If I win the lottery, what would you like?

If I win the lottery, what would you like?


a car, a small simple cheap car that can move and function that's all ... wish you all the luck


You’ve got it! What color were you thinking?


Idrc, black maybe I just reaaallly need a car rn! My job is too far away from home and i have to pay half of my salary every month to get there


If you ever get a car (which I really hope you do) stay away from black! That colour sucks in heat and you'll spend a lot more money on gas because you keep the air conditioning on longer


I require a cheap car too. You’d be awesome if you could provide if you won. Prioritize this guy first though.


I'd like for you to be happy and live as stress free as possible.


You’re so kind <3 Same for everyone commenting on here as well!


Thank you. And happy cake day


Happy cake day! Finally got to type it.


A house for my kids that isn't a POS.


For sure! You’ve got it :)


Same, that's all I want.


These two on top beat me to it, would love to move, but I'll happily take a new bathroom where the drywall isn't falling apart.


Im a "kid" (well im turning 26 but live with my faimly) and my mhouse being a POS is definitely stressful.. my mother and little bro have no door, I have one but is not even finished and I close it with a towel. Up until a few years ago we have no bathroom door either and my bedroom literally rained alongside with storms (we are talking about several buckets per night at the time) Poverty sucks


See if you can find someone who does house flipping. Often they get rid of builder grade doors and just throw them away since they are just cheap hollow doors. But a door is a door! And it's unlikely they will remove the hardware from it even. So free knobs and hinges. Just have to measure the door ways you need. Habitat for humanity has stores in most towns that are basically like thrift stores for home stuff. I go there all the time for home repairs. Paid less than a buck for a pack of cabinet hardware. $5 a door to redo my hallways 6 doors. $5-$10 for stuff like faucets and shower heads. Paid $10 for a toilet that is still trucking 3 years later. Sometimes you can even find appliances like ovens and fridges for like 50$ or less. They arent looking to make millions. They are just offering a way to donate and get stuff back out into the community while giving some people jobs and keeping the store open.


Same. Every time someone asks me what I’d do with a large sum of money, it’s always a house. Safe, clean, and warm. It’s my biggest dream this point.


Mine too. Even if no one here wins the lottery I hope we all get there anyway somehow.


Chemo treatment for another year! Not the actual drug...but the cost of it covered .......


Same here




Oh my gosh I didn’t know it was that big of a snowball effect! With living expenses kept to a minimum every year there’s enough to help more people per year and reinvest it to potentially grow the return for next year 🤔


Good luck keeping your living expenses to a minimum after winning $500M lol


Imagine $200k every two weeks direct deposited to your checking account. Would you find it at all difficult to keep your expenses below that?


Wow. One of those could change my life.


Depending on who you ask, that can be as much as ten years of income.


I have yet to earn this much in my lifetime. I am in my 20s and have had paying jobs off and on since I was dishwashing for $25 a night at 10 years old. This is in an area with decent wages too


Funny enough, that's about 10 years at my current rate.




One week. Yep.


That's a lot of Chipotle. I may even get guac and double meat.


You’ll break the bank with that $22 burrito


I’ve always thought about this. People don’t realize how much money that is. In my area, $200k will buy you a nice, modern house with a finished basement, 3-4 bed, 2-3 bath. $200k every 2 weeks? I can’t even fathom trying to spend that. Like my general expenses on a monthly basis don’t go over maybe $1,500-$2,000. I would literally have a hard time spending over 10% of that on my current budget. Granted I would buy stuff initially that would help to absolve some of the income, but after a while I wouldn’t know what to buy. Lmao


Like, I would eat at my most favorite and expensive restaurants every night, but a new car every week, and live in a penthouse suite and still not be able to spend $200k every two weeks.


Seriously. I think I could fathom dropping maybe $300k at absolute-most on a car, and damn that’s gonna be a car I would be afraid to pull out of the garage, let alone drive. I sincerely don’t know what I would buy after I got a nice house, paid off my debts, bought a couple nice cars, and bought some land. After that, I guess I would just put the rest into investments for my son for his future and my future generations. Lol


There is a tremendous amount of research by into this subject. Read through the wealth effect. We would all spend more. The most expensive restaurants can easily be $5k for two guests. The most expensive watches are $xM. The most expensive cars are $xxM. Boats planes. Vacations. Maybe you want to camp at a remote part of the world and it costs a quarter of a million for a lifetime experience. Maybe you want ten girlfriends. You wouldn’t settle for one. Money corrupts because we are subpar creatures. You would be a very different person once you had $500m. Now you would have $500m invested into the market. Vote for free student loans - well some of your portfolio is going to be defaulted on. Vote for green energy - this one is going to benefit a very small portion of your portfolio and drag a lot of it down Vote for free healthcare - healthcare is one of the most profitable sectors to invest in Vote for cheaper homes - you know how much exposure you have to housing prices? You’ll change. You’ll start picking and choosing. You won’t be able to maintain as large of an income with your assets while choosing to be as good as possible. You’d have to make a choice. Do you invest in dirty energy and make more for the time being and fund college funds for at risk students or possibly lose half your investment in risky research to better the planet? Do you avoid exploitative industries and settle for half the returns? What about all the kids you could have afforded to send to college. I don’t think I am a morally depraved person, I actively try to be a good person. If I truly thought about all my holdings (if I were actually rich lmfao). What happens to the workers at Amazon warehouses. I mean basically all CEOs can abuse women and build their companies to get away with it. Canadian companies have been found to use slave labor mines in Africa. Where do I put my money to give me some return and not exploit others. It would take a tremendous amount of personal effort. Lots of people would expect things from me. I could not think about those things and use the profits to make a show about how good of a person I am. Just saying. What’s the correct course of action here?


Meanwhile I overdrafted $0.91 cents for Disney+ and got charged $36 overdraft fee and then another $36 for “extended over draft fee”. pretty crazy how poverty snowballs


Overdraft fees are so f'd up. Like, just decline my transaction.


Yep wealth and debt opposite sides of the same coin. The rich get richer the poor get poorer, but true.


You can’t say the market grows at 9% and have a yield of 3.5%. You would have to pick one or the other.


I think he is saying that you can get 3.5% in divends or interest income evey year on the investment while the investment itself grows at 9% annually. pretty standard actually although he is using very conservative numbers because you can probably get upwards of 6% dividend income and 12% annual growth historically for the last 80 year.


12% is not normal, isn’t real, nor is 9% conservative.


https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/042415/what-average-annual-return-sp-500.asp I couldn't find the attachment that says it 12% through 2021's peak but its been 10 to 11% from 1926 until 2018.




Where can you find a 6% dividend stock that has 12% growth? That’s crazy. When people talk about 3.5% dividend and 3.5% draw down it is to keep it flat. You are hard pressed to find an income producing fund/stock that also outpaces the market.


That is what he’s saying but it’s extremely optimistic/unrealistic over the long term. The last few years have been nuts, but that won’t last forever.


Custom suit for my graduation. Or maybe an appropriate dress? You decide. Throw in some fancy shoes cause i only have sneakers and flip flops.


A custom suit for graduation would be so awesome paired with fancy shoes :D


Doubles as a suit for job interviews after schooling!


Yeah! With a two piece suit in a nice colour i could create so many more outfits:) Welp, Zara and HnM here i come. One suit to graduate and for interviews and a second one for the first day on the job. Then we will see.


I'd buy my free time back. aka I'd retire. My primary focus for that money is that I'd never have to work another day in m ylife. Anything else is secondary


That’s the goal for me as well. Just looking for that unlimited PTO! I’ve got you :)


Man.. that's the dream. Wish i can just quit and do whatever I want


I'd like you to carefully donate a lot of the money to worthy charities. I'm fine for myself.


I’ve got a few in mind already :) I appreciate you!


Yeah! Like really make a difference in your community. And even maybe you can go further, like to reach south America, places like Haiti. Only with the interest so you can live a happy fulfilling life helping others (if that's in your heart) and reach even further. Good luck!


Enough money to go to school. I have to save up all on my own and I'm 10,000 short.


Absolutely! I’ve got you :D


Thank you!!!


If you win, this will be argued in court as a legally binding contract.


Very few Lotto winners stay millionaires after five years. One of the few that remained was asked how he stayed rich, he said, he took the annuity option. Claiming the full amount would have been destructive to him and his family. By taking his winnings yearly, the annual total amount was still staggering and helped a lot of people. I think you should listen to him, especially since this guy won the lottery twice. I hope you can find the original interview with Oprah many years ago.


This should be higher up! $250 million on annuity would be, math, still a lot per year. And to add to that, Add like $10 million in some that tracks the stock market and just live off the yearly gains for the rest of your life very happily.


A 50 dollar Walmart giftcard please


Added to the list :)


A new brain. Not sure how much one of those costs?


Same here, I would have to do some research but you’ve got it! :D




Definitely! I’m sorry you’re currently in this situation and I’ll try my best to help :(




Random lurker popping in to say: You don’t have anything to apologize for! You answered the question honestly, which is exactly what was asked for. You don’t owe the world sunshine and rainbows, especially if you’re finding them hard to come by for yourself. I’m glad you have a safety plan in place. I’m rooting for you. ❤️




Another rando popping in to say best of luck to you! Keep your head up. That fact you care so much about keeping your kids happy is amazing and that energy means you have a good soul. You can accomplish anything in this world


From a similar household, I’m sending you my best <3


Another random stranger. Not sure where you’re located but if you’re in the US, the domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233. There are many organizations through the US that can help facilitate getting you and your children out, to a safe place, providing clothes, phones, money to help you get on your feet. Please take care of yourself and you babies. Stay safe and stay strong to getting away. ❤️❤️


You aren't near Maryland are you? I've got a basement with a full bath you could just stay at until you can get your own place. I just gotta fix our bedroom so we can move out of the basement.


Money to pay off this semester


No worries I’ve got you! Student loan gang sticks together 😤


Man, I have been scrolling, trying to think of anything I would want. But honestly, we don’t need anything. My family is so fortunate for the place we are in financially and my kids don’t need anything. So how about a small donation to St. Jude. Help out a kiddo there. ❤️ ETA: thank you so much for the gold kind stranger!


Same! Trying to come up with something to ask for without being greedy or over the top has just made me realize how fortunate I truly am. All of my basic needs are met daily, and then some. Talk about perspective.


Right? I couldn’t come up with one thing that was fitting. The one thing I don’t get to do as often as I’d like is charity. I volunteer, but cash will always be king.


Absolutely can do that 🙌


My dream camera (a Leica), and hey you know what? If you do win I’ll make you a cake myself.


That’s a deal, you’ve got it :D


Ay happy cake day, didn’t even mean for that coincidence lol.


But what kind of cake? I make a tasty crumb cake but it's not too fancy.


Selfishly, I'd love enough to pay off the mortgage, my debts, and have enough to take the family on a well-deserved holiday. Unselfishly, I'd love you to enjoy your free life. But please, for the love of God, don't tell anyone you won. The people who say they regret winning the lottery are those who gloated and ended up dealing with fake friends, begging letters, threats etc etc. Don't tell a soul! Except me. You can tell me when you get in touch to ask me who to make the cheque out to. =p


It’s not selfish to want to pay of debts and have a holiday trip with your family! Yeah that crossed my mind about not telling people. That’s what led me to make this post! So whether it will be tonight or sometime in the future I can come through for everyone on this thread 😎


I meant selfishly as in asking you to pay off things for me with your lottery win. Seriously though, don't tell a soul. Just put it in a high interest savings account and set it so, every month, it transfers whatever interest it made into your current account for bills and spending. The more people know the more it'll haunt you.


A house deposit would be stellar. xD Failing that, though, maybe enough to order in something yummy for my birthday next month.


Both would definitely be doable :) Happy early birthday btw!


Thank you! <3


I’d love to invest most of it to have a fixed income and give it away to charities so I could finally make real change. I would also establish a social network for autistic people in my country, since there are none. As for buying: I would FINALLY have a horse + I would buy about 5 metric tons of yarn


I love your ambition and I’ve got you :) Definitely striving for that fixed income 🙌


You have a very kind heart! I know even if you don't win you make the world brighter


You’re so kind, thank you for your sincere words :)


500 million dollars


I see what you did there 👀


I'd like 500 million dollars and that 0.46 dollars you currently have in your bank account.


Pay off my Mom’s house.


You’ve got it! :)


I just need about 3 to 4 covid-free months between December and January to meet with friends I haven’t seen in a long time and to revise all the things I should know by now for the finals next year edit: that’s actually the best idea I had in a long time, what if everyone of us just takes a break (like 3 months) just to get ahead of things again. If everyone joins in it'll work.


I’m about it and heck yes if everyone does their part we can better contain Covid. Reviving cancelled plans is also on my list as well for next year 🙌


$5K to spend on an awesome graduation weekend for my husband. His dream was to graduate from Texas A&M, and in December he has made his dream come true. I’d love to spoil him to mark the occasion!


That sounds exciting!! Congrats to your husband and you’ve got it :D


Pay off my crappy house please. One less thing for the kids to worry about when I die


A metal 3d printer. I mean the 1,000,000$ one I will print you anything you desire at any time


We’re going to need a lot of dominos 😎


Haha, absolutely! Also great post OP. Glad to see such posativity!


If you actually end up winning, please just do what this guy says https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/24vo34/whats_the_happiest_5word_sentence_you_could_hear/chb4v05?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


I read this about once a year, just so I can try to remember some of it.


Materials to pour a patio in my backyard & rebuild the front porch.


Absolutely! Patio barbecues and front porch sitting is always the best :)


A new phone would be nice! I usually love taking photos but the camera on my current phone (had for 3 years) is not that great :(


I’ve got you :D


Direction in life.


you ok bro?


Yeah. Just a career based question. I'm mentally well, thanks 😊


Do you have hobbies you enjoy?


Not really. I enjoy social interaction with others. I keep in touch well with family and friends.


Do you have much free time? You could try finding volunteering orgs that sound nice and trying them out, to see if anything calls out to you.


It’s your life and ultimately up to you! You can pursue anything you want :) What about a deposit to pursue your dreams? Or at least start them!


A flight from Ireland to Greece, have a holiday planned there but can’t yet afford the flights


You’ve got it! Depending on the date of your holiday trip we will have to move fast but should be good


Antidepressants😅my sister apparently doesn't want me to rely on it so much, she can't understand that I was supposed to take it CONSISTENTLY until it takes effect for a few months. I wasn't able to take it for a few weeks now and I feel shit😅, can't buy my own 'cause I'm still a full-time student.


If ur ever feeling down hit me up! I'm a dumbass student too so we might relate😂


Honestly just a hug would be nice right now, and to be told that one day it’ll get better. I wish you the best of luck, you are very kind to be thinking of how you could make others happy!


ArchangelSeph - will you do me a quick favor, please? Stretch out your right arm - awww! Good stretch! Now, cross it over your body! Excellent! Next, let’s stretch that left arm out! S-t-r-e-t-c-h!!! Awesome! Now cross that arm over your body! Now, this is the important part - ready??? Squeeze!!! Yes, squeeze good & tight! That was a hug from me! 💗💗💗 And you know what? One day it WILL get better! You’re going to make it & I couldn’t be happier for you! I hope your tomorrow is fantastic & that every day after is even better than the day before! 💗😊💗


Are you doing that reverse psychology with God. Hehe Anyway best of luck. Hope you win.


Decent headphones, i love music yet never had a good pair. Good luck in the lottery and have a great day.


You’ve got it! :) A good pair of headphones or ear buds makes all the difference for music 🔥


A DeLorean. Always wanted one. There's a company based out of Texas that took over the DeLorean name as well as the entire stock of parts, and is rebuilding small numbers of vehicles every year. The first spare $50k I get my hands on, I'm totally buying one. Problem is, a spare $50k is pretty hard to get your hands on...


Ah man, you seem like such a kind person. Also good natured. I wish you well in all your endeavors.




What’s your preferred crypto?


Cardano at the moment. I see a lot of potential with the alt coins, especially if they have some sort of utility.


An Audi Q3 ❤️


What color were you thinking? 🤔


White, blue, orange, or red - I will let you have the final say 😍😇


Honestly all of those colors would be awesome! I’m leaning toward either orange or white but you get the final say because it would be your car 😎


I’d like enough to pay off my bills and finish the inside of my house so I can start a family.


A hug, never hugged a lottery champion.


Could I have a $200 gift card from Amazon? Was looking to get heat generator to stay warm as the Midwest is getting colder and colder.


All I want is a PS5. I haven’t been able to upgrade since the ps3 and gaming sucks for me now


For sure! With the current shortages I don’t know how soon I could get you a PS5 but in the meantime I would give you a PS4 to hold over until then :)


More good people like you should have this kind of money. It would do much more for the world.


$10K. $5K for each of my adult kids to help them pay down some debt. It won't resolve everything (which they need to do on their own) but it would give them a little jump on things.


Same here but for 3 kids and it would be to help them avoid crippling college debt. Eta: you'd get deeply sincere thank you letters ever year for the test of your life and a standing invite to Thanksgiving!


You’ve got it! Any amount helps and that’s what counts :)


It's really just a hand up... and we could all use that occasionally.


I'd like 1. For you to enjoy your winning! 2. To get dental implants. I had 11 teeth pulled last March due to malnutrition, and the effects it's done on my self esteem is tremendous. 3. Good luck!


2800$ to pay off my car before I lose it!!!! 😒😒😒


Playstation 5


Absolutely! Could be a delay because of the shortages but you’ve got it :D


I wanted to install off-grid solar power to my house... It's on my mid range plans... The area I love has no energy grid...


You’ve got it! We will bring clean energy to the area you love 😎


Loved your energy. Keep that happiness alive and spreading. 😁


Do yourself a favor, pay off any debts you have, and sink as much of that as you can into solid investments that'll earn you a decent yield every year. At least one that's pretty well-known for beating inflation. (You may want to look at a decent set of wheels if you're in the market for a new car, too. I hear they're doing good things with electric vehicles, though of course I'm not gonna tell you which automaker to go with, lol.)


Definitely want to invest a lot of it for that reason!! I’m all for electric cars but I want to wait and see the technology boom in the next 5-10 years for electric car batteries first. Exciting things to come for sure! :)


You know, reading this thread was the best kinda gift I could have gotten! My mom passed away a couple weeks ago, and I'm getting her home so the last of my material desires is fulfilled, and I have a good job at a good wage to support me and pay for trips and things. Really all I want at the moment is someone who wants to go on dates with me, and the time off work to go on vacation to clear my head, neither of which you, kind stranger, can help with using lotto winnings. So, maybe just get yourself a good, honest accountant with fiduciary responsibility, and you'll be just fine.


I’m so sorry about your recent loss :( You’ve got this my friend and thank you for your advice!


My family homeplace in its entirety. My family hit hard times and have sold it piece by piece. At one time it was a 700 acre farm. My mom lives in the house on the last ten acres and it breaks my heart to watch the fields my grandfather and his father bled and sweated in go to brush and bramble.


A deep bath tub


Honestly, money for therapy for me and my girlfriend. We both went through hell and have borderline personality disorder and therapy is too expensive to be an option right now. :/


If you win the lottery, I would want you to be happy with it. I don't want you to get overwhelmed by it or get the wrong friends just because of the money. That's what I would like.


House paid off. Car paid off. Student loans paid off and a pair of Nike sweatpants to match yours.


A small house with a workshop.


You’ve got it! What kind of workshop? Like a woodworking workshop, an automobile workshop, or something different? :)


Enough money to build my house (2,500 Sq ft) and new car


You’ve got it my friend :D


All physical and mental health care covered. I'd like this for the rest of the country as well, but even 500 million $$ won't be able to make a dent in the corruption of our system and the brainwashing of our people against what's good for them 😭


12k to fix my car and have few months breathing room.


The more you can give away the happier you’ll be. Being debt free and staying that way is incredibly important, and being able to have basic needs met. Car, house, healthcare, after that is accounted for give it away.


My student loans paid off. Such a pain after graduating into the pandemic and not being able to find a solid job. OP I hope for the best for you and yours, with or without the lottery! You seem like a really great person.


I would like you to buy the services of a tex expert and a financial advisor for your self. (And if you want to throw some Lego sets my way that would be cool.)


Dear Reddit Santa, I’ve love the help getting a house deposit! I’ve left you milk and cookies, cheers.


So, uh, which Grand Seiko? Id like to pay off my house, my parents house, a GT-R, a(nother) Grand Seiko of my own, and be able to afford a cat.


So how does this work, if you win you’ll only deliver to the people whose comments you reply to? Because 200+ peoples wishes are a lot to grant. The time spend thinking about this shouldn’t outweigh the probably of your winning, so I’d like a personal organizer for at least 6 months to keep me on task for the more important aspects in my life.


I’m trying to reply to everyone but if I don’t comment on someone’s reply they’re still good and added to the list :) One redditor already gave a good breakdown of investments so if the requests can’t be filled within a short time, definitely within the next year I think would be doable! I’m currently working on organizing everyone’s requests so that way if I don’t win tonight but happen to win in the future I can go back and fulfill these :)


Erm.. can you lend me £280 to finish my degree..? LOL


How exciting! I hope you win whether you grant the wishes or not. My wish- I want to take my friend A. on a vacation. She’s fallen on hard times medically and financially. She needs to just get away.


Honestly everyone has these big things and I'm a bit torn. Maybe a nice recolor for my civic, the bumper and hood are replacements and are all paint chipped. Maybe gas for my college commute. Maybe a current gen graphics card. Hell maybe just $60 so I can get Elden Ring I like to dream hehe, you're a good person op


If I win, I'm going to help you and your family and friends too. Then I'll get you that stuff you want, because you're that cool.


You’re too kind :) If I win I’m going to help you and your family along with some nice Nike sweatpants 😎




How much property do you need for this?


I feel bad for OP who has to answer every single comment. Lol


I wish I had a house somewhere offgrid, far away from people, just mountains and forests. It doesn't have to be a big house, small cabin is enough


A down payment on a home 😩 we’re moving to Florida next month and have no luck on finding a rental


Adhd diagnosis. I can probably get the medication for free. My country has free healthcare but it's very slow.


Adhd diagnosis. I can probably get the medication for free. My country has free healthcare but it's very slow and may not be good.


A gallon of sweet tea from Raising Canes


I'd love to start a nonprofit place where people can talk to therapist and like a safe house for people that awesome and open 24/7. And ya, a car that actually runs since mine just blew up and I'm basically boring one. I wish I had money. Why does money have to escape the good and always be hoarded by the greedy -_-


Probably just a tee shirt, maybe a used hockey jersey. I dunno, possibilities are endless


You’re literally so sweet even just offering to do this. I’m sorry for being selfish by commenting. I think what I’d like (that money could buy) is some money for my college education. Make sure to use the money for what you need too, though that should be obvious :)


Nothing. It would be your money to spend how you wish. I do not want anything.


A car, or rather the money for a car for when mine breaks down.




Student loan gang has your back 😤


Good luck! Business or first class tickets to Japan would be nice.


First class all the way my friend 😎


I’d love a new laptop, a PS5, and some money to invest in an ETF.