“See, there are three kinds of people: dicks, p*ssies, and assholes... “


America fuck yeah


If there was ever a puppet embodiment of CFB it’s throwing up the entire body weight of yourself.


Saw them perform this at their 25th anniversary Red Rocks show on Wednesday. It was fucking amazing. Nothing will beat Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson reuniting to play the classic Rush song Closer To The Heart with Primus and Matt Stone though.


I was there on night one where it was just a Rush cover without Rush :( But I might see myself on Comedy Central cause our night was the one filmed! And we got a Book of Mormon song.


Really they filmed the first night and not the Rush night?! What Book of Mormon song did they play? The girlfriend and I were disappointed they didn't play Finger Bang!


Man Up Username checks out haha


The only people I’ve seen perform at Red Rocks are the Beatles and Jesus


Was it like watching Antonio Brown play football?


Not quite as spectacular as that


Greatest speech of our time


"But it's more fun" -Urban Meyer, probably


"But digging for gold in someone's A-hole helps you win." \-Also Urban Meyer, probably


No, this quote was mis-attributed. It was actually Christian Wilkins who said this. Do not tell me you forgot the Curtis Samuel B-hole incident? [https://www.complex.com/sports/2017/01/ben-boulware-offers-bizarre-explanation-teammate-grabbing-ohio-state-player-junk](https://www.complex.com/sports/2017/01/ben-boulware-offers-bizarre-explanation-teammate-grabbing-ohio-state-player-junk)


*Deshaun Watson was on that team*


Sure was, all in the family.


They may be Bama's rivals, but at the end of the day, they can all agree: *Roll Tide*


I have no idea what your talking about but I can't resist a Roll Tide.


Someone say Roll Tide?


god damn, that was so embarrassing.


*Ben Boulware nods in agreement*


Just guys being dudes, checking each other's oil


His 2-14 record says differently.


Hey, he didn't make it the full 16 games.


No, he didn't make it the full *17 games*.


"If I can't kick my own kicker...what was it all for?" -Urban most definitely


"Yeah but have you ever tried kicking your kickers?"


“You mean kicking someone is assholish behavior?”


"Play through the whistle"-Bowden, Bobby.


You are what you eat!


“…you just have to finger them”-Urban


Also Dave Aranda.


*95% of Pop Warner and high school coaches* - "Well what else am I supposed to do?!?!?"


Being an adult now, looking back at my youth/high school coaches makes me appreciate that they actually seemed to care about us lol.


I feel like if I were to become a youth or high school coach of any sport, I would plan my approach around doing literally the opposite of what my high school football coaches did.


Exactly! Everyone is an example. There are good examples and bad examples. I remember my football coach yelling at me "Did I teach you to box?" "No coach, you haven't taught me anything about this position." All he did was yell, never once explain what he wanted. He was why I stopped playing football.


Boomers think football is like being in the military. THIS ISN'T JUST FOOTBAW THIS IS A WAR "uhh coach this is the third tier of high school football in this state and we are 2-7 on the season and most of the team mentally checked out a month ago”


I always found that comparison so corny. There is nothing really comparable to the two other than the physical fitness aspect of both, which are totally different types of fitness anyways.


This was totally my high school coach. He also refused to run anything other than the archaic offense he ran when he was in high school. If we were fighting a war, our offense was lined up like redcoats while the other team was running the blitzkrieg. He also made us practice on 9/11. "If we don't practice today the terrorist have won, gentlemen!"


the terrorists won with the creation of TSA. That POS organization terrorizes innocent americans every day


They made me toss a snow globe I got for my mom when I was a kid because it was accidentally in a carry-on


In that snow globe? The World Trade Center.


It was the NYC skyline lol


Being a chunky 6th grader with low self esteem sucked. Then going to football practice and have a middle aged man call me a stupid fat fuck the whole time really didn't make things better. To top it off, I got in trouble at home for walking out of practice and quitting.


Same thing happened to me. I distinctly remember a practice the first year I played football (7th grade) and I missed a Hook block, so the coaches ran the same toss play over and over until I got it. But the defense knew, so the DE lined up further and further outside because he knew they would pitch it right at him. Then at the next game, the coach was shaming me on the sidelines that he wouldn’t put me in because of that play. 8th grade and on were way better, but I feel like someone who didn’t love the game would have quit right there


My football coach would punish us if we were caught shooting a basketball at any point during football season even if it was in our spare time. Basketball season started the day football ended, so I would go into the basketball season every year hardly having touched a ball for months. One season we played for a state championship in football on a Friday and literally had game 1 for basketball the following Monday. I really resent him for it because I loved basketball more than anything and the fear of being benched or endless running during football season kept me from enjoying the sport I grew up loving.


Oh man my basketball coach was an absolute ass about everything. We lost in the state playoffs late Friday night. Figured I’d go to basketball practice the next morning to shake some rust off, even tho I probably could have taken the day off and gotten back into the next Monday. Well that was a mistake. That guy lost his mind at me that practice for everything. My football coaches were generally reasonable about stuff tho.


I ran XC in high school and our coach actively tried to drive out anybody who was on the team to condition for their winter sport regardless of how good they were. I feel you there man, and I was someone who was only out there to run.


I ran XC cause I dated a girl on the team, played football cause I could kick a ball, ran track cause it's chill and I liked to sprint, and played soccer cause it was my first love. I happened to get lucky that my coaches didn't care so long as I did extra conditioning, which for me was understandable and doable. Terrible mistake on my part if I actually wanted the right body for any individual sport - I did weights twice a day and conditioning twice a day on top of two regular practices. I needed so much food... But yeah - I do think if a kid wants to take on any sport a public school should allow kids to follow their dreams without being assholes about it. It's their only guaranteed shot at it.


Lmao did he think someone was going to injure themselves shooting around or did he think it was a DISTRACTION? What a fucking nutcase.


Yeah, it was always hilarious when you did something “wrong” but didn’t get an explanation why or why the right thing was actually right. The original nephews were the drunk uncles coaching the future nephews in youth/high school sports…


Same. I always wondered why everyone else hated playing until I heard what their coaches are like. A phrase I once heard to describe a girl on The Bachelor also applies here: "people who proudly describe themselves as brutally honest often value the brutality more than the honesty."


The Bachelor dropping some knowledge. Similarly at work when people describe a co-worker as "they seem rude to people they don't know, but once you really get to know them they're great to work with." No, it just means they're an asshole.


I worked at a Kroger for a cumulative three weeks because my manager was a "tough love" older woman. Complete fucking asshole and also kinda groped me one time. People who proudly proclaim themselves to be "tough on the outside, but soft on the inside" are 99% of the time the absolute worst person you'll ever meet.


Exactly, if they start to become 'great to work with' it means you let them walk over you.


Same. My middle school and high school coaches were great. We had one asshole come through, but he didn't last long in our program thanks to our HC.


Someone who bought a waterbed with no financing disagrees I imagine


He clearly doesn’t get $31.09 an hour plus bennies


Dave Aranda doesnt have a corner apartment with a fountain view or an extensive DVD collection


I think Coach got a raise up to $35.03/hr


Some people have property in Pigeon Forge to think about.


Probably has a pathetic collection of DVDs


Like do you even Gymkata dude? Seriously!


No chance he has a suit of armor or a 2011 Ford Taurus paid for by his employer


Ha it’s funny to me that everyone agrees that most coaches were terrible people. I had the opposite problem we ran through high school coaches every year I had a new high school coach. So from 7th grade to senior it was a new coach partly because we’re were god awful and also because parents were awful to them. In that time I only had 2 coaches that were bad people. One was 4 years out of playing for KSU he was super cocky but knowledgeable. He was bad because more than once he would call people out that weren’t good and would basically call them “retarded” / bully them in front of the kids(he wasn’t the head coach ever but he was there every year for the new head coaches.). The worst one was a head coach who might have been the best coach on the field that left us to go be a coordinator for some fcs school. In the weight room with a bunch of football players and wrestlers he started talking about how “we let the nerds and the geeks get away with to much here.” He proceeded to brag about bully kids when he was in school including a story that was basically the scene from The Breakfast Club. He talked about using duck tape on the “losers”. This was about 2006 so it was before the giant nerd stuff boom but as an athlete that also enjoyed video games and Magic the Gathering I thought the guy was fucking psycho. As I got older I regret not doing anything about these men. I didn’t think of myself as a leader. I was not willing to go with this stuff but I also didn’t stop them or tell anyone.


Not just sports either. Anything competitive. I had a competitive speech coach like this. I was the best talent he had and I walked because he was an asshole.


My high school coaches were absolute dickheads that favored players that were also dicks over talent. Really turned me off of playing both basketball and football


We're completely ignoring the contingent of coaches who are assholes and don't win.


I know a really really nice guy who don't win. Fuck... Did I just actually *miss* Mike Riley??


He won more than Frost tho


Hence the miss... :(


I always like seeing how coaches handle players. There are notorious assholes in every sport who coach teams tough. Gregg Marshall for one was a notorious jerkoff in college basketball to his players, as well as the former GW coach. And then you see people like John Harbaugh support their players. I remember watching one player fumble, JH goes up to him and gives him a hug like "It's okay, don't worry about it." Cal is pretty hilarious on the sidelines too, I saw video of them losing once, Cal just walks into the locker room like "Hey the refs robbed us, don't worry about it." The "asshole" is Urban Meyer who was tough on his players in the pros and college, but Meyer could get away with doing that to young men. Last note on this, in the Belichick and Saban documentary, Saban talks about mellowing down as a coach, and that he isn't much of a screamer anymore. The job of a coach IMO is to mentor and tutor young players, and we're starting to walk away from that kind of hard-nosed "tough love" that permeated so many football teams in the past.


The AFC North somehow has 3 guys who aren't screamers/out in the open assholes which is nuts. Harbaugh, Tomlin, and Taylor all are players' coaches that I've only ever seen lose their mind on refs.


"Players' coach" is just NFL speak for "Coach that respects his players as professionals and human beings." It's really that the rest of football is filled with toxic assholes.


Definitely, and it seems like the trend rapidly moved towards being great to your players in the NFL. Guys like Meyer and Patricia crashing and burning while being a total dick doing it really undscored that.


Coughlin getting the Jags black listed did its part, too. If Pederson can put together winning seasons back-to-back it would go a long way.


Might not even need winning seasons. Just not No.1 overall draft picks annually. Even getting to 5-6 wins would be a massive improvement


I slightly disagree, Bill Belicheck meets the respect part but I don't hear anyone call him a player's coach


That's a good point. I think because he's so taciturn with the media.


> The "asshole" is Urban Meyer who was tough on his players in the pros and college, but Meyer could get away with doing that to young men. Meyer isn't "tough" he is straight up abusive. But in college football the players neither know enough nor have the support structure to do anything about it.


You don’t have to yell as much if you’re not losing as much.


Don't mean it's easy to dial it back. In my experience, people start getting crazier in the 60s. Their quarks become intensely more pronounced. If that holds holds true for me, every breath I inhale with be from a joint, and every exhale a dick joke. Entertainingly crazy eventually becomes just crazy.


> I'm my experience most people are.


Lol. Whoops.


Saban rides his players more if they have a big lead than if they’re behind.


Don't want them to get complacent




complacency is rat poison


He has this gift of going to the media and downplaying anything they say because the players are watching and will be fired up. He will lash out at the media or even fans who are too complacent like that caller on the call in show. He wants his players to be fired up every game.


Yep, and I’ve got no issue with that, his methods work. On a side note, I used to deliver pizza in college and the Saban’s were a weekly delivery, he’s such a mellow guy outside of football it’s hilarious. If I’d see him walking to class he’d always address me by my name and ask how the semester’s going. If he was that way with me, he probably treats his players like gold.


When Jimbo went on his rant against Saban and talked about his rift, it was allegedly because Jimbo as well as other assistants were overworked by Saban. He wasn't much of a jerk to the players but he had his assistants work long hours. That's why Jimbo insinuated that he wanted to do things different than Saban, and why working for the Bowdens was better.


Probably why he has a fleet of analysts and assistants


From all acounts about Mario, he has insanely high expecations from his staff. Lot of former coaches of his have taken shots about how much of a dick Mario can be. But he did win us a rose bowl and the players loved him


Tell that to AJ McCarron. Guy got his ass chewed on national television, cameras following them and all lol


> Last note on this, in the Belichick and Saban documentary, Saban talks about mellowing down as a coach, and that he isn't much of a screamer anymore. The job of a coach IMO is to mentor and tutor young players, and we're starting to walk away from that kind of hard-nosed "tough love" that permeated so many football teams in the past. I also think that, at least when I played, if a guy started screaming at me, I just sort of shut that out and stopped paying attention, but if a coach was calmly and rationally telling me that I was fucking up, that was far more effective.


If I recall correctly Saban doesn't yell but rather makes threats like "If you keep playing like that in practice I'm not going to start you Saturday, step it up" or something like that. The best one was when he was teaching a player how to catch a ball, he goes "Gotta get ready like it's a curve ball...never played baseball did you? Played Nintendo."


That's the most boomer roast I think I've ever heard in my life


Considering my dad called the bench the "Nintendo position", that adds up.


Pretty sure that was DeVonta Smith who he said that too, which makes it even funnier


Really depends person to person though. I'm one of the crazy people who responds really well to the tough love/screaming and yelling.


A good leader understands that individuals are different and that everyone responds differently, so I do agree. Saban talked about how the current crop of players do not respond as well to the grilling he has given Bama classes of yesteryear (iirc, I think it was some time after the natty??) So he adjusts and adapts. That's one of his greatest strengths. You can be successful with a rigid one size fits all approuch, but in the coaching world it gives you a much lower ceiling and a lower floor imo.


In recent years we’ve seen Saban go off on his coaches more than his players


Again that was the snide undertone Jimbo had towards Saban during his rant, it was heavily implied that Saban overworked his coaches and that the Bowdens treated him differently


And the only times I really see him go after players is in the blowout wins I feel like. They usually seem like they about attitude as well, which is something worth yelling about


Watching Cal console Darius Washington after the 05 CUSA title game should be all anyone needs to know about how he genuinely cares about his guys.


I'll never feel bad for him after all that shit he talked


"Wrong." -Brian Kelly


Yeah, but not all coaches can compensate for their personalities with their sick dance moves.


Or their Midwestern Cajun accent


don't forget boston


i would not have been upset if somehow aranda had become our head coach after orgeron decided he was more interested in co-eds than football.


"Definitely wrong." -Nick Saban


"interesting" -- Dan Mullen


I think you meant... Uhhhhh.


Dude killed us at LSU, rejected us when we tried to poach him and now he's killing it at one of our biggest rivals. And yet I still like him. I hate it


I wonder if we’ll ever get another Battle on the Brazos scheduled. They ended before I became a fan of CFB so I feel like I’m missing out when our old ass Baylor fans talk about y’all.


>be me >be 34, Baylor 2009 grad >be “old ass fan” >feels bad man


Hello fellow old ass class of '09 grad. How do you do?


Now there's 3 of us lol


There’s dozens of us! Dozens!


My freshman year was 2011 so I got to watch the final game at Kyle Field. Baylor is #2 on my hate list so I'd be very keen to play again


Baylor to the SEC, confirmed.


After Ken Starr suing us to try and stop us from joining the SEC I have to say I don't expect us to be supportive


OK, but fuck Ken Starr..


This is the way


To be fair, there’s no way Aggies hate Ken Starr as much as Baylor alumni do.


Those games were so intense and fun. I miss playing TAMU.


I don’t think that game will ever come back unless it’s a bowl game.


Yeah only other slim chance is a one off home and home OOC.


I honestly don’t even see that happening with conference realignment adding another conf game to our schedule.


Who knows what happens after everything though. We could end up left out of the power conferences and be a "G5" team down the road.


That would suck. They’re not one of the most “traditional” teams but they’ve built a really good, competitive program


Felt like he completely changed the Badgers defense. Might give him too much credit to be honest but was happy when he got his payday at LSU and the opportunity at Baylor.


Wasn't he the one who brought the 3-4 to Wisconsin? IIRC y'all had a few DCs who were basically just running Bielema's old 4-3 while Bielema was HC, just like Gundy brings in OCs and has them run mostly his scheme.


Yeah he did. More than just changing formations things just felt different as well and that has continued under Leonhard and the limited time Wilcox was the DC.


Bro, same. I was already a fan but watching what he did to Riley last year put my sides in orbit. I'll be watching Baylor with great interest this season for the Hateful 8 farewell tour part 1.


"You don't HAVE to be an A-hole to win... but it makes it easier! AmIRight?" \-Most Coaches


I feel like so many assholes became coaches because it is one of the only acceptable positions from which you could scream at and belittle children. I have been out of football for quite some time now, but my coaches sure were assholes.


I tend to look at it a little differently - maybe I am wrong. A good coach is going to have a passion and love for the game, so they want to continue involvement. There will be yelling, motivating, tough love, etc., and that all can come within a fine line of being an asshole. I would like to think that is where most coaches start though. I could see over the years, especially in college, getting a little jaded by the system, but hey - that is why they get paid what they do. Youth football tends to be a different game. I have coached higher level youth football for years, and when the kids are still developing, finding their place, etc., you really have to take a different approach depending on who you are dealing with. I have kids that I know I can tell to "man up" and they will take it as a motivational challenge. If I do that to another kid, it will tear them down, so I have to do something different with them. Realizing that is the difference between being a coach, and being an asshole. The guys that coach with me, and myself, always look at success as two things - wins and losses, and how many kids show up again to play the next year. If we continuously see 95%+ coming back out, and are getting new kids, then I know they are having fun, learning, and want to keep doing it. Since we started the program that we have going (which is now hitting the varsity high school level), we have more than doubled the involvement in football. It has been awesome.


Football has been the only sport that I played where the coaches were insufferable pricks. Basketball, swimming, and track all had coaches that spent time getting to know us and worked on making us better. Football has so many players on the team that I feel like they just throw us all into the grinder and see what comes out at the end. We had people passing out from not being allowed to get water. We had people forced to play through concussions and injuries that would sideline players nowadays for half the season. It was hell.


>We had people passing out from not being allowed to get water I would quit on the spot if that happened. I never played football but I was in marching band and we had strictly enforced water breaks, you would sometimes get yelled at for not drinking enough water, especially on really hot days. Shit’s not a joke, heat stroke can kill.


Dave Aranda is on the verge of becoming the master oogway of cfb


I miss Dave Aranda. Probably my favorite current coach in the sport. Would have loved to see him back at LSU as the head coach, but 'twas not to be. Will always root for him at Baylor


Hell yeah, brother. Cheers from Waco.


He’s a really good coach and person. Seems like a nice fit for that program. I hope he sticks around for a good while and builds something special.


Based on his time at LSU and what others have said about him, if my son was a P5 level athlete Aranda would be top three I'd want my son playing for. Period. Aranda was also very high on my wish list for LSU's position this past year. He coaches the way I'd want to be coached. Calm, cool, and he educates his players. He doesn't shout or show emotion.


I actually played under Aranda at Wisconsin (summer into fall of 2014) and he was the only position coach that seemed sane to me. When I told him I was leaving the team after a pretty bad concussion he was very supportive of my decision, and helpful even after I was no longer involved in team activities. He’s a good dude.


Me too — and I appreciate you saying that.


I hope he builds something special.. at Nebraska.


Now that's just hurtful of you to say.


Also, hard to imagine Nebraska being a better situation than Baylor (what a crazy sentence, eh?). Baylor has tremendous administrative support, a much more fertile recruiting area, and a much easier path to the playoffs/national championship. And Baylor does pay for its coaches.


Agreed. I really like our odds in a bidding war with Nebraska, which would blow away any Baylor fan just a decade ago.


To put in perspective how bad Baylor has been: they’ve had six double digit win seasons in school history. Five of them are within the last eleven seasons.


Hey now, we went 10-2 in 1980 on our way to getting completely nuked by Bear Bryant’s Alabama squad in the Cotton Bowl!


I didn’t know that — and apparently I can’t count. Edited the comment!


Can’t wait to have a wholesome rival


Sic ‘em coach Aranda!!!


You don’t have to be, but if you win no one will care until you start losing.


Love that man.


“Do I win?” -Todd Graham


I can tell you high schools around here have basically shut down the crazy jackass football coaches, if anything they’re always walking on eggshells paranoid that a kid will report them now. Pop Warner though, well that’s what happens when there’s no real regulating body


I love this man so much.


Tell my pop-Warner coach that, Dave


"You'd be me if all you had to work with were these useless little shits!" -lifetime Pop Warner coach


The Cognitive dissonance this dude (and that big ass DT who dances on the sidelines) is causing me... Am I maturing? Is Baylor? I don't like any of this internal stress against my prior held beliefs.


Personal growth is usually painful


Well, sonny, getting older means seeing the world a little differently. Also, it’s not just you. Aranda’s a symptom of what the new(ish?) Baylor president, Dr. Linda Livingstone, wants Baylor to be. Dr. Linda’s crusade since coming back to Baylor five yeaes ago has pretty consistently been to unfuck the school’s senior faculty and leadership who wanted to pretend it’s still the 60s. Prior to coming back to Waco, she was the dean of the B-school at GWU, and by all accounts that’s what she’s modeling her goal for Baylor on. Given the ongoing, quiet breakup with the BGCT, not to mention the great purge of problematic faculty in 2017~2018, Dr. Linda’s winning a lot of support with Baylor’s largely progressive student body and base of alumni under 40~45. Most of the alumni older than that are exactly the jackasses that built the Baylor stereotype. I think most of us Baylor alumni fully expect the school to finally make an official break with the BGCT sometime before 2030, moving to approximately the same ecclesiastical relationship with the Baptist church that Duke has with the Methodist church.


Don't sell her short! She's also an Oklahoma State University Cowgirl.


True facts! Didn’t she and her husband both play basketball for y’all?




"Nice guys finish last."


Wow what is this new Baylor I like it


That's my coach!


*Tom Herman has left the chat*


I wonder if he's talking about his former Cal Lutheran teammate, Tom Herman.


More than just teammate, they were roommates. But I doubt it’s directed at Herman. Aranda’s kind of on a crusade these days against asshole coaching culture, that’s why he keeps hammering the Frosty Weathering quotes in his interviews.


Part of being a coach is realizing what type of communication your players respond to and then communicating with them in an effective matter. Jimbo knows he coaches his QBs hard so only a certain type of QB can play for him. Saban only rips on his players when they're up big in games, when they're behind or struggling, he encourages them. You don't attack their confidence when things aren't going well, you get after them when they're getting overconfident.


Only interview I have ever favorited on YouTube. Holy hell I was not expecting the Philosophy Major turn Full interview with Ryan Leaf: https://youtu.be/161VeSjnRhY


Oh yeah, you’d love the arcane little rhetorical trails he chases. We all joke about his Velveteen Rabbit references, but he just dropped a new need hit when he did a clean five this week on the whole “new wine into old wineskins” concept.


Aranda seems like a really solid dude and so many of the quotes that he gives are things I wholeheartedly believe about the sport. I wish him success and fulfillment as a coach, person, and leader of young people. That said, I really wish he was at another program. There’s a lot of baggage around Baylor that I just still have a hard time moving past.


Maybe, but on the other hand you could argue that people like him and Rhule are exactly the type of people we needed to get rid of that culture


Yeah, what you said. While I get why non-Baylor folks would have a hard time rooting for Aranda because he’s at Baylor, Baylor—more than most schools—needed a guy like Aranda to show them it can be done the right way.


> There’s a lot of baggage around Baylor that I just still have a hard time moving past. Would you rather us go out and get a Briles 2.0? I've been thrilled with the Rhule then Aranda hires because both have been character guys and I have proudly cheered them on during their early losing seasons because they brought with them a culture that our program needs. After nuking our athletics department, we've been really good about putting proper safeguards and oversight in place, including hiring coaches who are about character, integrity, and culture. In the long term, that will pay off in ways well beyond the on the field product and it's something I continue to be proud about.


I like him too. Dude just gives off peaceful, winning monk vibes.


maybe they'll fire him if you tell them your feelings are hurt


That’s awesome to hear, but I feel like we just assume players always hate the hard ass coach. As long as you know what you’re doing, you can be that kind of coach and players still appreciate you.


“Are you sure?” - Tom Herman


Fisting is the objective -probably also Urban Meyer


Feel like this is pointed at someone in particular


Not sure who it’d be, we don’t really have any major-league jackasses in the conference now that I can think of. Maybe Venables? I don’t know much about him, just that he’s supposed to be a bit intense. Also, he has crazy eyes.


Aww :( *closes cheeks*


I think the more responsible and smart the kids are the less “tough” you have to be with them. You never have to be mean but sometimes you need to be active. A lot of great coaches will bite your head off but they will not disrespect you


Oh yeah fight me- Bo Pelini


\*confession bear\* I am grateful for all the unnecessarily assholey people in life, because it creates such low-hanging fruit for me. I have few discernible skills and despite my best attempts to fail at everything, the people around me always make sure I succeed just because I treat them well. If more people treated others with basic respect and dignity even when they didn’t have to, I’d just be some average schmuck.


I wish he was the head ball coach at LSU. He suffered a string of ass holes.


“And you don’t have to win to be nice” - Mike Riley


We are so fucking lucky to have this man as our HC


I’m not mad at you… I’m just, disappointed.