Beau Miles. He is an absolutely incredible outdoorsman who lives in Australia. He builds things with scrap he finds, he cleaned up a river, he kayaked around the coast of Africa, he ate nothing but beans for 40 days then ran an ultra marathon fuelled only by beans. I'm not an active outdoorsy sort of person but Beau has a relentless passion for life and makes the mundane exciting, he's quite blunt and his Aussie humour makes for excellent watching.


Me and my fella can't say the word Beans anymore without doing a Beau Miles impression. Man's an absolute legend, I legitimately do not understand where he gets his endless drive and enthusiasm. He's a university lecturer too, what I wouldn't give to listen in on one of his sessions!


His enthusiasm has been truly inspiring to me. When I was in a shitty place with my mental health watching him get so genuinely excited about finding a nice chunk of wood or quality bolt would force me to think about the good in my life, even when I was actively rejecting everything good. He's an infectiously positive person and I'll always be grateful I stumbled across him.


Been watching him a few years now, he gets shit for not uploading often but given his content is top-notch, I say leave the guy be and upload when he does something interesting than for viewership.


Post10, there's something strangely satisfying about watching someone clear out a flooded storm drain or blocked culvert. He seems to do it as a community-minded hobby, it's not his job


I love DrainAddict as well. The guy is an expert and a legend


ahh ratty




Post10 is absolutely brilliant, and the reason I ruined my new trainers after going round unblocking leaves from drains after a downpour.


I'd recommend not doing any big ones without standing out of the water and raking it. If the drain cover has broken or is missing you could just disappear into the drain, happens regularly when places flood.


Oh no, just road drains and those that sit in the kerb. Leaves were sending the stream of water further down the road. I wouldn’t ever wade into water, proper equipment or not.


Aye, post10 is great. His enthusiasm for it all absolutely carries that channel and keeps people hooked.


On a similar note, I watch The Drain Unblockers. They’re a small business based in Liverpool U.K. called Mersey Rod and it’s great seeing what sort of jobs they do etc


Thank you for this. What a great bloke, I’m hooked!


Big Clive - repairing and reverse engineering all manner of household and industrial electronic equipment. C90 adventures - Ed March travels around the globe on, you guessed it, a Honda C90 Steve Wallace - strangely soothing to watch a man just out camping for the night.


Poor steve, pleased his channel has blown up so much but was honestly totally gutted for the guy with his recent loss. Ed March - he's funny, but you need a high tolerance for cock jokes.


I'm not an electrician or anything, but Big Clive's voice is wonderfully soothing.


Ahhh c90 adventures. I found the channel a month or so ago. Binged the hell out of it. His new trip of going to Moab on a kids jeep thing is mental. Haha


Check out Itchy boots if you haven't already.


Highly recommend Paul Messner for camping too, he's what got me into it


No idea if it's obscure or not but just a shoutout to Techmoan and his random outdated electronic gadets. 👍


Techmoan is great.


Love techmoan. He’s a top guy.


Mentor pilot. 737 training captain who does fascinating videos on aircraft and accidents. Forgotten Weapons. World expert on firearms does videos on how they work and their history.


Mentour Pilot is awesome. He explains quite complex subjects excellently so non aviation folk like me can understand and some of the concepts from the aviation industry can be applied to non aviation careers.


Good old gun jesus.


[Casual Navigation](https://www.youtube.com/@CasualNavigation) - For all your shipping, boating and maritime questions [Scott Manley](https://www.youtube.com/@scottmanley) - Space stuff with a Scottish accent [Huygens Optics](https://www.youtube.com/@HuygensOptics) - A Dutch man talks quietly and slowly about how to create precision optical equipment


Yep Casual Navigation is interesting. There's another channel from a chief engineer on a ship that's quite good too. Chief Makoi. https://youtube.com/@ChiefMAKOi


Atomic shrimp Does a bit of everything, often in the format of mini challenges or projects. I particularly enjoy his foraging and scambaiting videos


Came for the scam baiting, stayed for the foraging.


His Slaughter Valley shorts are very good too, and remarkably dark for such a chill guy.


His channel is so good and it should be bigger than it is. It's a shame the YT algorithm doesn't know what to do with variety channels, hence why there's so few channels doing "bit of everything".


I love atomic shrimp, also follow babtunde on Africa everyday it was so endearing watching him figure out how a toaster worked


The hoof GP (for cows). It’s disgustingly fascinating (or maybe fascinatingly disgusting). Also, the guy’s voice is great. I think he’s from Southwest Scotland and Girl with the dogs (mostly hilarious dog and cat grooming). Especially huskies and their song of their people


Just seeing dogs look thoroughly sorry for themselves in Happy Hoodie makes me smile


I really like [hoofGP](https://www.youtube.com/@TheHoofGP), but his presentation is a bit daytime television and he always does the same thing; cut thru the mucky bits to the white creamy bit, keep going until the problem is revealed, put some stuff on it, either wrap it or glue a pad on it, then says goodbye to the cow and zoom out with some twee Celtic music. I can watch it for hours (it's lethally addictive) but it's very processed. [Other](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcLlHV02l2g) [hoofsters](https://www.youtube.com/@MaupinFarrierCo) [are](https://www.youtube.com/@DonkeyHoofGP) available.


I am the same, the Hoof Doctor is fantastic


Steve Marsh - Usually travels around interesting places in Scotland, sometimes further afield. Tom The Taxi Driver - A London Cabbie who posts videos of his shifts and other interesting things about being a cabbie. AutoShenanigans - Quite a funny bloke who makes videos about the UKs roads.


For some reason I accidentally ended up watching a bloke walk around Blackpool at night at found myself hooked and binged his whole channel, I don't live anywhere near Blackpool and I certainly don't want to walk around there at night but I can't stop watching him doing it.


Got a link for that? having walked around Blackpool, you've got me curious.


[here you go, ](https://youtube.com/@AWalkontheWildSideBlackpool)


Walk with Tim is also good to watch


Booked a holiday as a direct result of one of his videos a while back.


I love these videos! It’s crazy how Blackpool has some streets of nicely maintained shops and B&Bs, and then right around the corner it looks like a ghost town


Yeah, and when most people think of Blackpool they think of stag/hen parties, but it's actually steeped in history. Most of which is still there to see, it's an incredibly interesting little town.


Technology connections!! His early videos are a bit cringy, but later ones are damn interesting.


Similar to Tom Scott: [AtomicFrontier](https://www.youtube.com/@AtomicFrontier) [The Tim Traveller](https://www.youtube.com/@TheTimTraveller) ​ Videos about Old Abandoned Railways, Canals, Routes and Maps: [Paul and Rebecca Whitewick](https://www.youtube.com/@pwhitewick) ​ Overview of battles: [Historigraph](https://www.youtube.com/@historigraph) [The Operations Room](https://www.youtube.com/@TheOperationsRoom) ​ Some of Brady Haran's channels: [Objectivity](https://www.youtube.com/@ObjectivityVideos) [Deep Sky Videos](https://www.youtube.com/user/DeepSkyVideos) ​ A game show series: [Jet Lag: The Game](https://www.youtube.com/@jetlagthegame)


Paul and Rebecca Whitwick are awesome!


I started watching Jet lag: the game. The voices are annoying but I throughly enjoy the concept.


Life in jars. Kid puts stuff in jars and sees what survives and thrives over the course of months and years. Leon the lobster. Man rescues lobster from supermarket. Lobster is a total dude. Kay's Cooking. Woman who cannot cook, cooks anyway. Is totally wholesome. Walk with me tim. Man walks about a bit.


Every few months I wonder how Leon is doing and check out the channel. It's quite fascinating...


Basically, anything where a fairly average man (why are they always men?) gets on a plane, usually in some fancy class, and tells me all about it. Also anything to do with railways.


Try Jago Hazzard for railways


Kuga Travel fits in this category for me. I love him particularly because he doesn’t talk just has captions and there is some good mistranslation that tickles me. [here’s the channel](https://youtube.com/@kugastravel5180) lots of Japanese trains and boats on here but he did a trip to Europe last year and videos have been trickling in from that.


Solo Travel Japan is in the same vein as Kuga, also a good watch.


Not sure if it's obscure still but [Geowizard](https://www.youtube.com/@GeoWizard/videos) is great. The main purpose of his channel was him playing Geoguesser, which I'm not into, but then he branched out by trying to cross Wales in a straight line, literally bang on straight without deviating more than a few metres. Without spoilers, he's since done it a few times, Norway too, and tried Scotland. His latest series seems to be him travelling around the US in unconventional ways.


Definitely agree with this. His videos just lure you in somehow, really love the background music he uses (which I think he creates as well?)


Love Geowizard, but definitely not obscure


Played geowizard once, then recommended his channel. Many hours enjoyed watching his stuff


The “Walsall to Dudley” no roads challenge is what got me hooked on Geowizard. Love his walking adventures.


The hoof doctor....


Nate the Hoof Guy is who I watch but I can imagine along a similar vein. No idea why I watch him, I have nothing to do with animals that have hooves!! I also watch the pimple popper so I think I just like being grossed out 🤣


Me too!


I’ve spent the past year watching a Dutch guy rebuild some stone huts in the Alps (I think). Hour long episodes, once a week. Superb.


Ooooo. What’s the name of this channel? Sounds right up my street.


It'll be this guy https://youtube.com/@MartijnDoolaard For some reason the YouTube algorithm recommended it to me, and I started watching it too. He quietly goes about slowly (very slowly) rebuilding some tiny old stone farmhouse in the Italian Alps, and in between goes on walks to explore the mountain he's on. Very relaxing, minimal commentary or voiceovers.


Love Martijn’s channel it’s great to unwind. Can’t decide if he’s mad or not for trying to live in a tent during winter.


Noel Phillips and Josh Cahill. They review airlines and airports Steve1989MREinfo . He reviews MRE meals, often ones from 50+ years ago. Not made a video in sometime though. Not really obscure, but Mark Felton for his history videos. Exploring the Unbeaten Path - some Dutch lads who explore huge abandoned buildings.


Let's get this out onto a tray, Nice!


Not really that obscure but kim justice does great retro gaming documentaries about old uk companies.


Project Binkey rebuilding a classic mimi https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGSOZAHg1yQEatqhWza_ae83e313-GLTO Cutting Edge Engineering, scraping steel and stuff. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUzFN5xVei7U-Vu0cVf8kjfdF4UE_GPfO Pacific Northwest Hillbilly, rebuilding a 1950 bulldozer. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkzQBXOwxGo_DZVRcJsvQ2qsB0rQOpH87 I guess I like engineering.


Have you checked out Tally Ho? British fella rebuilding an old sailboat in the states, it's had about as much feature creep as Binky and there's often a parrot. Excellent series of vids.


[Odd Tinkering](https://www.youtube.com/@OddTinkering), a guy who restores electronics, old tools and any other stuff he can get his hands on, very satisfying. [Bobby Fingers](https://www.youtube.com/@bobbyfingers), NSFW-ish diorama making, the guy has a very relaxing voice.


I love Odd Tinkering!


One of those channels you can easily lose a few hours to without realising.


Yeah we binged his whole channel last year. I love that it’s quiet too, makes it so relaxing to watch! Tried to watch others that do similar but they don’t compare


Check out My Mechanics if you like quiet restoration videos. His are much larger projects (old tools etc.) rather than smaller electronics, but if you enjoy Odd Tinkering you'll probably enjoy his stuff as well.


Me too but I usually give his game console restorations a skip these days.


Luke Towan is another excellent diorama making guy.


I do enjoy Odd Tinkering. I usually watch his stuff every now and then but when I do watch one of his videos, one video always becomes four (and more) videos.




I'm sure all the rental truck companies send their life expired trucks to that town so they can get replacements on the insurance!


My husband likes watching The Lockpicking Lawyer, finds it interesting and vaguely relaxing too.


Not exactly obscure with 4.2 million subscribers, however I enjoy watching him too. I'm someone who has to know how everything works, and if I don't learn something about the locks construction, at least the video is fast paced and over before it gets boring.


Is that how many he has?! Fair play, I didn't know that.


He’s got a great voice and his April 1 videos are a riot!


Was it last year where he unlocked his wife's beaver?


I think he got in his girlfriends back door last year.


No, that was 2020. He was complaining about how dirty her backdoor had gotten, and he had to give it a wipe before he was willing to put his tool in. 2022 was filling his wife's beaver. 2021 was about his 18in long johnson.


My 7 year old loves cecilia blomdahl, her life in svalbard, and karen puzzles who is addicted to jigsaw puzzling.


I love Cecilia’s videos! Makes me want to visit Svalbard


Solo solo travel ([https://www.youtube.com/@SoloSoloTravel/videos](https://www.youtube.com/@SoloSoloTravel/videos)) a Japanese guy, originally trying the most exclusive forms of travel around Japan but recently has done some international stuff too. No dialogue just subtitles I am a plane buff, love Mentour Pilot ([https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpHKudUkP5tNgmMdexB3ow](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpHKudUkP5tNgmMdexB3ow)) who cheers me up with analysis of plane crashes and stuff


[Solo Travel Japan](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CWBoT-r7VijIr8YZTtzxA) - books cabins on Japanese ferries and trains. [Solo Travel Japan / Food Tour](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGM2TfYnu_evkx38L8eIapw) - eats local dishes when he gets there.


I watch all these, so relaxing as it's just a Japanese guy on a ferry and eating so much fantastic looking good, and no taking throughout!


Ralfy(dot)com - Whisky reviews and general rambling.


His brother Clive is also great!


Big Clive?


Yeah. Would recommend. Especially if you have an interest in electrical/electronics or engineering in general. He especially likes taking apart cheap eBay far-east tat & gadgets.


He's great, I didn't know he had a brother though.


Clive does Christmas over at Ralfy's every year, but on his livestream channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClIzWmVzGPm2zhNT2XZ-Rkw


He also has a series where he puts various drinks in a soda stream, and then reviews them. Thoroughly recommend.


Cruising the Cut also has another channel Vandemonium which is him in a camper van which is just as good


Not sure how obscure they are, but these are the channels I'm glued to [RRC Restoration](https://www.youtube.com/@RRCRestoration) \- Restorations of mechanical devices, cars, bikes etc. very soothing [Tom Scott](https://www.youtube.com/@TomScottGo) \- Probably the most informative channel I watch, but he's not really obscure. [Korean Englishman](https://www.youtube.com/@koreanenglishman) \- I'm deeply interested in Korean culture, and this channel is very informative and gently paced. [Thalasso Hobbyer](https://www.youtube.com/@Thalassohobbyer) \- Stunning diorama creations [Just Rolled In](https://www.youtube.com/@JustRolledIn) \- videos from mechanics about weird/dangerous faults [Andy Phillip Wood Turning](https://www.youtube.com/@AndyPhillipWoodturning) \- Some beautiful bits of woodworking. there are other, much more popular, channels I watch, such as [Tested](https://www.youtube.com/@tested) or (yes I do watch it) Linus Tech Tips (agree somewhat by the sponsor segments, but considering how much content they put out and the size of the staff, they have to pay the bills)


Auto Shenanigans - Jon is currently doing a series on the motorways of Britain. I woke up from a nap to discover that his video had automatically started playing. I was confused but watched anyway. His feature on the M181 was so short that he lumped it in with the M180...I think the intro title to the M181 was longer than the feature lol Sreetips - precious metal refining. He comes across as being a bit odd, but his videos are very zen-like to watch. Blondihacks - fantastic home machinist! She shares her mistakes rather than pretending they didn't happen. Bonus points for dad jokes. Donn DIY - Estonian farmer who builds his own kit. Mike Festiva - proper chilled out guy who builds and tinkers with all sorts of projects. He also does product reviews and offers advice and guidance. His reviews are genuine and honest as far as I can tell.


If you're into Auto Shenanigins, there's a similar channel called Road Guy Rob that does US road infrastructure. https://youtube.com/@RoadGuyRob


BeardMeatsFood. Although it's getting pretty big now. It always amazes me how he does it, and he seems like a very nice guy too.


He was on the happy hour podcast, worth a listen if you haven’t!


I'll check that, thanks!


Adventures with purpose. Heartbreaking and heart warming at the same time.


I second this


I have found I need to watch Bigstackd melt something every Friday now. https://youtube.com/@bigstackD There are a couple of different watch channels but I really like Nekkid Watchmaker. https://youtube.com/@NekkidWatchmaker If you want some insight into baseball rules and ejections, watch Close Call Sports. https://youtube.com/@CloseCallSports Finally, if you want to see what’s in vintage space electronics, it’s Curious Marc. https://youtube.com/@CuriousMarc


During an insomnia phase I watched hours of bigstackD until I fell asleep! Now I like seeing how many KG’s he’s built up haha


A Korean spa that cleans peoples blackheads from their ears. I can't watch other pimple popper videos, I hate it when things get liquid and pussy, absolutely disgusted by those, but these blackheads are the most amazing things I've ever seen and the way they clean them out is so so satisfying! I've been following them for years and I have to say I get a bit exited every time I see they posted a new video.. [Link to channel](https://youtube.com/@spachangyingspa4496) if you're into that kind of stuff.


I just spent the last two hours going through this channel. Same as you with the pimple popping videos but oh god I can’t stop watching this


Two hours! Good god haha. Glad I made someone happy


Blimey, how do people let their ears get so bad? Any way, I’m hooked!


Clickspring: an Australian guy with a soothing voice machines beautiful objects from brass and steel. Amazing work. 630K subscrubers so not tiny. Deviant Ollam: a security consultant who likes teaching things about all sorts: mostly locks and security, with a bit of drinking. Good bloke. Ask A Mortician: Caitlyn Doughty, a mortician and writer answers your questions about death and what happens to bodies after death. She is a little radical for much of the fairly traditional funeral industry, she advocates for more choice and more informed choice in terms of options for funerals (aquamation, human composting etc.) More popular than I expected at almost 2M subscribers.


Love Ask A Mortician, especially as she is not just pushing for funeral industry changes but also a shift in the perception of death within society as a whole. She’s long been an advocate for people being open about their death wishes and discussing end of life options, as well as protecting the rights of the more vulnerable people in society even in death, like her video on LGBT people and funerals. Plus her videos on historical funerary and death practices as well as death related topics like Mount Everest bodies or handling the bodies of terrorists are very informative. She even made an appearance on my favourite diving channel, DiveTalk, where they reviewed her video on cave diving corpses.


ThisOldTony and Inheritance Machining are great if you enjoy fabrication, machining or general garage/shop projects. Both have very nice, relaxing voices, and both are very knowledgeable. Both also have good senses of humour, and the little running gags through episodes (especially ThisOldTony) are fantastic. Used to watch Clickspring for the same sort of content but have found a bit of a drop of interest with him recently. Tom Cardy is excellent if you like humourous music (some totally original work, some spoofs of popular songs). Excellent musician, and very entertaining. The Ballad of Smokin' Joe Rudeboy is what got me hooked. Not really sure how 'obscure' he is though as his TikTok and YouTube Short following blew up a while ago. Abraham Piper does some really interesting videos on the meanings and derivations of various words. Haven't watched much, but have found it interesting. Stu's Reviews is good if you like weird and wonderful gadgets and tech, reviewed by a pretty 'average dude.' I found him through some financial products he was looking at, but have particularly enjoyed his monthly tech haul openings where he just opens all the random bits he gets sent to check out.


Inheritance Machining is so satisfying.


I'm not sure if it counts as obscure but Defunctland is a channel that's very well researched and produced. Mostly based around Disney theme parks and TV though it does cover other topics too. I'd recommend it if either of those are your thing.


I don’t watch pro wrestling nor do I like it but after watching some lockdown documentaries on it I find the entire “world/business/sub culture” fascinating. I now find myself watching pro wrestling YouTube channels to keep up with the insanity of the behind the scenes world even though I haven’t watched a minute of actual programming in about 30 years,


My husband has completed YouTube I’m pretty sure. His latest binge is Uk auditors, only one I can stand of them all is Dj Audits. Genuinely great to watch people randomly claim laws that don’t apply to things or don’t exist. Also Scammer Payback, nothing more satisfying than seeing hackers brick it.


At nearly 2 million subs, I’m not sure she qualifies, but I really enjoy Ask a Mortician. Caitlyn Doughty makes amazing videos about historical deaths. [Ask a Mortician](https://youtube.com/@AskAMortician)


I love her. I'm currently reading one of her books 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematorium'.


Love her channel! She actually made an appearance on a diving channel I watch recently for a video she did on cave diving corpses.


Wrestling Bios, fantastic channel going back over the Monday Night Wars between WWE/WCW plus individual wrestler bios and looks at pay per views.


Sometimes I get stoned and watch youtube videos of people making dug out shelters and things in the woods, then camping in them in a snow storm. It is the sort of thing I used to do when I was younger, just fuck off in to the hills and be all 'survival'. Stuff like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7\_o-0x1Kr8


Joe Robinet is great for this.


I'll definitely check this out 🙂


Have you ever watched [Alfie Aesthetics](https://youtube.com/@AlfieAesthetics)? He’s not very active these days but his videos are quality.


Never heard of him - but my YT queue is full thanks to you and htis thread :)


Illinois EnergyProf - an American professor who does great videos about nuclear energy and other stuff. Scary interesting - if you ever thought about trying caving / cave diving, his stories will put you right off. And a lot of other things as well.


Various channels where people explore abandoned mines. I love the mystery of what they might find and also some of the people are really well educated in the history of the mines they're exploring. Interesting to learn about it.


You might enjoy Ghost Town Living if you haven't already heard of it. A guy who bought a ghost town in California exploring the history of the place and restoring what he can.


I’ve been watching a whole bunch about theme park accidents, and others such as Scary Interesting and Fascinating Horror - which cover things like other accidents and caving disasters


Nate the hoof guy. Really interesting videos about trimming cow hooves


Nekkid Watchmaker - British Asian watchmaker doing brilliant wristwatch restorations while his young son "trouble" interrupts.


How weird, I've never really been interested or watched any Narrow boating and I've recently founds myself watching his videos regularly. ​ Few others - Mark Rober, an ex NASA engineer who makes extremely in-depth and fun videos for engineering. Stuff made here, a young guy also an engineer who makes crazy things like a dartboard that never misses, basket ball hoop that cant be missed and generally other useless but very interesting things. Ammo NYC - a detailer who works on high-end and unusual projects walking you through his techniques. Bad Obsession motorsport - Basically two english blokes in a shed how spent years building an old mini with GT4 running gear. Whole car is completely over-engineered but very interesting to watch the build throughout. Wristwatch revival - god knows how i stumbled across this one, but after sitting for 45mins in complete silence watching somebody completely restore old watches, i realised i quite liked it!


Walk with Tim - visits classic british places like seaside towns,pontins,butlins - best & worst hotels & occasionally overseas like gran canaria


Key of Geebz


I've recently started watching crushing the cut. He's brilliant, I'd listen to him talk about toasters.


Coupey Channel, Red Dead Restoration are a couple i enjoy


I quite like Peter Brown even though I have no interest in resin


I don't know that they're *that* obscure but the following are certainly not big names: SomethingAnimal (formerly Erin's Animals) - lovely person in Cyprus who makes custom cages and gear for their hamsters. DIY + animals, and I just love their energy. I relate, except I'm not nearly so competent, energetic, or productive. The Welsh Viking - Welsh historian and historical reenactor focusing on Viking age Norse stuff. Really chill guy. I would love to actually hang out with this guy - but of course he doesn't know me from Eve. ​ There's a couple I've recently discovered about the English language: RobWords - etymology and stuff. I just like that. Dr Geoff Lindsey - more on the pronunciation and accent side. I just find it oddly fascinating.


I really enjoy Robwords and have watched a few of the Geoff Lindsay ones. Both pretty entertaining in their different ways.


Dumpster Diving UK. The creator goes through the waste bins at the back of major UK stores and you wouldn't believe what they will throw out, truly shocking. The Foot of Our Stairs for some good old light hearted TV nostalgia.


Johnny Hoover Travels (mostly trains, UK and Europe) The Solitary Rambler (walks around the Peak District etc) Sort of Interesting (canal narrowboat living) Not obscure: ASMR channels, esp. GentleWhispering and Moonlight Cottage.


Oceanliner Designs. The Aussie chap that presents it is knowledgeable and seems like a nice fella. Its all about ocean liners, and he has some great videos about the Titanic.


I enjoy watching stealth camping videos in the winter when I can't get out to do it myself. Hidden hammock is a particular favourite of mine.


Cracking the Cryptic - especially as you can play all their sudoku puzzles for free in the link below Way Out West Workshop Stuff - cos who doesn’t love a chap that sounds like Father Dougal building a railway in his back field Ralph Bacon - because he’s an Arduino legend


The Kansas City Zoo Live Penguin Cam


Ogmios School of Zen Motoring - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FEO-XKo4cw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FEO-XKo4cw) Much more soothing than the scripted BBC3 show of the same name (which he made) - though I'm glad he got the chance to make it.


Tom the taxi driver and paul and rebecca whitewick are right up my alley. Ashley Neal is really good as well


Joolz guides - good for a fast history of parts of London. The Yorkshire workshop - mad wood working skills Martin zero - UK history with some focus around Manchester. Ronald finger - car and motorbike renovation channel.


Lockpicking Lawyer, Wristwatch revival are a couple I tune into, plus Frank Tedesco and Wranglestar who owns a homestead in Canada and his daily stuff looking after it.


If you like Wristwatch Revival, you'll love Nekkid Watchmaker.


I love these but here are two: Both are ASMR, which I didn’t know was a concept before someone told me! One is a fella in Japan who just drives around and never speaks and makes food and chills in his van. The second is a family in Europe who live on a farm and produce amazing food. I watch them in bed to wind down. 1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SCJiwdKj-oI 2. https://m.youtube.com/@country_life_vlog/videos Also. Some beautiful woman who shakes her ass in the woods whilst making cabins and shit. Less relaxing more eye candy, (sorry) don’t know her name or channel.


>Also. Some beautiful woman who shakes her ass in the woods whilst making cabins and shit. Less relaxing more eye candy, (sorry) don’t know her name or channel. Is this [Michygoss](https://www.youtube.com/@michygoss7148) by any chance? Canadian nurse, lots of dogs, building her own off-grid cabin. Also, is beautiful. I'm a fan of her work


Matt’s Off-Road Recovery. It’s a company in Utah (mostly family-run) that specialises in rescuing idiots who drive 4 hours into the desert in their rented Hyundai saloons. They even recovered a Cessna once. I have no interest in off-roading but it’s perfect for when you want to switch your brain off and have non-irritating people on screen.


I love watching @samcrac. I have no idea about cars & I don't even own one but I'm always glued.


Beardbrand is my choice and I watch it for hours. Its basically just guys who go to the barber for a haircut and a beard trim but it's brilliant. There are a few on the from the UK and I'd love to go and get cut in their place but yeah, check it out.


C90 adventures is a good watch. Many videos. More like small films really. Funny and I'm being tricked into learning some stuff (although not intended). Relaxing commentary and silly adventures


I love watching **maker**, and at the outset of lockdown, **woodworking channels**. Anything by Steve Ramsey, John Malecki, Bourbon Moth, Modustrial Maker, Fix This Build That, I Like To Make Stuff and many others. Was also really into **Foam Smithing** and **Custom Prop Building** and would watch William Jakespeare, Xieng Prod, Cosplay Chris, Odin and others I’ve since forgotten the names of.


The endless adventure Wristwatch revival D and J projects Bedos leatherwork The new Yorkshire workshop


we LOVE cruising the cut! started watching probably 5? years ago after our first canal holiday ☺️


[BigStackD Casting](https://www.youtube.com/@bigstackD). Just some Aussie guy silently dismantling old industrial equipment then melting the metal down into ingots and coins, which he used to store in his front room but he has since constructed a purpose-built pirate-themed treasure room. It's oddly soothing, watching the stuff get broken down and chopped into pieces, the whoosh of the gas furnace, the sizzle of the ice he uses to quench the hot metal, then often grinding and polishing the casts to a shiny finish.


Destination Adventure. Dustin is a former video maker for cruise lines. He travels around the USA and Mexico in a motorhome, with a boat on the back. His videos are absolutely amazing quality. He looks for remote stuff such as mines, fishing ports, and gets people from the community to tell their stories.


Hell on Earth, 3 Yorkshire lads go exploring and take the piss out each other.


Mamlambo fossils, one of the nicest people finding incredible fossils on the far side of the world.


Nate the hoof guy, watch a poorly cow hobble in, then a better cow walk out is wholesome. Royal armouries, they have some weird and wonderful weapons you get a close look at. Jartopia, watching an ecosphere exist that’s seemingly peaceful but forever changing is relaxing.


Alex Melton - Pop Punk covers of any song ever


Grand illusions, just a sweet older guy showing off the many many suitcases of toys he's collected over the years from various toy fairs around the world. He continued through lock down and occasionally does new things too.


Dangar Marine is a good one dealing with repairing boats barefoot and a bit of dodgy. Bus Grease Monkey on old Diesel engines, vintage bus repair. Joe's Classic Video Games on repairing/restoring old video games and pinball machines. Adrian's Digital Basement on old computer repair. Mac84 also on old Macintosh computer repair.


These are a list of small technical or outdoor channels with a low subscriber count (e.g. "obscure") that are still regularly releasing videos, sorted randomly. * [Felix Immler](https://www.youtube.com/@FelixImmler/videos) (196k subs) builds amazing things with a swiss army knife in the woods * [SaveItForParts](https://www.youtube.com/user/saveitforparts/videos) (23k subs) making stuff out of junk - receive satellite transmissions, rail bike, SDR, RasPi, & videos of digging underground tunnels in sandstone rock. * [First Class Amateur](https://www.youtube.com/c/mrballeng/videos) (186k subs) eclectic mix of maker topics. I found him from his really good plastic welding video which I used to repair an ice chest of mine. Recently he got pretty popular for some videos about knots. * [Amós Rodriguez Survival](https://www.youtube.com/@amosrodriguezsurvival/videos) (13k subs) He was a contestant on the USA show *Lost* (I really, really like Greg Ovens too, but he's not a small channel.) * [soat mon](https://www.youtube.com/c/SoatMon/videos) (34k subs) homesteading (without the product shilling), farm, tractor, welding, workshop, etc. A really skilled multi-talented maker and fixer. * [Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRv3Np2ihYxOKolEp_cyBYg/videos) (36k subs) UK-based workshop, welding, repair, scratch build, brewing, crazy inventions. The amount of cool things he scratch-built to dig an ill-advised hole in the ground well below the water table is staggering. * [UnsanctionedFabrication](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHaz8uUzuYIizdjdMQAKWGQ/videos) (16k subs) I love finding underappreciated channels like this. Lots of sheet metal and other fabrication projects.


Audiology Associates UK - I find it very relaxing to watch massive chunks of earwax get removed, teamed with a lovely Welsh man talking you through it VIRTUAL JAPAN - I just miss Japan :(


Solo Travel Japan and Solo Solo Travel Both about travel in Japan the first being mainly about Japan's extensive network of ferries and the later more focused on coach and train travel. Both relaxing to watch, no voice over so all subtitled. I believe solo was the first one and Solo Solo the 2nd


[Atomic Shrimp](https://youtube.com/@AtomicShrimp) - An assortment of random videos from a British guy, including tasting weird stuff in a can, foraging, fossil hunting and scam baiting. [Explosions&Fire](https://youtube.com/@ExplosionsAndFire) - Crazy Australian chemist reviews, creates and experiments with chemicals. [Ian Davis](https://youtube.com/@missingpartsclub) - Regular updates from a guy building a very intricate mechanical prosthetic hand. [Journey to the Microcosmos](https://youtube.com/@journeytomicro) - Incredible microscopic photography and deep dives into microorganisms. [KyleRoyerKnives](https://youtube.com/@KyleRoyerKnives) - High-end, precision knifemaking. [SeanHodgins](https://youtube.com/@SeanHodgins) - Engineering, electronics and hacking. [The Thought Emporium](https://youtube.com/@thethoughtemporium) - Ambitious science projects including, growing human neurons, gene replacement and painting with bacteria. [Weird Explorer](https://youtube.com/@WeirdExplorer) - A guy reviews every species of fruit known to man.


I watch [SheraSeven1](https://www.youtube.com/@SheRaSeven1), her channel is now mostly hour-long videos about marrying men for their money, but prior to this she did ASMR, storytime, cookery... She also wrote a self-published book called *Too Pretty To Pay Bills*. I have not read it. There is something interesting about her. Prior to 'manifesting' her relationship with her husband, she was a mortician, she's a practicing witch (something that is pretty taboo in the American black community), she believes in the Illuminati... She's unapologetic about her viewpoints in a way I find entertaining. I can imagine Louis Theroux interviewing her. I think a lot of what I found interesting about her is how far her perspective is from mine, the idea that all relationships between men and women are transactional, and men should bankroll their female partners and *magic exists.*.. these notions are totally mad to me, and that makes them interesting. I do wonder how her husband feels about her YouTube career, though. \*\*\* For something more palatable, I also like [GeoWizard](https://www.youtube.com/@GeoWizard) (I don't know I'd call his channel obscure, though.) He's amazing at geography, and has attempted to walk across Wales in a straight line three times.


Not sure what constitutes obscure but both of these that I watch have about 70k subscribers each, so lower than Cruising The Cut. [So Bad It’s Good](https://youtube.com/@JasonBrant) Do not remember how I stumbled upon this but I’ve continued to watch this channel because I’ve found them humorous. In short they watch bad movies that are strangely good because they are so nuts. [Joe Franta Ship](https://youtube.com/@JoeFranta) Just the video blog for a US merchant seaman. Been going through the process to become a British merchant seaman over the past year. And found the channel to be interesting (for a look at what life at sea is like and the day to day duties) even though he’s US rather than UK based.


None. All of the obscure ones I liked have turned to clickbait, fortnite, or overblown reaction videos. :/ sad


Yeah I had the same problem - used to enjoy stuff like LinusTechTips many years ago, they fell off the deep end hard and became one of the worst for clickbait titltes, "thumbnail face" and just overall YouTube bullshittery. Stuff like Ashens and Zero Punctuation on the other hand have basically remained unchanged since the birth of YouTube and have remained a comforting constant among a sea of shocked faces, all caps titiles and sponsored content


LTT turned into a sponsored video nightmare


Ashens' brown sofa is eternal, really glad he kept the same content style for all these years. Another one to have a look at for more electrical stuff in detail is Bigclivedotcom has also stayed relatively the same since the channel was "born"


Oh yes, I do enjoy watching ashens eating some gross microwavable chicken burger, or some ancient drink.


I'm a relative newcomer to LTT, maybe 5 or so years on and off. I'd generally defend them against the idea they've become "clickbait". He's always done "daft segue into sponsor" since it became a channel in its own right, and they genuinely seem to care about computers and telling you stuff. As for the thumbnails, just today I saw one which was "$20,000 computer?" with a shitty cheap looking case. Sure enough, it was him putting a server into an old Peli case using a crappy mATX case but with a decent motherboard, CPU, two Optane boot drives, and two $10,000 30tb hard drives. He went into detail about how to package it, cooling, details about how to run it using FreeNAS without needing to plug a monitor in, with just enough detail you could do more research and emulate it yourself, but without it being a three hour long video that gets boring. Did exactly as promised and it might genuinely be helpful for me as someone who works with DJs and the endless videographers they use these days, shooting terabytes of raw 4k video all while on the road.


As obscure as a channel with 3.7M subscribers can be, I present the [Hydraulic Press Channel](https://www.youtube.com/@HydraulicPressChannel/videos).




Is GeoWizard still obscure?




He has a mental obsessed "fan" who hates him and has dedicated an entire subreddit to outing him as some kind of sexual deviant. Disturbingly, some of the evidence against him does indeed stack up, but hard to know if it's real or not given how obsessive the guy trying to out him is.


Spocky Nokki!


I’m on the fence with him. Content can be good but he can also be a complete wanker.


I'm watching a fella called Mike the Scavenger who roots through bins, I have no idea why i'm so entertained but it's great


Weird that this was downvoted, it's an obscure YouTube channel for sure


I didn't realise I got downvoted haha what a weird thing to downvote somebody on


tom Scott, was on university challenge recently. does sciencey stuff but it's rlly interesting