Be warned, 2004 and older is MUCH HARDER. They use cable throttle (rather than electronic) so you need (in addition to the easy little dash switch) the cable actuator box, a computer module in the dash, different brake switch, plus wiring it all together.


I have a 2012 Corolla that i bought new. In 2019 i was at a scrap yard and found a leather wrapped steering wheel from a 11-13 model. I bought that with the cruise switch still attached, hooked it up and it worked. I drove that car half way across Canada in 2013 and I wish I knew then what I know now. Also off that same car, at a later date, I bought the lights and wiper switch levers, so now i also have variable intermittent wipers (and a fog lights switch which doesn't do anything)


9th gen has a similar easy to install method too! Almost exactly the same thing.


I miss that little lever. I have a 2021 Corolla and its all on the steering wheel. That lever was so easy and intuitive.


Yeah but the 2021 corolla cruise control blows the 2015 version away. You have radar to detect the cars ahead slowing down, automatic lane centering and collision detection. I do find having to press the "radar button" a bit pointless but meh.


*Laughs in 2011*


Well, that's great to know! But it makes sense given that all cars nowadays use fully electronic cruise control that can be integrated into the main computer. It was much harder to add cruise control to a 1997 Corolla, for example, because you had to add the control mechanisms for the cable-controlled throttle.