Tip: You can have an SMG with 150 ammo from loadout by having a pistol with Fully Loaded Perk. This way you don't have to waste an attachment slot on your SMG. Useful for when you redeploy into a Loadout Drop and have to fight immediately.

Tip: You can have an SMG with 150 ammo from loadout by having a pistol with Fully Loaded Perk. This way you don't have to waste an attachment slot on your SMG. Useful for when you redeploy into a Loadout Drop and have to fight immediately.


I also have another loadout called "Desperation" where I have Overkill and my normal Bruen but on secondary i have a Grau with shortest barrel, merc foregrip, no stock and fully loaded perk. This makes it the fastest moving speed AR and fully loaded makes me have a full ammo Bruen. Extremely useful when dropping on the 5th circle free loadout.


Great idea. If I'm not wrong you can run faster with some guns and the right attachment than without it.


No stock and Merc Foregrip always give ~4% movment speed each. Some guns have shortest barrels that also give ~2% movement speed. These 3 attachments can make some weapons like the M4, M13 and the Grau run at 5.10 m/s. That's more than the base movement speed of a white MP7 + the bonus of full ammo for your primary AR/LMG. You run fast as fuck with your super short, unstable AR and then switch to your "jack of all trades" gun when in good position. Trust me, this is by far the best loadout to grab instead of a normal overkill or a ghost loadout when redeploying at 5th circle. Saved my ass countless times.


Wouldn't it make more sense to use the M4 than the Grau, so that it's useful for short range engagements? Maybe even using the 9mm conversion to make it an actual SMG.


With the current meta a fully loaded FAL would make the most sense




It's true, but it won't be nearly as fast as I'd like it to. I use a Bruen with mono/horizon barrel/60round/tac laser/skeleton stock and I find it much more useful even in close engages than a very short M4/M13. FAL makes a case for strength, but lacks a lot on the mobility department compared to the shortest Grau/M4/M13.


Does the 9mm m4 still use ar ammo?


Yeah just like how the 60rd drum on the AUG still uses smg ammo


I believe it does.


It uses AR ammunition I’ve tested it


Awesome. Good to know!




Bruen with fully loaded instead of tac laser is what i run with ghost in late game risky drops


I recommend the M13 as your Desperation loadout. M13 Got a barrel that already comes with a sound suppression muzzle, which means you can't add / dont need to add a monolithic, it's block. So, you get the full ammo perk as your 5th attachment without losing the other "five" attachments you already have. ​ Another AR that can do this trick is the ODEN.


Also the kilo


M4 too


Which M4 barrel comes with a suppression muzzle?


fss predator


Grau is one of the worst choices to close combat... better go with the M4 or RAM7... at close they are way more effective.


Also the m4 has the barrel with the built in suppressor


how did i miss that?


I just maxed my M4 yesterday, I think it's the like the second to last attachment you unlock, so it's easy to miss


I think the idea is that you get full ammo for the Bruen (the gun OP actually wants to use), but also can move as quickly as possible with the short, shitty Grau. Other short guns may be better than a short Grau, but don't provide the movement speed. You do this with the intent of only really using one gun.


So go with an FAL with the no stock attachment fully loaded. You'll have the fastest movement speed and it'll be actually useful at close ranges


That's a really good idea. I gotta make this class


FAL with No stock, Merc foregrip and Shortest barrel has 4.68 m.s movement speed compared to 5.10 m/s. Also the shortest barrel on FAL makes the initial dropoff (reduced damage by a lot) at 9m instead of the 19m you get from the longest barrel.


where are you getting these #s for m/s. What is the MS of a uzi with short barrell, merc, and nostock? of Kali sticks?


Uzi is actually the fastest moving gun with the 3 attachments at 5.27 m/s! Here is the website, you can just write Codgundata on google if you don't trust the link: https://truegamedata.com/?page=landing EDIT: Go for the full comparison tool instead of the quick one


This is really cool, but my biggest complaint is the recoil is relative instead of absolute. Damage range charts with the attachments would also be really useful.


The recoil is relative to the gun though. Merc/Ranger/Operator foregrip will always reduce 17% of a gun's vertical recoil. On an MP7 that's nothing (17% of 0 is still 0), on an AK-47 it's massive. There's TTK chart comparison in the tool, you can calculate the dropoffs from there


Oh, I completely missed the TTK chart! Doh! Thank you, this is so cool! So, I guess I don't have a problem with the relative recoil, per say, but I'd like to be able to better visualize the actual recoil effect. Still really cool site, and it's convinced me I need to give the RAM a real shot, and I've been judging it too harshly by the common drops around the map. It's also convinced me that my choice to run PKM instead of Bruen is totally justified for my playstyle. Thanks for sharing this, I could spend hours on it!


You get it. I'd rather fight with my bruen at any range than a very shitty M4/M13. RAM and FAL have a huge movement disadvantage. RAM doesn't have "No stock" and FAL has less movement overall, both caping at 4.68 m/s compared to 5.10 m/s. Same goes for putting suppressed barrels, they miss the point of extreme speed. EDIT: corrected a mistake for FAL's case


The Galil is pretty effective close rang as well. I bounce between it and the ram 7 on my sniper class


I'd very much consider the galil if you're running it as an smg, way higher dps close range than the grau.


I love that gun too, but it lacks a lot of movement speed even with the 3 attachments. Also, frankly, weapons with the shortest barrel SUCK on the recoil department (primarily Galil and FAL) so I'd rather use my main weapon at all ranges and have the fastest one as secondary.


Terrible advice lmfao. Grau is outclassed at close range by many ARs and it’s definitely not the fastest moving AR. Also you need ghost SPECIALLY in the fifth circle. Uavs and heart beat sensors will kill you.


It actually is the fastest moving AR


The point is to NEVER fight with the Grau. You only use it for the highest movement speed possible and repositioning away from the loadout crate. Then you use the primary for every fight. I'm not saying this will win every game or that you won't die to unfortunate circumstances, it WILL give you a better edge if you start immediate fights after the drop and need ammo though.


Put a no stock FAL In your pocket. Shits mean.


Personaly I use the AUG with the 5.56 rounds with a pistol that has fully loaded, with the right attachments it works for most ranges and I don't need to use over kill. This is a life saver as I don't find myself useing the gulag untill it is about to close (I don't go for hot drops) which means I will probably not get another drop in the game and ghost has saved me many times.


Coolest thing here is you can have your ghost or restock class have fullloaded ar/sniper + fully loaded pistol. Hadn't even thought about fully loaded being on a pistol.


Yep, those are two of my ghost classes. Still trying to remember to coordinate with teammates about what ammo they need! Edit: one class for AR, one for sniper ammo


Do you keep the reserve small ammo if you immediately switch out the pistol for ground loot?




This only works with Pistol/SMG or with other type of guns? So like Pistol/AR of Pistol/LMG?


Only works for SMG/Pistol because they use the same ammo type.


I believe it's more complicated than that. for example if u want max ammo for the Fennec u can only pair it with x16 or M1911 because they all use 45.acp ammunition , if u want max ammo for the mp5 u can only pair it with renetti or m19 cause they use 9mm ammunition Edit: I forgot to say this only applies for regular MP


I'm going to need confirmation on that because Small Ammo is Small Ammo. There isn't different kinds of Small Ammo in this game.


It works as he described in regular multiplayer for sure - you have to match ammo types of secondary Fully Loaded gun to your primary weapon if you want the trick to work. You also only get ammo from dead players if the ammo caliber is the same. I wouldn't be surprised if it works in Warzone though, as they did indeed simplify the ammo by pooling it into actual ammo drops.


Yeah, I super have my doubts still though.


It does not work this way in WarZone. It is 100% small ammo regardless which ammo type you are using. It def matters in MP picking up ammo but doesn't apply in warzones


I thought as such.


Well if you super have your doubts then go super test it.


I don't need to. A lot of people are confirming it for me. Plus the guy responded saying "MP only." So. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


I forgot to say this only applies for regular MP


Ground loot yes, fully loaded no.


At first I thought so too but when I tried to pair the fennec with the renetti with fully loaded perk because the fennec has such a little reserve ammo it didn't work, it only work when i pair it with the x16. Edit : forgot to say this only applies for MP


No, it works in warzone with any pistol and any smg, regardless of attachments or ammo type. whatever you tried you didn't do it right


no it doesn't stop talking about things you haven't tried.


It literally works in warzone i just did it


Only when they are the same caliber; > At first I thought so too but when I tried to pair the fennec with the renetti with fully loaded perk because the fennec has such a little reserve ammo it didn't work, it only work when i pair it with the x16.


Dude you don't have to copy and paste a previous comment I've already read. You are wrong i dont know what else to tell you. Try it again. All the pistols and smgs use the same ammo type in warzone there are no calibers or any of that like they run it in MP. I can't add anything to this. You are not correct, it works, ive done it forever. Also, i literally just tested it again. You are simply wrong.


That’s how it works in MP. it’s a little different in Warzone. Ammo is condensed into a couple types rather than caliber


Any gun which shares ammo type, but pistol is the only secondary you can do it with unless you have overkill


You can do it with the AUG 556 - still counts as pistol ammo in warzone , if you need some bigger kick


I do this with the AUG I also do this but I Also use an AR with fullyloaded so I can pick up an SMG from somewhere and be good to go (and a burst renetti is good enough in the meantime)


Wow thnx!


How’s the Uzi in WZ?


With the ammo conversion, mono supp, merc foregrip, sight of your choice and sleight of hand it is an absolute beast


With the ammo conversion kit and special challenge barrel its great. Almost like a hybrid AR/SMG


It's a great all-purpose gun for people who don't want to go through the trouble of getting 2 loadouts. You can get the build from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-p7EyyrMjo&t=589s


Used to run this on an Aug with the AR conversion but eventually just moved it back to the ridiculously deadly Mp5. Too much kick on the Aug


I just have ram-7 with fully loaded for emergency load out drop. Can easily sacrifice an attachment on that gun.


Very clever! Always heard that matching ammo between primary and secondary shares between the two, but I never would have thought of using fully loaded on only one


Or you could just get a better gaming chair


Obviously the move is to switch it out for an SMG but is there any pistol worth running in case I get stuck with it?


Downed someone in this situation pretty easily with a fully loaded renetti (sp?) the other day


Renetti with burst (not akimbo) will actually down people pretty quick


people who already do this what smg are you running? mp7 so you have some range?


Mp7 is great but the mp5 is actually just the best smg out there. I run both sometimes but my main classes run the mp5. Honestly the recoil isn’t that bad for the mp5, very manageable on pc although maybe for controllers mp7 would be better for late game.


MP5 all day.




I used to have one of these loadouts. But it got wiped when I overhauled all my loadouts. Super useful.


Known this since launch. 👍🏻


And cue Infinity Ward Patch while hacking runs rampant in WZ......


People didn’t know about this ? I thought this was common knowledge since the game came out lol


Weird flex but ok


Not a flex at all just shocked how dumb some people are


Exactly. Been using this forever


Most players have under a 1KD they don’t know many things about this game