As an addict who has done this multiple times, it never works out and always devolves into regular usage again. I didn’t have any problems with weekly smoking after a 2 month break, other than the fact that it led very quickly to daily smoking again. I’m on day 6 again for like the 10th time. Waiting until I get my appetite back to smoke again. It just has to be extremely moderated. I do genuinely believe 100% cessation is the only viable long term treatment, I’m just not physically or mentally ready for it yet :/


I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve started over… and here I am again on day 5 myself lol but I will not be going back when I get my appetite back. Extremely moderated never stays that way for me.


i definitely had harsh symptoms come suddenly. i suppose my prodromol phase was super mild or i just attributed my symptoms to other issues. then one night after smoking, i started throwing up and couldn’t stop, i ended up needing to be hospitilized. i would not wish that pain or experience on anyone. if you can quit for a month i’d keep going ! you totally got this


That endless throwing up is so scary, I’ve unfortunately learned my lesson with it a fair few times in the past year. I would not wish that pain upon my worst enemy. I’m so sorry you had to go through that


Trust me, I do what you do way too much. And it has ruined the better half of my summer. The chs may be gone but our body still holds the chemical memory of how weed made you feel. Think of it as chemical ptsd. Once you get chs ur body stores that memory and releases those symptoms as a defense mechanism because it now views this thing as a threat to ur health.


Yep you took the words right out my mind lol


OP if you’re one month clean keep going, your body will thank you for it.


You are gonna get a million different responses because the truth here is everyone is different. Are u an addict? Can you manage once a week or is that a slip that will become daily use? Does one puff give ur hypermesis? What products will u use? (Carts, herb, etc.). Everyone seems to have varying degrees of tolerance. U won't die from hypermesis or prodromal, but u can die from severe dehydration which is caused by them. Keep hydrated my man!! I daily smokes for years primarily carts. I had 2 bad hypermesis episodes before I knew wtf was going on. I quit for 4 months and 2 months ago began daily use of weak herb only. I'm currently on day 3 of very mild prodromal symptoms. I now know my threshold, and plan to only use one night per week. I'm a bit of an addict and I know the slip can become steep, but I have a major back injury and PTSD, so I find weed helps a lot. My wife is going to help manage my addictive behaviour for me. This is my last effort, if it goes beyond 1 time per week, or I developed symptoms, I'm quitting for good.


Most of my many episodes can suddenly without any warnings. In the end, it just wasn't worth it.


I’ve found that no matter how much you use, it will always creep back. I’ve even been thrown into a small episode after two months of quitting just because I didn’t have the thc fully out of my system and I ran into a stressful situation. Unfortunately, the only true cure is a full detox. Going into it moderately continues to keep thc in your system, and for me, as long as there’s thc in my system, I can have slip into hyperemesis phase. That being said I’m almost 5 months clean and have 0 issues. It’s hard at first but the joy of knowing I won’t get sick like that again is the biggest blessing. I can’t recommend that enough.