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what the fuck


Yeah, I’m with you on that What the actual fuck


That was my second thought, behind "Is that Jon Kitna's son?"


Is he Jon Kitna's son?




Been scrolling looking for this info so that I didn’t have to google it. Tough day for Jon Kitna as a parent, as a parent myself, I can’t imagine how to handle this.


One of those things theres no playbook for how to handle


I wasn't the only one, good.


What else can anyone say, realistically? This shit, if true, is vile like no other.


The cops are saying they confirmed that the images were posted by his Discord account, he told them that he thought they were legal because he found them online, and they found a few additional images on one of his devices. Certainly seems like they’ve got him dead to rights.


>he told them that he thought they were legal because he found them online Yeah. Sure.


I just want to reply to the top comment with the text from the article that clarifies the situation: >GPD says they received a cyber tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The tip says that a Discord user distributed an image of child sexual abuse material. >After further investigating it was revealed that two images were shared from the residence of UF quarterback Jalen Kitna's Discord account. >After talking with Kitna, he says he remembered sharing two images but thought they were "legal" since he discovered them online. >His devices were obtained and three additional images of child sexual abuse material were found. This is NOT a one year oopsie, former HS girlfriend situation. He found several images online and distributed.


Yeah that kinda kills the possibility that this is just him having pictures of a high school girlfriend or some slightly under 18 freshman girl on his phone. Dude had legit CP on his computer. Ugh.


That and he said he "discovered them online". He's probably fucked.


Yeah. Discovering them online - the only way I can think that happens accidentally is scrolling through imgur user sub. And it's not saved to you computer. And you insta report it. Geez. What a creep.


I used to spend a decent amount of time on dark web sites when I was a depressed and edgy teenager, and my god the amount of CP was sickening to 15 year old me. And this was with explicitly avoiding sexual NSFW forums for this exact reason. A lot of sites got sent to tips.fbi.gov. It’s abhorrant how much of that shit is out there without even looking for ~~me~~ it, it breaks my heart.


Back in the dark ages of the internet. You never knew what you were downloading on Napster and Kazaa. Shit gives me anxiety to this very day.


Limewire “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”


Is it possible to report that on the dark web?


You can report the site to the fbi. Not gonna be much done fast but they do have a pretty good track record of bringing down the big ones


I’ve heard before that they leave some of them alone and just monitor them to catch pedos.


Absolutely, the FBI are perfectly capable of using a tor browser. Might take them a while to figure out who's hosting and using said site, but a lot of times these people don't have iron clad security processes and the FBI can figure out who they are. Ie, if you come across this shit somehow, report it immediately.


They almost always go for the big fish. Had a partner have an Ex that was jailed for having CP. prosecutors cut a plea deal if he’d rat out the distributor. Most toned the FBI will save resources to go for the kingpin and shut down the entire operation


Yeah that strongly suggests this is not a "technical" infraction but rather something that's illegal on its face.


>he remembered sharing two images but thought they were "legal" since he discovered them online. Bruh, one of the golden rules of the internet, if you have to question it its legal it's probably not.


& obviously whoever reported him was able to deduce that they were underage..


Best case scenario, it's pictures of a HS girlfriend. Worst case scenario... fuck. Edit: The article has been updated since I posted this. It sounds pretty bad now, so... fuck.


People have been posting screengrabs of the charges… looking more towards the latter


>(4) It is unlawful for any person to possess with the intent to promote any photograph, motion picture, exhibition, show, representation, or other presentation which, in whole or in part, includes any sexual conduct by a child. The possession of three or more copies of such photograph, motion picture, representation, or presentation is prima facie evidence of an intent to promote. Whoever violates this subsection is guilty of a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. I think this is the charge though, which isn't super illuminating. I'm not sure about all the Discord stuff though, this is the first I'm hearing of it.


Some of the discord details are explained in the linked article.


Ah, it's looks like it's been updated or something. When I clicked, all I saw was a single sentence. Either that or I'm just blind lol.


“The tip says that a Discord user distributed an image of child sexual abuse material.” Yeah its the worst case


Of course he got it off Discord...


He didn't get it off discord, he shared it on discord and that's how they found him.


Gamers, let's go back to TeamSpeak.


Ventrillo gang rise!


Vent was the shit. Used it for 10+ years gaming with the gang… same server


That’s a throwback memory I didn’t want to have on such a serious thread.


Some of us refuse to change with the times and never left


Discord is better in basically every aspect…. but give me TeamSpeak back for the nostalgia


Except for audio quality. There’s a reason why most esports use TS for team communications.


Search warrant followed by multiple immediate second-degree felony charges strongly indicates "fuck."


Interesting potential twist, but I’m not optimistic.


That was my exact reaction as well.


I'm guessing he's probably not taking the field again






Unless this is a colossal misunderstanding i want all memories of him completely scrubbed from this university (not that there are many )


Yeah, this is absolutely horrible. Good riddance.


https://twitter.com/cfbtalkdaily/status/1598064442012377089?s=46&t=4jeNmni4cTLqP-h0UMTwWw Do the charges shed a little more light on what he actually did?


Per TMZ, 3 counts possession, 2 counts distribution. So pretty serious


Yeah, given he was 19, at first I was like: maybe some 17 year olds parent got upset - which has happened. But this was the Feds who go after and trace very young children online, and he was clearly sending and receiving. :'( Fuck man, poor kids.


The feds probably helped, but he was charged under state law. For those unaware, certain images get tagged as child porn. ISPs will flag the tagged images and pass along the info to law enforcement. Law enforcement can then use this info to help get a warrant. As far as I am aware, they flag the more egregious material of very young children. There is no "oops" I thought the kid was 18. Remember, intent is an important component of the law. Close cases will be harder to prove. When law enforcement tracks this material, the hardest part they have is proving that the person actually received and/or sent the material (did someone else have your password?). So they ask you to admit to the crime, which he did. They do not have much of an issue proving you knew the child was a child based on what I stated above. With that said, the man is due his presumption of innocence in court, but not by me or the Gators. Fuck him. It's not just the people who create it that are the problem. The people who consume it provide the market.


Yes you are super close. Google created a mass index of file hashes that are known underage victims (this is just one example). This way companies can scan if they have them without needing to have actual copies which would be illegal. What sounds like here is he uploaded it, discord's sensors caught the file hash and they were the ones that reported it as is the law. He is royally fucked.


Yep. My understanding is in cases where you can’t tell they rarely get pursued. It would be a clusterfuck if say someone on onlyfans posed as 18 but was 17 so you then charge their subscribers. These images don’t get flagged unless they are 100% obvious


Agreed. Also, remember that these cases take a lot of work (including warrants etc.) And they are going to have to present this to a jury. Do you really think law enforcement wants to spend their time on a case with a 17 year old child when there's plenty of people out there peddling prepubescent pornography? That's much more likely to get a conviction (and a headline).


Dude DISTRIBUTION, what the fuck Edit: of course it was over discord




Wait Discord does what now with my info


Oh buddy, I got news for you about your phone...




Hey man it was a heated gamer moment^TM


Unless you are going to great lengths to keep yourself private, everything you do online is tracked and shared.




















He’s fucked


Entering the transfer portal to jail.


It possibly does, but considering the crime, I would rather not speculate.


Statute: 827.071(4) It is unlawful for any person to possess with the intent to promote any photograph, motion picture, exhibition, show, representation, or other presentation which, in whole or in part, includes child pornography. The possession of three or more copies of such photograph, motion picture, representation, or presentation is prima facie evidence of an intent to promote. A person who violates this subsection commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. From Florida Jury instructions: To prove the crime of Possession of Material including Sexual Conduct by a Child with Intent to Promote, the State must prove the following two elements beyond a reasonable doubt: 1. (Defendant) possessed with intent to promote a[n] [photograph] [motion picture] [exhibition] [show] [representation] [presentation]. 2. The [photograph] [motion picture] [exhibition] [show] [representation] [presentation] included, in whole or in part, sexual conduct by a child less than 18 years of age. The possession of three or more copies of such [photograph] [motion picture] [exhibition] [show] [representation] [presentation] may justify a finding of an intent to promote if, from all the surrounding facts and circumstances, you are convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the intent existed.


No the charges I saw just say he possessed pictures or video of a sexual nature of someone younger than 18. So from the charges there's no telling if it was an old GF who was 17 at the time or something much more disturbing.


Distributing it too which makes that scenario of it being a picture of an old gf he just happened to have on his phone less likely imo


In the article it says he didn’t take the pictures, just that he found them on the internet. Doesn’t say if he knows who they are.


Posted something to discord somewhere, someone sent a tip, they seized his phone and found 3 more images. I don’t want to speculate wildly but I do think that might still leave that as a possible scenario


well it was as bad as we thought ladies and gentlemen.


Is this relation to Jon?


His son




Jesus Fucking Christ that sucks for Jon.


This is Jon Kitna's son right?




Damn that’s even more disappointing. Jon Kitna was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met


Not to diminish the suffering the direct victims have gone through, but Jesus, as a parent, that has to be fucking devastating, not only that your son did something so terrible, but that you will likely be losing him because of it.


I’d be an utter wreck First thing I’d do is wonder where I went wrong or if he wanted to talk to me


IIRC, Jon is a pretty big Christian and was really well respected for the way he carried himself. I remember reading an article a loud him when he was on the Lions and a couple players were saying that they don’t cuss around him or anything because they respect Kitna so much. This has to be really tough for him.


Yeah, Kitna was always a class act. Everyone respected him, and I remember reading stories about how super kind too. He'd always be the first one to offer help if you were having issues. Sad day for him.


It mustve been hard not to cuss around anyone while playing for the Lions.


Those were tough years but he handled himself with class which is why he is respected here.


I agree, I really feel bad for these parents (except of course the ones who actually enabled the behavior, which is likely not the case here). It's basically an impossible situation. With this topic in particular I feel like it's really difficult for the parents do have done anything differently to prevent it. It's not something you are likely to see signs of unless you are a major helicopter parent. And no matter how supportive and caring you are, the topic is so taboo that it's unlikely anyone would go to you for help prior to offending. Of course there are some people that are just so fucked in the head they wouldn't even want help if it were easily available, but I feel like at least a small fraction of them were people who could've potentially been helped before their illness got to the point of offending. But even if you did find out prior to offending, like, what do you even do? I'm not sure how effective hypothetical "help" is for this issue. Your child has not yet committed any crimes, but has an illness that endangers others and is possibly incurable. Terrible situation for all involved.


Oof agreed, great local guy (Tacoma native, Central Washington U alum, former Seahawk, former Tacoma HS football coach) with roots in Texas right now (and admirable Dallas Cowboys backup).


Not a legal guy but sounds like something you *probably* shouldn't do.


As a non-possessor of CP I would also recommend not having any.


Zero is the correct amount to have.


Preferably negative


That’s distribution…




Not a legal guy, but I am a numbers guy. Numbers under a certain number is not good


Am a legal guy (not a lawyer tho) but I concur


Am lawyer. Advise against this


Is that official legal advice?


I don't even want to make fun of the jorts now genuinely what the fuck


That’s disturbing asf


Yeah, that's the thing with this one. You can make fun of Florida all you want but nobody believes this incident in any way reflects the program. It's not like they recruited someone with known criminal issues or will let him stay on the team with these charges. You're better off talking about Aaron Hernandez some more or something.


hey quick question what the fuck


Hope his dad is holding up


Just realized that I never ever care about a criminal's family unless it's someone I know. Ooh. Everyone who commits crimes like this had a mother and a father. Anyway, yeah, I loved cheering for his dad. This is devastating


> Police spoke with Kitna. They say he recalled sharing two images but, thought they were "legal" since he discovered them online. We are so fortunate that criminals are this dumb


That would seem to put to bed the speculation that maybe it was pics of an underage ex-girlfriend. Yikes. He should be done forever.


Some*, the dumb ones are the ones getting caught.


The tip came from NCMEC. This wasn’t a question of a parent finding their daughter sexting someone. And you just don’t find child exploitation material online. This is very serious stuff here.


Thanks for pointing this out. If someone reported his post to the NCMEC, it was clearly CSAM and not a picture of his slightly underage girlfriend. And you don't stumble randomly onto CSAM online, you have to know where to find it and go looking for it.


Holy shit


[News statement from Gainesville PD](https://twitter.com/ZackaryWeiss_/status/1598071655922032640?t=oCPdY06zVqYHDuyQJjq9ww&s=19)


> Kitna advised that he realized he should not have shared those two images, based on the reaction from the other Discord user he shared them with. Kitna advised that shortly after that, his Discord account was deactivated and that he assumed someone reported him to Discord. Kitna stated that he received an email from Discord stating that his account was deactivated due to violation of the terms of service. yeah, gonna go out on a limb and say this wasn't the 17 year old girlfriend scenario a lot of people are speculating about.


Plus, it was a tip from NCMEC. It would seem that they'd devote their resources to clear cases/known material, but I obviously have no idea.


> yeah, gonna go out on a limb and say this wasn’t the 17 year old girlfriend scenario a lot of people are speculating about. In which case let’s hope Gainesville PD and the district attorney don’t make any mistakes that might cause the (hopefully) inevitable conviction to be overturned on appeal.




It seems at the very least that there was no ambiguity about the victim’s status as a minor to the discord user that reported it


Damn. Oh yeah, he's fucked.


Statistically some college player has got to be a total monster like this. Doesn’t make my stomach churn any less


Yeah, it's awful to think like that, but statistically we all interact with at least one person who does some heinous shit that we are completely unaware of.


I fucking hate knowing that earlier in the season I was excited getting to watch this piece of garbage


some percent of celebrities, entertainers, and athletes we enjoy watching do terrible things and sometimes we'll never learn about it


reason "never meet your heros" is a quote in the first place


Fucking disgusting




Where are you seeing 10 counts? The court records only showed 5 total for me, 2 distribution (the discord images) and 3 possession. The website seems to be broke right now and won't let me reload :/


>After talking with Kitna, he says he remembered sharing two images but thought they were "legal" since he discovered them online. This doesn't support the theory that he shared images of a then-17-year-old girlfriend.


Yeah if the NCMEC was/is looking into it then I highly doubt it’s just picture of a girlfriend.




Lol, the link in this post is from a new station and ends with a wrap up of his recruitment as the nation’s #44 ranked QB


Disgusting. Edit: thinking about this, and how he has a dad many of us are familiar with -- honestly this is a nightmare scenario for a parent. It's comparing two horrors, but a kid doing something like this, might be worse than a child passing away.


If your kid dies, you can grieve and the community supports you. If your kid commits a horrific crime, the community is actively hostile to you. There was a really good and bleak movie about this, Beautiful Boy (2010) (not to be confused with the 2018 Steve Carrell movie about heroin with the same name). It is about the parents of a school shooter.


That, and I feel like all positive memories of your kid would be tainted in a scenario like this


Like the Harris and klebold parents that movie is based after-Jon did nothing wrong and his son is a legal adult and old enough to be an independent party


We Need To Talk About Kevin is about exactly this scenario too. It's a fucked up watch, but it is good


I want to look up what this means legally but also I don’t want to fucking type that into google


http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0800-0899/0827/Sections/0827.071.html It’s (4). Second degree felony. If you wanna look it up without typing it in google florida statute 827.071(4)


"I found them on the internet, so I though they were legal" dude straight up browsing 8chan or something


Anyone genuinely that naive probably has no idea what 8chan even is


I was more saying that you dont just happen across this stuff on the normal internet, you kinda gotta go to some shady places


Yeah. I dont think Google is down with that kind of stuff.


Fucking huge yikes here.




Holy fuck my first thought when I saw this was “maybe it’s a 19 and 17 year old situation” which still isn’t great but nope this man was full on sending and receiving full CP fuck him hope he rots in prison, feel for the kids and his dad man wtf


















What the actual shit I guess those rumors of it being *bad* in the other threads were true.


Bad is an understatement.


I gotta wonder how much CP is enough to get you in trouble. I mean 1 intentional pic (liken a search for it) should obviously be jail time. But anyone old enough To remember Kazaa and Limewire know that title and videos would change always and were never what you searched for. Plus with Reddit and OF I assume it happens today by accident. So I gotta assume the FBI only tracks folks who intentionally seek it out which makes this Much much worse. I doubt it’s a pic from an old HS gf.


Kazaa and Limewire-type shit terrify me as an adult. I used to search for naked girls my age when I was 14, because it made perfect sense at the time. I could have seriously got my parents into trouble! Now I have to worry about my son also looking for naked girls his age, which, again, makes sense to him, but is super fucking illegal.


Interesting you bring this up. Genuine question, as a parent, do you have to have an awkward conversation with him about this? I guess how do you go about it


I'll have to. He's 9 now, but has his own phone. We monitor it, but I know he'll get curious soon


i dont think youre supposed to be in possession of that stuff


Hold on....yeah that checks out


Probably why he was arrested.


What in the ever living fuck


Looks like they were right about it being *that* bad


That’s not at all what I expected when I saw that he was arrested holy shit.


Possession AND distribution. That’s exceedingly serious.


Probably needs a serious tag by the mods.


I got a notification he was arrested, thinking I'd see a silly story about a drunk and disorderly. This is not a drunk and disorderly




well that’s not a good look


ah... he is taking up the "i didn't know I couldn't do that" defense.


[ESPN coverage](https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35149554/florida-qb-jalen-kitna-jailed-child-pornography-counts) states that Kitna was sharing photos he found online with his personal Discord account. When questioned by authorities, he admitted to possessing and sharing, but stated that he thought that the pictures were “legal” because he “found them online”. Authorities found a few additional pictures in his possession.


Not great to be a Florida Gator today




Disturbing. Get this guy away from the team


Jon must be going through a lot today. I imagine a parent would be wondering if they did something wrong if this happened.


How to ruin your life in one easy step


What the actual fuck?!?


Run his ass out of town (and into prison)


In all my years as a Gator fan I have seen my share of scandals and crime, but this? This is reprehensible, and I don't want anyone who feels like this kind of shit is okay *anywhere NEAR* our program. Disgusting