Hot take: I hope we don’t see Denji for a long while

Part 2 will most definitely focus on the Civilian’s perspective of devils and how it affects their daily lives as opposed to Part 1’s “in the eyes of a devil hunter” perspective.

Which is actually so fucking genius. During part 1 we really just saw civilians as fodder for Devils and never gave much thought into how it really affected them. We only really saw how it affected Devil Hunters themselves, never the common man. Now that we’re seeing how Asa and Yuko(possibly related to Kusakabe?) were devastatingly affected by the devils, it’s a completely new perspective and an outstanding choice of direction.

It also has the potential to expand much more on the world-building since part 1 still left many question yet to be answered about devils themselves. The very little insight into devils, hybrids, and their origin Makima gave was already outstanding and very compelling! She knew SO MUCH due to being 1 of the 4 horsemen but was SO tightlipped because, well, she’s Makima lol

In contrast, Yoru is actually much more talkative about the devil world. She’s essentially a laid back Sukuna(JJK) and ruthless Migi(Parasyte) and I love their Dynamic with each other so far, especially after the latest episode!

In conclusion, I’m okay with not seeing Denji for a long while. In fact, I HOPE we don’t see him for long time. At least not playing a major role yet. I’m really loving and enjoying the awkward/loner Highschool girl having her world turned upside down while meeting people she loves and cares for, for the first time.

Denji was an absolutely amazing protagonist, Asa will be too. Let’s give her a long time to shine and let Denji rest for a while.


I wonder if the people who are more patient in regards to Denji’s return have caught up recently, while the ones who want him know got caught up back in 2020 or before


Read it in 2020 and i dont mind not seeing him for a while. Though i did reread it 2 months ago so thats probably why im patient lol


Been with CSM since chapter 1 release, and hoping we don't see him for a good while longer. The story is more interesting that way. The people who just complain about not seeing Denji are mostly the type that only want actions but not build-up and don't see the bigger picture. Not a chapter went by without referencing chainsaw Man. It's all very intentional and part of the setup for part 2. We're following the MC that wants to meet Chainsaw Man and met someone who very much does not want her near him (Yoshida). In this setup Denji currently isn't the MC, he's the goal that the MC wants to find, like the gun devil at the beginning of part 1.


I expect Denji would show up at the end of volume 12


Asa and Yoru are starting to grow on me, so I'm fine with seeing hints of Dennis here and there. The longer the wait, the more we can appreciate how much he has change and matured.


Yes! I whole heartedly agree. Asa’s perspective has already painted a clearer picture of what it can be like trying to live in a world with devils. The insanity of having the chicken devil as a pet while attending a school that has a demon hunter club……..wild. It’s details like this that make me really appreciate this second arc so far.


Same here


My man 🤝🏼 Reminds of when everyone and their mother were starving for Eren and crew to return in Marley Arc of AOT. And looking back at it now, rushing his return would have DECIMATED the direction Isayama took. Which was showing 2 completely different points of view.


That whole stretch of AoT is probably one of my fav experiences reading manga..I wanna say ever? It was just glorious to read along monthly mmm we had 97 chapters of just Denji I think it's completely fine to let him rest a bit and delve into these new characters first. Some people just aren't used to waiting for chapters to release and it shows lol no patience whatsoever


I really don’t care when Dennis shows up, I’m enjoying Yoru and Asa


the most brutal thing Fujimoto could do is make us fall on love with Asa, only to make her fight Denji to death


I’m kind of hoping it’s built up that finding Chainsaw Man is going to take up the entire Part only for Asa to find Denji eating crayons next to her in remedial class in chapter 10 or something.


I think most people here will agree with you but I don't as he is one of my all time fav mc I will wanna see more him


I couldn't care less to how long it takes for Denji to show back up.