Cranky bastards here. Spray the back of the gun with WD40 before you start, make sure you have a properly sized cut on the tip, sometimes tubes fail because we pay for shit and get shit in return. If it’s latex, hose it off, if it’s mineral based, get some acetone. Not a big deal.


Looks like that GE silicone. Sometimes the tub is just defective... But I've never had it with the GE. This happens a lot to me with subfloor glue and it is very irritating.


Assuming that the tube wasn't clogged and that the plastic tip and the foil piece below the nozzle were pierced...check to see that the plunger top on the gun is perpendicular to the tube; they sometimes get bent one direction or the other causing the caulking to squeeze around it. Easy to bend it back to square.


At least my old blue is pretty loose (by design) on the plunger head, presumably so it self squares. Only times I’ve had this happen were with old tubes where the tip was completely clogged (even after trying to clear).


We used to soak them in gasoline if we had a blowout. That was when gas was $2/ gallon


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I’ve had that problem. When the poo stops coming out let go of the trigger. Jk- cut an appropriate sized hole for the speed you’re using. If it’s a used tube make sure it’s not cured into the tip. Common sense stuff. It’s such a pain to clean I’m sure you’ll figure it out.


I don't own the ryobi, but I own several of the Milwaukee m12 guns. When you are at the point that you are in the photo, grab a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw that holds on the plastic hook at the back of the pushing rod. Then unscrew the tube adapter, and pull the adapter and pushing rod out the front of the motor assembly for cleaning.


Cut bigger hole on tip


Was the nozzle clogged? That's when it happened to me. I didn't realize it was old tube that had hardened. Mineral spirits will clean it up.


New gun. Next . . .


Yea, don’t use ryobi. And just buy a good caulking gun. I bought one at Home Depot. Dripless ETS3000. It’s 30 bucks and it’s worth it


It’s really user error, not the guns fault. Keep squeezing and squeezing a blocked tube with any gun including manual ones and you can blow it out.


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Not necessarily. I *had* that same gun and it did the same to me with a tube of Liquid Nails Fuze and it was never blocked and I had a fairly large opening in the nozzle. All of a sudden it just blew out the back. I don't know why but that was the last time that caulk gun was ever used. I did get it for like $20 as an open box clearance years ago though so I cant really complain.


They are all the same lmao Battery ones that is. But mechanical is the way to go


Have you seen the Asian with the gold plated gun cut his tip so professionally it finishes his bead for him and he finishes with a "BWOOOOOOOO!" Its my dream to lay a single inch as masterfully as him.


Is it one of those annoying ones with the foil seal buried under the tip?


Clear the tip first.


Anyone else masking tape the wet part of a tube of subfloor glue so it doesn't blue up in the gun?


Yep. Have the Makita and suffered as well. With an old/used tube you need to fully unclog the tip and start slow for the semi hardened bits to come out. For new tubes you have to adjust speed according to your nozzle size and the what you’re pushing out. You only need to check that it’s ok at the beginning and then it’s a breeze.


I heat the tubes when possible. Also, use better caulk gun.


Buy better caulking. Mono is a very bad brand with a bad reputation. Some of the problem definitely lies there


My experience with that ryobi caulk gun is that it does not hold the tube round and down at the back: a pipe clamp slightly smaller at the front of the front of the back made a world of difference. Like Ryobi does, they cheaped out on the metal and if they had gone 1/2” or even 1/4” farther you wouldn’t be as likely to have things blow out the back, but as it is the tube gets pushed forward and the tube back tries to pop up, and the top of it gets past the metal then the sides of the tube catch and get pulled inwards as they try to go up a little more. The result is raindrop shape if you could look straight at the back of the tube, and the plunger is no longer getting pressed parallel to the tube. Once you get a little blowout around the sides of the plunger you’re pretty much fucked for the rest of the tube even though the pressure gets closer to parallel by the end.


i always just cit it out with a razor knife when it's dry , usually pulls out fast . like me .


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