Didn't work, and it interferes with a lot of medications. Exercise has been more helpful than anything else for me. Going outside with a podcast and walking or jogging wakes me up and makes me feel better.


Agreed walking and a podcast is part of routine after WFH each day


People really do underestimate how much of a good antidepressant exercise is.


I'm sure it is. Know what's not good, being told "go excercise" you don't think I thought of that. Or want to do that.


Yeah, tell me about it. There's nothing worse than people saying stuff like that when you're really not feeling it.


I'm not convinced that exercise is better than a placebo. Anyone got a cite for it either way?


Pretty sure there are ample studies out there proving the rise in endorphins as a direct result of exercise.


There is an amount. The issue is if you have not much motivation etc the concept of excercise is not fun. Then say body image issues . But if everyone says do it. It gets dull cause you try it and it doesn't feel different.


Plus in my case I have a chronic pain condition that is exacerbated by exercise. My pain contributes to my depression so exercise very much does not help but just makes everything worse as now I'm sad and in pain. It got tiring constantly being told that I should just go for a walk or something


Someone with severe depression would likely not be cured with exercise alone. Most people who suffer depression have it due to lifestyle factors rather than illness. Most people are relatively healthy. Depression greatly increases the sensitivity to pain. It is fueled by faulty neurons.


You have to force yourself!


Be advised that it interacts with most antidepressants in a very damaging way.


And birth control. And tonnes of stuff. Basically take a pill . Take st John and it's gonna do silly things.


I used to as a teenager before I managed to see a GP about it. I really would recommend seeing your GP. You don't have to do anything they suggest if you don't want to, but sometimes it's helpful to open up these channels of communication in case you feel worse, and it becomes more difficult. Very best of luck in whatever you choose.


First thing you need to speak to a GP to confirm you are suffering from low mood rather than depression with needs prescribed medication.


As an alternative, you may want to look into magnesium supplements instead. A magnesium deficiency can manifest as low mood / depression. As usual YMMV.


Gave me palpatations.


Same here, like I'd downed four espressos. Seemed to work, but given NICE-approved antidepressants are avaible on the NHS, they were cheaper - just the prescription charge for a few months' supply.


Mine won't prescribe me anything because i'm "Too young"


Well just to provide a positive experience, I take it regularly and it works for me. I was deeply suspicious when recommended it and very surprised to find it helped. I'm told (but not confirmed) that it's actually prescribed in Germany for depression. However, I have very strong reactions to most drugs which is why I was not keen on trying SSRIs. This might mean it's working better for me than most.


There are sjw pills authorized as medicine for MILD Depression avaible in German pharmacy stores. So they can be prescribed from doctors here, but this is more a general doctor thing when recommended from a therapist or so. As they are only authorized for mild Depression, psychiatrist usually don't prescribe them. The studies for authorization showed, that in mild cases the side effects where less than the side effects of standard anti-depressant while remaining a similar effect. For strong Depression however, sjw showed not even close the effect of classic AD, while having more side effects. So yeah, if your Depression is mild keep the dose moderate to avoid side effects, but if shit is going down bad go straight to a doctor, sjw won't help you!


Hi! Late in the discussion - but what brand do you use? :)


As he is from Germany I guess it's Laif 900 by Bayer


lmaoo my GP once recommended that when I was suicidal years ago. he warned me to be careful though because 'too big of a dose could be deadly'. like bro. bro.


How many years ago are we talking? Mentioning you’re suicidal to a GP these days rings some proper alarm bells. Accessing mental health care is a nightmare in the UK but suicide is one thing which is taken seriously.


not actually that long ago tbh, maybe five years or so? i really don't know what he was thinking.


It might work for you, it might not. It fucks with pretty much every medication out there. So if you’re taking ANYTHING ELSE, DO NOT TAKE ST JOHNS WORT. It will either stop other meds working, or with some even turn perfectly safe things lethal. Ask anyone who works in emergency medicine and the will have a story involving it interfering with life saving meds, often with lethal consequences.


Made me extremely anxious, panicky and irritable. Would never use it again.


Same here plus got a headache and was very dizzy! Not for me. 🥺


No first hand experience but one of our friends was using it and it only made things worse for her. She was advised not to use it by her GP and is now on appropriate prescribed medication. Not to sound too preachy or presumptuous but what is your diet, excercise and sleep routine like?


Don't take it.if you have any family history of bipolar. Can cause mania.


I know this is an old post, but seriously take this into consideration before taking SJW. -In essence, SJW is similar to fluoxetine or Sertraline in mechanism, these are the drugs a Practitioner will prescribe you for treating your depression. -So it’s a good thing right? Well since you can buy it nearly everywhere, and you don’t need a script, it isn’t regulated, meaning one dose could have 250mg, another could have 500mg. Which may interfere with other medications, or you may begin to get something called serotonin syndrome, which is a result of a serotonin overload. Symptoms of this include tachycardia, hypertension, sweating, fever, etc. So ultimately it’s worth going to get a script for antidepressants, depression is a serious disorder that needs treated by a medical professional.


Didn't work for me. Neither did 5htp. Or turmeric. Or ashwaganda. Went on to antidepressants and got relief.


No, but if it had been proven to work consistently then it would be prescribed by a doctor (or available as actual medicine like regular painkillers) not stuck in the woo aisle.


Are you saying alternative medicine that's be proved to work would be called medicine ?


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That’s a reductive and incomplete analysis of the available data. Some studies have shown St John’s Wort to be more effective than a placebo and or/as effective as SSRIs. All of these studies were relatively short term and studied primarily mild or moderate depression. It’s not usual for SSRIs to prescribed at all in these cases. The mechanism of how it works, why some people have side effects, why it doesn’t work for everyone, and the long term effects of taking it all remain a mystery. It also interferes with virtually every class of prescription medication, again for reasons no-one knows. But sure go ahead take some.




Errr no? We know how Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors work. The clue is in the incredibly specific name, genius.




This is a pointless conversation already. On an unrelated topic, PM me if you’ve got a headache. I’ve got a baby fox you can rub on it, only £50 a go.


Yes and it didn't work, from personal experience i'd suggest not wasting your money on such things. Something that helped me much more than that was making sure I ate three portions of oily fish a week, (usually tomato and macherel on toast) omega 3 fats can help with low mood. Cheaper and better for you than St John's Wort. Plus you get a tasty treat.


I've never taken st John's wort but have taken evening primrose oil and do find it helpful tbh


My mate John’s got a wart on his face, you could give it a lick if you’d like. He’s no saint mind, but I’m sure it’s just as effective.


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No. Could you give us a bit more information? What are your stats? Lifestyle factors? Medication and supplements use? Etc.


Credit card details?


Not necessary.


OP, if you’re female and on an oral contraceptive (the pill), make sure you use extra protection if also taking St John’s Wort- it absolutely can prevent your contraceptive from working and then you could have another problem on your hands...


It actually works quite well for me and for a lot of other people. There's a reason that it's still in the forefront of herbal remedies. Look up the reviews on it. That's what convinced me to try it, thankfully.


I took it between December and March as a tea made from a herb. Made a full thermos of low dose 1-2 tbs mixed with green teas as i hate the taste of St. Johns Wort. Yes- it does have many interactions, but i am not on any medications except vitamins, so I didn't care. And Yes- it seemed to work for me, albeit mildly. However it got me through the dark british winter, and now that the summer is coming to an end- I am planning to go back on it. I have no alternative as I don't want to go on antidepressants. also- st.johns wort didn't cause any palpitations in me- if anything it made me very sleepy !


Works amazing for me, but took 2 weeks to work