Who has been back to their childhood home/ place you grew up after not being there for a number of years? What was your experience?

I went back to the place I grew up relatively recently having not been back there for probably 20 years and it was surprisingly emotional.

Most of it seemed unchanged, other than a bit of development here and there. Everything looked smaller than I remembered, and distances shorter. Whereas as a kid going to the next estate seemed like an adventure, now it was a half hour walk.

It was both melancholic and uplifting in a way, I have no idea why


It's awful. The things I remember either aren't there or are massively different. The place itself is an even bigger shit hole. Honestly if it wasn't for family I'd not ever go back aside from to scare my child.


The street I grew up on hasn't changed. Very middle class suburbia. Just new families making new memories. What made me feel sad, my local School which was a 5 min walk away, is now a new housing estate. Even the local library has gone. Dreadful!


Pretty much the same except now I can go into the nicer pubs because I'm over 18.


Eastbourne. I went back last year for the first time in about 8 years. Massive new shopping centre but still felt just as... Grotty, I suppose. Classic run down seaside town. You either leave at 18 and go to uni, or you have 5 kids by 25. No in-between. A shame really, the sea is lovely.


The place I grew up was my old boarding school. Drove past on a whim in my 30s, pulled into the next layby and puked my guts out.


The wall wasn't huge after all, and the sweet shop was gone.


Into my heart an air that kills From yon far country blows: What are those blue remembered hills, What spires, what farms are those? That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, The happy highways where I went And cannot come again.


The house outside london is gone. The farm got split into 2 separate homes and the barns are all holiday homes. All poo tbh.


The street I grew up on the overcrowded with cars. Like it was just a solid line of parked cars down both sides of the road. When I was little there were maybe only two or three. Otherwise I’ve lived it pretty much the same general area my whole life. The only noticeable difference has been the volume of traffic increasing dramatically.


Shortly before she passed away, me and mum did a tour of all the houses she/we lived in. It was great hearing all the old stories.


Went back this year . The new owners have grown a massive hedge round it and I couldn't see the house at all


Went back two years ago for Christmas. Reminded myself of all the reasons I left in the first place. I need that reminder occasionally.


I forgot what a dump it was. But it was my dump.


Ashford, Kent. Went back a few years ago after 15 years and never want to go back. It’s exactly as I remember.


I have lived in 4 cities so far each for over 6 years so I feel this a lot when I visit any of them. Haven't been back to the UK though since my grandma's funeral in 2009 and I know it will hit me hard when I finally make it back.


A few years back I met up with my Mum and Dad, my Mums cousin in Henley where they grew up. They both lived with their shared Grandparents for a while and wanted to visit the house they had both lived in. We found the house and were standing over the road while they were just telling us about the orchard that used to be behind the house, when the owner walked up and my Mums cousin went dashing over to speak to them! The rest of us turned away in embarrassment but the current owner was so lovely and let my Mum and her cousin in to see the house and see how it had changed.


It's still a shithole but it's my shithole


Mum was still sat there.


Awful - I imagine than being a ghost must feel like that. You have the 'map' of how things were in your head, but the physical landscape has changed. -1/10.