When I fully started the playing the game since ditching it after launch, somewhere around S6 2020, I got a rare BK-57 Snakeskin camo that I absolutely adored. I used that gun for a long time even though it was nothing special to get use to the ingame mechanics. When the Space Race legendary BK got released I just purchased it and to this day I still enjoy using the heck outta it, hell even I used it in the tournament stages and did okay! Next up is the Chopper, S7 2020 was the first BP I purchased, I was quite addicted to the game and using a new LMG with a unique hipfire attachment got me excited! When I saw Kreuger Alchemist using the leggy Chain Reaction in the trailer I thought maybe I should buy the gun as it looks good on him. I couldn't complete the draw at that time and had to wait for a year for them to reintroduce it in the For You section. Even though by 2021's standard it wasn't that much appealing I had to honor the wish I had, this game and those moments was the one of the major thing that kept me sane during the pandemic.


GKS. Without doubt, my absolute favourite gun and it has never failed me. I remember initially not liking it when it released but the literal season after, I was just in love. Everything about it is perfect to me, from the range and damage output to the mobility and lack of recoil and good accuracy.


Yeah gks has been underrated for so long


BY15, UL736, and M16. None of these are really meta (that might change with M16 in next season) but these are the first three weapons I got gold with and I've used them for quite a bit until I moved onto other weapons.


RPD since first playing in 2020. I love the mag capacity and medium-to-long range.


Same with me, it's my favorite gun out of EVERY & ANY COD GAME. & I love the ghost skin for it, along with Keegan


When I started the game I was terrible I was desperately looking for a good gun and that was when I found the m4


since S7 ( radioactive agent ) till this day still using QQ9


MSMC or M4LMG. neither one are worth running but i love them both


ICR. My favourite


Mine is dr-h wicked claw until now...


Gotton to like the Kilo I use for Ranked Multiplayer.