Holy fucking shit. CTV gets it's news from OnGuardForThee. They deserve all the abuse they get from convoy supporters. What a horrible company.


I knew the media was going to go after him. That was obvious. And this is just the beginning. They're just getting started. With that being said, I genuinely believe this is only helping Pierre. People see what's going on with the media and the Liberals. You'd have to be blind not to. We're voting for Pierre to put an end to it.


Just finished listening to the interview. Nothing objectionable was said unless you subscribe to the rainbow haired brigade that gets triggered by anything a white male says.


None of this is changing anyone’s mind. If you were looking for another reason to hate him then you’ll use whatever you can to add fuel to the fire. If you already support him then this is just another example of how deranged those who oppose him are.


This is why all media companies need to be defunded. There now exists an incentive structure to keep the current government in power because it affects their bottom line. This leads to them creating smear articles on non-issues such as this one.


I'm convinced that the Anti-Hate Network is the Liberal equivalent of QAnon. They spend their days searching for clues, anything, OK signs, an unusual phrase, or a strange cloud formation. And with these clues, they construct a narrative that is not grounded in any reality. I realized this during the convoy. "He's a racist!" *Why?* "Because he has a Gadsden flag!" *But there's nothing about that, it's just a protest against government over-reach.* "But I once saw a white-supremacist with the same flag, so anybody with that flag is also white supremacist!" *Oh, and how do you know that person was a white-supremacist?* "Because they flashed the OK sign!" *But the other day, I saw Melanie Joly flash the OK sign, is she a white supremacist?* "NO! That's different!" None of the preceding is to deny the existence of white supremacists in Canada. It's just WAY overblown, and they are stretching at the boundaries to label everybody in the Conservative party.


Because it literally is. We call them TruAnon on Twitter for a reason.


*wait til you hear about Diagalon...*


Actually, I'm glad you brought that up. There do seem to be at least a few crackpots talking about this right? The question always is, is it more than just a couple guys in their mom's basement on Friday night?


The level of hysteria on this absolutely benign comment is hilarious. Even Patrick Brown is engaging with this bullshit lmao


These outlets have absolutely no shame.


I hope CTV realizes that this anti woke bull shit is exactly what Pierre is standing against, and stories like this will not sway his potential voters, but only galvanize them.


You overestimate how many voters will come to Pierre's defence over stupid comments like this. Regardless whether you view it as racist, it definitely is something only a moron would say.


You and just about everyone else are over-analyzing a simple term he used in passing. Sorry his phraseology isn't exactly to your liking. Jesus Christ.


People got upset over "Anglo saxon words" Poilievre derangement syndrome is on the rise.


people wonder why Trump got elected... Its our turn for populism.


100% I'm leaning into calling Poilievre the new trump and using it as a positive


Egghead intellectuals pontificate on bullshit like this and then wonder why there's a rise in anti-intellectualism lmao


Wait. You know you're influenced by populism and you're proud of it?


Big brain genius over here is too smart to fall for populist trickery. Good thing we have you to ridicule us into doing the right thing.


The attacks from the left on Pierre only served to make me think voting for Pierre is the right choice for Canada.


sigh... simple 'anglo-saxon' language :) just say 'english' next time and be done with it.


I believe it was a reference to an Orwell essay, from what Ive read.


They’d still find a way to attack him over that. Turn it into him attacking French Canadians or non English speaking immigrants or refugees. There’s nothing wrong with what he said. The problem is the idiots desperately looking for a problem with what he said


It's such a weird comment from PP. Like what do you mean Anglo-Saxon language? English borrows heavily from other languages like French (especially after the Norman invasion) like are you trying to find words not linked to French or what are you trying to say??? This type of commentary could even get backlash in Quebec. Pierre will get wiped in a general election. Guess we should be looking forward to the Liberals until 2029.


What part of the interview is this in, any one have a time stamp?


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