anime world, but outside? For example, I watched Arcane with my mom and younger siblings. I'd hesitate to watch this witj them


Actually you have a point there. Arcane isn’t more graphic than your average marvel movie and is more of a pg13 series (though a hard one at that). I’d say csm still has a chance of beating invincible in terms of acclaim and popularity though.


Tbh, I hope so. Won’t be easy cuz invincible was simply amazing.


Yeah, this isn’t something I’d put on the living room TV.


Chainsaw man is set to release in October. Halloween?


Same for bleach and MHA war arc. That month is so fucking hype


If only jojo wasn't in fcking batches october would be god-tier anime month...








Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!


Oh it's beautiful.


i loved it when denji went "this truly was a chainsaw man" then chainsaw man'd all over makima


I melted when he said his iconic catchphrase "it's chainsaw time!"


SO EXCITED FOR THIS ANIME. As a manga reader this is everything I could hope for from stellar voice casting and acting, wonderful storytelling, beautiful high quality animation, and great music




Do we know if we're getting multiple seasons? I've heard rumors it's one and done in 24 episodes. I hope that isn't the case due to the length of the manga.


It will be a 2 chore anime (24-26eps) which is normal for the number of chapters that need to be covered (97 chapters) so one and done. But what you should expect is chore 1 ending on the end or start of the bomb devil arc and almost all of chore 2 will be the assassins arc with final arc.


wait, it wss confirmed to be 2 cour?


Lol, it was officially confirmed it will be two cours!! But it was maybe become like attack on titan and spy x family divided in part 1 and part 2


Sadly nothing is confirmed, BUT there have been leaks of the episode counts(24-26). Also, it would be really weird for Mappa to spend 2 years making 13 episodes. But something to note with chores is that there are almost always a few month breaks between chores 2-5 months. Just leaks and good guesses for now but it will probably be confirmed along with the screening on September 19th.


Besides AOT, how many years and cours has it been for the timeskip/"Final Season".


This looks fucking insane. I can't believe the reveal PV was an actual representative of the quality the show would be bringing. In another world, I'd have liked for them to be more faithful to the manga artstyle. I absolutely cannot complain about what we're getting though, this is far above what can be reasonably expected for an adaptation of a shonen jump story.


You know what, I'm actually fine with that. It means the manga will stay unique and still have a great reason for people to read it even after watching the anime. Some anime just replace the manga, glad it doesn't look like the case here


I'm so fucking hyped my cock actually hurts. I beat my dick to Makima porn after seeing this for 6 fucking hours bro. I am in pain. This is a cry for help.




least horny r slash chainsawman user


my only qualm is with the line work. with close up shots like power while she's running, it looks fucking amazing, but for more far out shots, the lines kinda blur out and lose themselves. this is something i've also noticed with aot and jjk, where the lines are so thin that the art looks a bit flat. idk if this is just mappa's way of doing things but yea


Yeah I'm not a fan of thin outlines either. They make everything look... unfinished kind of? I think bold lines as in AoT season 1 (not done by MAPPA) are much nicer.


I mean... Have you seen the art style of the manga? Looking unfinished, or having "sloppy" line work is pretty common in the manga.


Sloppy, chaotic art style (which I love about Fujimoto’s work) is not the same as looking like some unfinished WIP animation.




Nothing about this is generic. It's a very pleasing style.




what you want them to add a sketch filter or something. It's in the Mappa style deal with it.




We must stay focused brothers we still don't know how pochita sounds.


Had the same VA as chopper if I remember


I hope he has a super deep voice, that's what I always heard in my head


In my head he sounds like bender


Denji.. kill all humans


Thank you for keeping us on point


Imagine the pikachu voice lol.


or we could have the same guy that voices Law/Levi do pochita


I’m telling you all let the word be known about this anime around the world 😎👍


spamming all my friends already


have the people who are judging Makimas VA not seen animes at all? VAs can switch up their tones when they need to


To be fair the first moment I heard her I thought she sounded a bit too young for me but I got over that pretty quickly


She isn't supposed to sound old tho. >! she is supposed to be younger than 30yo for an human, honestly this fits in terms of age !<


Sorry, I guess my phrasing was off. I meant to say that I thought she woulld've sounded a bit deeper.


No problem! Since Power is such a comedic relief i don't really know, it would help us take her seriously at the beggining for sure but idk i might be biased because Jolyne and power are polar opposites


Oh wait were you talking about Makima or Power in your previous comment? I thought powers voice fit perfectly. My previous comment was referring to Makima


Sorry man i totally mistook your comment for another i replied too about Power&Jolyne's VA in asbr Yeah i also expected a deeper voice and more chill&mature voice but i think that we're really biased because we know her personality and who she is, this voice is not really scary but more "innocent-sounding", it's interesting because it might mislead some people who'll watch the show. But i really expect some tone swapping during the late part of the anime


Yeah, I agree with the tone-switching part. If for some reason she didn't switch her tone up during the important moments that'd be grounds for eyebrow-raising from me tbh.


No way are they gonna switch the tone, I highly doubt the VA can go much deeper without sounding like a different character. What we got in the PV is probably what we are gonna get.


Same but at the same time if she looked sus in the beggining it would also be weird. I don't really know the seiyuu so i'm just gonna wait but considering how much teasing they are doing around Makima i'm sure that they took the right person.


A persons voice shouldn’t change that much just because we are seeing the more true nature of a character. There should just be acting, if she is angry she sounds angrier, if seductive she should sound seductive etc. the voice reflects emotions, here it is reflecting that of a 13 year old girl. I just doesn’t fit the character.


Yeah true


Anyone with 2 braincells knows there’s better choice out there for Makima. Even new seiyuus or more underground ones. Tomoriru is insanely good, I love her and I still believe she can do a fine job. It’s just too young for me. Something like Rina Inoue would have been good https://www.aoni.co.jp/search/inoue-rina.html (sample セリフ1)


This is who Fujimoto probably wanted though. Isn't he highly involved in this production?


That I have no clue. If he is that’s fine, he’s the one who created the character. But then again, I still thinks the tone isn’t the best.


I thought it was weird but then I realized she's supposed to sound sweet and innocent. It's actually eerie as fuck now and I love it


People don't understand the point of her character. She's supposed to seem nice and innocent. But like you mentioned I expect her tone to shift especially later on in the series


Search Japanese twitter. Japanese fans are disappointed with Tomori casting choice too.


I searched through a lot of tweets and for the most part was pleased with the voice actors. Where did you search?


I don't understand why being Japanese would make a difference


I don’t care much about MAKIMA, but I did expect Power to sound a little deeper in tone. Something a bit higher pitched then michiko from Michiko to Hatchin. Like a Japanese Buttercup from PPG if you know what a mean. She sounds a bit to cute for my liking but idc. The animation looks amazing


I think power is literally spot on. That voice actress is amazing and will do her justice


I know she will. They wouldn’t cast her if that wasn’t the case. Doesn’t mean I like it though😞. I wish the voice actor did more of how jolyne sounds in the game since she played her


Damn i rewatched her character trailer and it's insane how she can flip from a high pitched voice to a deep tone


Makima bros how do we cope with how bad the VA for her in the anime is ? This is just sad


She views humans as no different than dogs yes? So it makes sense she’d talk to humans she likes in a higher pitched voice similar to how most people do with dogs in real life. She’s not even a mommy dom like you people have head canoned her as because from her perspective fucking a human would be beastiality.


Idk, we haven’t seen all of it so maybe they just didn’t do her justice, I sadly just doubt it’s gonna get better.


Step away from the screen


"Makima bros". Wow. And no, the VA is not bad. At all. Stop being so whiny.


The VA is so mismatched , if y’all can’t see this then y’all need to reread the manga again.


Exactly, no one saying the VA is bad, she just doesn’t fit the character in the slightest


I'd like to ask what about the voice upsets you. I think it's pretty fitting for what kind of character makima is before her true colors become apparent.


Its like someone else pointed out, she's supposed to sound innocent in order to mislead


Where did that happen in the manga though, first chapter she is established as being bossy and manipulative. She get’s what she wants. The author has also talked in interviews about how he likes powerful women. I have no clue where this “shE iS suPposeD to sOuNd InNoCent” comes from. No she is not. There is no until her true colors are revealed. We know from the start that isn’t the good guy, we just don’t know how bad a guy she is which is slowly unveiled through the progression of the story. There is no big reveal…


I don’t know why this is surprising to me…but I didn’t expect Aki to be such a hottie. Like of course that makes sense but DAMN. His animation looks great.


Welcome to the Aki Simps, here's your complimentary copy of How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and a tablecloth-sized handkerchief to cry into later. We hope you'll find our club a safe haven to chill in while the rest of the fandom barks and meows at each other. Our ship wars can get a bit messy, but we're probably the most 'armless club here. Enjoy your stay!


Meanwhile bucky simps have no direction in life, running around like headless chickens.


I’m fairly new to the manga and absolutely loved it so hearing that it’s also being adapted into an anime just blows my mind. The animation looks insane too this is def going to win some awards.


this is the best time to be a chainsaw man fan


Looks good I’ll be keeping my eye out


Yeah this looks insane


looking good


Words can’t express how I feel. Thank you Mappa, and thank you Fuji.


WHO LEAKED MY PV ONTO TWITTER DOT COM?? (I couldn't help myself, some Sonic fandub parasite just took over my brain)


was totally bracing myself for a delay to 2023, but october is pretty cool!


I’m honestly really excited to hear what kensuke ushio has been cooking up for the ost.


Wait they got him for the ost???!?!??? This is just getting better and better.


waitttt my fav character from pjsekai and makima have the same VA lol


kanade moment


Wish Chainsaw Man himself didn't look like the CGI from ReBoot back in the 90's. Unfortunate that the main character in every fighting scene is gonna be done this dirty.


Are your eyes okay dude? Cause it seems like you need to get your vision tested.


Just wish they could've fit the titular main character's head into the budget is all.


Seems a bit dramatic dontcha think? I’m an anime only but he looks fine to me.


I was worried about how that’s as gonna look the most but tbh in the trailer he looks well done


I'm hoping they'll at least match the framerates. It's hard to say from this Twitter vid because the resolution is so much lower than the previous trailer, and the CGI is clipped to such a short amount of time. It's so jarring when a 60+fps 2D animation suddenly has a 3D portion which already sticks out, and then the framerate is suddenly half what it was. Fingers crossed I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I'm having flashbacks of AoT and Dorohedoro.


"60-fps 2D animation" when is 2D animation ever 60+ fps


Sorry, more used to using game numbers - 24 is more standard iirc, so it makes the sudden from in framerate to 10-20 even more noticeable as it approaches being a slideshow. I know this was a nitpick to try provoke me, but you're right, my numbers were wrong and I apologize.


but most animation isn't animated on ones (24 FPS) all the time. I don't see what a lowered framerate has to do with CGI, the lowered framerate is meant to blend in more with traditional animation since 2d animation doesn't use a consistent framerate generally. 2d animation is often 12 fps for example If you're just saying you hope the cgi is a full 24fps then sure but I don't see how that would make cgi less jarring since then it would stand out due to how smooth the motion is, but it's all preference really.


I'm not saying it should be 24fps or whatever top end CSM ends up being full time. I'm talking about in the middle of a sequence, getting a very abrupt framerate change in order to incorporate the CGI. I understand that these don't tend to be consistent, especially with larger studios with multiple teams and outsourcing involved like we saw with Dragonball Super's tournament arc with the dramatically different art styles and framerates between cuts. 'm saying that specifically when CGI gets blended in with 2D, the 3D models look incredibly awkward jutting around at a low framerate because you have perspective on different sides of the model that change rapidly between frames, whereas the flat images around it do not. This is also often accompanied with \*very\* different framerates (more than I would say is typical between two scenes in a purely 2D animation) than the scenes before and after. The 24 was taking a top end number and filling it in for the sake of giving reference points of cutting something in half and approaching a point of stillness between two scenes of double the fluidity. I hope I didn't let that take away from the point I'm trying to make, which is simply that CGI typically does not match the framerate of the 2D animation coming before and after it by a significant, atypical margin, and causes it to look further out of place than it already does by having depth atop a 2D image.


are you a professional animator? just curious


I have never worked for a studio or anything full time or large scale, if that's what you mean. Just contracted/commissioned work which I haven't touched in 6+ years. Why do you ask?


you just appear to know a lot about animation that’s all




I love Chainsaw and want it to be done well. It doing well is the only way we'll ever get Fire Punch, too, so I really am hoping for the best. Fingers crossed!


As someone who has been along the ride for Chainsaw Man since chapter 1, I could almost cry. This has easily become my favorite series and the fact that Mappa is going all in and giving it god tier animation has me so hyped. I actually hope this series goes further than Demon Slayer ever could. I think it deserves it.


It's amazing how proud we are of a series that we had no part in creating lol. The more accolades and popularity and love it gets, the happier I become.


>t's amazing how proud we are of a series that we had no part in creating lol. The more accolades and popularity and love it gets, the happier It's unironically that good. This calibur doesn't come around every day so I am gonna take it all in as long as I can lol.


I think all the voices are amazing! I think Makima fits because I always felt she would have a soft natured higher voice because it would play into her being perceived a certain way so that she could Manipulate people


I thought it'd be deeper, but this reasoning is actually really fair, ut sounds good and Ican't wait to see how much emotion she brings to the character