Since realizing he is facing seditious conspiracy charges and decades in federal prison, Oath Keeper that testified against his conspirators is suddenly remorseful as his own sentencing deal looms....




This is the proper response


Also reports a renewed interest in bible study and volunteer opportunities.


Bullshit. He's only saying that because he got caught


I think he’s saying it because he torpedoed the daycare he and his wife own. I can’t imagine too many folks would entrust their kids to an insurrectionist who belongs to a violent and lawless hate-group (whose members have been arrested in connection with a wide range of criminal activities, including various firearms violations, conspiracy to impede federal workers, possession of explosives, and threatening public officials). > Young, who has for years owned a preschool with his wife, said he became scared and ashamed as he realized how much trouble he was in after the riot. This guy fucked up his cozy life because he didn’t think that the 81 million Americans who voted for Joe Biden matter. Trump lost by over 7 million votes. And this guy thought leading an insurrection was the right thing to do. He can rot his ass in jail while his wife watches their daycare fall apart. If she leaves him while he’s in the slammer over the next decade (very likely), the next time he tastes freedom will be as a broke felon in his mid-60’s. No wife. No more guns. Good riddance to him and his anti-American hate.


> I think he’s saying it because he torpedoed the daycare he and his wife own. I think that part is covered by the consequences he is facing. Sure, there are legal ones and those play a big part in this. But social consequences like these are consequences as well.


Traitors getting what they deserve…


Well there’s the biggest traitor of them all that’s still free


Better go catch him, then…


Right? Like what the actual *FUCK*? It’s beyond infuriating.


That's ok. He can keep pretending he's ashamed and embarrassed while he's in jail.


I would love to witness his reunion with the other oath keepers he testified against


Until he gets out again and is even more radicalized.


Bold of you to assume he'll be getting out




Right….if he wasn’t actually facing the consequences, this dipshit wouldn’t be sitting in a bar embarrassed of his actions. The bastard would be bragging about it.


I don’t think so. I believe that the reason so many of them filmed themselves and each other is that they really (stupidly) thought they were recording a historic moment for posterity. Like they were going to be hailed as heroes instead of traitors.


It probably is embarrassing, precisely because they lost. He wanted the Storming of the Bastille, but instead heads on pikes, violent national revolution, and mass executions of his political enemies and he got jail time. If he'd won, he'd feel like a hero. Might even patriotically participate in some of the executions. We'll never know.


Veteran. Of course.


Am I the only person that thinks they are regretting their actions because they were caught?


Not by a long shot, and if they 'won' they'd be touting themselves as heroes of the revolution. Right up until they got Night of the Long Knives'd


Agreed. Most, if not all, think they were right that day and somehow patriots.


They've basically already been long knives when the party abandoned them to their fate.


this is truly it, these people are brainwashed, there's no way getting arrested woke them up and made them see clearly. Lock the traitors up forever, they can never be trusted again, they are still fascists in their hearts no matter what they say.


Is anyone keeping track of how many pretended to be sorry and then immediately recanted their regret?


A couple of early "Parading" convicts opened their pieholes and talked shit last year. They were hauled back into court and resentenced. Not much since then.


How did I miss this? I need to look this up. Sounds like an interesting read


I think one of them was Jenna Ryan, the real estate gal who flew from Texas with a couple other folks. She tried making money with a couple interviews on local TV after pleading guilty and while awaiting sentencing. Passed the judge off. The Crazy Sovereign Citizen Lady also got in trouble for this kind of thing. Doug Jensen was also taken back into custody pending trial for expressing remorse in his plea, and then going to MAGA/Qanon events.


When is sentencing for this old traitor?


As a principal cooperating witness, he won't be sentenced until his cooperation is no longer useful. The "quality" of his cooperation will help to determine his sentence. He is not scheduled for sentencing and no pre-srntencing briefs have been submitted as per DOJ website.


What do you make of his claims that it was “spontaneous” on his part to enter the capitol? (Isn’t there tons of evidence that the Proud Boys were planning to enter the capitol prior to Jan 6?) Or am I confusing that with other groups?


Dressed like that?


Haha…I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. Touché. Lol.


I don't recall reading any texts among either of the Seditious Conspiracy groups. Most was bravado and threats, but no documents have been produced regarding a tactical plan for attacking the Capitol as far as I know. It feels to me that the Proud Boys were there to fight, but the Oaf Keepers were basically opportunistic in their "attack". Keep in mind that Trump ordered Meadows to call Stone and Flynn on the evening of Jan5, which is where the actual "order" to attack may have been given, which would not have been included in a written message. By that time, the plan to flip Pence had failed, and the Fascists had nothing to lose.


So this seems to corroborate that guy’s testimony that oath keepers movements into the capital might have been “spontaneous”? Is that relevant to the gov’t proving their conspiracy case? (Like…do you sense any iota of an acquittal being possible here?)


My guess is that Elmer was directing people from the outside. I don't think it is a coincidence that the Oaf Keeper stacks entered from the East entrance to the Capitol, and the Proud Boys lead the attack on the weaker, more accessible West entrance. The breach of the East entrance was accomplished by opening the doors from the inside, once rioters had breached the West side of the Capitol, drawing police back to defend the Chambers, and the west tunnel entrance fighting. There was no "fight" on the East Terrace. There's no way these dopes get acquitted.


Okay, that’s good to hear. Thank you for the insight!!


I suspect but could in no way prove that their plan was to make openings and encourage others to go in. I think they were supposed to be a guidance system for using the crowd/riot as a weapon for the coup.


“The people were obviously attacking the government and their function." Yeah, and Dipshit Donald was the Chief Executive of that government, dumbass fucking traitor.


Bullshit! There is no way that klan of insurrection inbred violent thugs inspired any level of historic vision for some greater good. It was always only about usurping democratic power and the will of the people


I'm embarrassed I ordered a large unicorn drink from Starbucks. But I still had to pay for that thing.


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don't be embarrassed by that...you wanted to try something and it didn't work out


Historic like the London Fire, Bubonic Plague, or Exxon Valdez.


It was history. It was an attempt to overthrow the election. That's as historic as shit gets. Go to jail and fuck off.


Your beliefs were bad and you should feel bad.


Nowhere near enough. Sit in prison and be embarrassed and ashamed.




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Well if he’s both ashamed and embarrassed we can just forget it and he can go home like it never happened, right? Just kidding! Eat a bag of dicks asshole. Go to jail. Go directly to jail.


>I guess I was acting like a traitor. Omg one of them finally said it…sorta.


> acting like a traitor. Newsflash, Sparky: You weren't "acting".


Shocker: Jan.6 defendant neither understands nor learns from history.


They do as they're told......... They're good dogs


Don't insult dogs by comparing them to Trumpsters.


Yeah, well... told you so. Enjoy jail.


Great. People say the exact same things when they get busted for DUI/DWI. Who cares.


Look how quickly these rough and tough terrorists become crying little bitches the moment they stand in front of a judge. These pussies whine and cry about how conservative voices aren’t being heard, then they are seen *and* heard committing sedition that they masked as patriotism they crumble with ease. They all beg for mercy citing bullshit like, “Oh, thats not how I really am! I’m a loving parent and god fearing citizen!” This is especially funny with the ones that are recorded asking where Nancy is so that they can kill her.


the obsession they have with extrajudicial execution, essentially political assassination, is startling, and completely deplorable. Republicans openly advocate for political violence. Ergo, Republicans are violent sociopaths.


I can totally believe this. They thought they were saving America based on years of nonsense from Faux News.


It _was_. He’ll be remembered in the history books as a failure. Also, is he admitting it was a coup? He’s admitting it was a coup, right?


Lol dumbasses. I hope they never find joy.


... He says, about to be put **into** the Bastille.


You know who I want an update about? There was that one clip from January 6th that had a guy pointing at the capital and going " We could take that building" and right behind him was some nervous looking nerdy guy who asked " and then what?" To which the first guy replied "heads on pikes" followed by the nerdy guy looking incredibly nervous. I want to know what the nerdy guys up to these days


> The people were obviously attacking the government and their function So... not a peaceful tour group?


It was historic: A bunch of dumbasses got duped by a complete idiot and committed terrorism.


That is the same mindset I felt many protesters had in the summer of 2020. Folks are so desperate to be part of something.


>Folks are so desperate to be part of something. They are part of something. It's called "society." They're too busy trying to break it instead of taking ownership and being proud of it.


Also there was a lil thing called BLM if they wanted to get busy with fixing society. Besides all the boring everyday things that need doing on a local level. Not as much “fun” as an insurrection tho i guess


Exactly this.


Government witness


Found out.


I don't understand how my comment was a fopdoodle. It was saying that even though someone is embarrassed by an action, they still need to pay the price or face consequences.