Deion Sanders offers Alcorn State help for lack of trainers: 'This is bigger than the little rivalry'

Deion Sanders offers Alcorn State help for lack of trainers: 'This is bigger than the little rivalry'


Love how we Primetime talking about basically funding the SWAC personally on a weekly basis


You mean Coach Deion Sanders?


People shit on Deion all the time, but he is actually pretty damn good at being a coach. He is so good at catering to all the right aspects of a recruit. I can't really explain it great and he may not be the best at X's and O's, but he is a damn good manager of a football team.


The fact he made a big deal about players having their name on the back of their jersey spoke volumes to me. Coach Prime is really trying to show his guys how to do things the right way.


Also he’s the greatest recruiting tool in the FCS (maybe outside of NDSU). Who wouldn’t want to play for him?


I really hope that the rising tide raises all boats in regards to the HBCU's and then the FCS. He is helping it rise.


Penn state should take note




He will end up at Florida State eventually.


Hell I wouldn’t mind giving him a job as a coordinator or something and if norvell continues to disappoint, him take over. Just imagine the recruits those two could pull sheesh


Prob the best part especially for an HBCU of his size, that man is a terrific role model. He is a great figure to be leading those young boys.


Yep. A great role model for a young black man, and if you combine that with the sport he loves, he is great. I love me some Coach Prime.


It's true. He obv loves football, and he seems like the type of guy that can walk into a recruits living room and tell the parents he will not only be their coach and try to get them to the NFL, but also how to be a good man. This gesture just goes to show he cares about how the HBCU should treat each other, and his overall compassion.




Black or white, you don’t see a lot of good role models in football any more. Im looking at you Les, Lane, Pittman, Urban, Ed, Kirby…


Wait Sam Pittman? Players really seem to love him...


I think Pittman having Kendall Briles on staff earning a $1m+ salary rankles some people the wrong way. I can see it interpreted by some people as "Your behavior doesn't *really* matter if you win football games".


I can understand that, I hope Briles doesn't stick around for long.


What’s wrong with Kirby or Pittman?


Sam Pittman? I'm going to assume this is a low effort troll.


Kirby? Pittman?.. what? And Ed, what are you talking about. They’re great people


Pretty sure this just a troll naming SEC West coaches. Otherwise, it's just an uneducated fool.


Kirby Smart, well-known SEC West coach.


I’m guessing they are just a hateful Auburn fan maybe? That would explain the random inclusion of Kirby.


Best I can tell is Alabama.


Ed is not a leader of men. He has no morals. He is one for the most rude and disrespectful people to be given a mic. And to top it off, he is about as competent as a crawfish when it comes to coaching.


Kirby has always been a dirty head coach. He teaches harmful and dirty tackling skills. He blatantly steals recruiting tactics and airs dirty laundry not to spite another program but to harm the 17 year old KIDS. He has no sense of morals. His assistants are held to no standard.


Pittman has always been a joke of a head coach.


> Pittman has always been a joke of a head coach *Always* being the last year he's been a head coach?


I don't agree with you on a few of those. I think a lot of coaches deserve more flak then those. Unless you are a troll


Are you saying those guys are good or bad? Because you got me confused having lane kiffin and urban Meyer on there because I thought they're known for some shady stuff earlier in their careers


All of those guys have pretty well known negative things to them, so bad. The only thing I don’t know is Pittman and Kirby. Maybe with Pittman he’s referring to hiring a Briles, which is the only thing I haven’t liked. Other than that he seems to be a stand up dude and good role model. I’m not versed in Kirby Smart so I have no idea what’s wrong with him.


According to message board rumors, he took a photo of Alabama's recruiting board before leaving for the UGA job and used it to recruit against Alabama by showing it to recruits who weren't at the top of Alabama's board! On a more serious note, the biggest thing I can think of is pushing for the law that allows them to delay responding to public records requests.


You gotta be reaching if your gonna name drop Coach Smart and Coach Pittman as potentially "bad" role models. ​ Homework my boy, do some.


https://www.secrant.com/rant/sec-football/i-didnt-know-how-dirty-kirby-smart-is/88752842/ https://mobile.twitter.com/rtrnews/status/1337817139957420034


I remember that tackle, that was heavily discussed on SEC Network for a few days, but I'm not sure if that was due to Pittman being a bad role model. None the less, dirty play there, no question.


That’s one example. I was going to pull in the Finebaum article but yall would call it biased. It talks about a pattern of Pittman recruiting intentionally dirty players and hiring consultants or assistants to teach them dirty plays to “head hunt” opposing teams.


I will say we get a lot of targeting penalties


Thats damning to hear. I don't play the bias thing often, I love me some cold hard truths. I'll certainly take word for it. Sheesh. I'll do better Homework moving forwards. Cheers to that!!


Nebraska fans named me call that the old "Colorado Special"


I heard about the Rwcruiting Board thing but never saw credible source of. But if it's true, Kirby be damned. That Twitter post was absolutely new to me, im not a Twitter guy. Good finds. Much appreciated


What? Lane has been a great role model at Ole Miss. What a dumb comment.


Kiffin is the absolute best example of the duality of man. His personal antics at Bama and in Florida… and Tennessee, while also being the same guy that got his team vaccinated and being a genuinely cool dude.


And his good friend Joey Freshwater is such a standup guy as well! Who else would be so kind to sorority girls on campus other than him?


I’m like 90 percent sure I saw Kiffin strolling around the new end zone in Athens last weekend talking to the coeds


Flair up or hush up bro, this is low LOW quality bait - username checks out tho


What makes you think Deion Sanders isn’t good at Xs and Os?


That debut game that aired on ESPN a few weeks ago.


I guess you believe Norvell is awful at Xs and Os right?




The same reason everyone on here believes former OC James Franklin, Former OC Mike Locksley, former DC Mel Tucker are awful at Xs and Os and just good recruiters.




Franklin was also Josh Freeman's QB coach, too.


So three different NFL teams hired Mel Tucker for his recruiting ability? If he is so bad at Xs and Os, why wasn't Kirby calling plays while Mel was the DC? These people make no sense.


The Ted lasso special


Are they ***allowed*** to just have Deion send in some external trainers? You know, NCAA...


The workaround for that would be that Deion makes a sizable donation to Alcorn State that just happens to add up to the salaries of a couple of athletic trainers.


Nah, he just needs to give them trainers for the right to use NIL. Problem solved.


By trainers you mean the British word for shoes with rubber soles right?


Alcorn State about to receive a ton of kids pull ups due to some miscommunication.


I’ll be honest, I just used the word from the headline and didn’t check the context but I very much enjoyed your comment.


I don't think the NCAA has any regulatory power over who pays for trainers.


I don’t think the NCAA has any regulatory power.


Really fucking cool of him to do this. Especially considering how much shit he takes (even if he may have brought some of it on himself)


Did you read the article? He hasn’t really done anything yet. He just is willing to help if he can. More so he’s calling on the other school to step up and hire someone.


Calling attention to an issue and offering to help is something.


His name carries weight. This is a great start for him. I'm not the biggest Primetime fan, but I'm starting to really like Coach Sanders.


>His name carries weight. Oh yeah. I can guarantee that if any non-Deion Sanders coach had said this exact same thing, none of us would be talking about it. Hell, I had maybe only heard of Jackson State in passing prior to Neon Deion taking over the program.


Oh I love the dude, all I’m saying is he hasn’t given them anything yet and idk if he is actually able to or not but other than call on the other school to step up he hasn’t done anything yer


Also he really doesn’t take shit. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Other than the people not referring to him as Coach Sanders, idk what slander he has gotten


Hell yeah. That's awesome to see.


The university should really start their own AT program. Having part-time ATs is not a long term fix.


That's super hard for a small school with extremely limited resources to do.


> Jackson State and Alcorn State have one of the fiercest rivalries in Mississippi, known as The Soul Bowl. Good to see Deion helping to raise the profile and offer resources for the SWAC, but my biggest takeaway is that "The Soul Bowl" is an incredibly dope name for a rivalry.


*Just let your... SOOOUULLL BOWL*


I think Alcorn manufactures my contact lenses


That’s Alcon my dude.


Incorrect. Alcorn is the name of a former Vice President.


No, that’s Al Gore. You’re thinking of a species of tuna fish.


That would be albacore. You're thinking of a Swedish pop group formed in the 70s


No, the music they make is ABBAcore You’re thinking of the economies of Kansas and Iowa.




Nebraska in shambles.


No, that's Albacore. You're thinking of an oak tree's seed.


No, that's acorn. You're thinking of the Senegalese-American rapper from St. Louis.


[Here is Deion Sanders discussing it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD-X9_-UyyY)


> if we can do anything together to provoke change, why we waiting? I have never felt as much respect for Deion as I did after hearing this quote. That was just a great interview all around, and I'm glad that he's bringing attention to these underserved programs


You mean Coach.


If only Alcorn State athletics admin thought that athletic trainers were essential enough to have full-time staff to provide the best care to their student athletes....


I had no idea Sanders coached a team


Jackson State for 1.5 seasons after their weird spring season. Eddie George at Tennessee State.


It's awesome. I wish nothing but the best for them and the schools. And this offering by Coach Deion is great. Rally!


I am serious, it's nice to see him give back. It sets one hell of a good example. We need more like him.




I would never lie to you p o o g


I appreciate that