I really cannot say. Part 2 seems to be setting up Death Devil as the final boss, so it wouldn't be there for Part 3. But again, we didn't knew about the Horseman back at the mid Part 1 either so something could come up at any moment. Maybe Angel's, i dont know. But something to clarify, is that Fujimoto doesn't like long stories. Big reason as to why there was such a giant break between Part 1 and Part 2. But this doesn't mean he could do the same with a Part 2 and 3. Personally, i would love more Chainsaw Man, I, Love, Chainsaw


I say he should stop at 3 to make Chainsaw Man a Trilogy.


They could also potentially focus on a different horseman for each part. Sure Famine has appeared this part but she really isn’t that much of a focal point


I'm just gonna copypaste what I said in another thread: The longer shonen manga run, the worse they usually get. I don't want to see the same thing happening with CSM, so it ending with part 2 would be preferred. Don't stretch it out, make it good, move on to the next manga. The last thing I want is that Fujimoto is chained to CSM forever, I want him to make as many different manga as possible. And some more: I hope the manga altogether stays under 200 chapters. I don't want to see another Tokyo Revengers/Bleach/One Piece/whatever situation. Fujimoto is too creative to be constricted by one single series and a couple of oneshots now and then.


I completely agree that CSM shouldn't be dragged out, it would be a shame if it was dragged down retroactively by later parts. That said, I also think he shouldn't rush the story. If he has several well laid out plans for arcs that need to precede the ending he shouldn't compress them all.


Agree with this 100%


Part 3 Dennis and Asa along with Nayuta live as normal happy family ![img](emote|t5_rmtrq|22160) Manga switches to slice of life


One can only dream ![img](emote|t5_rmtrq|22174)


Part 3 is a sequel story following Nayuta's highschool romcom slice-of-life ![img](emote|t5_rmtrq|22160)![img](emote|t5_rmtrq|22160)![img](emote|t5_rmtrq|22160)


Yeah, it will be about Denji's and Asa's kid Dorito


its all up to Fujimoto. if he wants to make a part 3, then there is a VERY good reason why, and he hypothetically would have all the pieces and story-beats necessary to write part 3 chapter by chapter. Basically that means there would be a point and a theme/moral of part 3. Otherwise, let Fujimoto work on something else. He’s a very creative mind, and i respect him a lot for his kind of storytelling. He is really REALLY good at making you think.


Didn't Fujimoto's editor said that CSM will permanently end in 2024? I don't think we'll have a part 3 unless both 2 and 3 last one year each


The future rules!


I don’t see a part 3 coming yet, I feel like everything set up for part 2 is like the finale of this series. BUT! Personally I would never want CSM to end, prayer up for part 7 already let’s gooooo.


Either he goes the Anthology route and does a follow up who isn’t related to the current story after it ended, or he’s gonna end it at part 2, maybe if he’s going to do a part 3 it will be a huge epilogue in like 3 volumes. My personal Hypothesis is that CSM will be lasting (including already published ones) 31-35 volumes. Similarly to other series who have a solid plot but are shounen like.


Personally, no


Depends on how part two ends for me