I absolutely do not encourage you to put lots of made up items for sale in their local free ads using their telephone number. And certainly don’t put anything dodgy on Craigslist in their name and number. That’d be dreadful.


I’m going to guess you paid by bank transfer… and I would never suggest setting up a direct debit for WaterAid online using those details, nor the RSPCA or any other charity… absolutely not recommend to set £10 a month starting on the 1st to each one. This would be bad as the bank won’t tell them a new DD has been setup and they wouldn’t see money going to great causes until it has left there account, this may cause them embarrassment or distress, especially if it bounces and they are left with extra bank charges.


Haha I like this one. Someone did this to me. I actually kept it going because I think it way a sign. I know who did it. It was my cousin. After we had an argument over a game of FIFA. I ended changing his energy supplier on a comparison site. But I could have stopped the DD and gotten my money back through an indemnity claim. But it's too much hassle.


You don't "order" something from Facebook marketplace. It's not Amazon. You pay when you've got the item in your hand.


I read an article the other day about a significant increase in fake sales and scams on Facebook Marketplace. The site has no payment protection and you are better off only using it to buy local stuff that you can collect yourself and pay when you have it in your hands.


File it as a lesson learned, buying used underwear off facebook is fishy at best.


For the record, I am a woman and that wasn't what I bought. News flash, not everyone on Reddit is a thirsty creep. This person could have scammed many others and I don't want to just let it go. Screw me, right?


They were joking, but they’re right Be grateful you were only foolish enough to send a stranger on the internet £26 and not a larger sum. Report the transaction to your bank and move on.


You took that thick. At the end of the day, people like you bank transferring money to someone you've never met for an item you've never seen, that's half way across the country, is the reason these scams continue to be so popular.


I know very well that I made a mistake and I acknowledged it in the post. I just asked a question hoping for some fun ideas. But then again, people like to be mean and accusatory on the internet because they have nothing better to do with their lives, that's just how it goes.


How about contacting the Police?


I doubt anything would be done since the amount lost was not much (£26). They'll probably just laugh in my face. I really just want to give this person a scare/teach them a lesson but I don't really know what to do.


This person has probably done it more than once and could possibly be sucking someone else's much needed funds dry. We all learn lessons by these mistakes but by not reporting it they will keep doing it


I was thinking of contacting their bank to report their account, but will that even accomplish anything? Not sure.


If you have evidence of the transaction I would ask your bank/credit card to take it up with their bank as it is fraudulent. It may take some time but things will get dealt with. My advice in future is to always use PayPal or something similar to give you that safety net.


There is evidence of the transaction in my banking app and I do have the conversation log to provide if needed. They refused PayPal, in hindsight, that should have been enough of a red flag.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing!! I would go to your bank and explain the situation, they have to look into the situationand the more evidence you give them the higher chance you have of getting refunded. I don't have Facebook but is there a way of reporting such a person? (once you have made your claim through your bank)


Thanks, I'll go ahead and make the report on Monday. I was initially discouraged because my partner assured me nothing would get done given the circumstances but maybe it's worth a try. I've already reported them to Facebook more times than I can count. Doesn't seem to have had any effect whatsoever sadly.


It's always worth a shot and it could possibly be the one thing that stops this person from doing it again and again. Found this article that may well prove all ive said as wrong but you are most definitely not alone. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/beatthescammers/article-11481677/Banks-raise-alarm-Wild-West-fraud-Facebook-Marketplace.html Good luck


You can report them to Facebook, for what it's worth. With bank details you might have enough to dob them in to HMRC. No way are they paying tax on their scam earnings


I presume you have their name and general location? Track them down a leave a flaming bag of shit on their doorstep.


I really wouldn't click on any dodgy emails you receive from your 'bank' regarding account hacking. Terrible outcomes.... Now, Nigerian princes- different story.


Out them on here. Name and shame pal


Free puppies. List their number.


I work in Financial Crime. If you paid by BACS, not much you can do. File a report with your bank. They will do an investigation and if they believe you carried out all the steps to take all the precuations and checks, then if so, they will communicate with the receiving bank and try and recooperate the money if it's still there. Other than than, you can report it to Action Fraud.