"Mom... dad... please sit down I need to tell you something... Since I was a kid... I've had these urges. feelings. I cant help them... Well today I'm not hiding from it anymore. I don't want to live a lie, I want to be authentic to myself, my feelings, and my new found community. With their support I don't have to live this way anymore. I am a proud gun owner!" ​ for added effect, bring one of your shooting buddies over for the speech, maybe he can record their reactions and the conclusions they draw before dropping the bomb 😂


Your dad interrupts and says we've known you were gay since you were young.




Might as well try this first before selling off everything.


Never sell, only buy. I think someone on here called it a gun diode.


Actually I really like this.. telling them you’re a responsible firearm owner is a MUCH softer blow than coming out of the closet.. don’t blow them hard


This is fucking amazing.


As a queer gun owner, I endorse this 100%




Parents' house, parents' rules. Either tell them and live with the consequences or don't tell them but keep your guns somewhere safe that's not their house. You can't have your cake and eat it too.


This is the right answer. I’m super pro-gun but if my son brought ANYTHING my wife (his mother) said not to bring into the house, that’s a fucking problem.


Besides guns, what even comes to mind, in terms of things she’d want out of the house? No carrot juice in the house?


Knowing my son, it would be an animal. A wild animal. That’s sick, and he’s trying to nurse it back to health. And it has babies. Like a dozen babies. Knowing how dumb young people are, generally, drugs. Hoping I raised him better. Guns would probably not be a problem so long as he bought it (as opposed to stole it or “borrowed” it) and went and got training on safe use and storage.


Yeah, I want to have an honest, upfront conversation with her. I just have no idea how I should go about it.


Wait until you move out. Until you’re financially independent you gotta play by their rules


Yeah my friend who’s pro gun suggested this to me when I brought up the fact that I wanna own a gun but can’t because I live with my parents and am very pro gun. I can’t move anytime soon because I don’t have a steady income and any place in mind to move to


If you can't even afford to live on your own, the fuck you need a gun for lol


All the conventional reasons you might be thinking of. U know, self defense, home defense, defense of others, target shooting, and hunting.


It's not even your home to defend. Priorities brother. All good reasons to want to own a gun, but focus on getting yourself a steady income if you're an adult living at home.


> It's not even your home to defend. What the hell does that even mean? Home defense is largely self defense inside of a house.


It’s your life and your shit to defend though. Doesn’t matter who pays the mortgage bud😂


This comment makes no sense. You have a gun for many reasons, including self defense.


Dude. I’m looking at rents rn. Don’t tell your folks. You will only make yourself homeless


I have almost enough money for a down payment on a cheap house, but not enough for six months rent. I love the housing market.


> I have a .22, two ARs, and a shotgun >I have almost enough money for a down payment on a cheap house, but not enough for six months rent. Maybe start by making better financial decisions.


Do you have almost enough for a cheap house here in CA? Is moving out of state an option? Your cheap house down payment here will likely get you a nicer house out of state. Edit: I just read further down. You don’t have “almost enough” for a dp.


I don't think you can, really. She'll kick you out. You disobeyed her, and that is the consequence stated in plain language. If I were you, and I did not want to outright sell my guns, I would ask someone trusted to look after them long-term. Never EVER take or keep your guns at your mother's place.


Might help if you have an actual safe for your firearms and not just a “safe location in the house”.


Or just sell the 22 shotgun is useless keep the AR lower. If you can buy airsoft guns tell her it’s airsoft 😂🤷‍♂️


I would be honest. But that’s just me. You never know how to conversation might go. But I would regret and it would eat at me to hide something from people I love. Maybe they will be okay to keep them somewhere else.


[I'll just leave this here](https://www.reddit.com/r/CAguns/comments/vog49z/can_my_parents_legally_take_my_guns/) If none of them are special, plan to sell them off if you're staying, or get any crappy job and rent an apartment with a trusted friend. It's not that hard if you look, and aren't ultra picky.


Do you have a safe? What’s a safe place? Will she ever find them and take them away and kick you out? Maybe sell am AR and a shotgun and start looking for your own place.


Yea I’d just wait until your roof over your head isn’t in jeopardy tbh.. but if/when you do have that conversation, I’d go about it strategically. First write down every objection you can think of that she might have. Then dispel them one at a time in a logical way, but also remember women have the logic of emotion, not reason so keep that in mind. I’d also pay for some training if you haven’t already so you can show initiative to your mother that you spent your own money and time to be proficient and safe with a firearm and she can feel more comfortable knowing you didn’t just buy a gun and learn on your own (which is fine too, but we’re trying to dispel her concerns). So after that healthy conversation, you can hopefully prove you’re a responsible gun owner and can benefit the household by being armed.


Growing up my mom wouldn’t let me own a gun either. I know your exact predicament. Inevitably the urge was too strong for me and I ended up purchasing a Beretta M9 when I turned 21. For the year I had it and up until I moved out at 22 I kept it in the trunk of my car and it stayed there wherever I went. The parking lot of the hospital where I worked, friends house, girlfriends house, etc and I would bring it home in my backpack when I got back from work. She never knew about it up until the last year of her life before she passed away from cancer in a confession style conversation we had. Needless to say she called me an ***hole when I told her but she also said she inevitably trusted me having one. R.I.P Mom, love you always




Do what I did: 1. Don't talk about them 2. Move out 3. Still don't talk about them You live in a red flag state, you have to be closeted to avoid the new form of swatting anyways.


There must be some young people in this subreddit. This is beyond repair man. There is no way to safely store firearms in this scenario. If you dont live on your own and your parents dont want firearms in their home then no firearms. This isnt sneakin beers. Do you have any family members that you can store the guns with safely? If i were your parent i would say youre selling the guns or your moving out. Theres no way to explain how fucked your priorities are other than forcing you to live with the consequences of poor choices. This sub is progun but safety is not something to be compromised.


You can get a used pelican case and a couple of decent padlocks for $50-100. Not sure what's unsafe about that.


It is not safe to keep unauthorized weapons on someone’s property that is absolutely opposed to learning how to handle safely and also is expected to have an extreme emotional response to learning of their existence. The mom could throw them away, give them to an uneducated friend/neighbor or any number of poor choice responses that expose everyone to a lot of liability.


How do you have ARs at 19?


Both are registered as bolt actions, they were DROS’d without a gas tube.


Then it’s not a AR. If that’s the case sell it all and keep the lower 😂


It’s an AR because I put the gas tube back in it lol. The gas tube was taken out just for the DROS.


That's the same thing I did to get mine.


Hell yeah. What FFL did you go to?


A small mom and pop one in my town. They were willing to do it with the gas block and tube. As well as replacing the BCG with a Kali Key BCG.


So you have an illegal weapon?


It’s not illegal to own an AR, I just can’t buy it like this.


Pretty sure it’s against some law that you can’t modify a weapon to skirt around rules like that. Especially since they are registered as something else. Someone smarter than me might shed some light


It’s only a gray area with single shot AR pistols I think. Because you’re not supposed to manufacture an unsafe handgun or some bullshit.


Well let’s hope the cops believe that when your mom calls them on you 😂


I went to 2A Zone, do they have a Reddit? I hope they can chime in.


Free men don't ask permission.


Neither do prisoners


- what free men say before they become felons with minimal rights.


My mom was anti gun for me, despite my dad owning a revolver before I was born. I told her I needed something for my own protection after years of crime rates increasing in L.A. and she begrudgingly said "fine, as long as it's legal" last summer. I built mine in November last year and she was only upset I spent $1100 building it. I live in their old house and my dad is respectful and thinks it's cool. My mom is still iffy on guns but she's tolerating me having an AR15 and expanding on hobby shooting. I think the thing that pisses her off the most is how expensive stuff is and she's worried about mass shooters and shit but it's kind of insulting she thinks I'll snap and shoot people for no reason :/ Otherwise it's my money and my hobby and in a house I effectively have to maintain for them since they live in another city. Get your own place, OP.


If your mom is anything like my mom was about 10 years ago, she doesn't think you're going to snap and shoot people. She just doesn't understand why you'd want an AR because that's what she associates them with. That and the military.


Big corps teach us to share information only on the "need to know" basis. Honesty is the best policy only in kindergarden. Also don't listen to a bunch of bored dicks on reddit, make your own decisions. You're doing fine financially for your age. There is nothing wrong with living with parents, if you offer them help and support. Even emotional support.


Just tell them and let it be what it is, my mom told me the same thing and I still started buying guns and just told her, I knew she wouldn’t kick me out though and eventually she didn’t care I had them


Why would you buy guns in the first place knowing your mom/landlord won’t allow them in her house?


Because his mom is unlikely to be equipped with the necessary hand to hand combat skills to defend herself and defend everyone else's life inside of her home in the event an armed intruder(s) break in. I bet her go-to strategy is to just lock a door and hide while hoping the police get there in time. It's her house but it's his life and his right to life is obviously more important to him than hurting his mom's feelings and good for him. We only live once, so protect innocent life at all costs.


Because 'Murica.


Landlord: you can't own guns in this house. Also you can buy a house because I bought extras lol. Americans: *begins blaring 'the east is red'*


Tell her. If you're an idiot - shell get mad. If you're responsible - she'll be less angry. We don't know you; she does.


Don’t tell them till you have your own place.


The best practice when living with your parents is to be honest, attempt to explain to them your reasoning for owning these guns. If you wholeheartedly believe these guns are intended to be used solely as weapons for self-defense, then that might be a hard sell. There's a history of mental illness in my family. My father and I have both been diagnosed as bipolar and yet I am in my early twenties and I'm able to live with my parents and own guns because there is a great sense of trust between me and my mother and I have explained that my reasoning for owning these guns is purely recreation. Attempting to find compromises works well also. Your legally allowed to store firearms in your car provided they are unloaded and in locked containers. These can be as simple as a backpack with a lock through the zipper or a soft case with locks through the zipper.


Yeah dude, if your mom is anti-gun now just wait until she finds out you’re hiding TWO of the scariest guns imaginable in her house. Either move out or be mentally/financially prepared to move out when she finds your stash if you aren’t going to get rid of them.


I mean, what is your impetus for telling her in the first place? Is it just because of guilt from not sharing something that you think you should? There is no default answer to this. Everyone’s relationship with their parents is different. If you’re confident she wouldn’t reason with you and would lose her shit, then just don’t tell her until you’ve moved out and are responsible for yourself… but even then, do it in a respectful way, because you may very well need her help sooner than later. Don’t burn your bridges. If you are confident she’d be “disappointed” but would still be understanding and you can have a productive conversation with her, then go for it. No stranger on Reddit knows what your relationship is with your mom. Only you do man.


I mean, what is your impetus for telling her in the first place? Is it just because of guilt from not sharing something that you think you should? There is no default answer to this. Everyone’s relationship with their parents is different. If you’re confident she wouldn’t reason with you and would lose her shit, then just don’t tell her until you’ve moved out and are responsible for yourself… but even then, do it in a respectful way, because you may very well need her help sooner than later. Don’t burn your bridges. If you are confident she’d be “disappointed” but would still be understanding and you can have a productive conversation with her, then go for it. I have an extremely open relationship with my parents. I can (and have) tell them literally anything that Ive done (drugs I’ve done, fucked up shit Ive done, etc…), literally anything… and they aren’t going to disown me over it and will be supportive and loving the whole way through. I know all the shit they’ve done throughout their lives too. But that’s relatively unique… not all parent/child relationships are like that. No stranger on Reddit knows what your relationship is with your parents. Only you do man. You’re gonna have to grow up and deal with this based on what you think the best decision is. It’s that simple (even though it might not be easy. “Simple” and “easy” are not mutually exclusive).


If you need to ask for advice on how to tell mommy you own a legal product, you probably shouldn't own firearms to start with.


Liberals are much more easy to convince with facts. I believe in OP's ability to convince her. He's smart enough to ask for advice. Most guys aren't at 19.




If they’re Mexican, it’s just a bluff they won’t kick you out


Even worse, they’re black and Mexican. 😔✌🏼


Which one is which?


Maybe you should be using your money on housing instead of multiple expensive guns


One collection of ~$2000 isnt the same expense as monthly rent. Lets not pretend like it is.


That’s first and last months rent with money left over if you get a place with one or two buddies.


You think gun owners buy a gun and call it a day? Parts, cleaning supplies, ammo, cases, range, gas to the range. Kid needs to learn priorities.


There's a big difference between just owning guns for occasional usage and being a gun nut who goes shooting all of the time. OP is 19, they have their whole life to start earning an income and being able to afford that stuff, most of which can be either quite cheap or is avoidable. Parts: Not really necessary unless you're shooting a lot Cleaning supplies: Can be gotten cheap Ammo: You don't have to shoot a lot. You can also reload. Cases: Used cases can be found cheap Range, gas to the range: Finding local friends to go shooting with on BLM land is a better option than paying to go to a range anyway


How old is OP ?




Rent would be like buying and kitting a new AR every month versus a single $1,000 purchase and extra money spent over time.


How old are you?


That’s no fun 😂😂 and he has .22 ammo is cheap bro


Maybe you should be helpful and not a small dicked douchebag


I am being helpful suggesting that OP because a self sufficient, responsible adult. And how do you know about my small dick, were you peeking at the urinal?


Ooooo yeah that 1500$ will make a difference 😂


Dude that’s easy have your friends beat you up and come home with a black eye… and say hey mom I’m getting a gun


Actually funny thing my parents live in my house because cheaper rent but my mom has always been anti gun but she understands that the neighborhood isn't rainbows and sunshine and crime rate has gone up. You just need to talk to her and show her that you have them in a secure place a safe or something.


So OP can crash with you when his landlady kicks him out for violating his lease, right?


If he wants to pay rent i don't see why not.


Yea super not cool. You're in someone else's home and ignoring their rules so you're already in the wrong. If you are expecting her to make any kind of concession you are kidding yourself. Either keep it a secret, move out, or get rid of the guns. There is no good that can come of telling her you own them and frankly no good that can come of flagrantly disrespecting someone's rules.


I think he's looking to have a confrontation with his mom, but knows it won't end well, so he's looking for justification/support from this sub that she's in the wrong and he's in the right.


Yeah I kind of agree with you. I see this all the time. It might seem contrived, but I look at it in the same way as when someone on a personal finance sub says “is it smart to buy this brand new car because I can afford the payments, and I make ” They already know it’s not smart. And they are going to do what they are going to do anyway. They are just pining for someone to validate their bad decision.


Educate your mom on firearms. The Knowledge of them may help her come around. She probably listens to the bs the media is spewing. Counter that with actual facts on how the 2a community is very safe and responsible for the most part. Good luck.


Listen to your fuckin mom you little prick. If she doesn’t want guns on her property you have absolutely zero right to have guns on her property. Full stop. Man up and get your own place, then do what you want. Until then, listen to your mama like the baby you clearly are.


I agree with the sentiment, could have been a little nicer with the approach.


Nah, he needed to hear it


I dunno, imagine being a parent and finding your kid is hiding guns in your house and intentionally lying about it.


I wouldn't be surprised if OP's mom calls the police on him for having guns if he tells her. That said, it's still her house and it's a shame she's anti gun but if that's how it is OP is in some tough shit for getting multiple guns instead of saving up for his own place.


I am aware, and I chose not to. Go be feelings police somewhere else.


Damn bro you’re mad tough on reddit how sick


Careful, you’ll offend the internet keyboard warrior tough guys!


Big tough guy on reddit eh?


You “live with your mama” types really all like to band together, don’t you? I’m quivering in my crocs.


Na i just like to point out r/iamverybadass type people


Wow, such a cool hobby. Your mother and absent father must be so proud.


It’s his property too. His legal residence. She can’t stop him


Paying rent doesn’t make a place your property. That’s why renters aren’t generally allowed to renovate. “Landlord” has certain rules. If he can’t abide by them he needs to find a new place to live.


Actually, paying rent means it’s your legal residence, and you’re allowed to have guns at your residence. Landlords can’t violate your rights. Good on you taking the anti gunner side tho.


Nice ad-hominem. Landlord can evict you for anything that’s not a protected class. Mom can simply raise his rent. Sounds to me like OP isn’t gonna be able to afford a lawyer to bring this to court, so what is his next move?


Yeah if he pays rent F that 😂


Like someone else said; either find a safe/gun locker to store them in at a trusted friends place or in a storage unit; her house, her rules, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to own guns because she doesn’t want them in her house.


I would just move to Arizona or sell your guns until you can support yourself


Take her shooting with you. Teach her how the stuff works.


At least you’ll be the safest person living in their car….. but in all honesty, make a plan to save financially and get yourself an expensive shoe box apt. Then have the convo and explain to your mom how her views have affected you and the trajectory of your life. By that time, it’ll be past the point, but important points of dialogue would be expressed and understood. That’s the best anyone could ask for.


Get a full time job, or a second part time job. Start saving and move out. Plenty of people need room mates right now and a full time job even with minimum in CA will let you afford a room. If you can’t be in your area look for somewhere cheaper.


You skipped the part where you explain why you have to tell her. Uh.... my advice is "don't"


Why are they down voting you? lol


Simple solution you don’t. It’s not her business and you can’t afford to stand on your own yet


Future man-child.


Maybe this is the wrong sub for this question.


Maybe, but I can guess how the more mainstream advice subs would react.


Goo point.


Just get ride if other guns keep the AR. Hide lower and upper at a friends. Big her about getting a gun go shooting with her a rent


Me: "No cooking meth in my house or I WILL kick you out. Period." My kid: "So, I cooked meth in your house" Imagine how that would go. Just replace "cooking meth" with "guns" ... Either don't fucking do it, or don't fucking get caught. Remember, you said it yourself: "rent is fucked in my area, I can’t afford to move out"


Did you just equate cooking meth to owning guns? Not at all the same thing.


I didn’t equate anything. I gave an example with something other than guns; we all love guns so much it’s sometimes hard to understand why others wouldn’t. When did I say they were equal? Meth is much better.


Analogies are hard to understand for some people, but it's okay.


Is that safe location in her house? If so, it is only right that you let her know. I'd approach with a sincere tone and just get it over with. If not, she doesn't need to know.


They’re locked up in our guest house. She or anybody else will likely never come across them.


That is horseshit buddy. Secretly keeping guns on someone’s property is some immature garbage.


Said everyone with a kid who shot someone


They’re in a safe with a trigger lock. Ammo is stored separately.


I think the argument here is she doesn't want YOU to crack and be the next mass shooter, not that a rando will find and use them, or that they'll randomly go off. Her house, her rules. Make sure you have another place lined up before you tell her because no amount of "sincere talk" will make it ok. Just keep your mouth shut.


Rent a storage space, put a locked gun cabinet inside the space, move the guns there. (EDIT: Look into the legality of this, it may or may not be legal at "self storage" spaces, but you may be able to for example rent a closet at a friends house or something. Put the guns in the locked cabinet in the closet) Your mom has every right to say she doesn't want guns on her property, and you have every right to own guns and store them at another location. Don't bother with telling her that you own guns at another location. Not her business. Just don't bring them on her property.


I wouldn't store in a storage space. There are some sketchy dudes who live in neighboring units, or run shady businesses out of them. If they see the safe, or see you carrying range bags out, they'll just break in.


all depends on the location, but yeah, maybe not a self storage business, but maybe like I said a friend's closet or garage or a storage space in some better part of town or nearby town.


You can get a storage space that’s alarmed per customer. The storage space should also know who is coming and going.


Just don’t mention it until you save enough to move out. I’m in CA and I know how high rent is anywhere that isn’t ghetto af.


Your mom is probably anti-gun for political reasons. I would try pointing out to her that Republicans are currently in the process of successfully taking over the federal government without the consent of the electorate and there is a chance it will lead to a civil war. People on r/liberalgunowners would probably have more extensive advise.


I had a similar issue with my parents. Just explain to them the reason why you brought the gun and have been up to date with the law and know how to be safe around it. After telling my parents that, they where understanding and let me keep them in my room. It’s better to tell them rather then them finding them out


My mom is Mexican she would kill me. Lucky for me is that I don’t live with my mom. My mom lives with me so I make the rules.


My mom is also Mexican so I know how it feel lol but ayy your good if it’s your house


Does she let you use a screwdriver or knife? They’re all just inanimate tools that literally do nothing.


“This is my boomstick!” Lol jk


I respect your desire to be honest and front word towards your parents but I feel that it would not benefit you in the short or long term please keep your weapons in a safe location and just don’t mention it


It's their house and if they don't want guns in the house, then you can't have guns in the house.


Your choice seems to be between preserving your relationship with a loved one who trusts you and who’s supported you and continues to support you, and some replaceable inanimate objects. I know what choice I’d make.


if you knew you mother was anti-gun and would kick you out, why did you get the guns 1st before finding a way to support yourself?


So are you paying anything to live there? Sounds kind of like you aren't.


You move out. Her house, her rules.


Keep them away, respect your parent's wishes. You can have your own rules when your roof is your own.


Yeah, you need to move out bud. It sounds lame af but if your parents pay for the roof over your head, then you have to respect them enough to not hide things around THEIR house. You might not agree with me now, but once you move out you'll understand the struggle of being a real adult, and regret many things you did in the past to your parents. >Inb4 someone says “move out”: rent is fucked in my area, I can’t afford to move out. That's not an excuse. You need to be actively working towards moving out if you want to continue owning and buying guns. If you're living with your parents then it should be super easy to save money for relocation. I used to live with my parents in a comfy suburb, huge house (Los angeles county), and rent in the immediate area was like >$3000 a month for an okay-ish apartment. I still moved out (to a more ghetto area) in order to kick start the next chapter of my life. Either find a room mate or do what I did and move somewhere less desirable. You need to make sacrifices to gain independence.


“My MOmmY iS GoInG To KIcK me oUt iF SHE FindS OuT I HAVE gUnS.” “rENt iS ToO DaMn hIgh!” Boo-fucking-hoo. Should’ve thought about this before knowingly putting yourself in this position. Or, sack up and figure out how to get your own place. You know, like an adult.


move out and then you dont have to tell them


Other people have covered it but I want to chime in, just in case the repetition drives the point home. You shouldn't have your guns at your parents house, if this is their stance. It's their home, they've made their position clear. You also can't have your guns in self-storage, so you should find a relative to hold onto them. I know you want to tell your mom, but based on your description, I don't see a positive outcome from that. I guess if you have your own car, you can keep them in a locked case in the trunk?




Calm down there Kyle. Maybe take a few more sips from your Monster Zero or hit your vape, you're getting agitated.


I'll bet you got a roofie guy, don't you.




Yeah, that (first paragraph) is what I’m worried about. I know that sooner or later she’s gonna find them or I’ll slip up somewhere, so I have to mentally prepare her or myself for that day. Just an all around shitty situation that, I’ll admit, I brought upon myself.


Tell them “THIS IS AMERICA” in your Childish Gambino voice


Any chance of inviting her to a good and, as apolitical as possible, gun range and let her try shooting them? This is one way my spouse "got on board" with having guns in the house (the other was a bit of pandemic fear). She realized how a range day can be a fun, sporting activity and not about "gun culture/politics". I also made sure they were well locked up, showed her how safe they are when unloaded and locked and prob most importantly how I'd taken the time to learn this and am continuing to do so when it comes to gun safety and handling. I think outside of the whole "gun culture/politics" thing the most apprehension I get from family that lean toward an anti-gun stance is fear that they are thought of as "toys" and will be dangerous because of that. Good luck!


Same situation when I lived with my parents at your age. Solution: Move out and buy gun. I told my parents and they were “shocked” but I told them I moved out like they said to do in order to buy a gun. I keep it safe and I’m responsible with it. They’re not as shocked anymore because I’m responsible with it.


Just tell her. If it doesn’t go well tell her you will sell them back or return them, but just store them in a storage unit until you move out. It might be risky to keep them in a storage unit but you can still keep them.


Just don't. For the time being


When I was younger and lived with my mom, it was a sticky situation. I was a big skeet shooter, and renting a gun every time was an extra $60 charge. Eventually, I we agreed that I could restore an old, taken apart Remington that I found for sale for $250 (barn find). After I restored and cleaned it up, we agreed to keep it in a heavily locked case. Then I moved out and bought a few newer pieces. There are compromises to be made, but it sounds like you’ve got ARs and modern firearms. Those are tough to swallow as anti-gun person. They serve no practical purpose other than target shooting (there are better guns for this) and personal protection. I’ve just been rambling but here is my advice: pick up shooting as a hobby and make it known (go to the range, shoot skeet, etc). Talk about how much fun it is, and try to eventually take your mom. It might not solve the problem, but it will certainly help her understand why you love guns. Last piece of advice, do not store the guns in or around your parents house. A “safe location” like deep in your basement or under your bed/in the rafters, etc does not count. If she finds out, you will be breaking her trust in a massive way. It is really hard to repair that bridge, trust someone who has burned a few before. I would kick my kid out of my house if I found out they were hiding something like that from me. It is not worth it. Good luck kid.


Calling your mom rn


Please don’t, I been a good noodle.


Honestly dude something like political views should never come between a parent and their kids. I couldn't imagine throwing my daughter out over something like her legal right to protect herself. If I had a son I wouldn't treat him differently the world's a cold place no need for family to be cold too. I know some parents try to control everything and the old school mentality is they're right you're wrong shut up but as long as you've never had mental issues or threatened to kill your family I don't see why they would care if you have a gun. As for living in their house I would try to move out as soon as possible not because you're doing anything wrong but because you don't want to add tension with your relationship to your parents. Especially your mom you'll most likely never have someone care for you the way a mom does


I would just get a safe / locking cabinet, then put that in a rented 5x5 storage unit for probably ~ $75 a month. And then continue to not say anything to your parents. You own the guns legally, you're an adult, so none of their damn business, *especially* if you don't store them at their house. My mom is hugely liberal and anti-gun, she took it pretty well when I told her about my gun collection. Granted, I had long since moved out by that point. But I find that most of the time when family says nobody should be allowed to have guns, usually after you tell them you're into guns they'll pivot to "well I mean you're fine, I just mean most other people shouldn't be allowed" lol.


Get a safe, and disassemble the firearms upon showing them the firearms. They look less scary to people if they’re broken down into pieces. After showing them the safety measures you have in place show them the documented paperwork. Showing them you take something they don’t agree with, seriously , could really help them understand you have the right to do so. OR pay them rent and they’d have to evict you for months on end if they still decided to kick you out.


Dude, do not bring a gun into her house.


“Mom… dad… sit down. I purchased some guns. I’m gonna need an increase in my allowance for ammo. Do you understand! Oh, and we do meatloaf on Wednesdays now.”


This might be a stupid question, if you can afford to buy two AR's maybe you should have saved some of that for a deposit on your own place? At least rent a place with some room mates?


My wife was the same. Told her my brother gave me a gun for my birthday ( worked 5 years straight ) ;)


Is it really worth losing moms cooking and having your laundry done!


Wait how do you have 2 ARs if you're only 19


Bolt action exemption.


I wouldn’t have the conversation. You technically are an adult but since you’re under her roof that means her rules. I know probably why you’d want to have the conversation cause you might want to try and change her mind and be able to have them at home, but if your mom was anything like mine growing up, you’ll be very unhappy. Also I’m not advocating lying to your parents but if you’re not hurting anyone or yourself and you’re being safe I wouldn’t see an issue with just not mentioning it at all.


Dude it sounds like you are coming out of the closet. It is no big deal to own guns. Just like being gay, who gives a crap. If she said she would kick you out, that sounds very controlling. I would say you need to move out and figure it out. I would say get a room mate and a better job. And go to school to get a trade. Trades take like a year and half to do. Plus the pay is very livable wage. My mother was very anti gun for a while. But she is not a progressive or democrat. She is very conservatives Jewish mother. The reason she changed her mind, was I moved out of her house. Then I had a conversation with her about why she didn't like guns. There was no debate, I didn't argue with her. I just listened to her why she had those worries. I asked her questions and just listened. What this does, is you are interested in listening and loving her. This allows people to lower their defense. This builds trust and this is imperative in relationships. So when the riots started to happened, she got worried. I just challenged her about self defense. Eventually over two years, She now is very pro gun. She realizes that the police cannot save you. It is your responsibility to defend yourself. Daddy government never works.


Man, hoplophobia is real with this one. Sorry for your predicament dude.


Why are you even thinking about guns when you cant even afford your own place? Just get rid of them and wait till your 21, avoid the trouble and MOVE OUT !


Don't tell them while you live there. Stop spending money on stuff that isn't building you towards living independently, that includes guns.


They don’t need to know


Try changing her mind little bit at a time. Had same thing happened but my parents were not extreme anti gun, was just against being near dangerous things (guns, motorcycle) now both of them knows how to shoot and is somewhat pro gun.


"What mama don't know won't hurt her"


Become ungovernable 👨‍👩‍👦


Cant afford rent but you have two ARs? Bro are you trolling?