Wesneski looked good which is all that really mattered. Hard for the offense to not be terrible when missing Suzuki, Contreras, and Hoerner.


Yeah I think six of the starting nine bats were rookies, I'm buying on Wes though


It’s hard to believe that Wesneski was only the 5th-highest pitching prospect for the Cubs. He’s looked dominant so far in the big leagues.


Yay Wesneski! Oh no, Adbert!


That's one where you could convince me Ross lost on purpose for the tank.


To be fair, I doubt Ross is orchestrating defensive fuckups that allow runs on what should be routine infield plays and fluke ground rule doubles that bounced just inside the foul line next to a brick wall


honestly yeah


first and yikes, such a winnable game. what a shitty way to end a nice little streak.


Offensive impact of no Willy is getting easy to see over the last few weeks. Wesneski looked great. Love to see him get some confidence going into next season.


Plus no Suzuki or hoerner for a couple games now. With all of them, not a great offense. Without? Oof


I was at the game and listening to Pat and Ron in one ear. When Pat said Adbert was warming up in the bullpen I got excited. Good to see him out on the mound again. Wesneski dealt, and the defense failed us, but it was a skeleton crew. My fourth and likely last time at Wrigley this season and they lost all four, which has been a bit of a bummer, but I’m feeling good for next year, especially if we pick up a couple of pieces. A lot of young talent.


Tired of hearing about Alzoyal's potential.


That was the first game he pitched all year


Yea. Striking out 5 batters in 2 innings in your first game of the year is pretty lame.


His career ERA is 4.58 before today. But yeah, striking out guys is cool I guess. Dat potential.


He would be a 3-5 starter if it weren't for his injury this year. I'd expect him to be pitching good innings for us next year.


He’s a really good 1 inning reliever. I’ll take it.


He’s shown to be a dominant multi inning reliever too, he’s just not built up to multi innings yet.


I’m a little worried about his inability to get out lefties, and multi inning guys still need to get out lefties. But maybe he’ll improve


Yeah it’s a real issue no doubt, but if he doesn’t figure it out and good single inning relief is his floor, that’s not so bad either.


To those frustrated about Alzolay's performance, it was his season debut, and more importantly, he is 100% inessential to the Cubs future. He has good stuff (looked better than his stat line) and could be a solid reliever -- but who cares at this point...this isn't the tail end of the Theo era where you're praying that he could be in a playoff rotation. If Alzolay is another Angel Guzman it doesn't matter. It's house money.


There's no such thing as "house money" when it comes to pitching. Teams need every single good arm they can possibly get. Edit: Even the mighty Dodgers have had 11 pitchers start games for them this season, and used 31 pitchers total. NO TEAM ever has enough pitching.


Bizarre response. Of course every team needs pitching depth, but a failed starter of the past regime has no relevance to our future. The point stands that Alzolay was desperately needed at one point to develop into a starter and that is now not the case. So yeah, house money.