That bit looks like an ez out bit, it has to go into a hole in the bolt you want to remove. It won't work for a small screw. You have broken the head off of the screws holding the handle on, it should be able to be pulled out from the handle side, wiggle it a bit and pull.


I tried wiggling, but when i installed the handle the holes that were drilled were pretty snug on the screw, i think the threads are holding on tight…


Use a pin punch and hammer to drive it out.


The other solution is the correct one. Use a punch with a flat tip that will fit in the hole and a hammer to tap the crew shank out of the hole. Small taps, just enough to move it a little at a time. The machine threads on the screw shank are not deep enough to get a really good grip on the wood so the wood fibers will shear pretty easily.


0.5 mil HSS bit, drill into the screw for a minute then reverse it out


Possibly a left handed drill. Available at auto parts usually in a set. Pretty small though