Find an FFL that accepts online orders and like a $20 handling fee. Better deals than you'll find local fasho. Edit: Look on targetshootingsports, velocity, or canoe club, they all list ffls that accept (usually) online orders.


Does canoe club ship for FFL03 & COE ?


They do not specify FFL03 on their site, just FFL. Worth emailing them to ask I suppose. But I am almost exclusively ammosupplywarehouse and Velocity


I just asked them and they said yes. They send you a link to fill out a form and upload documents.


Nice follow up. Thanks C&R brother


Apply for an FFL03 & COE then jump on ammoseek and go nuts. Fuck LAX ammo.


This is the way




https://www.atf.gov/firearms/instructions-form-77cr-application-federal-firearms-license Read up and do some deeper diving of your own. Godspeed.


So is what he said a lie?


First of all, he did not lie. He regurgitated a link to an article on some website that sells ammo without actually doing his own due diligence and checking the facts/laws. So... same difference. I responded with a link to the ATF website. Case closed.


This is false and says so on the ATF's website: "Important Notice to Applicants for Federal Firearms License (FFL) (***This does not apply if you are submitting an application for a type 03 license ONLY***) To receive a license as a dealer (including pawnbrokers & gunsmiths), importer, or manufacturer of firearms, you must intend to engage in a firearms business. ***You can expect to be contacted by an ATF officer during the application process.*** You will be required to prepare and keep detailed records of all firearms transactions. ***Your records and premises will be subject to inspection by ATF officers.*** ATF notifies State and local authorities regarding applicants for Federal firearms licenses. State laws or local ordinances may require additional licenses or permits for firearms licenses. Other State or local requirements, such as cash bonds, liability insurance, zoning restrictions, collection of sales taxes, etc., may also apply to your proposed firearms business. You should contact your State and local authorities for specific information on their requirements. Firearms licensees should contact the Internal Revenue Service for information regarding business operations and Federal income taxes. When requested by ATF, licensees are required to furnish information regarding firearms traces." ​ https://www.atf.gov/firearms/instructions-form-77cr-application-federal-firearms-license


Target Sports USA and ship to a cheap ffl. The ffl I use charges $6 per type of ammo. Not sure if he has limits on quantity but I generally get 1k rounds


Which ffl you use?


Wanneys Firearms in Lakewood


Noice I’ve been there a few time. Never knew his ammo transfer rates tho. Thanks man


Yeah no worries! It’s definitely the best I’ve seen in the area


Velocity Ammo has 1000 rd bricks for $280-300. Free shipping. Find an FFL that accepts ammo transfers. https://www.velocityammosales.com/collections/9-mm-bulk


Been using these guys, they’re great.


I hate to say it, but try turner's. Check their ads first for 40 cpr or better. Otherwise buy online and ship to an FFL. You'll have to call around to see what their prices are. $20-$25 per 1000 rds seems to be the going rate. Looking around online I've seen 32cpr before shipping and transfer fees. I also saw one of PSA's advertising email blasts at 12.99/50 for Venom? brand.


Online and find a cheap ffl to transfer to.


Recently went to to cap tactical in lawndale for 223/5.56 and their pricing was better than most shops in the area. Try calling they usually pick up


[velocity](https://www.velocityammosales.com/products/9mm-pmc-bronze-124-grain-full-metal-jacket-1000-rounds) has 1k 9mm for $299 free shipping. FFL03/COE or Just find your fav ffl and see what their fees will be.




ammo supplywarehouse


Sportsman’s, 18.99 for 50 rounds


Exactly what I was going to write . Federal Syntech 130 gr.


Also at Sportsman’s $17.99 for Remington 115 grain. $21.99 for the Federal lead free.


Yup, ammo line may take a while according to some people, but I tend to go in the middle of the week around noon so it’s no issue for me.


I was there Sunday and those Syntech were down to $21.99 from $25.99 then yesterday they knocked it down another $3. Just to see if there was a limit I put 20 boxes on my online cart.. I wasn’t going to buy it but was just waiting for me to pay and it’d be ready for me to pick up today.


SF South Bay? Bass Pro Shop in San Jose, $19.99.


The ammo counter at this bass pro is fucking awful. Slow rude staff. I’ve waited there for 2 hours to be treated like absolute shit by the people at the counter there. Fuck this place and the people who work there. Avoid at any and all costs. Check their Google reviews. It’s all the same and the store refuses to change anything


Sorry to hear that's been your experience. Mine has always been the total opposite. I always went during the week and have never spent more than 15 mins in line; people manning the ammo counter were always polite and efficient.


The older dood and the chick have always been decent to me as well. It can be hella slow tho that’s for sure.


They're usually slow but I've yet to encounter rude staff. Majority of the times I went to pick up an online order it's been one clerk working alone and seldomly two. If there is a line which is usually, it's full of people picking up online orders as well. The clerk has to leave the counter and go back to the storage area and retrieve your shipment. Takes about 10 minutes per customer. Sometimes longer if the customer is feeling chatty.


Yeah ordering online is the hack I need to get around their stupid purchase limits lol.


Yup, it's been the two of them 90% of the time I'm there.


Ah sorry, didn't specify... South bay Los Angeles. Wish we had Bass Pro here! Thanks for the recommendation!


> Wish we had Bass Pro here There's a Bass Pro in Ontario and a Sportsman's in Corona. I know that's still a drive but just FYI


> Bass Pro in Ontario Rancho Cucamonga actually


Ya you're right it is in Rancho. It's so close to the Ontario Mills mall I always think of it as in Ontario.


OP said LA South Bay


Baron Tactical has 1k of 9mm for $380


Bought 1000 cci blazer for 380 at On target in Laguna Niguel last month. I subscribe to their email list and ordered as soon as I saw it which was apparently sold out real quick.


We have Winchester USA 9MM 115GR for $169.99 for 500 rounds.


If you were in northern LA county, I’d suggest Smokin Barrel Guns in Simi Valley. Got 1k 9mm for $370 (before tax) a few weeks ago. Great place, great people.


LAX ammo or I got an FFL guy in PV that’s reasonable. He just uses his home address as the business. He’s pretty low key and only deals with South Bay people.


I think we have the same guy






Lax ammo has new 124 gr 1000 rd for $420 If you buy 3-4k, ask for a better price


Awful advice. Find an FFL with the cheapest ammo fees. Browse ammoseek. Find vendor that ships to CA (Bone Frog is one I use, Gunprime sometimes has sales, Norma has been sus but their ammo has been good). This isn't covid times, 42 cpr is gouging.


Before you spit out your personal opinion, calculate some fees, like how much would shipping be on 3-4k rounds?


It was awful advice. You can easily get 1k 9mm shipped free for $260-$300 depending on quality of ammo, brass, and with a $20 FFL fee you’re still saving $100.


Please read the original post, slowly if you have to.


Your stupidity continues to grow


Try even slower...


Depending on the vendor, free. That's the beauty of having choices, you don't need to support overpriced shitholes like LAX ammo


Fuck lax


What happened?


They price gouge California residents and sell shit ammo


Where do you get your ammo?


Obligatory Fuck LAX Ammo.


Can you explain?


Their prices for mail order are cheaper than their in-store prices and they refuse to ship to California addresses. They will ship to New York but they won't ship to California. They figure we're a captive market and they want to gouge us.


I paid $360/1000 after negotiating. It's overpriced but I don't have a better choice. If you have a store where I can get 1000 rds for less than 360, plz tell me. I don't care about LAX, it's just what I've found.


2A Warehouse has Igman at $275/1000


> It's overpriced but I don't have a better choice. Ammoseek + find any FFL that doesn't gouge on their ammo transfer fees. Literally 20 seconds of fiddling with the sliders shows me that target sports USA has 9mm at 28cpr with free shipping. Throw in a $20 fee from an ffl to do the transfer and you're still looking at only 29cpr for 1000. > I don't care about LAX Then why the fuck are you simping so hard for them? They knowingly gouge california customers, have sold dangerous reloads to people, engage in shady practices in-store, and aren't even the best deal for physical retail locations.


Zsr 9mm @.22cpr and magtech @.29cpr right now check out r/instockammo


Bass Pro shop are the cheapest you can get.


Riflegear in Fountain Valley $15/50 PMC Bronze.


If only it was available in FV.


Really wish they had they a way to filter availability between their CA and TX stores. I keep getting disappointed when it’s always only for the TX location


Ok nothing major brand there, damn. They have Turkish SAR 9mm for $17/50 though. I’ve been going to Burbank Ammo and Guns and getting somewhat good deals on ammo as well. Pretty good selection in that whole Magnolia strip of shops.


Online in bulk is the only way to go.


yikes $34.99/50 that’s almost JHP pricing, ask your LGS how much they charge for accepting ammo for you, you can find fmj online for $16/50 otd new factory brass 9mm 115-125gr, lately velocity ammo has been having sales, I’ve used shawarms, ammoshoponline, check gundeals sub daily they post ammo deals all the time


That's what my LGS charged for JHP recently when they had boxes of 50 in stock. I think they're the closest gun store to Crosshairs as well.


AmmoMart had 500 rounds for $112.50 + shipping yesterday. Just check r/gundeals.


Get your f*cking COE and FFL 03. Targetsports with a prime membership!!!! 1k for 300 after taxes for me


Big fan of canoeclubusa.com, they ship to Wanney’s in Lakewood regularly. Might be other FFLs closer to you, check their FFL tracker resource. $0.28 cpr before taxes and FFL fees


Honestly the big box retailers are doing some really insane deals on FMJ and HPs right now. You got Turner's and Bass Pro Shop throwing on some real good ones.


Sportsman 20. For 50. 124 gr.


I bought 1000 at true shot for around 270 I believe.


Sportsmans 💀


A lot of ammo is popping up on r/gundeals and r/InStockAmmo. Here’s one that came up recently if you don’t mind aluminum. https://www.bereli.com/cci-blazer-ammunition-9mm-115-grain-full-metal-jacket-aluminum-1000-round-case-3509/ Here’s brass for 29cpr https://www.aeammo.com/products/magtech-9a-754908114016-3a7-case-5666


I dont think Ca is any worse then anywhere else. I also don't think that COE is the route to go now. It cost money to get and you have to renew. Riflegesr is pretty close to me and their prices are pretty much the same as TargetSports and SGAmmo, (my former go to for online purchases back in the good ole days). Yes, local you gotta pay tax and not all online places ship for free. If you shop to ffl, there is good chance there will be a fee. Trouble with riflegear is inventory. They don't always have stuff here in Ca, but boy-oh their TX location always seems to have something. Like what the heck is that all about??


Fuck LAX ammo


I like LAX Ammo. Always seems to be stocked when I go. But I haven’t been lately.


For the South Bay, CAP Tactical Firearms in Lawndale is a great FFL for receiving ammo. They also carry ammo, if you need some right away. As far as purchasing ammo online and having it shipped to your FFL, Palmetto State Armory has some sales right now. But more generally speaking, a great resource for finding the best deals on ammo is a website called ammoseek.com. And I agree with other posts: LAX Ammo sucks as far as prices. The only place that's higher is Big 5. Good luck.


Order ammo online. I’ve had good luck with TrueShot Gun Club and Firearms Depot. LAX Ammo only if you absolutely have to have ammo right now and you have an extra 20% to spend on it. For FFL to ship to: Walser’s in Torrance charges $10 fee per shipping carton no matter what is inside (50 rounds or 10,000 rounds, if it fits in one box then it’s $10). You can call them for more info: (310) 891-3325


Not nearby but Route 66 has an event this Sunday where they're selling 1000 rounds in the low 300s


You can find some good deals here: https://www.bulkcheapammo.com/handgun-ammo/9mm-ammo






I heard LAX ammo hooks it up for Californians


...maybe if you know the owner. Their in-store prices are so bad they won't even list them online and they won't ship to Californians because they have stores in SoCal.


You forgot the /s But seriously, those guys are one of the most price gouging stores out there.


Turners $23 per 50 rounds.