Is it shameful to live in an apartment my whole life?

Is it shameful to live in an apartment my whole life?


Do what you think is best. Don't worry if it's shameful or anything. It makes sense to live in a flat during this economic period, if you're happy living happy in an apartment, then do that. All the power to you mate


No. Millions of people around the world live in apartments. They don’t turn out any worse than people who grew up in a larger home. Your potential kids would adapt and be fine. I have lived in houses my family owned, an apartment house, a duplex, a rental house in the country and a house I own. None of those places made me better or worse than another person. I didn’t turn into a criminal or a drain or society because part of my childhood was spent with 5 people living in a 1 bedroom apartment. There are positives and negatives of all kinds of housing.


Nothing shameful about it. I'd rather live in an apartment close to a city centre than a huge house in the suburbs. Suburbs are way too dull


Nothing wrong with it!


Buying a home is an investment choice and not a guaranteed return. It was one of the reasons I moved recently because they started talking about selling the apartment in order to cut their losses. Simply getting started in home ownership requires an impressive sum to cover the deposit, insurance, maintenance and legal fees, not to mention what your credit score looks like, or the mental responsibility that comes with the status. Basically, it's a lot of work, and it may not even pay off. Imagine always having to worry every time a crime or disaster happened near your area which would impact the value of your home. It's nothing less than any kind of relationship that can end in arguments, a messy divorce and regret. Do you really want that? Probably not. If you have cash spare, put it in good stocks and equities or even better with brokers with good reputations, and make money that way. That's much less risk than a mortgage. Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.


It is a choice and the choice is yours. However, you will eventually find that buying property will add to your wealth.


Both have advantages and disadvantages, doesn't affect you as a person much. I spent half my life in both situation, homes are nice but require a lot of work. Apartments are less demanding, but yes u have less space.


I've lived in appartments my whole life and could not give two fucks


Nope. It’s all dependent on your lifestyle. City apartment living is a necessity almost.


I find it weird that Americans prefer to live in suburbia. It’s so far from anything! I mean, people in Europe usually live in apartments too. And they have one of the happiest people in the world. Life isn’t about a green lawn you have to water and keep green in the dessert during a heatwave and a drought. It’s not about having to live in a big house that’s either empty, or filled with a hoard of a consumerist lifestyle, or something you have to fill with so much decor with no function anyway. Life is about living a comfy day with what you need at hand at a place you like.