Most underrated Call of Duty game? [COD]

Most underrated Call of Duty game? [COD]


Advanced Warfare. In hindsight exo movement was something no other shooter had done or has since done and the appearance customization was the deepest the franchise had ever seen. You could customize right down to your gloves and knee-pads. The series never went back to that idea again, even though it was probably the best.


> In hindsight exo movement was something no other shooter had done or has since done. Titanfall literally predates AW by like 6 months and has a better advanced movement system. Halo 5 also had an advanced movement system a year after AW


Yea but there are other things to consider. The interactive maps, custom scorestreaks, the pace of the game was nuts and customization in that game was Innovative and now we have supply drops and season passes and everything.


Battle Field did interactive maps first and better, Titan fall had custom streaks as well (titans) and had a faster paced game. Halo reach had better customization 4 years prior. Supply drops and season passes are from other games.


The question is....most underrated cod. Smh too much information can make you look like a real jerk


The reasons he gave aren't correct. It's the same bad takes people have on this sub because they don't play other games or st least keep up to date with the industry.


>The series never went back to that idea again, even though it was probably the best. The reason they never went back to it because it didn't work at all. Especially not on Advanced Warfare. IW/BO3's exo movement was acceptable though but not just the thrust jumps vertically into the air all the time which AW had.


I loved infinite warfare when it came out, and the zombies is great


Cod mobile is underrated


Cod mobile. Heavily underrated among other cod veterans.




how is mw3 underrated? like wtf? never saw one person ever say that


It's just personal opinion, people talk about MW2 and BO1 instead of MW3. And people tend to not like MW3 as much as the other ones, even though it's IMO the best COD


It's infinite warfare by a wide margin. MW3? Yall suck that games dick here.


So many people want to shit on WW2 for what it was when it released, and I'll admit, it was in a really weird and not so good spot. But after Condrey left and SHG overhauled the Divisions system, I truly feel WW2 became one of the best PS4/Xbox One era CoDs, it's just so many people dropped the game and refused to return. The DLC maps, weapons, the events In the end, the only thing I didn't like were the supply drops and the Requisitions perk. But it was the first CoD that I willingly went past 4th prestige (made it to 8th before finally setting the game down as BO4 was releasing) Now talking about it, I almost want to uninstall CW and MW to reinstall WW2 and play it more.


I played it before and after the update and felt it just became less absolutely terrible. It was still the most restrictive COD since the pre-COD4 days, the perks were terribly balanced, and the maps were still mostly awful. I give respect to those who did enjoy it, but I was among those who tried it post-update and still despised the game.


Cod WW2 post-update was great, but saying it was the best PS4/XBOX One era ain’t sayin too much cuz that era was disastrous for cod


I personally preferred the divisions before the update, incendiary shotgun on the mountaineer class got a little annoying after a while, but to each their own


Tis a pitty they thought the Calvary Division was a good idea. Shit ruins objective game modes.


BO4 by far. Great multiplayer, zombies and incredible battle Royale. It would be the perfect package if it had a campaign


CoD: Ghosts. People hated it because it was "cool" to hate on CoD back it the day, it was definitely a bit different due to the abundance of larger maps, so it was slower paced on many maps, but maps were interactive and some even changed over time. The perk system was incredible, it gave much more customization and possibilities than any other CoD. Killstreaks, tacticals and lethals were also very good, very similar to MW3 though. Weapon balance was good and you could use nearly anything since TTK was lower than in other CoDs.


i agree


IW has a godly campaign and zombies was great


Cod 3 cause at least the others are talked about to a degree, cod 3 has been largely forgotten about it and it’s a shame


If I remember correctly, it was also the only CoD WW2 game to feature a Polish campaign


Canadians also


Cod 3 was considered the worst cod generally by the community for 7 years until ghosts (2006-2013). Probably best it is forgotten.


It was my childhood game so it’ll always have a special place in my heart, never understood why it gets as much hate as it does. For a game that was made in 7-8 months, I think it turned out good


Ghost. Not sure why everyone hates it, that was the last COD game I actually enjoyed (besides Warzone)


The really weird part is that Ghosts and MW (2019) are very similar. A lot of the features that are “new” in MW (2019) were first introduced in Ghosts. It’s a shame we’ll never get closure on the Ghosts campaign. It was a great story with a lot of attention to detail.


I agree that they're very similar which is why I hated MW 2019. The campaign on Ghosts was great though. Had they not called MW 2019 MW people would shit on it too. Game gets a huge pass because of the name .


Ghost was my favorite for a long time.


WWII Absolute dog shit at launch, it took them a long time to fix it but after the overhaul it was great.




Canʻt really vote because Iʻve only ever played MW2 and MW2019/Warzone/BLOPs Cold War. I took a 9yr hiatus and only came back due to Lockdown.


Black Ops 3


Ghosts, it was not that bad plz dont flame me


I feel like it's ghost its far from my favorite but I feel like it got way to much hate


Cod3 had vehicles. Infinite warfare would have been second choice


waw all the way. Straight up, the best ww2 game ive played


Bit late but joining in anyway. It's IW by a mile. The community hated that game before they ever played it. If you give it a fair shot you'll find a top 3-5 campaign from COD ever, a really fun underrated version of zombies and multiplayer with a higher skill ceiling than your average CODs because of the movement. I loved that they used to BO3 movement instead of the pogo stick style from AW. If they had released this instead of Ghosts in 2013 it would be held in much higher regard. But it borrowed mechanics from Treyarch's game the previous year so felt a little too the same for a COD that came right after BO3. It does suffer from that 2015-2108 we will make loot boxes work trend but I don't feel it ever got a fair shot from most. It's a blast and one of my favorite CODs ever.




Black ops 3 , the loot box system was hated but it gave a variety to the game .Also the best exo cod .


Bro people suck that game's dick.