It's extremely important to make a complaint with the hotline (1800 805 260) whenever your JSP crosses the line with abusive behaviour

It's extremely important to make a complaint with the hotline (1800 805 260) whenever your JSP crosses the line with abusive behaviour


100% that number is the best fiend for coaches and JS alike. Saved my ass lots of times and has helped countless other issues. That number is literally a one stop shop lol As a side she can’t cut off your payments anyway, only way she could is to game the system and lie on resulting appointments and at that point dese will have her head. Providers can’t cut off payment, it’s Centrelink ESS system that’s automatically triggered when an MO is missed and JS fails to engage


The mind boggles as to why people behave that way. What possible joy is there to be gained? I’m really sorry you had that experience, good on you for standing your ground.


Powertrip. The worker is acting like the money is from her own pockets as she mentioned ‘wasting taxpayers money’. People who don’t want to help people shouldn’t be in the business of helping people


Good for you. Screw her.


May I ask what the privacy form is? I just joined jobseeker and my first appointment is tomorrow.


It’s in regards to the collection of your sensitive information. It’s not compulsory. You don’t have to sign any. If the jsp gives you grief, just call the hotline and they will get pulled up


They will tell you that it is so they can check that you'll be getting the right payments. They'll make it sound like it's for your benefit, it isn't, it is for theirs, so they can collect their 'bonuses' when you get a job completely without their help. They will then demand your payslips for solid three months, until they can claim their second bonus. If you don't give them to them, they will ring your boss, because you signed the privacy form, and annoy the ever living crap out of them, until your boss either gives in, or 'lets' you go.


I wonder if that abusive woman is keeping her job because 1. it is becoming increasingly difficult for providers to keep their employees, and 2. her tactics as abhorant as they are, are bringing $$ from the government to the provider. None of this stuff is actually helping people get employment and is costing more and more to police. I don't think providers were set up with the mass surveilling inind as much as they are. Back in the dark ages prior to privatisation the people at the CES were good at their job and built rapport with clients. Now days it's a minefield.


CES staff used to treat jobseekers as if they had highly infectious diseases. things got a bit easier when it was split into CES and DSS but when people had to do jobsearch and dole forms in the same place it was horrific.


Exactly, anything you sign is legally binding so you have to read it and seek advice if you need to. Alway complain, these JSP are huge leeches and need to be dealt with


I'd demand she gets fired. Not seeing her wouldn't be enough for me.


What town is this in? Sounds exactly like the lady I used to deal with in Byron bay


Was this perchance geelong?


my job provider ignores me. which is ok in the sense I don't get hounded or hear from him. I know why I don't hear from him. they started avoiding me after. my front tooth broke because they know its a waste of time me going for a interview with a broken front tooth.


first time ever in 12 years the jsp ignores me and don't answer my calls or call me back or email me back lol. I want to get it fixed but know at the same time they will hound me again when I'm good looking again...