ARRESTED (Jan 21): Bradley Weeks, 43, from Macclenny Florida. “We’ve had to break things to get through, but we’ve gotten through. We are taking back our country. This is our 1776!






Mom’s house still the #1 arrest spot but Waffle House could certainly be in the running as the net widens.


Been seeing a lot of ‘at mom’s house’ arrests. You are not wrong?


'Mom's basement' seems to be the hot target aquisition zone.


My coworker who is bat shit nuts right wing gun moron lives with his mom. I guess it’s a trope for a reason.


If someone predicted that this joker would get arrested at a Florida Waffle House we would laugh and say that just sounds like a cliche. But damn. My man is just here ticking all the boxes.


The Onion can just close up shop now really. They really can't compete.


I kind of feel bad for the Onion. and for that matter, the writers of House of Cards too. You literally can’t make this stuff up!


I mean you *could* write this, but nobody would believe it because it sounds TOO stupid, and cliche to be believable, as fiction ... but then these morons go and actually do it and we're all sitting here thinking, "Well shit! Who'd'a thunk it?!?".


Scattered, Smothered, Covered.


That should be the article title.




chin replaced by massive wattle? check. neckbeard attempting to create jawline? check. rage-filled beady eyes? check. too-small dumb ass fascist ball cap? check. Yep, we got a white supremacist, folks.


They really do have an archetype, don't they.


Pretty safe to assume almost everyone involved in the terrorist attack was at least some kind of racist.


It’s scary how every single person who’s gotten arrested so far look like they are the spawn of the same brother and sister


Have not seen one person that could make it past security at Mar Lago or Trump NY.


While it was happening he even complained about how shabby the insurrectionists looked. Bad for his image. Added Link: [Trump was more upset that Capitol mob looked ‘low class’ than about violent attacks, reports say | The Independent](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/trump-mob-capitol-riots-poor-low-class-b1785099.html)


See I don't get this. Did he really expect comfortable bankers, lawyers, and realtors to be the majority of those commiting insurrection? What war has ever started with an upper middle class rebellion? Edit: if you intend to correct me, please see the other replies to find if your example has been mentioned already. I've gotten a shitload of replies saying the same things, and it's getting very annoying.


Trump isn’t exactly a student of History. I have serious doubts on his ability to even spell it.


I fully admit to not being up on my Revolutionary War history but I'm fairly sure that if these idiots had, at the very least, watched the *musical* "1776" they'd understand that the bullshit they attempted was NOT "our 1776".


“We ain’t watchin no commie pinko queer musical that desecrated our precious revolution an disrespects our flag! bOyCoTt BrOaDwAy!!!11!” /s


I was gonna toss Hamilton in there too but that's fulla those brown people they hate so that's a definite no go for them. I really hate that we have to use /s because THAT'S how we gotta roll these days.


Nah, they already hate Hamilton for what happened with Pence, remember?


No I forgot because I'm fairly certain it happened 94 years ago when they were first elected.


when youre completely uneducated anything could be true!


Bro He thinks he is British. They lost the revolution


I'd love to see Tr*mp and Melania "write" separate accounts of the past four years: HIStory and HERStory. I wouldn't buy either, don't worry, but it would be interesting to see how their interpretations differ. After the divorce, of course.


> After the divorce, of course. From everything I’ve read she’s every bit as vile as him and actively feeds his worst impulses, so don’t count on that.


Not to say that she's a stellar person. She isn't. She's a total gold digger.... But when the gold runs out, I expect her to leave him for somebody with a positive bank account. When are those loans due?




And all those years that Milania was told that sucking on an Orange was good for her health


Who ever thought a FLOTUS would be the 20th century version of a mail-order bride?


Just to be clear here, because as someone married to an immigrant who moved here for me and I've heard my unfair share of "mail order" jokes over the years.... she really isn't even close to that unfortunately real phenomenon. They met in the US and she already (likely fraudulently) had her green card. She's a typical trophy wife plain and simple. Her being foreign doesn't change that, and the whole reason people call her that is because she's foreign and that's not cool. The "mail order" bride thing is meeting through an international "dating" website or broker/service and is just one step more complicated than choosing a mate out of a catalog and is rife with human trafficking and romance scams.


But there were lawyers and realtors. We can't let that go.


There were for sure. Almost none of them were people of any real significance. The overwhelming majority were far right small town losers. That might sound insensitive but it's the truth.


Totally. But the worst thing we can do is underestimate the enemy. These fuckers don't play fair and they don't care who they hurt.




Pretty sure most of them would just be education facilities.


There was the [Brooks Brothers riot](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooks_Brothers_riot)


Ofc Stone was the organizer E: many were paid republican operatives. That’s why they keep blithering on about “crisis actors:” they did it themselves.


> What war has ever started with an upper middle class rebellion? Pretty much all anti-democratic right wing populists have more support from the petite bourgeoisie, aka upper middle class, than they do other classes. Trump probably just didn't realize his base wasn't going to wear a suit to a revolution and that many of those who did show up were likely to be the type to froth at the mouth because, again, who else is going to risk their life.


They wear flags as capes. Repeat; they wear flags, as capes. Sometimes the US flag, sometimes a Trump flag or a Blue Line flag, but they wear flags as capes. My wife makes fun of me for wearing insulated overalls when I'm choring when it's cold. She calls it my "onesie". Can you imagine the jokes she would make if I wore a flag cape?


I thought it was illegal to wear a US flag. In this context, a minor Infraction but still


That's not illegal. That's just "flag code" which isn't law but just observed courtesy. You can set the American flag on fire if you want and it's protected by free speech.


Except these are exactly the people that want to punish people with execution for "disrespecting the flag" while... you know.. .they disrespect the flag.


> Pretty much all anti-democratic right wing populists have more support from the petite bourgeoisie, aka upper middle class, than they do other classes More than two thirds of his voters don’t have college degrees. Likewise 70% of his voters made less than 100k family income. I’ve seen that idea bandied about (that his supporters were mostly “upper middle class”, and it rests mostly on the fact that around 2/3 of his voters are above 50k household income. I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider a family with an administrative assistant and machine operator pulling in a combined 80k to be “upper middle class”. Maybe “upper working class” or something if you want to get cute.


The French Revolution.


Looks more like a XL Order of French Fries Revolution.


These are exactly the brain-dead morons who call them Freedom Fries.


No no. He expected people all dressed in camouflage and zip ties to storm the Capitol. He got those, but not enough of them.


He expected slick James Bond lookalikes and Charlie's Angels in skimpy clothes to storm the Capitol and execute Dems on the spot while everybody clapped.


I see you have already forgotten the Brooks Brothers Riot.


I think he more likely thought he was going to get some sort of disciplined, specialized soldiers dressed in customized tactical gear doing James Bond shit.


> What war has ever started with an upper middle class rebellion? The US war of independence?


You know the Boston Tea Party was wealthy merchants destroying the tea because it was heavily subsidized by the British to give the East India Company a monopoly right?


>What war has ever started with an upper middle class rebellion? I get your point but one could argue that both the English Civil War (1642-51) and the American Revolution fit that exact definition. After the enlightenment, the majority of sturm und drang was caused by upper middle class dissatisfaction.


Nah, he’s most upset that they failed. He wanted his bikers, proud boys, cops, militiamen, and military supporters to be violent enough that the Congress literally couldn’t certify the results and he could stay in power. He’s disappointed that they failed and the void where his soul should be is ashamed of being associated with failure.


It was a low class/high stakes coup


I'd really like to see a group of these losers go down to Mar-A-Lago and try to get in.


"Hey Donald! It's me! Cletus! Listen, I'm kind of in a bind here, buddy. I stormed the Capitol like you asked and now these pigs are coming for me. I don't know how they found me. I only posted a few videos to Parler. Anyway, I'm like, your biggest fan. I need a place to crash for a bit. Can you open the gate and let me in? Donald? Sir?"


Release the hounds


And the bees. And the hounds with bees in their mouth and when they bark, they shoot bees at you!


Useful idiots, that's all they ever were. Trump wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.


What’s very scary is, if Trump would have open up to those group, he could had started a small army and get more to join in and effectively started a civil war. But he’s too stupid and incompetent that he can’t pull this off!


Not even that [lady who was wearing the Louis Vuitton sweater](https://ktla.com/news/local-news/3-beverly-hills-residents-arrested-in-connection-with-capitol-riot/)? Or the [Texas real estate agent](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1254453)? I know everyone wants to tear into these people and insult them, but please try to remember that Trumpists aren't limited to wild-eyed rednecks. Don't let your prejudices obscure reality. Trump supporters cover an alarmingly large demographic.




I don't think anyone was insinuating that all of trump supporters have uncle-daddies. I think the point is that the majority of the dum dums that "stormed" the capitol are in fact of the uncle-daddy having variety.


I think the person I replied to was, given they said they hadn't seen a single person who could get into Maralago. And, frankly, we shouldn't dismiss the wealthy, urban people who are Trump supporters just because so many of his supporters are working class and from smaller communities.








We're good, but we shouldn't let our guard down. Russia has Spetsnacks.




See also: /r/beholdthemasterrace


Which is why it’s hilarious some of them say it was antifa as if MAGA morons don’t have a distinctive look.


Larry, his brother Dale and his other brother Darryl and his other brother Dale and his other brother Darryl.




trumpers are a pretty homogeneous group.


WE SMART BUT WE AINT GAY ... said every trumpet you called "homo-genious"


>trumpers are a pretty homogeneous group. you obviously mean homunculus


Neck beards 🤢


He probably is. He’s from Macclenny. Lake City is a metroplex compared to his home town. And if you don’t understand that reference, that’s the point.


Trump culters all look like trailer park people. Every single one. Even Trump himself said during the riots "these people look 'low class.'" You don't get a lot of respectable people committing domestic terrorism.




Idiocracy is unfolding before our very eyes.


Near the end of his term, Trump had a handshake deal with the Gatorade folks to promote using it as a replacement for water.


bad enough, but those are just the bottom feeders. It's the Idiocracy worthy muppets who got elected to Congress or as a lawmaker that worry me.


And as the FBI said, these people are just the "low hanging fruit." It didn't take any effort at all for the FBI to find and arrest all the jokers they have so far. Just wait until the finest law enforcement agency in the world brings its full capabilities to bear on finding the people behind this insurrection.


I think it didn’t take much effort simply because no one tried to hide their identities, take Elizabeth from Knoxville Tennessee. These people were so delusional in thinking they were “heroes” in the situation it never even occurred to them that they were going to have to face the music or even more simply they never believed they would fail.


Wait! you are being unfair to them. They wrote on their Facebook that they did not authorize FB to give their information over to the FBI. They took *precautions*


There's a video of a guy on the Parler dump that was like "I'm not really a part of this. I'm just an observer." as he's getting gassed/pepper sprayed in the Capitol. He then, moments later, goes into a rant about how "but what are we supposed to do when they say the election is being stolen? I'm a teacher and I don't care what happens". I'm not sure if he thought saying he was "just an observer" would clear him, or if he suddenly had an epiphany as he was talking and entered denial as I watched. Either way, I'm pretty sure he *will* care when people come pick his ass up.


Remember many of those people have very poor understanding and interpret of law. They have been in echo chamber with bunch of others who think the same. They come in with all idea that if they can twist the law their way, it would stand no matter what. Now they are learning the hard way that it doesn’t work this way.


They all seem to think that the law works like magic spells, like if you say the right words, law enforcement will be forced to let you go or not bother you. And that hardly anyone else realises this fact, which is why people end up going to prison - they just didn't know the right magic words! These people have fundamentally no idea at all how anything works.




Sovereign citizens basically


Spot on! They watch lawyer win case by explain how case is interpreted. So they assumed they are one too. That’s like as someone who never have any construction experience watching somebody build a house and say “that look easy! I can do it!”


Elizabeth isn’t actually from Knoxville. She’s from Maryland. Some of her former high school classmates outed her online.


Not to mention that Trump had to open his big fat mouth and bash the FBI throughout his presidency too, that was absolutely moronic, the FBI doesn't fuck around


Stupid question: is Secret Service part of the FBI?


Nope. I think they're technically part of Homeland Security now.


>The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security charged with conducting criminal investigations and protecting U.S. political leaders, their families, and visiting heads of state or government. Looks like homeland security




Nope. Different agencies that fall under different Cabinets


FBI Annual budget US $9,748,829,000 (FY 2021)


Count the digits, people, that’s Billions with a capitol fucking B. These clowns are toast.


Seems low with how much we give to the military (>700 BILLION). FBI is pretty expansive and you'd think they'd have more funds to operate. The NSA and CIA both get 60 billion. The DHS gets 70 billion. The FBI don't even get 10 billion?


They get the rest by selling drugs to us sheeple Just kidding.


That's the CIA


Do you think the FBI might watch TV? Because I saw a speach broadcast on January 6th by this guy near the Capitol.....


i feel trump bashing the fbi is the same as him bashing the media. trying to get ahead, and discredit the source before it inevitably comes down on him for painfully obvious reasons. he is the worst gaslighter out there, and will stop at nothing to bring everyone down with him.


I like to think of the ones who are quaking in their boots wondering if and when the FBI will catch up to them. I’m sure they are nervously repeating ‘I didn’t do nothing wrong’ to themselves.


[White trash pokemon](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R7WrlIIV3o)


Interesting how he used the same phrase that Lauren Boebert tweeted out that day.


Wasn’t it Alex Jones who popularized the term right after AZ was called for Biden by Fox News? I remember seeing him yelling into a megaphone about it and made me laugh.






The way these two-brain-celled blobs of flesh compare their temper tantrum to the American Revolution is actually infuriating. The American rebels *actually had legitimate grievances* against the British. Prior to the Revolution, the Brits: * Put a city (Boston) and colony (Massachusetts) under martial law * shut down the port of Boston, which was one of the larger ports in the American colonies at the time * dissolved several colonies 100 year old self-elected governments * levied several deliberatively-punitive taxes and tariffs on the colonists * Refused to hear the colonists when the colonists reached out to Parliament *several times* to try and resolve things peacefully. These human-thumbs just lost an election. If this was *even close* to the Revolution, they would not have been allowed to participate in the election *at all*


I always what monarch they think they are rebelling against, this ‘1776’ crew. What type of government are they looking to install? What constitution do they want to implement? I think they need to be asked these things directly- especially the congress people. They are literally ‘rebelling’ against the people they put in power.


They think, somehow, that the current US Government (except Trump, of course) is as horrible of a tyrannical regime as Colonial America faced under George III. They think, somehow, they want to "restore" the rule of the US Constittuion. . .because their misunderstanding of it is so radically different than actual legitimate legal and historical scholarship on the issue that they think the Constitution isn't being followed. They think that Christianity is supposed to be the state religion of America, and the First Amendment protects the freedom to be Christian, but not any other faith or the freedom to not practice or believe a religion. They also seem to think that the government can regulate and micromanage social media however they want, as long as its in the interest of letting people say whatever they want on social media with no consequences. They think the Second Amendment means that you can own any weapon of any kind without restrictions. They think the Ninth and Tenth Amendments mean that the Federal Government has virtually no powers and even things that are explicitly authorized in the Constitution, like the Postal Service, shouldn't exist and should be privatized or left to the states. They think that all taxes are oppression and want an end to taxes and no deficit or national debt, but want a huge military anyway. . . .they essentially want to *radically* reinterpret the US Constitution into essentially being the Articles of Confederation for a Ayn Rand inspired capitalist-anarchist state where the states or private corporations do almost everything, and the Federal government basically only provides a military.


Tldr they want to Make America Gilead


They want a dictatorship. It's that simple. They want to be in power forever. They want no chance that anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest would ever have a seat at the table. They would prefer if those people were all executed or deported. Ask them, they'll tell you. As far as they're concerned, the rest of us aren't even human, let alone American.


I agree. They wanted to "take back our country". From who? Their fellow Americans.


It is also important to point out that the founding fathers weren’t trying to overthrow the British government but declare independence from it - a country thousands of miles away.


Let's be real, if you sat down with any of these insurrectionists and started asking them questions about the Revolutionary War and 1776, they wouldn't be able to give you too many answers. They don't know anything beyond Fox News talking points and their own deluded persecution complex. Same crowd that chanted "fuck your feelings" for four years. But when it's THEIR feelings, and their lost election...they literally storm the Capitol.


These people actually do believe the election was stolen, which makes a difference. They really think this was their 1776 and they were taking the country back from tyrants. We have to do something about Fox News' yellow journalism. They have these people completely brainwashed and under the impression they've been under constant attack by the left for decades.


That’s honestly one of the things that’s so sad about the situation. I’m sure there a few bad faith actors who know Trump lost and want to push him in anyways. But the majority genuinely believe that they are trying to enforce the results of an election rather than to overturn it. It’s a grand irony. Usually people agree on facts but disagree on opinions. Here we all have the same opinion that the winner of the election should become the president. But these people live in an alternate reality where Trump actually won and a corrupt government is faking election results. If that were true, I’d be rioting too!


There were millions just waiting for someone like Trump to arrive and deliver rapid fire constant lies for them to institute the mental gymnastics to pretend he is consistent or decent These are folks who will quote you that Obama said you could keep your particular Doc under the Affordable Care Act as if that makes him absolutely untrustworthy but then think nothing of Trump having 4 fraud identities over the years , the most iconic being John Miller and John Barron , used to pretend Donald was attractive to celebrity women/models and to pretend he belonged near the top of rich lists The dudes father had a "Mr Green" persona for the same type of fraudulent function and trained his son to be a con man once he hit high school FFS. These people are hypnotised by this notion that nah, nobody would be THAT blatant with their lies


As I said to another commenter, not a Revolutionary War historian here, but if they just watched the *musical* "1776" they'd probably get more edumacation about it than they currently have. But musicals are "gay" so that won't happen.


"Their 1776"?! That's the worst insult against the founders of the US I ever heard.


They think it's their 1776, but it's really their 1861


I hope in the future when a group of people do really stupid things we will insult them by saying "Look at those fools going all 1/6/21".


On the bright side, people like this are making it pretty easy to be smart here in the US.


*Smart by comparison* isn't necessarily smart. But yeah, it definitely makes us middle-of-the-road intelligence-wise people shine a bit brighter.


Consider this fact though: it's coming from a stupid person. It's coming from a person who lacks the capacity to understand what he's saying.


"Our 1776" like ... wasn't America's 1776, uh, 1776?


A Gravy Seal at his finest


>*“During the uproar, Brad Weeks said in a direct message to The Press he inhaled some tear gas* ***after scaling a wall outside the Capitol Building*** *before going inside but was otherwise alright.”* The most surprising thing was that this fat bastard could scale a wall.


I highly doubt that he did.


scaling a wall = stepping over a knocked down barrier


these mother fuckers all look like big toes with anger issues


Meal Team 6 reporting for insurrection


Just look at this empty brainwashed eyes.


I love the word "vacuous" and your comment made it come to mind. Thanks!


Behold the master race.


What the Drive-thru camera sees when he yells at the Clown to "SUPER-SIZE IT Daymit!" ​ \*US Fast food reference.


Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of these people and their quotes could be cross posted to r/iamverybadass?


This is so satisfying. And Thank you trump for not doing a blanket pardon for these traitors. Now time to face justice assholes.


Attack of the thumb people...


> Weeks’ Macclenny neighbor, Dani Fletcher, tells Action News Jax she believes he’s being treated unfairly. > “Mr. Weeks is a wonderful, wonderful neighbor,” said Fletcher. “And I’m proud to have him as a neighbor.” So if he kicked in your door, smashed up your home, threatened to lynch the people inside, still cool?


Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.


Are *all* of these knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, short-bus window lickers incriminating themselves in the public domain? Bye-bye criminal defense attorney.


I’ve been to Macclenny. Personally, I would rather be in jail than live there, so good for him.


Fat, middle aged white guy from Florida. Shocking


This is my favourite subreddit so far this year.


You have to be a special kind of stupid to tweet about the crime you’re committing....while you’re in the middle of committing said crime.






He only eats organic!


Last seen stealing Austin Power's mojo?


"our 1776" so whose was the first one? Are you suggesting you are something other than an American?


Nah, this is your 17 to 76.




As someone who has been to Macclenny... The most surprising part of this article is that somebody from Macclenny had enough money and could actually figure out how to get to DC. They're uhhh... well they're the Arkansas of Florida I guess.


If this was actually his 1776 he wouldn’t be getting arrested. They’d just catch him and put a bullet in his brain. What an idiot.


Florida Man, Florida Man, doing the things a Florida can, what's he like?, it's not important ... because he tried to overthrow the government for a narcissistic racist idiot wannabe dictator , Florida Man.


Having been to Macclenny, FL, can confirm, this dude’s definitely from there.


One thing I will commend about all these terrorists is their complete lack of vanity. I wouldn’t dare leave the house looking like that, never mind posting pictures that hideous on social media. It takes a lot of courage to look that bad and own it and to not use photoshop and filters. There’s a lot on Instagram who could learn from these pigs. I applaud their dedication to #nomakeup and #nofilter


He’s from the same town that has had controversy over a mural of county history that shows the Night Riders from the Klan. https://www.jacksonville.com/article/20150716/news/801249386


Why do they keep saying 1776? The American Revolution began in 1775


When they say 1176 do they really mean 1861? So confusing since they all seem to be confederate?


When are they picking up Boebart


Meal Team Six lost a core member


Headline: Weeks Gets Years


As a general rule, I try not to mock anyone's appearance. But I'm going to have to ignore that and point out that he looks like Fat Bastard in the first photo.






Another Wide Boy.


Whoa, he's a big boy! Looks exactly what I imagined he would look like.


Take the country back from who? From what?! These idiots live in the weirdest fantasy ever.


100-1 odds this man has never read the constitution and its amendments. "i found a way to make my racism sound noble to the other complete morons in my tiny circle"


There’s a fellow who’s been denied his free donut and isn’t going to take it any more.


Someone at my blue collar bar said they didn't kill a cop because he died of a heart attack. I was like my dude I hate to break it to you but we all die of cardiac arrest. Probably though the fire extinguisher and kicks to to head and torso contributed to the heart attack, but that's just me.


Their stupidity is just absolutely amazing... Their face is forever etched in US history. Forever.


Lock all the traitor terrorists up! USA! USA! USA!