So sorry OP, I would've filed a complaint honestly. That's borderline harassment


Unprofessional doesn't come close to what this is. This is someone being a worthless person quite literally.


what a dick of a professor


Whew, lord. Reading that made my blood boil for you. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope all is well with her now. Good professors are hard to come by as it is, but it seems like nowadays, kind professors are even harder.


> I hope all is well with her now. she passed away in 2019. The doctors decided that it was pointless to perform surgery on her which had a very low chance of success.


Oh man, sorry to hear OP. Cancer really is the bane of our existence. Sending you lots of peace and prayers.


that professor has no human decency. im so sorry OP. my mom got sick and passed away, its a very difficult topic to talk about in the first place, let alone have someone expose you in that way in a professional academic setting where you would expect some compassion. sending love and healing🤍


Fuck cancer and fuck that professor.


I took him as well, everyone seemed to like him but I thought he was a dick.


Agreed, I took him for a 2000 level Calculus class and he was extremely nit-picky and condescending when you asked for help as if you were an idiot.


Yeah I was taking a quiz and asked for help he said to give up.


I hope you know this was a direct violation of Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If you have any evidence of this being read out loud by eyewitness testimony from any peer in your class willing to speak out they could be terminated. Those sorts of things aren’t taken light *at all.*


I doubt this comes close to a FERPA violation, definitely not a direct FERPA violation unless the email that was read out included grading.


Email communication is covered under ferpa


it's not the method, it's the content. ferpa protects specific records. > Well, early on finals week, **I emailed you to ask if I could make up the missing homework.** disclosing a student's request to make up missing homework, see if you can find that in the FERPA code.


Damn what a complete dick. Sorry you had to go through that OP


This is horrifying. I am a lecturer and cannot imagine such inhumanity. My beloved father died of cancer when I was in school, and I know how devastating it is to try to keep up with classes while caring for your loved one, your family, and yourself. A student in that situation needs all our support and empathy. I'm SO sorry that he did this. I hope you are healing.


OP, I'm really sorry you had to go through that. Instead of being supportive, this professor decided to push you down when you were vulnerable. I wish you the best and hope you continue to recover well from that pain and get the emotional help you need if you haven't already


Oh wow, I had a 2000 calc class and I taught he taught well, coming from someone who hasn't understood math before to see why it happening and not just how.


Robin Wilson? If so I am very surprised. Very sorry to hear about your mother OP.


That’s horrible. I’m sorry you had to go through that




i know ur thing is trolling but to troll under a post like this is really messed up, he’s literally talking about dealing with losing his mom and you decided this would be a perfect opportunity. that’s a dick move.