Who here has been on a TV game show? If so, what's your story

I only ever wanted to be on something like 50 50 or Dick n Dom. It’s too late.


I only ever wanted to be on something like 50 50 or Dick n Dom. It’s too late.


I was on Takeshi's Castle. Been on crutches ever since


I was on the Weakest Link. I won it. It was nerve racking but fun.


Pointless. It was great. The first episode went so quickly, probably only an hour to film a 45 min episode, that we got to the head to head before I'd really realised what was happening. We didn't get through to the final so got a second go. I got a 2 pointer with my goto Beetles answer and we were lowest scoring team in one round. We won the trophies in our second show but did not do well in the final. So glad we finally applied but wouldn't do another TV quiz, too much pressure. I was so scared I'd be one of those people that when asked to name a country beginning with a vowel would answer something totally wrong, like Paris.


University Challenge. It was an excellent experience and great fun.


How much pussy did you get afterwards?


Jim ‘l fix it. Absolutely awful


Jim was a really nice bloke. [He fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfolded.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lj8Qtkred8)


Hey ow




WWTBAM and a couple of others. All great fun but the WWTBAM was best, largely but not entirely because I won deh moneh.


Not me, but the partner of a friend of the family got on Deal or No Deal by saying he hate Noel Edmonds during his audition.


I've never been on one personally but two kids from our school went on fun house and my ex girlfriend's brother went on deal or no deal but he only won a tenner the unlucky, adorable bastard


Yes. I’ve been on 5 and have been accepted to go on a 6th. Love it, so much fun. I’m not an avid quizzer (haven’t been to a pub quiz since 2019) but love games and anything mentally taxing. Won cash prizes on 3 of the 5, lowest prize pretty much covered my expenses (unusually this particular show didn’t cover any travel) highest prize was enough to pay off all my debts and have a holiday. It’s a great experience, lots of fun, but I’m eternally nervous of making an arse of myself on national TV.


People don't remember those people after the show finishes until the bloopers come out. I do remember that fella on The Chase who when the team won, went fucking MENTAL, then when composing himself, camera pans to Bradders who was like "What?!". Still make me chuckle today.


Strangers don’t, but we still tease my friend who said something stupid on Pointless to this day.