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Yup I've got that. I'm into day 3 now and it's gone away but it was the only really localized source of body pain I had the first two days; otherwise just a general feeling of malaise. I took painkillers obviously and hot showers where I let the water run on the back of my neck for a while and it helped. Hang in there.


What are your symptoms now?


Sorry for the late response; neck pain went away about a day after my comment there. I had a weird run of one symptom coming and another one going: malaise > chest congestion > sore throat > clogged ears/nose. I'm 7 days after my first positive test and 9 days after symptoms and I feel basically back to normal except for sinus congestion. Hope you've been on the come up as well!


Yes I had that at the beginning! Went away within a day or two.


That is a common symptom with BA.5


Yes I feel 100% better, my worst symptom was my painful neck 😭