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I’m sorry you tested positive after you did all you were suppose to do. I wonder how many more people that juror infected. It’s not only our government but society says it is “over.” Take your time and get well.


I started my period during covid too. What a double whammy! I’m sorry. It honestly took away from my period symptoms due to already feeling crummy. Try to rest up and hydrate.


Pedialyte and mucinex to the rescue


Yes yes yes! Mucinex helped me a ton during my last few days, especially once my congestion drained! My cough is almost gone thanks to mucinex!


Make sure you inform the court clerk office immediately. That’s a valid excuse and you won’t be called back when they start again. You don’t need that stress. Stay home best you can and take care of yourself. That’s all that matters at this point.


We were all excused from next week because the case was postponed so no worries there :)


Day 1 was by far the worst for me. Hopefully it gets better. Rest up!