This is shaping up to be a great program. Finally getting funding to help foster care kids who are aging out of the program earn a living and not just become homeless. Help keep kids who have been involved in the legal system employed which will reduce recidivism. And the jobs literally go to keeping the streets clean and safe. This is the kind of thing that will actually result in reduced crime and reduced homelessness while brining income into poor neighborhoods and fostering a life of rewarding work for those involved. I really hope this turns out to be wildly successful.


It will pay for itself. Great plan.


>The first phase makes $150 million available to 13 large cities and phase two will make $35 million available to smaller counties and cities selected through a competitive process I'm in support of a job corps but am concerned about administrators siphoning off these funds leaving little for actual people


California has had their CCC for quite awhile and it's worked well.


Of course they have to - the $15/hr min wage means no kids have the ability to start off at a firm that will give them on the job training. At the same time, the state piles more and more red tape onto businesses, causing them to flee to Texas and/or Arizona. Soon enough, we'll turn into Maryland or Ohio, where the biggest employers are public entities like schools and hospitals, with their link to federal funding.


“The biggest employers are public entities” The biggest employer has been University of California for decades, where have you been?


I've been reading about the imminent collapse of California for over 20 years. And I'll be reading about it for the next 20 as well.


It's not going to be a thud, but a whimper. 2020 is the first time in the states history we lost a seat in the US House. First time. Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, are taking the new marginal tech jobs. Sure, we'll have some. For the really expensive stuff. Like how NYC keeps some traders. And London keeps some brokers. But the times are changing, and firms are adding new jobs outside of CA instead of inside. It's the peak of arrogance to think we can pile on red tape on top of red tape forever with no consequences.


Shut up you ingrate, that isn't how it works.


Of all the responses to this dunce, yours is my favorite response.




arent we looking for money for universal healthcare right now?


That money has nothing to do with UHC.


There is plenty of money for UHC. Take what everyone currently pays in premiums to insurance companies. That more than pays for UHC. No more need to pay for profit margins. No need to pay for advertising. Dramatically reduced overhead because everything is approved and you aren't fighting your own clients in court all the time. Most people's premiums would go down significantly with the swap, and only those who earn more than $400,000 annually (per the last bill i saw; this may have changed) would pay more. Afaik the big hold up is more to do with businesses realizing that the healthcare they provide would go away and they'd need some other way to entice workers (and apparently higher wages is off the table because why pay people what they're worth, right) so business is fighting the legislation. Unions, too, I'm sorry to say, because all those healthcare plans they negotiated for become worthless once UHC is a thing.