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hey now, Chef Mike probably spent 2 minutes working hard on that.


A generous assessment.


90 seconds. Maximum.


That how long it takes in a microwave?


I don't actually know. But it looks like it in the picture!


Longer than 90 if frozen 😂


Was the 2 minutes waiting for the Pot Noodle to finish up before he added the meatballs?


Got to respect how hard they work their microwave


I love chef Mike Rowe, especially when he waves


Chef Mike is always taking a couple of minutes in the bog to work hard on it. At least he remembers to wash his hands when he comes back now… mostly.


> Chef Mike You mean Mike the Microwave Technician


Might be childhood nostalgia speaking but they seem to have gone way downhill, followed closely by TGI Fridays.


16 years ago I chose to have my hen night meal in our local Frankie and Bennies (I was heavily pregnant so no booze and no late night for me!) and it was a really good meal. Food was great, service was fab. Went back 2 years ago and everything was dire! Weak watery cocktails, crappy menu choices and the food was grim. I don’t know whether 22yr old me was easily impressed or if they’ve just gotten really, really shit 😅


They used to be good many years ago, now they are shit. It's been 10+ years since I last went to one and I stopped going because there was a noticeable drop in quality then, so I can only imagine how bad it is now. It wasn't even a slow decline, it took a couple of months to go from good to meh to never returning.


I'm sure it used to be all right too, around 2004/06ish. Pizzas were good, the rest may have been microwaved but actually had some flavour to it. Last time I went was a few years ago, the menu was like someone had tried to put as much stuff on there as possible, regardless of the supposed theme.


i always remember F&B from the massive, multiple page menus with loads of interesting and tasty stuff on it, now it's a single A3 sheet with practically fuck all choice on it


I went 15 years ago last and it was great food. Havent been since so will be avoiding them.


Same thing happened with Chiquitos which is owned by the same group.


Chiquitos holds the record for worst work Christmas dinner I ever had. Never been back.


Wagamama's is starting to do the same thing, too - same parent company and seems to be next on the chopping block


I used to go to TGI religiously about 8 years back with friends, then they got rid of the smokehouse burger and sauce. Never been the same since. It's OK, and nowhere near as bad as Frankie and Bennys, but it's not as good as it once was.


These chains need to continually increase profit to please shareholders. Once they've expanded as far as they can (because every town and retail park has one), the only way to keep growing profits is to cut corners.




Loaded Potato Skins? Even as an impressionable youth I'd have never got a steak there - but I did used to enjoy the battered/cheesey/bacon/carb/fried aspect. I think the worst aspect was the compulsory 'flair' the minimum wage staff were asked to attach to themselves.


We used to go quite a bit and it’s not nostalgia. I used to recommend people to go there and try their burgers, they were great. They used to have a double cheeseburger on the menu that was delicious! I haven’t been in about 5 years as the last time I went it was dead and took about an hour for the food to come out. The place was freezing and the staff didn’t care that teenagers were running around and kept opening the doors. The food was terrible also. As with most places, the prices remained roughly the same but the quality of the produce had declined significantly.


i used to get a black and blue burger, it was the absolute tits


These were great. Last time we went it was so bad our 4 year old wouldn’t even eat the chips.


It really has, I remember around 2010 it being great and reasonably priced, went last year again and it was embarrassingly bad. Was the first time I’ve ever contemplated telling the staff I’m not eating it or paying for it. I am almost certain that the burger was microwaved ffs


Agreed both now rubbish places to eat.


It's definitely gone downhill since 15-20 years ago, it was definitely pretty decent 20 years ago but declined noticeably through the early-mid 2010s The breakfast was a holdout, it was okay until maybe 5 years ago but then even that went to shit


Maybe I’m showing my age but I remember when F&B first started popping up and they were amazing, great food big portions. I don’t know when but at some point some corporate idiot fucked it right up.


They revamped menu and it lost its soul. Which was fun italian american style food with big shakes and cheesy music!


Frankie and Benny must be turning in their graves seeing their legacy tarnished like this. And what must poor old cousin Mario be thinking?


I stopped going when they started adding “salad” and/or fries to a plate of pasta


Just to add insult to injury, my flight got cancelled and I’m now at home. Absolutely nailed daily mail bingo today.


I would have sent it back no way would pay that much for that.


Bristol airport so unfortunately they kind of have everyone over a barrel. It was a 20 minute queue to get in as well. BRB ringing the daily mail.


Airports are the worst. Here’s the “fully loaded” burger I got at Liverpool airport: https://imgur.com/a/5p0zq5z


The Barely Loaded Burger


The “fully lolwtf burger”. We sent it back.


Really? Good on you. What did they do? Edit- that wasn’t sarcastic.


Gave us a refund, and because my Mrs is very cheeky, let us keep it and eat it!




if you can fit a main meal on a tea plate there is a problem


That is a hard L I’m afraid


When you're back from your trip send them the photos and ask if they think A. That the photo at all represents the meal and B. If they think the £16 represents reasonable value for money. Include a link to this thread for good measure.


Don't forget to take a picture of the meal with you pointing at it with a frown.


You should have gone to the burger king next to it


The tortilla burrito place would have been the winners choice I think. Flights also delayed so far so daily mail bingo is going really well.


The sandwiches in Superdrug are the same price as in every other Superdrug, or they were last time I was there.


Always my go to as well, meal deal not getting ripped off for absolute shite food.


Risky having a burrito before a flight, all the beans and cheese.


Don't want to cause a tailwind.


*we’ve gained cabin pressure*


Tortilla is great, there's one in Leeds that we used to go to for fat fridays...mmm cheesy burrito goodness


Thoughts and prayers bab hope u get justice 4 this disgusting mess! 🤢🤢🤢😡😡😡 xxxxx


Bristol airport always pulls me over for a pat-down, Im sure the metal detectors have a button they press to make it beep. I don't look dodgy, just a bit hippy ish. Jokes on them, I keep my weed in the check-in suitcase.


We’re full of weed/hippy types here in Bristol so not sure why you’d have issues on that front. If you’re a Londoner trying to move here on the other hand the police will be right around.


Its probably because of that, they expect everyone to be carrying drugs. Though I did smoke a bunch of weed before the flight. I miss Bristol, it's such an awesome place, I feel like I fit in more than anywhere else in the Uk.


It's great, but getting a bit overpopulated now (could be the same countrywide to be fair).


At least you made it through security?


Ooh. I flew out of Bristol on Sunday. It was really rough. Place was totally rammed. Couldn't even find a seat initially for the Brunel bar and having had a seriously crap and expensive burger from there about a year ago I decided to go for a Burger King. Took like 25 mins with the massive queues but it was a standard BK experience. Flight was delayed 2 hours but at least I flew unlike some poor souls who had their flight cancelled. Then I arrived in Athens in the early hours to a message from a colleague that our hotel had been shut down.. that was fun.


When will people finally rise up against the travesty that is Frankie and Benny’s?


When birthdays for people aged 13 and below are banned (!). I'm convinced that they are only just staying in business thanks to parents celebrating their kid's birthdays there


I say we storm it like the Bastille


That's because Frankie and Benny’s is average at best.


They wish they were average. They were average before they skinned everything about the service.


Yeah they used to be solidly mediocre yet still very overpriced. Now it’s overpriced dogshit


I hadn’t been for about 7 years and can safely say I’ll never go again.


Never understood the hype around Frankie and Benny's, all microwaved shit priced as if it was cooked fresh


You got average? I'm jealous


I would have sent that back, fucking disgrace.


F&B have been on steady decline since 2009. The menu is now the size of the old kids menu. The pomodoro similar to as shown comes with less sauce than a Jacob's cream cracker dipped in shredded wheat. The pizzas are thinner than Will Smith's patience at the Oscars and have just as much crust.


yeah i always remember the menu used to be huge with quite a lot of variety in it...they're streamlined it to death


This guy similes.


How's the worms michael?


I think someone's wormed the dog and you're eating the results.


Wormed and debollocked.


Should debollocked have a hyphen?🤔






Ivermectinned spaghetti


Send these pics to head office and say it's not acceptable. You may get a voucher for another meal...


>You may get a voucher for another meal... Please, hasn't OP been punished enough!


I was joking. That meal looks like it was made by a depressed microwave.


I once worked at Frankie and bennies. Fun fact you. Never need to pay for a meal there. Ever place cuts down on there’s meal specs. So if you complain, for example that your pizza doesn’t have enough toppings. Or portion is too small, you will be right and it will be free


Last went there a few years ago. We used meerkat meals or something similar and still felt like we'd paid too much


I used to work at FnBs the only decent “fresh” thing on the menus were the pizzas if mass produced bases and pots of toppings in plastic containers is fresh.. but they were the only thing I would eat. All the other meals came as a pre packaged ready to heat meal. Trust me there’s no chef back there making a fresh pasta sauce.


I can’t believe this place is still open. It’s basically premium microwave ready meals.


There's no basically about it, it is premium microwave meals.


No - premium is the M&S thing I'm just chucked into my oven.


I approve of this being called catfishing.


Last time I went to F&B's I pulled the longest blue hair out of my mouth after taking my first bite of food; it didn't take a lot of detective work to see or belonged to the lady in the kitchen with hair the exact same shade of blue.


Now you're happily married right?


In airports the only way to avoid disappointment is going Burger King or similar.


We found Giraffe to be really good at one of the big airports (Stansted?) Obviously not gonna get a giraffe everywhere (insert joke 🦒)


When was that? I thought Tesco pretty much ruined them.


The one Inverness turned from Giraffe to generic Morrison's style cafe. channel my inner tump. sad.


Is Giraffe the Mexican style place? Went to this Mexican eatery at… Might’ve been East Midlands, might’ve been Manchester, might’ve been Heathrow, it was 8 years ago and I wasn’t planning the holiday so idk but that was really really good


Giraffe was world food, so different items from around the globe on the set menu, then periods where they had specials surrounding one ethnic food. As chains go, it's the best place i've been too in years. ​ Quite enjoyed going for brekkie on a saturday with the missus before the food shop.


> The only way to avoid disappointment is to expect it from the get-go


Big Fast food isn’t great, but can be relied on for it’s tough area managers and quality enforcers.


The only way you can get something decent is to have a bite to eat somewhere on your way. Personally there's nothing like arriving at your destination utterly famished and finding a nice restaurant near where you are staying. That's the meal you remember.


Ive seen better looking microwave meals for £1


They've massively gone downhill - sadly they weren't brilliant to start with.


Should’ve went in the kitchen and squared up to the chef, simple as. If they don’t refund you start shadow boxing.


How are you gonna square up to a microwave?


Last person who did this never left the kitchen and became head chef. The cycle continues to this day


Ate there once, never went back.


Looks pretty close. It’s just the lighting making it look shit.


Not sure if this is sarcasm, but for the avoidance of doubt it looks horrendous


That is the most depressing pasta dish I've ever seen!! £16!!


That's kind of your own fault for going to Frankie and Benny's Microwave Emporium. You'd get better food at KFC.


It actually doesn’t look that much different from the menu. Except it’s less red. Most pasta dishes are a total waste of money anyway unless it’s fresh


Who the fuck eats at frankie and bennies in 2022? It's been run by 16yr olds for the last 5 years and had turned to shit. Also, nobody wants some over-friendly jumped up child waiter/waitress kneeling at their table getting all up in your business to take your order and call everyone "guys", piss off.




You could literally take them to small claims court for that behaviour absolutely shocking😂😂


Looks just as bad as what I got served during my one and only visit about 14 years ago. I got spaghetti that was mostly chewy with some hard bits sprinkled in.


Bring your own lighting next time.


The place is shit


That looks so depressing


What do you expect from a place with photos of the food on the menu lol


I know people who love F&B and I just can’t see how it’s appealing in the slightest.


Frankie & Benny's is absolutely the worst chain in the UK hands down. Smart price ready meals on a plate. I'd rather go to Wimpey.


Apply a filter to the second photo and they don't look that different. More importantly, how did it taste? 1kg frozen Swedish meatballs (Smorgasbord The Original Swedish Meatballs 1Kg - £4.25 Clubcard price - let's say four portions) and a tin of Heinz spagbol (£1.40 for two portions, one if you're greedy, so one then) from Tesco would have cost about £2.50 for a generous portion, and taken about five minutes in the microwave. Bit of Basil from your herb garden. Perfick.


I hope you sent it back and refused to pay!


That’s bad! Places like Frankie and Bennys I always look at the menu from the point of view that if it can be microwaved it will, so it usually narrows the choice down to steak, pizza or salad. Even then it’s hit and miss what you’ll get.


This is just the "Someone forgot to pack sandwiches" tax. You know you could have gone and got a WHSmiths meal deal for a fiver?


Work pay for it, hooray for capitalism.


[looks go to me](https://imgur.com/gallery/jZjus9F)


you've obviously eaten half


Thank goodness I am adapted to and enjoy fasting. I would rather eat nothing than pay £16 for that. Imagine what £16 could get you in Vietnam or Thailand. Scandalous they can charge that much for such a small amount of food


Well cook staff and waiting staff in Vietnam don't pay upwards of £900 in rent do they


Why can't I pay my staff 20p an hour in a developed country?!


We could have restaurant noodles for 35p if only people lived like they do in East Asian countries.


I blame the unions.


F&B exists for the breakfast and that's it imho.


They look like IKEA meatballs


Baffles me how any of their restaurants are still open


That doesn't look like ice cream to me?


I think food photographer is a thing, they use stuff like glue for the pizza stretchy cheese, it's all a big scam. What you see isn't what you get.


They're basically just microwave meals


I’d be fuckin fuming if I was you. Complain and get a refund and leave a 1 star review. Don’t blame the workers though, they are probably so understaffed they have to rush everything


Oooohhh can this be a new game


Without exaggeration, the menu photo looks like my average dinner (complete with the basil leaves because I've been growing basil). I'll charge you £15 only AND you get 6 meatballs.


You should try the triple cheeseburger 🤮


It’s frankie and bennies, what did you expect…


Bloody hell.


Damn, they gave you half a meatball and ate some of your spaghetti? ;( In all seriousness, I miss their penne and meatballs tbh, Idk why but the spaghetti version tastes different


I don’t know if they went badly down hill since the early 2000s or I’m just not a dumb kid anymore.


I remember when I was like 14 or something they used to do an amazing bbq chicken pizza & it was huge! I’ve not been for ages now but last time I remember the food basically being an Italian themed Wetherspoons


🤣 looks like an IKEA freezer job


Frankie and Bennies is basically a microwave meal. It's gross.


Serves you right eating at that sorry excuse for a eatery


I mean, was it tasty tho?


Edible. Nothing more.


I'm so sorry but I just fucking burst out laughing. Those are the chefs nuts + the spare


We used to have one in our 'leisure multiplex' - that closed without me ever seeing anybody in the establishment, nor confessing to visiting. My best guess was that they'd all been shuttered nationally, and owners had moved onto money-laundering sweet shops.


Oh how I wish I had remained ignorant and not realised there was a second picture


Shit man, I saw the first pic and thought “wow what a rip off”.


Your first mistake was going to frankie and benny’s


My friend from New Jersey hated F&B so much he refuses to step in one. He was outright offended at what was meant to be an ‘American’ restaurant in the UK.


Ah yes, the famous chain apparently founded by two Italian-American guys back in the 50s, when the first anyone heard of them was when they started springing up in retail parks in places like Coventry in the 90s. Joking aside, food was pretty decent once upon a time but something has been going seriously wrong in recent years. Last time I was in Birmingham airport I was almost relieved to see their F&B’s has closed down.




I pray to god you refused to pay


100% send this pic to corporate you might get a refund! And you can then use that refund towards therapy as you went F and B’s in the first place!


Mate you went to frankie and bennies what were you expecting lol


damnnn bro this microwave be working overtime


Frankie and bennies is absolutely shite, takeaway quality food for restaurant prices. No idea how they stay in business


The price of ordering from Frankie and Bennys. Some of the worst food I've ever had the misfortune of eating.


I don’t know who would choose to go to f&bs. In fact I thought they went bust… Just checked they closed most of their restaurants (shock).


You'd be better off going down to wetherspoons at this point


Can’t believe people go there


I mean if you’re eating in a terrible chain restaurant then expect terrible food Edit - saw you were in the airport. Understandable


Frankie and Benny's are genuine SHIT


I knew it had been on the decline for years with some shit meals I’d had there but happened to go again the other week and it was actually really nice and had a discount so didn’t work out too bad


Don't ever eat there. I've eaten once. Never. Ever. Again


I still remember the time I asked what gluten free meals they had. I was told me they could make me a gluten free burger. Turns out F&Bs version of a gluten free burger was a luke warm meat patty... No bun, no salad, just the patty.


I don't understand why people go to Frankie and Benny's, it's consistently shite, it's insanely loud and insanely expensive


I'd send it back, If im paying for food in a resturaunt it best look better then the shit I can cook up


That's Frankie & Benny's for ya. Not entirely sure how they're still in business. I remember about 18 years ago my friend paid something like £6 for prawns pil pil and got 3 lukewarm prawns in tomato sauce. Then my girlfriend (now wife) ordered a dessert. It was her friends' birthday and they brought a dessert with candles in, she blew them out, the server then removed the candles and gave the desert to my partner. Wtf is that?? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣


Fool you for going in there for anything but needing a number 2


Have never forgiven them for burning the cookie in my cookie and ice cream pudding. Was looking forward to it as well, which just added more insult.


I've worked within design. The picture in the menu is from the greatest gourmet restaurant of all: page 1 of Shutterstock.


We had Frankie and Benny's open near us about 6 years ago. We went there maybe three times and the food was worse and more expensive each time. Three times was enough to establish the trend. Then you would drive past and the place was always empty, with the look of doom upon it. It lasted about 18 months, all in all. I think they assumed we were a town of stupid rubes who wouldn't notice the low quality and high prices. The worst part was, we *liked* the booths, the handy parking, it was handy for a quick scoot out after work. But it's fast food, it should have fast food prices. It shouldn't be more than about 1.5x-2x the cost of an equivalent McDonalds but it was literally 5x the price.


Been to Frankie and Benny's twice in my life. First time was pretty good, second time it took an hour and a half (we were told things might be slow that day) to get a plain hot dog in a plain bun. Nothing else in it. I was so confused when it arrived that when the waitress asked if I needed anything else I just kinda looked at it and said, "Uhhhh...sauce?" and she left and came back with a little dish of BBQ sauce for dunking chips in. This cost me like £12. I have not been to Frankie and Benny's again.


If you get the chance go to a local Italian restaurant and if they are Sicilian you are in for a treat! The local one to me use to be amazing. Super nice family ran business, I loved going before it closed thanks to Covid. My Dada taught me how to cook meatballs and all Italian food. So I am lucky but the local Italians use to give me tips and advice from the region and love sharing food stories and information. If you love the food, you will make good food. Try making your own you will stop going to chains afterwards. Fresh basil will be a game changer for you with a mozzarella with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dip with fresh baked ciabatta. Gets me out off trouble all the time with the wife. YouTube the shit out of cooking save your self a fortune and disappointment.


You thought that you'd get a meal that looks like the image on the menu? ... I'm sorry but that's on you.


Any pictures before you meddled with it ? Definitely looks like you've pushed it around a bit


Even so it still looks shite


True but if you complained that's probably what they would say


No, but from 11 o clock to 6 o clock via the clock centre is as it came. I don’t eat like a heathen.