Everyone talks about how it only takes cci but Ive literally put 3000 rds of aguila with zero issues. Just make sure its all high velocity and you’ll be good imo


Exactly! I have shot Aguila super extra exclusively. Thousands rounds, maybe 10 issues. Only thing it does not like is hollow points.


I think the Aguila Red and Black box work well as well.


Only the CCI is worth shooting. Me and a friend test pretty much all that ammo and had issues with everything except the CCI on the P22


My lgs stopped selling mini mag. Do u know where they reliably stock them in OC


Turner’s and sportsmans both usually have mini mags in stock


I just buy online and ship to my local FFL


Yea, just was hoping for a cheaper option.


Online has always been the cheapest option for me. CA store ammo prices are insane


CCi is great in mine! Love this little thing!


I use thunderbolt in mine, no problem at all, just a bit dirty




Realistically none but if it's your only option you'll want hollow points. No idea if hollow points will cycle reliably out of that gun or not. I'm general 22LR is a bad choice for a defensive round. It's not very powerful and it's the least reliable.


Agree. Mine won’t cycle anything else but CCI.


My girl’s P22 likes very hot ammo only, for some reason. Anything to fix this?


My wife got that one a few years back and she loves it. I changed the extractor and recoil spring in it and it never jams as long as you clean it every once in a while. Hers loves the Remington bucket of bullets and of course the CCI


Ok so don’t be discouraged but there is like an 60% chance it’s going to suck. It needs hotter ammo to run well. CCI stingers run well. Anything else you will end up with stovepipes and extraction issues or feeding issues. After a few hundred rounds it gets better. If it doesn’t google search the P22 bible. It’s a Pdf with an in depth guide on all the issues and how to solve them. You will end up replacing a couple of things and doing some polishing and that pistol will run any ammo. I have the exact same one and a black one as well. Together they have 13.5-15 thousand rounds.


CCI mini mag is the way to go with this lil guy. It's all I use in mine and never had a problem.


Agreed. I've polished my internals to the point where it runs basically anything, but nothing feels as good as Mini Mags.


That's cool. I also didn't know it came in fun colors.


These are pretty much cci only. I’ve shot a few and that’s what they like


Looks pretty cool. If I may ask, what store did you get this from? I’ve seen one of these before on consignment and it made me curious.


Sportsman warehouse for $369 out the door !


Neat! Looks like a cool little plinking toy.


Nice. My stepdad has one, fun to shoot.


I have a lot of fun shooting mine.


I am interested in one but I keep seeing vids and testimonials of the slide catching just a tiny bit on the hammer and that causing a failure quite often. Suggested fix is to file the hammer down just a tad so this doesn't happen. I am interested to know what your experience is when you go to the range with it.


after i get my base kit of 'want in my aresenal' guns i want to get a 22 to fuck around on. i want to go pew pew pew for cheap. not the same without the big bang but ammo is still pricy.


Good stuff!


Lightly polished the ramp and chamber and changed the extractor and it runs pretty much anything. Also put in a captured spring.


Which extractor and spring if i may ask i want to do the same thing ! And if you know the website!


Lugus MFG extractor from Ebay and Tandemkross captured spring. I believe I got mine from Midway but plenty of sites have it.


Thanks so with these upgraded parts you been getting no jams , misfires etc???


Not with CCi but occasionally with thunderbolts but I think it's more the ammo.




Ive been wanting this for 2 years and they finally got in stock for $339 at Sportsman outdoors and to get it for my collection !! The shield in this color is next !!


Isn't that on the California gun roster?


Yeah, there's only a handful of .22 semi-auto pistols on the roster. Off the top of my head, I can think of the P22, the GSG 922, the Browning Buckmark, and the godawful Phoenix HP22.


Roger that. I was looking to buy a semi-auto 9mm, but almost all were rostered that I saw. So, I will just be using a Colt King Cobra .357 until everything gets up to speed with the legislation being amended


Change the recoil spring. A captured spring makes maintenance easier.


Any idea what website i can get it from?


Try [here](https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1018785139)


love that color! got a shield in the same color. we call it the barbie gun https://imgur.com/a/nIXhCU4


That shield is sweet man !!!


Thanks! I made it as absurd as possible. Looks like a super fabulous space gun. I like it wayyyy better with the black cerakoted slide. The silver looked weird


It works good with the golden bullets for me 👍 also replaced the extractor and recoil spring


You poor bastard.


P22 is an awesome gun but gotta put 500+ rounds through it. Next time shouldn't put your serial number in the picture