Every single thing that comes out of this absolute imbeciles stupid mouth is infuriating.




The funny thing is, a ton of liberal voters agree with him. Their reasons for agreeing with him are almost entirely incoherent and idiotic, but they agree with him nonetheless.


Just following suit I suppose


See, the way to handle this is to say on the followup. "I'm astonished that the prime ministers is suggesting all the gangsters and violent street criminals in Canada are black or indigenous Canadians. Does the prime minister have evidence to support that outrageous suggestion?


I would love to watch his head explode if someone actually said this. He’d probly just walk out again.




The laws they're talking about are the minimum sentences used to prod our extremely liberal judges into giving more than a slap on the wrist to violent offenders, especially those using firearms.. As much as gun laws proliferate for ordinary Canadians, the ones against criminal use of firearms are rarely being used for anything but bartering with defence attorneys.


Exactly. He’s suggesting that most crime is committed by the groups aforementioned. If question period weren’t literally public theatre, this would have been the follow up. This shits just used to keep the population busy.


When it comes to violent street crime most of it IS being perpetrated by various minority groups. But that's something the left, including the mainstream media will twist itself into pretzels to not say.


First thing i thought too - did he really just claim that only minorities are criminals?


Right, which is exactly why we should build a race-based criminal justice system, just like Apartheid South Africa! Whew!


Is Trudeau implying that certain races commit more crimes?


Of course he does…


I’m against all crime. If a white guy is caught dealing fentanyl or smuggling guns across the border they deserve the book thrown at them just the same as a non white Canadian.


How about we focus on keeping out of starting a life of crime? Such programs will disproportionately help minorities. The solution isn't to practically get rid of punishments for robbers and organized criminals.


Prime minister Blackface is not only a race-baiter but obviously doesn't care about the victims of crime. What a fool.


We are against crime. The liberals should be too, but saying all criminals are black and indigenous was a shock coming from Trudeau


"Trudeau says anything to get public support”