[Postgame Thread] Arkansas Defeats Rice 38-17

[Postgame Thread] Arkansas Defeats Rice 38-17


If you aren't mentally and emotionally drained to the point that winning doesn't even feel good, did you even watch an Arkansas game?


I've always felt Nebraska and Arkansas were incredibly related programs. - Both left their traditional conference where they had a long history of success to a new one and have struggled to match the same consistency from before - Watching a game from either team is either the worst experience ever or a heart attack waiting to happen, even in victory - Both states have a fanbase where you can just wear a hoodie with the team logo on it in a nice restaurant and no one will bat an eye as a result of your attire choice - Both fanbases have a cheer that is absolutely annoying to anyone else but is said with full homerism by other fans in attendance - We both wear a variation of red and white - Both fanbases are an incredibly passionate bunch, but they also generally have massive overreactions to how good or how bad their teams are


It’s been a rough few years for me.


I just look at the stats and decide whether watching a compressed game afterwards would be worth it.


I thought I was alone, there are more like me!


I was in my second semester of grad school at Nebraska when Harley Day happened. It wasn’t a good ride from there for either team.


We can be pain bros now.


Another point of similarity that I’ve seen is that almost the entire state throws their full support and fandom into the team. Plus both states don’t have much in the way of professional sports for people to support as well


I've said the same thing for years


They are my two favorite teams (grew up huskers and have lived in AR for over a decade (but have ties much longer). The pain is real


I experienced every emotion possible before, during and after this game. I'm exhausted!


Look on the bright side. You could be us.


This whole making half time adjustments thing. I kind of like it


A positive for sure. And one that I never thought I'd see from Arkansas football


Wooo pig, go Sam Pittman




Whats the pregame equivalent of halftime adjustments. We need that.


Welcome to the Second Half Team life


Fuck Chad Morris.


You know I often wonder if Chud is aware of this meme. If not I hope he read this exact comment: fuck chad morris


Nothing to see here. Just your standard SEC nonconference game. Look at the score (which shows we covered, btw) and move on. No need to actually review the teams’ performances.


Woo pig and fuck Chad Morris


That was certainly an Arkansas football game. Whatever Pittman said in the locker room at halftime definitely worked, WPS


Glad I wasn’t around to hear it


Yeah I'm sure those boys got *laid into* lol


Am I overreacting if I say that Kendall Briles is ass? Dude seriously hasn't impressed at all during his time here. That being said, fuck Chad Morris and WPS.


There's times where we're on a roll then he'll just make the stupidest play calls. He also wants to keep pounding these horizontal runs, when we're clearly better between the tackles.


He should at the very least be out of a job both due to performance and ethical issues. And Kendall is girl’s name


He should be in prison. I think it’s an understatement.


Agreed. I never liked the hire based solely on his connection to what went down at Baylor. That whole family is rotten.


But that wasn’t him? And his dad was a scapegoat? Y’all dumb af


He didn’t do anything. It was his father and HE didn’t do anything either. Baylor used him


Not true at all. Look into it. The son was very involved in all parts of the cover-up.


How do you feel about next weekend?


I hope the Razorbacks win but I think that'll be very unlikely.


I fucking HATE him


Supposedly he was told to hold back for Texas.


Whew Pig.


This is the one.


*Whew Pig Clarence, Whew Pig*


Chad Morris would’ve lost that game 100%. Fuck that guy


Don’t worry Allen high school [is *very* happy](https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sports/chad-morris-allen-high-school-texas-streaks-2021/) with their recent big time hire of a former SEC coach


The problem with Chad Morris is that he isn't very good


Idk man I feel like the problem with Chad Morris is that he's fucking terrible.


Hmm. Seems like a pretty big problem


Dude is a snake oil salesman. I was never super impressed with his offense at Clemson even since I thought a lot of its success was due to how good his players were more than him being good.


They folded when they played an equally talented and better coached team.


Considering they had like all 5 and 4 stars players that wasn't very common


Nah it was different just a few years ago, they really didn't have that many 5* players. I saw a stat posted here actually that said the last time clemson and Georgia played (2014) they combined for seven 5* players. Ellis Johnson and USC had them figured out pretty good and they routinely lost to better coached teams with equal or even lesser talents


What if Clemsoning was just a thing because he was there? He was there for 2011-2014. 2015 is when they started showing promise. It's all coming together.


[Clemsoning](https://greenvillejournal.com/community/years-clemsoning-synonymous-disappointment-may-time-new-definition/) had a long and proud tradition before he showed up.


Nobody talks about how he rode Jevan Sneed/Kevin Kolb and 5* Garrett Gilbert into a college job, a few lucky breaks leads to Clemson, and he takes credit for recruiting Deshaun Watson, but really doesn’t coach him. He literally rode “right place, right time” for over a decade into a SEC job. Literally a couple of HS QB’s being good no matter who their coach was (the private QB coach thing is massive in TXHSFB) led us to that disaster


I hear he only has about 15% of the playbook installed. Just wait you guys...


He actually lost Allen HS’s first home game since 2012 yesterday.


2010* Blew an 84 hone game win streak in what I believe is a brand new $60M stadium


Holy fuck who is paying for a $60M high school stadium?!




They built *another* one? I remember them building a crazy one within the last decade.


Fuck Chad Morris is going to the thing that unites all of America.


I feel bad for the kids but I love that he lost. Fuck Chad Morris!


Yeah but he's only installed 17% of his playbook. Just wait.


Morris hate and Arkansas threads just go together perfectly


I knew a comment like this would be the top comment. And for good reason. Fuck Chad Morris.


I’m a Georgia fan so I don’t have a dog in this fight, but you know what? Fuck Chad Morris.


Somethings never change: Death, Taxes, & Arkansas giving me a stress ulcer for at least a half of football. WPS!


That looked like an impending disaster for your Hogs, until the 4th Quarter.


Maybe Sam Pittman is Bizarro Bert.


I honestly feel like he’s the final evolution of Bert. Idk who the first evolution would be, maybe Nutt?


But he was easily the best of the three


The only thing worse than Arkansas offense in the first half is that Applebee’s commercial


I change commercials during games to other games, I really hope I can keep avoiding this new Applebees commercial


What you don’t want a bourbon street steak and an Oreo shake? /s


Anyone that’s been to an Applebee’s in the last 15 years knows damn well the “vibe” of that commercial ain’t what’s happening in reality. That bar is packed with local boozers, the food was very recently frozen, there’s gaming things on the tables so you can play candy crush on some gross community touched device that’s attached to your eating surface, and after you order you waitress asks if you want to add a Jell-O shot to your meal for $1.


Sorry. I dropped the /s


Haha I 100% knew YOU weren’t serious. I was speaking to the audacity of their marketing team.


No one is that happy to go eat any fuckin where


[This is Karishma erasure and I will not stand for it.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1F-yQZ4e76k)


Covered the spread. No other storylines are necessary. GG Owlbros. Go Hogs. FCM.


Crazy that we covered the spread. I want to rub it in Bears face from Gameday because he was heavily favoring Rice


Really, they discussed us? I skimmed through the episode looking for any mention of us and couldn't find it


Ya, when Bear was giving his spread picks he mentioned us & Illinois vs San Antonio


Never had a doubt *wipes sweat from forehead*


That's just because Fayetteville was the location of Satan's butthole today. It was hot and I'm burned from missing spots with sunscreen, but a win's a win.


Good teams win. Great teams cover We were neither of those today lol


Arkansas did cover though.


I didn’t think we played good or great today


Good game, Rice. That was scary. I take issue w the commentator saying our fans were booing the team going into halftime. I'm pretty sure they were booing the choice to take a knee to end it with some time left.


Little of this, little of that. I was booing at Briles for his horrid gameplan in the first half


It didn't help that KJ looked like he was approaching each play with too much in his head and he was trying to not make mistakes. I was hoping they'd have a good amount of the playbook installed and they'd be focusing on repetition of our core stuff so everything should just be about executing and seeing how it goes. After half-time, I am really glad they just got him to relax and be instinctual with how he approaches plays. There was a comment in the Georgia game about DJ where "He just needs to run and worry about the consequences later" and I thought - KJ should have that mindset because it's his best asset. Of all things, Briles really needs to focus on making sure KJ plays like a natural. His throws look better and his timing came off so much better when he just played the game. He'll make mistakes, but it is clear he has the physical tools to play the position and overcome his mistakes with his upside as a runner.


Receivers: please don’t drop passes Defense: keep up the good work Special teams: please be less disappointing. Significantly. And good lord we have to do better about stupid penalties. Way too many. Just way too many.


So many penalties. And we got bumper pool suspended for a half. Gotta be better against Texas but I’ll take the dub.


Idk the defense didnt look anywhere as potent as they did last year. Ive never seen an Arkansas defense like last year’s. This game looked just like any typical mediocre hog defense.


Well when the opponent’s starting field position is at the 50, it’s gonna be a rough night for the defense.


So many problems to solve, but glad we pulled out heads out of our asses in the 2nd half.


Let the visiting Conference USA team go up by double digits in the third quarter and THEN you pour it on them. Just like the hogs drew it up. /s


We had them where we wanted them




A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. A win is a win. But damn that was ugly for a while.


Fuck Chad Morris, Clarence. Fuck Chad Morris.


Ow, my fucking soul


Rice kids played so hard. It was sad to see many of them drop due to heat & cramping. I hope you guys have a great season.


It was crazy. Like every other play one of their guys went down. I wonder what the final score would have looked like if they had a better S&C coach or whatever to fix that issue. Anyways hope all those dudes recover, they played tough


I think you mean dropped over and over trying to control the pace of the game and slow our momentum. And they succeeded. That was a long ass 4 quarters.


I think it just felt long


It was both. The game lasted just under 4 hours. That's 30 minutes longer than the average college football game.


Owl*, my fucking soul


Ready for next week?


I hope you win the rest of your games this season!


Thankfully for the Hogs, games are 4 quarters.


That's usually unfortunate for us


Not today mate




I hope the best for the Rice kids. They played hard, but several of them dropped like flies due to the heat/cramping. I hope they have a successful season.


It was way hotter in Arkansas last weekend too.


Luckily penalties can be fixed. Defense is solid and running game is decent. I still think KJ can get better passing.


I love your opinion


I think the more touches Rocket and Green(when healthy) get will really give us a more dynamic run game. KJ can only go up from here passing wise, right? …right?


*Narrator* wrong


All of KJ's bad throws are fixable. He just needs to lay off the mustard and some of those slants are completions.


We’ll see if he does. I watched Cam Newton throw fixable passes for 8 years in Carolina. Big mobile QBs with cannon arms that throw through, below, and under their receivers, name a better combo


I’m in great shape, I eat a little irresponsibly but not awful, my doctor says my cholesterol is fantastic but they don’t understand why my blood pressure is high all the time


Hired as an offensive coach, I have no idea how Mike Bloomberg built a team with a defense and no offense. This pattern made sense under David Bailiff who was a defensive coach, but we're now in the fourth year under a former offensive coordinator and we still can't execute on our supposed identity of running between the tackles. I don't expect to run all over Arkansas all game, but we still shouldn't have a fourth down with three unblocked defenders in the halfback's face as soon as he gets the ball when the line is mostly upper classmen our former o-line coach HC recruited.


The handling of the qb rotation was atrocious.


This is the first year under Bloomgren that our starting QB wasn't a graduate transfer. It's by far his weakest management point as a coach. He's never had a QB he was satisfied with or saw potential in. We're now playing Green more as a last resort; he was on the roster each of the last two years when Bloom went looking for transfers each year. If McCaffrey had transferred in time for spring practices, I think we would have had another transfer starter, but at least one with more than a year of eligibility.


I knew we were losing the game the second we got the ball at midfield with 2 minutes left in the 1st half up by 3 and called 3 straight run plays that did nothing and punted. Our average field position had to have been in Arkansas territory that half and we only even scored one touchdown due to an iffy DPI. Completely wasted a great defensive performance


Our average *starting* field position in the first half was the Arkansas 46. In the second half, it was our own 24. Four possessions in plus territory in the first half amounted to 10 points. It was pitiful.


Lol you'd have no clue about either team if you only looked at the final score


Good teams win GREAT TEAMS COVER


Damn 21 in the 4th? I hope our defense holds up better than ~~last years 4th quarter D~~ the typical Texas 2nd half defense.


Our second half offense was a completely different animal than our first half offense. I have no idea which one you’re going to face next week.


If your QB is better at not throwing it to the defense than Wiley Green, you’ve got a chance!


My girlfriend went to Rice and is mildly disappointed in them.


For being the state that is number 1 in rice production, you think we would have handled them better than this.


Rice flourishes in Arkansas.


*:: slow clap ::*


I know, makes me nervous for the game against Soybean University


Didn't catch the game but I'm assuming Luke McCaffrey crushed as the starting quarterback for Rice....?


for whatever reason rice kept swapping qbs who were both about equally effective. was baffling the commentators as well as myself


Plan was for coach to evaluate both in game situations to hopefully make a decision the rest of the season, or at least for next week.


that makes sense. what didn't make sense to me was the timing of putting in mcaffrey while the other guy was still dealing.


Yeah, I wish it was by quarter rather than by drive, or by down.




It was more of our offense floundering in the first half and our special teams playing for the other side.


Rice is going bowling


What a cover


What a backdoor cover


Everybody's heart attack aside, that was about what I expected out of the first game. Feel good about KJ and the defense, feel bad about Briles and Fountain. I think we'll improve and we have a chance to beat Texas. Probably going to need another year to be competitive in the SEC but we can be a dangerous team. Looking forward to seeing how this comment ages.


Need to clean up the penalties & KJ locking on to receivers and we'll be OK.


I think KJ was just nervous. He looked like he was scared to throw in the first half. The second half he seemed a lot more loosey goosey and threw the ball really well. Also, there were several good passes that were dropped by recievers. Something we need to work on for sure.


I think we have a lot of talented skill players. I think they were just nervous or rusty. Good to see that a bunch of other teams are going through the same thing. Need to get that cleaned up before Texas next week.


Probably a bit more over-coached than nervous. It was painfully obvious he was thinking way too much before making any decision, and I was somewhat afraid the coaching adjustments at halftime would make it worse based on the halftime interview with Pittman where he criticized stuff like getting the ball out on time or being sloppy. His performance afterwards looked like the coaches didn't go into the locker room to coach him up on mechanics or anything. It looked like they just got him to relax and convinced him to just trust his passing instincts they had been building up over the preseason and offseason. Compared to all our other quarterbacks under Morris, KJ has the physical tools to be a strong QB when he's just playing loose. Mentally I'm rather excited that as a passer he doesn't really have any inexplicably bad decision making habits when playing a team like Rice. It looks like instinct wise he really would rather run the ball than force a throw into really tight coverage, which is great.


There is some serious talent on this team. KJ and JC were both tremendous today!


I just want to go to a bowl game


Based on your flairs, how do you feel about Petrino?


I miss how good he was at Arkansas, but I can't forgive how terrible his personality is. MSU is my Alma mater and he's breathed some life into a dead program here. In short, he's a scumbag who coaches some good football.


Never in doubt


*he said while doused in sweat*


Fetty wap-ed em


That backdoor cover was *chefs kiss*


First I'd like to say, fuck Chad Morris. Next, what's the deal with the players all cramping up for Rice? Seems like it was an above ordinary amount. Were they not being supplied cold drinks or is it a BYOB type of situation?


Great teams cover. WPS


You love to see it. Now to drop those horns down constantly for the next week in preparation for Texas


Declaring this is unofficial partner post-game thread for Oregon vs. Fresno State, since apparently the bot decided we don't get our own. Brown is kinda bad. And Cristobal needs to open the playbook next week or it will be a massacre. A win is a win but we did not feel dominant at all today.


I had the Oregon game going on my other screen. I was concerned. I know Fresno is tough, but what happened?


Fresno is a scrappy team and Oregon was looking ahead to next week just like we were. Then they blinked and were in a dog fight in the 4th quarter.


Arkansas and Oregon are the same in every way


How did mccaffrey do?


Passing: 5 of 10 for 75 yards; 0 TD, 0 INT. Long of 35. Rushing: 4 carries for 8 yards, long of 5, only one loss of -1. No scores, no fumbles. McCaffrey did OK. We didn't really use him much, and the way we used him was nonsensical. He wasn't asked to take many risks, and he didn't make much impact positive or negative. In four years, our head coach has never managed the QB position well, and that trend continued. I think he really wants McCaffrey to be the starter, but he just hasn't gotten enough reps to know the offense well enough. If he had transferred here before spring practice, he'd be the guy. Three of McCaffrey's ten pass attempts were on the very last drive which was already well out of reach, down 21 points with 0:58 left. The only completion was for 15 yards on the very last play. He was given one proper drive in the first quarter where, starting from the Ark. 35 down 0-7, he was 1 of 3 passing for 10 yards, a 2 yard carry, and a couple of handoffs. His offense netted 17 yards and missed a FG. He got one more proper drive in third quarter. From our own 25, leading 17-14, he went 3 of 4 passing for 50 yards (the 35-yarder was a great back shoulder fade and his only downfield completion). He also had 2 carries on his own for 2 and 5 yards, but he was subbed out on 4th & 1 for the other QB to handoff a dive. The left side of the o-line completely failed and we lost a yard to turnover on downs. It was the last time we had possession in positive territory. Before the final garbage time drive, he had one meaningful fourth quarter appearance. Right after Arkansas retook the lead, 24-17 Rice trailing from our own 25, McCaffrey gave a handoff on first down (short run with benefit of a facemask call), then he ran it himself on first and second downs for -1 and +2. He was subbed out for 3rd & 9 from our 46, and the other QB threw a pass tipped at the line and picked off. I think there were a handful of other plays scattered throughout the game where he was subbed in for one play at a time just to handoff for the halfback, but those don't show up in the box score. There was at least one option play in the first half where he missed the read to keep it and our halfback got nailed in the backfield.


This was a great write up. Thank you! I hope it ends up working out for him and you guys.


Let’s all focus on the important thing….double fuck chad morris.


Tied going into the 4th Q… nice


Darn, well maybe I get to watch state lose.




So frustrating!