Call volume is high

Kinda makes me chuckle. I guess it's pretty demoralizing to keep doing work for the people who desperately want to get rid of you. I hope call volume gets so bad that they get fined by the FCC lmao it probably won't but I'm gonna daydream about it anyway.


I’m sure come September 21st the call volume will be back to how it was when Covid came along. People in queue for a half hour or better. We will not be able to take a sip of water between calls. Probably why they made the 3rd 15 minute break permanent. I’m sure they knew then what they were going to do. Organizing a massive clusterfuck like this doesn’t happen overnight.


1. Call volume's gonna jump come Labor Day. 2. Automated captions will be awful when Boomhauer calls his cousin Jimbo. 3. Complaints of bad automated captions ensue. 4. More restrictions and unrealistic rules for remaining CA's after complaints that aren't our fault. 5. More CA's will quit. and guess who the blame will fall on?


If this company ends up going out of business, I'm going to dance on its ashes lmfao


This place RUNS on people who don't turn captions off cause the phones are distributed like candy, and there's no fraud mitigation (like tracking chronic Takeover calls, or even sending regular letters advising people whose parents have passed to return the phones) means there's something WAY more to it than "helping the deaf." Someone is fucking getting paid big time to train the system for, and by, governmental blessing under the guise of helping. Hearing aids have advanced so far, this service is unnecessary. What better way than what we've seen Captel do? Those raises? Instill a sense of complacency to keep the machine running before the purge.


Holy fuck... I'm kinda stoned rn but this makes a lot of sense


lol me too ;)


This is what I keep thinking. Like, they're ditching us for the AI? SIRI's dumb as shit inbred cousin that doesn't even recognize the name of our company?


Thanks for making me laugh despite all of this


I think most of us don't realize this will probably have a negative effect on the clients too. The fully automated captions are only good for automated messages by itself, I can't imagine clients would actually get high quality captions with it otherwise


Oh definitely! I'd say half of the calls I get in a day are calls new mode can't handle well at all (wind blowing, tv in the background being captioned, people not talking clearly, and much more). I hope this bites the company in the ass.


These are the "leftover" calls; the people who don't use captions/parents are in hospital/the fucking HHA Exchange/Sandtrax nurses (or lazy fucks in general) not turning off captions. Those who USE them, probably use the automated. We're captioning the dregs of the system just to save face; after all, didn't Captel claim clients couldn't push a button to get captions and their evidence was letters from kids saying their demented relative is SO DEPENDENT on this service - now they lay people off? Something REALLY does not add up.


So you're saying the clients who actually use the captions will probably always use the automated ones? Maybe in some/most cases, but again I can't imagine clients preferring that for ACTUAL calls


Pretty much. They're cognizant enough to actually make the selection; something Captel says demented clients simply cannot do. Their own evidence in the form of Emails to substantiate their claims that states that forced the client to simply press a button for captions had a HIGHER call volume than those that did not, should put proof to the lie that people actually USE these phones. They're saving face or getting paid.


IDK if I believe that, just from my experience working here


That's cool, but consider what they just did - and the quality of calls we're fielding lately.


Well all my calls the past few days have been normal.. even the same amount of automated calls.


Oh and godspeed to anyone who gets bleedthrough or is on a conference call lmaoooo


U really think those stupid clients CARE about quality!? All they seem to care about is how fast words appear on their screen, doesn't matter how ACCURATE they or anything.


From experience this feels like to me the old man isn't in charge anymore / retired, can anyone confirm? Worked at another company back in the day, old man owner, family environment, company picnics, like pep rally "give yourselves a hand" things in the lunchroom, holiday luncheons in tents with servers where we got our bonus checks at the luncheon. Old man retires, budget cuts, everything cancelled, trying to sell company, two rounds of mass layoffs, we need profit! emails all within 6 to 8 months. This sort of feels like that.


can confirm that mass purges for specious reasons occur at least every 3 to 5 years. there never were any good old days.


I think the more likely scenario is that the AI will do poorly enough that enough complaints come in to warrant FCC intervention/fines. It's possible that both could happen as well come late September, given I highly doubt they're going to be keeping all newer/non-axed employees given a huge sweeping move like this shows that the job is very not secure.


i can already tell the difference between call volume from my last shift prior to the layoff and today