IMO the LMGs seem like they're going to be the meta. Once you reach a certain level of clunkiness, they're only good at range anyway. Now that long range built ARs hit that level of clunk, you may as well use an LMG that has better stats since you'll need an smg to do everything else anyway. minbak/vaznev9k seem top tier smgs. AK74u is going to be king sniper support unless something changes. Its AR damage and recoil profile with smg mobility and sprint out times. That and sniper + ak74u


I have a feeling battle rifles might be meta. Mainly the Scar-H seems pretty strong on Taraq at least Also agree the minibak is probably my favorite smg


I think you’re right on the money. The Scar Battle Rifle is gonna be a contender for meta I think.


Please god yes, the SCAR H is my favourite gun in real life and the game


Just something about that no bullshit aesthetic combined with it hitting like a truck. Long may it reign.


Yea I agree on the Scar-H. I think that'll be crazy strong. Especially if they're using AR ammo (not sure how the ammo breakdown works in wz2). Not so sure on the other ones though. Also people are very polarised on battle rifles (after the DMR meta) so the negative reaction if they're even remotely good is probably going to get them nerfed faster


Scar H is nice, but recoil is nowhere near the level of controllability as Sakin/RAAL/kastov 7.62 If anything, it'll be a solid mid range performer.


Raal h is leveled and waiting !


I've been playing around with the RPK and you can get to move like an AR, but hits a lot harder. I think that's going to be my Warzone primary to start.


The Aug (STG?) lmg looks like a winner. I leveled vasnev yesterday, very impressed with it.


Thank you. I think I will use your recommended load out of rpg + ak74u.


I think the Aug, the Scar, 74-u and the MP5 will all be smart choices right off the bat for AR/SMGs


Yup… MP5 feels great and will no doubt be my midrange sub. Fennec is crazy close range.


Gonna start with Aug and Vasnev.


Vasnev is nasty. Thing hits. Leveling it now, together with SPR.


The PDSW shreds in multiplayer too.


We got new clue imo. Think best we can do is just experiment and see what works


Yea mean wait for a streamer to tell people what they’re using.


Haha hey I need someone else to spend the time that I don’t have


It's honestly going to be the most fun period, however brief it may be. Once everyone starts running the same thing it just loses a little flavor.


I started with the RAAL and that thing slaps in MP.


Raal, mp5


I feel like the lachmann 762 and the rpk have potential, but I haven’t had time to test out a bunch of guns yet. I’m definitely gonna use one of the spr variants as my sniper


got rpk and working towards lachmann myself, I think SPX will be a perfect sniper tbh


I think the second sniper, the semi auto .50, might be pretty good. Solid ADS time and more damage


Unless they buff it for warzone, signal was hitting way too many hitmarkers at range for me in invasion compared to lab or spx


Agreed I think the rpk will be up there. Once you level the kastov tree and can apply it to the rpk the thing shreds in mp.


My plan for day 1 is to use the raal+mp5 or the stb 556+whichever sniper. Currently leveling snipers now, I think if you're running a long range AR/LMG you're going to have a lot of visual recoil so snipers will be very strong.


This is the move. RAAL+MP5 off the bat is going to be crazy, plus SPR/preferred sniper with the STB or 74U will work great for that playstyle.


minibak has same ttk up close as mp5, better at range, better recoil, and also doesn't need a magazine attachment. Its gonna be hard to beat unless its nerfed.


They may need it just before. But yes. It's nice.


I’ve almost got the create a class unlocked. 🤘🏻 ![gif](giphy|fkD36jhiqzJ9m)


Whatever I pick up. I'll be a lowly f2p so no loadouts for a while


I don’t have enough time to level them all up so I’m just focusing on unlocking all of the bases so that I can easily switch to whatever the meta ends up being.


I would just go through the full levelling grind and unlock everything. If 2.0 is anything like the current game the meta will change every few weeks. At least if it’s done now you don’t have to take time out to do it later


All of them.


All of them 👍🏼


Use what you like and enjoy. Who cares what a YouTuber calls meta. Another reason people enjoyed early Warzone is because there wasn’t 50 YouTube channels dedicated to loadouts.


I don’t necessarily mean meta, just something on the stronger end of things in general. If the meta is battle rifles aint no way im using that lol


I think it's going to be pretty balanced and the META will have a wide range. Excited to jump in! MP is a bit boring to me. But the grind continues for at least another 5 days.


All of them because you fucking have to


The entire Lachmann Meer (HK) platform is solid. Anyone that says the lachmann 762 is bad doesn’t know how to use the gun


Makes me proud to be from Lachmannia


The rpk, raL, ak74u, lachman 556 imo for now until changes come to damage output and whatnot


I kinda feel like SMGs may not be as meta in WZ2 due to the movement nerf. Since people wont be able to slide cancel and bunny hop their way in and out of rooms they’re going to be easier targets at close range. Thus, we may see more ranged attacks.


Agree. I maxed AR and sniper rifles out. Going to work on LMG next. See how warzone plays out and then will pick my smg to level up. Also need to see how the load out situation works. Looks like you may be buying your weapon from the buy station, might not be able to get primary/secondary every round. It’s why I’m focusing on all the primary’s. Time will tell


Probably. AR sniper METAs are fun. No one shot with 3 plate though.


Smg will still be meta for clearing houses. I've been tac sprinting around with an ads build (controller) and shredding with the mp7 and vector


Probably the weapons yet to be releases (in the battle pass) will by far have the best stats. At least that’s typically been the MO to drive battle pass and blueprint sales.


Probably right. But getting loadout 14 minutes in is going to be rough.


The gun stats for WZ will be vastly different from mp. Best thing to do is level up whatever feels comfortable for you


Level them all up at least to 18 or so. So you can get the good rare attachments unlocked.


I got 6/8 gold ARs and maxed out the first sniper. I stopped playing after I hit 55 because it felt pointless to continue, so I’m waiting for Season 1 to start grinding again.


How do you get gold? Just max the weapon?


Each gun has 4 camo challenges that are unlocked by maxing out the gun. Once you complete those 4 challenges you unlock a new challenge that unlocks the gold.


I would suggest to max out as many weapons as possible. Or get the to the point to unlock good attachments. Some of the better attachments need odd guns done to unlock them.


the MCPR300 and a couple of ARs and SMGs that i like the feel of. not really on the grind but you need a good sniper and a good AR/ SMG at a minimum


As many as I can.


Gonna be snipers and either SMGs or something like AK74u




Everything. We have no clue what will be good and right now the camo grind is the easiest it will be in the entire games lifespan so I've been grinding literally everything


I’ve maxed out all assault rifles, and half of the pistols. Currently grinding platinum rifles and pistols, then I’m going for Smgs!


Every LMG; we got a squad of 4 and we came from Battlefield 3 so we use the Assault, engineer, support, and recon classes and I’m the support


Probably m4 mp5 and 74u


My snipers and shotguns oddly enough. I assume everything else will beef up thru warzone gameplay and battlepass boost


I didn't really have much time to play lately so my goal was to have a least one fully unlocked AR, SMG, sniper rifle. AR: M4, AK. The **AK 762** is really nice, I like the tradeoff, slightly lower ROF/more recoil vs more damage. SMG: Working on it: **MP5** Sniper: the first one for now **victus xmr** BUT I'm upping the SPR tree to unlock the **SP-X 80**. Invasion mode is nice for upping snipers with bots and all, but the rival team members all have the same idea lmao That way I have CQB MP5, all-rounder the AR Kestov 762..and a powerful sniper because I believe a lot of enemies will have at least one sniper in their team.


So far only marksmen n snipers lol I thought we’d be buying guns instead of loadouts so leveled the snipers thinking ar/smg ground loot would be more plentiful. Thinking of focusing ar/smgs (along the trees) now to help add versatility.


All of them, because the attachment are universal


I think Kastov AR and Minibak SMG for Close range. SPR Marksmen. Will be enough..


Hoping my minibak unlocks some day lol


Level the 74u for minibak to be unlocked


All ARs and SMGs.


All of them. Then grind for camos.


I'm just going plat for ar, sniper, and smg. I'll figure out what guns I'll use when the time comes. I've got a few in mind


The thing is. There will be a weapon tuning adjustment just before it releases. I do think the SO14 is DMR like though. AK74u is definitely a good sniper support. But I don't think snipers will 1 shot down a 3 plate person. Which it's pretty good I guess.


I just hope they dont ruin this like wz1 where a sniper cant 1 kill headshot at range


I honestly think they did. So it's like blackout. If you have a 3 plate Satchel or whatever. It will not be one shot to the head. But it will with the 2 plates. I'm not sure how rare those are. I'm working on my Battle Rifles and LMGa now. Almost done with BRs. But I haven't touched my LMGs yet. It going to be a long weekend. 😁


Lmgs are abit of a pain due to mobility, might have to hop on invasion for those myself


is the XP / attachments between MW2 and Warzone 2.0 shared ? I don't remember this being the case with the previous cold war / warzone 1.


It is shared yes


Kastov 74u slaps and can be used as an smg with the movement. Would probably run an lmg so rpk or sniper given how bouncey the recoil can be with ARs at long range on mw2.




So you can get a full load out including perks equipment/overkill etc from load out drops for free that spawn halfway through the match. However these can be accessed by anyone in the game. You can only buy single primary weapons from the buy station/shop. I think I would more than likely buy a primary weapon from the shop and perhaps attempt to pick up a full load out later on depending on ground loot. May also be worth stacking UAVs in prep for going to pick up a full load out drop to see if anyone else is going for the same one


I only use AK47


AUG will be the meta, quote me on this. Absolutely no recoil whatsoever, fast mobility, fast TTK.


Thing feels like a peashooter but you're right about no recoil


I think LMG and Snipers have currently the best shot to be meta. So the RAAL,RPK, HCR and RAPP-H for the LMGs are imho good contenders. For snipers i'd go with the MCPR300, Signal50 and the SP-X80. In terms of ARs I'd say go with AK74u, STB556, Lachmann556 and the Kastov 762. SMG that have a solid shot of being at least viable if not straight up meta: MP5, Vaznev and PDSW


I have been playing MW2 since its release and have a lot of the guns levelled up. When they release Warzone 2 next week, will the guns remain ranked up or will I have to unlock them and level them up again? Not a big deal just wondering.


All connected


So I'll keep the ones already ranked and unlocked?






All of them


Got all AR’s & MR’s gold. Going for SMG’s & SNIPERS next. MP7, 74u & SPR should be meta at first ?


Im not sure on spr, Im gonna go with either SPX or the MCR. 74u and a sniper sounds like a solid plan of the bat though!


Yeah SPR base model. But the Sniper version. 😂 I hope it will be viable.. loved the SPR from MW2019, so hope it will be back


Never forget the days when spr made it into the game, thing destroyd WZ lobbies.


Hit scan!! No bullet drop across the map, one shot ability. 🥰 just like the AS VAL with 10 magazine.


Praying SPX80 is the same next week. Id actually cry from joy


I was gonna spend time leveling up the spr but I have a feeling a nerf may be coming 😂


I like to grind max level for every gun in the game so I am prepared for the inevitable nerfs and buffs that come along in the future.


trying to bring myself to this atm but so little motivation




The SCAR-H is my child. I suffered through the other 3 piece of shit battle rifles gold just to get my scar in platinum. I hope it doesn't get *too* much use/traction in WZ2 cause then the sweats will flock to it and it'll get nerfed into oblivion. :/


Genuinely hope they dont go meta, DMR14 days still haunt me


The mp7 and fennec are good in MP, i think the bullfrog has potential too. But for BR they will probably nerf some stuff when 2.0 launches so don’t get married to any specific gun yet.




Minibak and Lachmann Sub are my favorite smgs so far. The vaznev 9k was pretty decent too. I've been grinding marksman rifles too and my unpopular opinion is the TAQ-M is pretty fun as long as you use a follow up shot. Next to no recoil and semi auto so quick for followups


All of them


Just finished grinding the knife it’s sharp


STB, TAQ-56, KAI’ll probably use the M4 seeing as I’m max on it already, I feel the Kastov 762 & 74u could be great, as well as one or two of the battle rifles. Definitely the Lachmann sub & Fennec. Vaznev looks decent but not tried it yet. I do think the RAAL and the Sakin could be pretty good choices too.


Came to a sad realisation that i need to try and max most if not all guns due to attachment sharing 💀


If I could get another round for my underbarrel launcher my kastovia 545 that would be dope. It’s been actually fun to use since it was a piece of shit in warzone 1.0. Looking forward to using the Lachmann MP5 more


To me at least, this games mp5 feels a lot weaker compared to the CW and MW19 version. And I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but I can’t wait to see how the MP7 in WZ 2 performs. My build is absolutely melting people in multiplayer. By far my favorite smg in the game


I’d say experiment on some guns, I started grinding the H4 Blixen and it melts, not a meta but it’s good, then I’m using the KSP it’s like a AR but in the SMG category, anyways just grind on guns and do experiments with them.


I can tell you what most certainly wont be meta: kastov 545. Straight trash. Stopped using it when I unlocked the 74u, and unless that thing is an absolute laser at long range, I'll never pick that marshmallow piece of shit up again.


I know this is an old thread, but that kastov 545 comment had me dead lmao. I felt when I was grinding the 545 that my bullets were straight up healing people when I shoot them