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I like simplex safes. No numbers, no keys, no batteries, strictly mechanical and can open very quickly and not crazy expensive


Take this with a grain of salt because my situation may be different than yours. I bought a cheap pistol safe off of Amazon for the two bedroom pistols because we have kids. It gets the job done because my kids could never get into it BUT the safe itself could just be carried away by someone. When I leave the house in the morning, one goes on my belt and the other goes in my proper safe downstairs. The bedroom "safe" was about $75. If you only have one or two pistols, you should look into spending a couple hundred on a proper pistol safe. If you have a proper gun safe and don't mind moving your guns, you can get some great peace of mind for real cheap.


What’d the budget? Cause pistol safes are going to run from $20-200 and all can be be good depending on what you plan to use yours for.


I can tell you what safe not to buy. The ones from Walmart are a no-go. Also anything the lock picking lawyer has cracked on his channel.




I have a large gun safe that stores my current pistols/rifles/ammunition but it is located away from my bedroom. I would like a small safe large enough for a full size hand gun and two magazines to keep in my bedroom.


I would like to spend less than $150


An extra $50 or so will put you into a better quality spot. I'd recommend either a simplex safe like someone else suggested, few different companies make them I have one from Fort Knox. I also have the Vaultek Barikade w/ biometric. If you're going to get a fast access handgun safe that is electronic, you may as well get one that can use a combo and fingerprint. This one isn't going to fit two full size handguns. If someone wants in they can smash it and get in, more of a keep kids away safe - this is for pretty much any handgun safe. I'd look through black friday ads.


I've got a winchester 26 from TSC from when they used to be 400$ prepandemic on sale. Now for the money, you're better off finding a larger one on sale. That's my main safe. My bedside is a little "El safo" style one with a fingerprint reader from Costco. I just bolted it to the inside of my night stand and then bolted a cable from my night stand to a joist under the bed.


There's a YouTuber who did a bunch of handgun safe reviews. A lot depends on how secure you want vs your price point. https://youtube.com/c/HandgunSafeResearch


Biometric Sentry Safe w/ finger scanner