Anybody else move multiple times in their childhood?

Anybody else move multiple times in their childhood?


Well buddy, I literally lived in a truck my whole childhood😅. We didn't had a house coz we had a truck, we earned by transporting Goods from one part of the country to other. My parents taught me or educated me, I had books in there and I studied and lived in that truck for many years. We have a home now though, and the work we do now is much much more stable and good. But I never feel sad coz my parents were with me and we lived with whatever we had to the fullest. I think home is not a place, it is the people 😊.


at least you visited so many places, meet so many people, looks like a interesting life for me.


Yaa it was.. 😊


You sound so positive and happy. I grew up in a van and I tell people about all the places I saw and people I met. I had experiences in my childhood that don’t or won’t exist anymore because of climate change and whatnot.


Sounds so awesome 😊. I am very curious to know about your experiences, I am sure they were amazing😊


I did move like twice and basically can't go back. I don't feel bad about it but never had a close friend, which still bothers me.


Yeah I moved constantly as a kid. It sucks. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Every time I got comfortable with people and places we'd move again.


Someone recently asked me if I remember the actual process of packing, as a kid. I moved 4 times before I was 13...... so I should? But I don't. Literally don't remember a single boxing or unboxing. What about you?


Not really. I just remember being different places. I do remember sitting in a moving truck while my friends/neighbors were trying to say goodbye but I wouldn't get out.


This is something kids in military families tend to acknowledge quite often. I have one friend who knew this. She didn't even have a home country for much of her childhood.


I moved nine times from the ages of 0 to 14 ping ponging across the country cause Dad was in the Navy. I didn’t care about the places so much, though some sucked and couldn’t wait to move again. I cared more about the people I made friends with and had to move away from if I even managed to make friends at all in that move. That’s the part I feel jealous of other people over when they talk about their best childhood friends they knew from a young age. I eventually lost contact with all my childhood friends and have no idea where they are now because they were from military families too. Growing up the only source of stability I had was my nuclear family which was just me, mom, sister and sometimes dad when he was home. The last place we moved to as a family was Chesapeake, VA and I spent a year of middle school and all my high school years there. However, whenever I did make a friend they were then the ones that ended up moving away or we got split up to different high schools or didn’t have any of the same classes together or even lunch periods. Now I feel like a drifter not really sure where I belong and find it difficult to open up to people to become good friends with anyone. Looking back most of my so called friendships were pretty shallow except two. All in all I wouldn’t recommend parents putting their kids through that if it can be helped.


Fellow #militarybrat here. I moved 13 times before high school, 3x in the 4th grade. I get that feeling too. My parents would send us to spend time with my grandparents over the summers when they could, but I still feel rootless.


I have lived in 11 places from shitty apartments in bad neighborhoods in Cleveland to shitty rental houses in random states. Moving sucks :/


I was born in a different city and lived there from 0-3 years. Moved to another city and lived there from 3-12. Well this part was quiet good and I remember most part of it. Then again we changed two cities in the span of three years. Finally at the age of around 15-16 we settled down permanently; which is the 5th city I ever lived in. Well sometimes I actually get a little upset thinking about my friends with whom I have lost contact from the other cities in which I lived. And that's probably all of them.


I moved from France to Germany as a teenager and unexpectedly came back to France to study and let me tell you it feels so shitty because I left all my friends behind, was already stressed due to the pandemic starting right after my 18th birthday and when finals/graduation were round the corner. Now I feel like missing out on my twenties, unable to make friends in this big ass city although I am pretty sociable and good laugh. I have dropped out of uni after one year and am stuck in what I should do next, not having a damn clue.


Yup... England, Phillipines, Vancouver, Montreal, Victoria BC (×2), Oliver BC, Vancouver... then I moved out - Vancouver 5 places, Squamish BC, Vancouver, Sweden (4 places) and I think I finally have a home here in Falerum, Sweden.


I've got no sense of permanence in my friendships or setting! Some days it drives me wild and up the wall, and some days I feel fortunate. If I'm stuck in the loop of "ugh they have something I wish I had" I try to remind myself that there are people idealizing my past (lol) and I'm not gonna make any progress by thinking about what could(n't) have been. I've got no childhood memories to go back to, save for a little drive around a couple random towns. My mom put all my life in trash bags when I was 17, two weeks before college started. She moved out of that guys house about a week after she threw me out. She now maintains the same lifestyle that I grew up with. I like that you use the word outsider in your post. I pretty much feel like that always, even in a great friend group. It's not a detriment, but I never quite realized it until now.


I moved most of my childhood. I think I moved almost twenty times as kid up and down the east coast of the U.S. I'm not sad about not having a home town or state, it's just the way things are. I do have a hard time relating to people who grew up in one place. And no matter what I always feel like an outsider. Even now with good friends and my own family (my wife and kids) sometimes I get this dissonance like feeling that I don't truly belong. But on the flip side I seen to have a much easier time being out of my comfort zone and bring the dissenting voice in a group setting.


I moved a couple of times as a child within the same city. I was about 7 the first move, 11-12 years the second time. It was harder to move when I was older because I had to change schools in the middle of the year. There was a lot of adjustment. I lived at the last place until I was an adult. I probably think most of the first home/neighborhood as my childhood home though I did not live there the longest. After my mom died my dad moved to another state and someone bought their house and gutted it. I had lived in a different state for many years by then. There is not a house to go back to. Going back to my hometown a lot is different too.


I moved 10 times, 3 different cities, as a kid before moving out on my own at 18. My mother has since moved 6 more times, 3 more cities, so what could have been my childhood home=the home I lived in when moving out, isn’t there anymore. She still asks when I’m coming home so home is where mom is. But I do have a “weird” attatchment to the house we lived in when I was born. If I’ve come in to a lot of money, I’m buying it back!


Yeah. My parents moved us no fewer than seven times between first and 7th grades. We'd either move in the summer, so we were in a new school each year, but sometimes we'd up and move mid year. My parents finally got a divorce and my mother moved us to Utah, where we were in another three schools for 8th grade. We seemed to be settled when I was in high school, but I was so lost, I dropped out in 10th grade. I did go back years later and finish my HS diploma, and even got two associates degrees


Never lived in one place longer then three years growing up. As many people have said it’s lot the place it’s the people. I don’t have any childhood friends I kept in contact with. I literally moved two days after my high school graduation and have not been back since (I’m 42 now) went to three elementary schools in two different countries. Two middle schools, also in two different countries, and two high schools. I envy those people who have a friend and they can say “oh we have been friends since pre-school” I don’t know what that is like. I don’t have close friends because I learned at a young age friends that friends don’t stick around. They will move or I will move.


I moved twice over the course of my childhood. I honestly don't feel any attachment to those old houses. I guess I never experienced the "family home" thing but because I never knew it in the first place, I'm don't feel cheated at all


I honestly don't really think about it that much, but I do sometimes feel like an alien when I see people talking about their childhood home or I see that in shows or movies or whatever and I just can't relate. However my parents are divorced now so I feel like that probably would have changed at some point anyway even if we hadn't moved a lot. But on the plus side I feel like moving is no big deal to me now whereas it's a very huge deal to people who have only ever lived in the same area their whole life.


From kindergarten to 12th grade graduation, I changed schools 32 times... sometimes across the country, sometimes returning to a previous school or changing within a locality. After that, I joined the military and continued to move many more times. I resented the hell out of my itinerant lifestyle as a kid. It felt unfair to have to re-establish a social network from scratch so frequently. As I got older, though, I grew an appreciation for the fact that I had a perspective that few people get to experience. I learned things about people in general (and myself in particular) that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to absorb if I'd lived a more "traditional" life, and that's the flip side. Yes, it can suck for overt reasons. There are meta-insights you get, though, that other people don't. You just have to be open to them.


Yup I had two major moves before I turned 10 the first one was from one country to another. I kind of felt like my roots were kind of cut of a bit, especially because I don’t have much knowledge about my families past and I can’t ask my parents anything about their life. It’s all right because I don’t know a different life. I kind of suspect that this is the reason. That I have many memories from my childhood, while others can’t even remember a thing before they turned 10. So I feel pretty indifferent about that, because I have other stuff from my past that bothers me way more.


I moved 7 times between 0 and 13 years of age and then another 2 times with my parents before moving out in my mid 20s. I feel the opposite to sad. I actually feel privileged that I got to live and experience so many different parts of the country (uk). In the last 9 years my wife and I have moved 4 times but I doubt we will move for another 10+ years.


I have the first time I was one and the move was to a new house a block away the second time I was nine and it was also a few blocks away so I didn't change schools or anything like that.


I grew up a military brat. We moved around a lot. I lived in Germany twice over a seven year period. I went to more schools than i did years in school. It was always weird to listen to civilian kids talk about living in the same house all of their lives with the same friends. Completely alien to me. I wouldn't trade places for anything. I feel lucky to have had the experiences that moving around gave me.