They are pretty rare but all they really are is a ranger with a body kit so take that for what it is


So basically Ford's version of the S10 X-Treme, got it.


Or the Dodge Dakota that they sold with flames on it...


Same class as the X-Runner?


Yeah but the x-runner had actual suspension upgrades and I think it was the only way you could get the v-6 with the 6-speed.


Correct. Lots of cross bracing, which IIRC was part of the "X" name idea At the time, the X runner had the best skidpad numbers of anything in Toyotas stable. Weird times at TMC, I think the Highlander Hybrid was the quickest vehicle 0-60.


RAV4 with the V6 was the fastest from 0 to 60 at the time. Oddly enough the RAV4 Prime is currently the fastest Toyota from 0 to 60 excluding the Supra. The X-Runner also had better skidpad numbers than the 350Z of the same era.


I thought the Highlander Hybrid models that had the extra electric motors in the rear for "AWD" edged out the Rav. A buddy of mine just sold his 07 2GR RAV. Fast, thirsty, and incredibly tough to get to the water pump.


The internet says... ​ These vehicles will be sold as original equipment straight from your Ford dealer and all Thunderbolts are completely covered by Ford’s manufacturer’s warranty. Choose from one of three colors (black, bright red, and Oxford white), then just ask for Option Codes 31L and D9P. Your Ranger, on it’s way to your dealer from the assembly plant, makes a quick (three to five day) stop in Kentucky. Here, SLP will transform your truck with their mix of upgrades — read on for the details. When it arrives at your dealer for you to pick up, it’s as if all the options had been installed by Ford itself. The Thunderbolt base package for 2003 includes several visual upgrades: Non-Functional Hood Scoop Monochromatic Side-Body Cladding and Rear Roll Pan Three Exterior Badges Single Outlet Exhaust Tip Thunderbolt Logo Wheel Center Caps Monochromatic Grille, Front Bumper, and Fascia Extension Thunderbolt Headrest Appliques Once the base package is added, three appearance / performance option packages are available: Thunderbolt Level I Front Fascia Fog Lamps Soft Tonneau Cover Rear Lip Spoiler Thunderbolt Level II Front Fascia Fog Lamps Soft Tonneau Cover Rear Lip Spoiler Performance Package Thunderbolt Level III Front Fascia Fog Lamps Performance Package Hard Tonneau Cover The performance package, with its combination of improved air inflow (via an under-hood cold air box, and exhaust outflow (courtesy of a cat-back exhaust system with dual outlets) increases the engine output by about eight percent (to 160 hp for the 3.0L V6 and 222 hp for the 4.0L V6). On top of the base package and the three appearance/performance packages, several options are available for 2003: 16-inch Tremor Wheels and Bridgestone P235/65R16 Dueler H/T BSW Tires 15-inch Five-spoke, Aluminum Wheels Hoop Spoiler (available with Level III only) Handling Package (available with Level II and Level III only) Exterior Graphics Body Color Rear Bumper Thunderbolt Floor Mats & Key Chains (combo)


I’ve never heard of them before, so fairly rare I guess




Last time I saw one it had a drop kit, beautiful skirts, and 6 12's in the back so banging I needed to put in my plugs to get near it. (NJ speedway park circa 2004, audio and lowrider show). Seen some beauties modded of that car.


I need to repair the skirts on mine, from what I heard you can’t find them. I love the idea of 6 12’s in the back, this will be my unique mobile detailing truck


That logo looks like something from the Cars movie


My mother has been calling me lighting mcqueen sense I bought it


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Never even heard of it