Bo3 fan: *exists* Bocw fan: omg leave us alone stop criticising you're just a gatekeeper


The victim complex BOCW fans have is so annoying, and I'm saying that as someone who enjoys BOCW's core gameplay. I dont care about Outbreak that much tho.


It bounces back and forth so much. Like half the time it’s bo3 fans playing the victim and the other half is bocw fans playing the victim. They’re both pathetic


I like CW, I like BO3, don’t get why people feel the need to compare CW to the older ones so often and vice versa.


it's due to people's expectations. since a lot of people loved the gameplay in bo3, and they see it as the golden example of zombies, along with bo1. but since bo3 is one of the most decisive of the bo games, some will try to play the victim to make others feel bad for hating on bo3and get sympathy points. their problem is not trying other games, because they know bo3, and are scared at the thought of trying any new or old zombies content. (you can apply this for cold war too, but not the nostalgia part) i hope this helps :)


I saw a terrible post the other day that was like "stop criticizing this game because you don't like how it's easy! That's stupid! You guys are so toxic! \*\*proceeds to make strawman arguments then blatantly insults the older game multiple times\*\*" If you're going to callout toxicity, don't be toxic while doing it.


Well this it, the most delusional thing I've read on Reddit this week.


Literally never happens


Bo3 fans that harassed and drove away people who liked IW, ww2 and BO4 telling them they're not real zombies fans that are still toxic to this day: exists


BO3 and CW fan: exists Wait that’s illegal


I love both zombies lol, only one I can't comment on is exo zombies because I'm waiting to get it all on sale to try


this is a meme on Reddit! Hope this helps! This does not even use the words “Cold War”. Sorry 😟


A million dollars says you made this with CW in mind


It was actually Vanguard zombies and Bo4 because they’re the most different of all of them. Ironic that you describe BOCW fans as having a victim mentality when you were so quick to jump the gun on them.


Maybe you're right. But I won't feel attacked since, as long as the mode isn't too easy, i like all games. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one looking forward to vanguard zombies, even without round based 'till season 1 😅 Wait I got downvotes for saying I.... basically like cod zombies? lol


It’s ok bro. I get it, Cold War Zombies IS too easy. WAY too easy. But the important thing is, it brought new fans into the ecosystem. I would rather zombies evolves and brings in new fans rather than having it die off due to no new players. It’s a small price to pay to keep PVE in CoD. I apologize for my hostility.


Okay now lets kiss




You don't need to be easy to bring in new fans. Ppl on here conflate complexity and difficulty, and idk why. They're not the same.


The numbers don’t lie bro. EE completion rates were at like 5% or something before Cold War. Even if it’s too easy for us, I’m glad that newbies are able to have fun.


I didn't say they do? I just said there are other ways to open the door to new fans w/o making it super easy.


There's no round based until season 1????


Nope. The first mode will be like an onslaught and outbreak hybrid I think. And later we'll get round based


Thank God I didn't pre-order


I mean I think every game’s fans think their game gets too much hate lol Except BO3 fans, who have a god complex


*I hate modern zombies, I'm sticking to BO1 and WAW


Bo3 no longer fits with modern zombies imo. It came out 6 years ago after all.


Hot take, it was the turning point of when it became more action based rather than survival horror


Ok you can't be saying that when origins was in bo2


Origins is a mega exception


The two best zombie games deadass


waw,bo1 and bo2


Yea, the amount of just pure hatred between fans on here is crazy. Play what you will, it's all personal taste anyways.


The Cod Zombies community used to be so relaxed and fun. After Bo4 it feels like the community is a toxic shadow of its former self.


no it wasn’t. it was never relaxed in this sub y’all must’ve forgotten the BO3 shit show when it was still new or just a few years ago with BO4 lol


It's even worse that some people justify/justified the toxic behaviour due to the games that were in their cycle at the time. I get that not everyone has to like the same games, diversity is what makes zombies great. But fucking hell, the toxicity that people had to go through on especially YT, Twitter and Reddit for liking IW, WW2 and BO4 is just inexcusable. There's no place for such dumbasses in this community.


This needs to be the top comment. People are so full of anger here. This whole sub needs a Xanax IV.


They need a whole script of Xanax not just a xanax💀


It's okay to like any zombie experience, it is okay to prefer one games Zombies to another. But please for the love of god stop bashing people for what they like. Like holy shit, who cares? I enjoy Cold War a lot, I prefer it to Black Ops 3, but I don't cry at people who like Black Ops 3, it can be annoying when people go "Well I'm gonna do X, Y and Z instead" because they're free to do so and they can do it without telling the rest of us. If you wanna play Black Ops 3 Zombies, go ahead, if you wanna play AW Zombies, go ahead. If you're gonna debate which is "better" etc, then at least be civil, and make comments about certain things that you do and don't like about that game. Yes, the game being "too easy" is a fair and open critique, but don't just say it and leave it at that, explain why its too easy.


I wasn’t bashing lol. I’m just saying it’s ok to play old zombies games. It was always allowed to go back and play others, you don’t have to like modern zombies to be a fan.


It wasn't just about your post though, its about the general state of this Subreddit. Everyone acts like 12 year olds in a playground, and your opinion is never correct. But your post highlights a good point, there's too many "I don't like the look of X, Y or Z so I'm gonna go play A instead" and that's fine, you go ahead and do that, but I don't want my front page to be the same posts about the fact you're gonna play A rather than X Y or Z. Like you're acting entitled.


Very true


That, but with Bo4. I played so much Bo3 that now it's just... boring. At least I have a challenge in the form of Dark Matter in Bo4.


I fucking loved Bo4 zombies. It was so different but Classified, IX, and Ancient Evil were my jam


Eh, I don't really like Classified that much, mostly bc I usually go for Easter Egg, and the... is it a remake or a remaster? Whatever, it just doesn't have that much to do outside of rounds.


bo1 the best zombies 😩💦


Fax. I loved the goofy randomness of it even if it is kind of frustrating. It had a “make do and survive with what you can” feel that most zombies maps these days don’t have. You felt really vulnerable and mortal in WAW and BO1. You knew death was the only way out, it was just a question of how long until you died.


Only game where we will ever see George :( rip


I’ve liked all zombies really, BO4 might be least fav since It wouldn’t let me buy maps separately, had to buy them all at once. Other than that they all have their pros and cons and it’s just fun to play zombies


That’s fair. Bo4 did try to fix a lot of things that weren’t broken. But I would be lying if I said Classified, AE, and IX weren’t fun as hell


Yeah I fr cant remember a time everyone was happy with what zombies they was playing and didn’t get shit from other people for playing games like bo3 or ww2


WaW and BO1 are the only times I remember everyone just being excited when the new maps would come out. BO2 maps were controversial and maybe there was one or two in BO1, but everyone seemed so damn excited it didn’t matter so much.


The last time I remember the community actually all together on something and having fun was when revelations released after that it kinda started tumbling down lmao


I don't know which fan base is worse between black ops coldwar, black ops 3, black ops 1 and waw Black ops 2 and 4 honestly don't see that much, most likely over shadowed by the rest.


Bo4 zombies fans got wiped out by the Bo3 fanboys years ago (I love bo3 but they are so elitist)


Or maybe it's because not as many people liked that game and it couldn't hold a long term population


Still waiting for factions 🥲


Same bro


BO3 fans are the boomers now, god I feel old.


I remember booting up shadows of evil for the first time on my 360 🥲 needless to say, I immediately started saving for a next gen console. It’s a shame because I hated SOE for the longest time due to my first time playing being last gen.


bo3 Hive mind: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Bo3 deserves the love, I just wish we didn’t hate on other games because of our love for Bo3


If I had a penny for every time I saw this strawman, I'd be able to rebuy BO3. When will people understand that it's not about BO3 itself, but the level of quality that it brought? With the direction that this community is going, I'd wager an eternity and then some.


[BO4 fans be like](https://giphy.com/gifs/bushes-spicer-correction-COYGe9rZvfiaQ)


Both games are great. Just very different from eachother


I like Cold War zombies but BO3 is my favorite lol


Is it wrong to look forward to new content I'm going to enjoy? Is that the state this subreddits in where we we cant voice our complaints about new content just not being up to par with what we expect?


This is a meme bro


I like both games tbh, Cold War has some amazing gameplay systems & unlock progression is really well-designed. And BO3 is obviously fantastic I don't know why people are so upset about people playing & enjoying other zombies games.


Very true. Bo3 also has chronicles, the best soundtrack, and amazing cutscenes. I also love Cold War Zombies because it was a blast to grind for the best skill tiers and become an absolute beast. Outbreak is a blast with friends too.


nah BO3 doo doo as well ( not doa2 tho)


BO3 is modern zombies though


The only reason I usually play the older cod zombies or only play in the zombie chronicles maps is because I'm not a big fan of the enemy types in the newer ones. Other than that I've liked every other zombies mode I've played


I do love WAW - BO3 zombies more than any other zombies mode because of the characters and the story, but I do find IW zombies so fun and enjoyable to play, WW2 is unique and I like its theme, BO4 was a huge let down for me but still find myself enjoying it with my friend (IX is amazing), CW seems weird to me, it lacks characters that made me love old zombies and a lot of stuff from it just don't seem too appealing for me when it comes to overall representation and such, it just feels like empty in that sense but I still like the movement, overall WAW to BO3 will forever be my favorite style


BO3 do be GOATED though. Fuck I love the easter eggs in the game 😂


Hahaha me, Bo3 never dies 🔥🔥🔥


Yeah bo3 is fun which is why people want more of it. But apparently wanting a better product isnt allowed anymore and you just need to buy the new game or shut up.