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Sudafed was the magic pill for me when it came to relieving sinus pressure, which helped my ears.


Sudafed (12 hour) during the day, mucinex (12 hour) at night. Or take Sudafed at night too if you can tolerate it, for me it makes it so I can't sleep. Nasal irrigation (neti pot) morning and evening. This is not hippie dippy nonsense, it helps clear the mucus from your sinuses.


Theres mucinex with sudafed in it too. It's a magic bullet.


Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-SZ1r1dnho Ask your Dr about H1 Claritin or similar and and H2 Pepcid. Do a search for info Also a PT for vestibular therapy can help with vertigo by doing the Epley Manuever, search online info


yes! this was my key symptoms for both my boyfriend and myself. I'm talking 100% clogged both ears. i also couldnt get them to pop either. I took mucinex d daily. I don't know if it helped shorten the period of time but for me it last3 full days. the day 4 one ear was unclogged which to me was worse than both ears and then day 5 the other ear about 50% then day 6 100%.


I'm so sorry this is happening to you. The inflammation is causing tremendous pressure in your ears. When this happened to me the pressure was so much it actually punctured my eardrum. Luckily I went to the doctor after and it had gotten infected and I got antibiotics. Maybe call your doctor and see what they say. It's very scary and painful.


Yes! Had this is one ear. Claritin and Sudafed was recommended to me and That helped a lot!


Try garlic olive oil in your ears, the olive oil helps pain and the garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties to prevent infection


I had the most insane sinus pressure during my first bout with omnicron back in December/January. I was wary of taking too much OTC medication, but using a neti pot and taking lots of steamy showers helped my head a lot.


I only had mild ear pain during covid ( if you develop secrete throat pain - take cherry menthol lozenges as makes huge difference ) . I did have horrendous pain in ears once with flu - thinks it’s due to the pressure . The only thing that soothed was dipping wooden spoons in boiling water to retain heat then wrapping in a clean cloth and holding flat against the OUTSIDE of ear - was soothing. Just take care


Also saw something on IG for opening sinuses a little . Use 2 thumbs under cheekbones area and pull outwards towards ears . Also try pulling both ears apart too - assists with draining. I’ve been doing post covid as an exercise


Yes! I had ear pain along with sinus pressure as well during Covid.


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