Lol 5G at the top of the screen


Zap them


It's not a screenshot. That's the 5G she's scared of. It follows her.


OP should of showed them and went "Look you daft cunts I'm using 5G!"


Ha! Stand next to them using your phone. Oooooo scary network is going to get you.


Why is it always ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ with these folks. It can never just be one conspiracy theory, gotta have them all.


Don't see any flat earth posters there, which is a little disappointing.


Thing about that lot is I've never met one thats read a Discworld book. The way they ignore it reminds me of some jehovah's witness method of dealing with awkward questions.


I knew someone who’s a flat earther and has a picture of the Discworld turtle as their Facebook profile picture. They haven’t read the books either.


Their spotlight sun hasn't gone over their part of the disc yet. They'll rise, eventually.


The Turtle Moves!


Deacon Vorbis of the Omnian Inquisition would like a quiet word.


And why is it always flat Earth. Surely the moon would too be flat by their logic but there’s no flat moon conspiracy!


A coworker at my warehouse just recently informed me that the moon is a hologram.


Yes this. Once managed to convince a coworker of this and rocket launches are people going up there to change the light-bulb.


>Don't see any flat earth posters there, which is a little disappointing. It's too mainstream now - taken over by all the multi-nationals and so-called Influencers... ¬\_¬


Fear not. Bill gates covid micro chips will be able to locate the flat earthers and control them to make them join this resistance group.


It has certainly left me feeling a bit flat.


It's almost like not being able to apply any reasonable scientific research into one subject, means you can't apply reasonable scientific research into *any* subject.


I know someone who's into all this shit. The baffling theory behind all the conspiracies is that you 'can't trust science'. I had a debate with them some years ago after they found out I had a PhD. They wanted to know about the failure of science. At first I didn't get where it was going, so explained that 'of course not all science is exact'. Since then I am part of their theory: 'someone I know has a PhD and they say science is wrong!'. Fucking hate it.


Can't argue with people like that. Just waiting to hear what they want and would never change their opinion regardless of what you say. I've started to think they don't even care about the underlying conspiracy either, they just look for something to do with their time and build a community around.


This is so ridiculous that it's funny! The fact that science always admits when it's wrong and improves upon what it knows is irrelevant to these people. However, what they know is right and absolute.


Once you open the door to the postman it's hard to keep the milkman out.. Or something


Gives them more forums to tap away the sad, lonely nights......... Oh


Because once you go down the Youtube conspiracy theory rabbit hole you can't get out without at least believing in 10 different conspiracy theories.




It’s a phenomenon known as Crank Magnetism.


Because believing any one of those conspiracy theories means you think that *"they"* are out to get you, which then means all the other conspiracy theories make sense. If you think that *"they"* are evil enough to deliberately make children sick with 5G radiation, then surely *"they"* wouldn't think twice about creating a global pandemic in order to inject us with a "vaccine" that contains chips to control us, or spray chemtrails on us to control population growth, or lie about the shape of the earth or the moon landings for some nebulous nefarious reason. Evil bastards!


I’m guessing if you’re paranoid and gullible enough to believe one of them you’re vulnerable to them all. Except for the theories that actually have empirical evidence, those are for sheeple. These guys are special and are privy to information the general public will never understand!


Sounds like psychosis. Quite sad when you think about it. Especially when considering our society’s attitudes towards people who seem to be suffering symptoms that they deserve empathy and help for.


If you ever read conspiracy theory forums it is very clear a large % of users have some form of psychosis. Weirdly they have a very distinctive way of writing... Lots of ellipsis like this... And random Capital letters all over the place...


it makes them feel like they've an edge on society, by fooling themselves thinking they know something others dont - regardless of the stupidity


Being capable of accepting conspiracy theories requires a certain mindset and some mental gymnastics. They’re more likely to believe multiple because their brains follow the path of “well, if this is true, *this* has to be true! Yes, I do agree with


Conspiracy theorists take the same approach as Pokémon trainers, gotta catch ‘em all!


They're getting out of the house i suppose, bit of fresh air, social contact, maybe a pasty on the way home.


They'd probably be better off avoiding pasties. [Hydrophobic injectable, pasty, fat-based polymers that gel when injected in tissue have been used for the extended release of paclitaxel, cisplatin, and other agents.](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/230478453_Pasty_Polymers_in_Cancer_Drug_Therapy) They might release agents into you.


Didn't think it was possible to suck the fun out of a greggs.


Did you just call Greggs products pasty’s? That’s it, I’m phoning Cornwall.


Corn-ISH pasty. made from dried skin flakes from those women's feet.


You’re from Devon, aren’t you. 👀 I’m on to you. The Cornish Intelligence Agency is making its file on you now.


When I make a "cream tea" I blend the jam and cream into a weird pink mush and apply it to the scone using an old teaspoon. Now Devon AND Cornwall want me dead in a Wickerman to appease the cream/jam gods.


I hate that this sounds like perfection.


That's it, the two counties have come together to form the Devon and Cornwall Police just to deal with the menace you've created


Splitters! The real ones are the Cornwall and Devon Police!


Pro tip for you, stick the scone in the blender as well. Add hot water and a teabag after 30 seconds of blending. The resultant ‘drink’ is then a genuine “cream tea”. It’s how the ancient Cornwallers (Cornwallians? Corns?) used to consume them.


God... I don’t know if I’m disgusted or intrigued. Maybe a little turned on?


They're on their way up from Helston as we speak.


The North Yorkshire Police Department is happy to assist


A bridie is king of pasties


Get them to send me some more ice cream while you're at it. Ta.


Not sure social contact with this type of person is good for the general public...


And you think big pasty aren't out there making your kids gay? I suppose it's a coincidence Ginsters is an anagram of stingers? WAKE UP!


Its true, it has made my dog sick, I bought him an iphone and now he can do kickflips and allsorts.


Thats the rad-iation for you.


Allsorts are bad for your dog btw.


So 5G is bad for Bees. birds, Trees, Plant Life, Children and Dogs. But evidently not cats... Cats and 5G are in cahoots and that tells you all you need to know about cats. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!


They're in cathoots!!


Tail straight up? 5G antenna. I should know.


you could be e̶g̶l̶i̶ ELIGIBLE


More like illegible


The Liverpools People.s Resistance


Isn’t this the beginning of a Monty Python sketch?


Excuse me, are you the people's resistance of Liverpool?


No, we're the resistant peoples of Liverpool.




Egli - Norse god, famed archer, met the same challenge as William Tell. The things I could become if I just switched off my 5G and played with magnets!


Did their research on FB That’s a biohazard sign not radiation Magnet test, wash more and you won’t be sweaty enough for the spoon to stick Chemtrails, they can have that one, given it’s water vapour from aircraft and water has the chemical composition of H2O


Hydrogen combined with oxygen is highly flammable. Consider the Hindenburg disaster. And…there’s double the hydrogen so it’s almost certain the atmosphere will explode and everyone will die! Doooooomed!


"It's actually Dihydrogen oxide coming out of a plane and it should be banned poisoning our children" that lady probably


It doesn't poison children it makes frogs gay. 5G is for child poisoning.


Cheers, to the Alex Jones reference.


It’s dihydrogen monoxide - it’s the main component of acid rain, and if enough gets into your lungs it can cause DEATH.


Its also addictive. Stop taking it for just three days and you die.


It’s also found in *every* cancer cell, raw sewage etc. Wonder if that website is still up? Of course it is - since the 90s http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html


"Dihydrogen monoxide is made from **Pro**tons which make your kids **pro**-gay and **Neutr**ons which **NEUTR**alize our ability to think" - those stupid morons.


Did you know that dihydrogen oxide can be found in baby food and even medicine these days?? It’s sickening! Won’t somebody think of the children?!?


As long it's not in my water. Drink gallons of the stuff and this dihydrogen monoxide sounds dangerous!


It’s actually been implicated in 100% of all drownings, so you better be careful 😬


It was also found in the bodies of everyone who died after having the covid jab, too!


Do you write noel edmonds scripts?


>That’s a biohazard sign not radiation And the radiation symbol is on the CHEMtrails poster. Its how dum dumbs get to feel smart "I know the secret truth" The info they have will inevitably be thinner than Yul Brynner.


>thinner than Yul Brynner. I remember that last public service advertisement he made before he died. Lord, he looked rough. And probably felt rougher.


Also, (I know I don’t have to tell you this) the sun and other stars in the universe have been kicking the shit out of our planet with actual harmful rays (ionising radiation) before we were here. 5G rays do not carry enough energy to damage or deform human cells (non ionising radiation). Microwave’s rays are more intense than 5G rays.


The sun is an illusion you spherical earth shill! 5G rhymes with Lucifer (if you squint your ears).


In the sun, the irony


That’s kind of what I’ve always wondered. The world is full of actual bad things, why make up more? The government isn’t trying to kill you with 5g but it is literally trying to starve you and freeze you- do something about that.


That’s *natural* radiation though. *That’s* good for you!


Oh yeah? Then why do we keep being told to wear sun cream? The government clearly knows something we don't.


500 years ago they would have been whipping themselves proclaiming the end of the world was at hand. In every generation there are loonies who "believe".


The end of the world IS at hand. If you consider cosmological timescales "at hand". 4 maybe 5 billion years and blammo!


Well, on a smaller timescale, global warming is causing quite a few problems for the future currently!


Not to the world, just to the weird cruft clinging to the surface of it.




This is the most compelling argument so far. It's elegant. They are cunts.


Ok I've tested the magnet and it's sticking to the fridge. Where do I claim?


I'm afraid your fridge is being tracked by the government.


That must be why the fucker is empty


Congratulations, your prize is you don't get killed by a Demogorgon.


Wait shit my magnet fell off. Now what?


I like how their first attempt at spelling "eligible" is crossed out. Even more so because that looks like a whiteboard.


I don't buy that EMF bullshit. It's unbelievable.


You're always asking what it's all about.


The problem is these people don't talk enough, but when they do, they're fools.


The things you say!


Your purple prose just gives you away.




Oh oh-oh.


“I don’t understand it so it must be dangerous”


They do realise that the 5G signal wave was used by the BBC before the digital switchover… Didn’t realise Eastenders were giving everyone cancer


I heard of a protest meeting about a phone mast that was giving people headaches, etc. At the meeting, the phone company explained that the mast had not yet been powered up. Edit: found it https://mybroadband.co.za/news/wireless/11099-massive-revelation-in-iburst-tower-battle.html People who left the area "quoted periods of hours, or at most, two days to see an improvement in the symptoms" "What Craigavon residents were unaware of is that the tower had already been switched off in early October – six weeks before the November meeting where residents confirmed the continued ailments they experienced."


I used to work in an EE in Liverpool, and whenever a customer asked me whether a phone was 5g or not, it was always a coin toss whether they were looking for a phone with the latest tech or an absolute nut that was gonna refuse the phone


It's interesting because chemtrails do exist but not in any shape and form these people tend to describe and picture them. It's real name is cloud seeding for one, and you don't see the actual trail of a plane that drops these chemicals, because it is done inside an already existing storm formation. The chemical in question is called silver iodide and it helps water molecules bind together so it can fall quicker as rain or snow. A lot of agricultors use cloud seeding to help water their crops, vineyards especially, since they require huge amounts of water. Another use case is insurance companies, hailstorms for example can create enormous financial damage, a simultaneous claim by thousands of customers. So to prevent this situation, they hire cloud seeders company to spray silver iodide in an already forming hail cloud so the particles bind together more quickly and fall to the ground before it can reach the hail state. It's sad that something that is actually true became so distorted because of misinformation that any real debate on the consequence of weather manipulation cannot occur. Edit: Sentence typos




Its a post modern installation called "Facebook, do your research".


"Which conspiracy do you believe in?" "Yes."


Try the magnet test. You could be egli…egili…elgi…ELIGIBLE…


Imagine working a full time job, and then this is what you decide to do with your off-time


I’m a telecoms engineer and they’re technically right. It will give you some nasty RF burns if you stick your head in front of a turned on antenna, but that’s why we stick them on top of big poles and roofs. You’re microwave also chucks out more power than an antenna.


_You're_ a microwave


Cool, it's the stage play of Facebook.


‘Now the film has become a play’


Where’s their tinfoil hats?


What has modern conspiracy theorism come to, it really is lacking.


I used to laugh at them but now they spread genuinely harmful shit. It's always one or more of three things with them: 1. Antivax 2. Climate change denial 3. Bizaare anti-semitic conspiracy theories I feel sorry for/laugh at someone who thinks the earth is flat. I want to punch someone who prevents their kids getting their jabs.


Anti-intellectualism is always dangerous because it kills people. Adults thinking they can beat cancer by eating raw food. Mom groups thinking they can cure pneumonia with essential oils (Essential = Essence of, not essential to bodily function). Children dying from preventable diseases due to being unvaccinated. People taking fucking horse dewormers to cure covid. "Harmless" superstition and conspiracy theories lead to more nefarious ones because they teach you to distrust science and scientists.


Distrusting scientists/specialists has now been completely normalised and a YouTube video selling essential oils apparently holds as much weight as a specialist doctor with 30 years experience.


It's a day out for them and a day off for thier families


Fucks sake


I refer my learned redditors to my flair


*doffs cap*


I like these people, they make me feel more intelligent.


Holy shit the woman dressed in pink argued with me at the side of the road near the Albert dock as she was taking part in an anti vaxx protest, she told me I’d die within months as I said I’d been vaccinated and that I am responsible for communism in this country because I got the jab…


If you saw and took a photo of this yourself, why on earth did you post a screenshot?


PLEASE Tell me you took the £120k magnet challenge…!!! Edit: “test” haha


What’s the challenge and how do I win 25 grand? I’ll eat a fucking neodymium magnet for 25 grand.


I'm pretty sure they're the same wing nuts I saw when I popped to Liverpool to get a passport last year but they were holding anti-vax signs then. I have some pity for the true believers. The cynical money makers can get in the sea though.


Don’t tell these people the frequency sky tv has been working on for decades…. There not gonna like it


It's like conspiracy nut bingo


I’m glad to see that the US isn’t the only place with these flat earth, smooth brain, nut jobs.


Love how they misspelled eligible the first time, then instead of erasing it, just crossed it out and wrote it again.




Cares about children yet wears Nike trainers made in a sweatshop..... wish these people could take a step back and look at themselves 😆


“The Liverpools People.s Resistance” made it all the way from design through to print and they even bought special poster frames for it too. “Science You Can Trust”


This guys got 5G signal, he's probably killed a couple of dogs this morning.


I feel sorry for the people working at that HSBC during this.


Just wait until they learn that we have incredibly small traces of iron in our blood! XD


went to Chester a few years ago and I was walking around with my dad and my sister when we went past some flat earther going on about how "water doesn't bend" and as we were walking away from the guy my dad just laughed under his breath and said "it does, that's water tension"


Just wait until these dumb fucks find out light is radiation as well.


I’m still struggling to get decent 4G sickness where I live.


Instructions unclear: attempted the magnet test, now I'm getting a new kitchen installed. Wife furious, only had kitchen done a few months ago. Please advise.




Yeah, I used to think they were harmless, but it's the anti-vax shit that makes my blood boil. Even pre-pandemic these fuckers were getting their kids to not get critically important jabs, but the pandemic make them double down.


There are nutters in the city centre every weekend, it’s like seeing clowns in a circus without the funny


Good 5G signal by there by the looks


Her dress is more blinding and distressing than 5G, but hey it matches the purse, you do you for your weekend.


Can anyone enlighten me on invisible rainbows. 😁


Isn’t that just light?


I like how they misspelled "eligible" on the whiteboard, but instead of just wiping it off with their hand they crossed it out and rewrote it below. So we can deduce one of two thing from this and neither reflect well on them. 1, they either don't know how whiteboards work or 2, they used permanent market on a white board.


As a scouser that shames me. World I apologise


The women in pink told me I was the reason for communism.... So I guess you're welcome everyone :)


Oh so it was you! You are single-handedly the reason why communism exists! I'm glad they've finally singled you out so we know who to blame.


5G melts your face and makes you gay. You don't need to worry about the chemtrails. They only make the bees gay.


Am I elglb… elibgl… egibl… ebigl…. Do I qualify?


Looks legit.




EMF are you taking the piss 😂 that’s literally AA batteries business lmao


Oh no… they’ve gone too far, it’s bad enough with 5G, but chemtrails, and magnetism shennanagins… On the plus side my WiFis fantastic since Bill Gates installed Windows 15 in me with those Covid vaccinations.


People still believe this?


Best way to deal with these sorts of idiots is at their own game. Get the whole crew together and beam your 5G at them. What're they gonna do? *arrest* me?


You’re all missing the real point here people….they are obviously under surveillance hence the photo! Why would the government put them under surveillance if there was no truth in it. WAKE UP PEEPS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE 😎😎😎


I'm always shocked when I see this kind of lunacy in Europe of all places


Oh yay the loons are back things where just getting boring


Why does their vote count the same as mine?


I love meeting these people. As an argumentative person by nature it's like sitting down at an all you can eat buffet.


Leaded petrol, Facebook and an unjustifiable sense of self importance has destroyed a generation of boomers brains.


"a generation of boomers"?


"The Liverpool People.s Resistance"


Pfffff! Liverpool People’s Resistance. Splitters. We’re the People’s Resistance of Liverpool


I thought we were the Popular Front?




Apostrophes spread 5g


I always love chemtrails. Like executives are sat around going “so Dave do we want to devise an expensive distribution system that sprays chemicals out of jets at 10,000 ft and then pay a fortune in jet fuel to dispose of these chemicals that would be expensive to dispose of?” “Well that’s a thought Alan but don’t you think it would be cheaper to stick it in a barrel and store it at the back of warehouse 4 until everyone’s forgotten about it and then pay some sketchy guys £50 to ‘safely’ dispose of of it? Probably in a river” “Fair point it’s worked so far…”


It's less to dispose of chemicals, but instead disperse them in the air to control us...or dose us...or do something to the weather. Or something else that's clearly nefarious, hence the obvious airplanes, y'know?? Top tip: ask them why it's not put in the water supply, or in tiny doses on the outside of all envelopes or in all grains.


They needed to find another way after everyone stopped licking stamps.


Makes even less sense then. This would be literally the least effective way to disperse chemicals designed to control to population. Unless there are guards on reservoirs I don’t know about I can think of an easier way


Or ask why the elites trying to control us don't go around with their own personal oxygen supplies to stop them breathing it all in as well.


Church Street isn't it? I don't say that because of the fact I know the HSBC is on Church Street, but because even if that was cropped out, I'd *know* that this was Church Street. I've never known such a mental place in all the UK. Some of it is good ol Scouse eccentricity, like the girl who busks and sounds like what would happen if Bjork forgot to take her meds for a few days, or the guy in a bright "Timmy Mallet" type suit who just makes mad noises into one of those microphones that you'd have as a kid in the 90s to make your voice sound distorted. But it's also a haven for religious cults and conspiracy nuts. Testament to our Scouse constitution though that most of us just laugh it off as we walk down.


It's actually hilarious when you put it like that. I've been walking down Church Street all my life and barely notice the bizarreness of it.


I hope you told them the moon isn't real. Just a conspiracy by flat-earthers looking for validation.


Please… I really would like to meet these people, I get so excited when I see middle aged people protesting thinking I would finally get my chance to be entertained by them, only to fine that there just stupid anti Vax instead.. if you meet these people please tell them about the UKFAT table. There gonna love it! They get to see we have been bathing in higher frequencies at higher amplitudes for decades, it’s so good!! They will have loads of new material to explain every disconcerting and complicated change they have ever witnessed… http://static.ofcom.org.uk/static/spectrum/fat.html


The cosmic scousers are deffo getting worse, loads of anti lockdown, anti vax moon cat graffiti round ours


‘The Liverpools People.s Resistance’ on one of the boards sums it up really


Conspiracy central!


Oh for fuck sake. Atleast it's not Birmingham this time


I'm sorry I'm late to the party on this. What's this specific crackpot nonsense concerning?


You found the thickest people in Liverpool who isn't less than 6 year's old


I want that chemtrails sign on a t shirt


Facebook has a lot to answer for.