Is he neutered? If not that’s the problem


Yes. We believe he was neutered maybe a little too young too, and cat nip has no affect on him and his face is super small for a male, as well as a kitten like meow still.


It's probably a phase He'll grow out if it in a few months Like you said he was fine before and only started a while ago


May need a different kind of medication like an SSRI. There could also be something outside freaking there cat out. Maybe some new outdoor kitties are upsetting your cat. I even saw once where headlights coming down the street were freaking out the cat at night. Check out Jackson Galaxy’s YouTube channel and old my cat from hell episodes. They have a lot of suggestions for this issue. What kind of harness are you using ? Im looking for one that I don’t have to pull over the cats head. Something that buckles together. She doesn’t like when I put stuff over her head.


Followed a couple of his tips and managed to get a good few hours of sleep. Only woke me up once and just played with him till he was panting, and my friend gave me some kitty melatonin so I gave him one and he was out like a light.


It's normal if your cat only sleeps for 1-2 hours at a time. Trying to make your cat sleep all night is very unnatural. It's also normal for you to go insane from lack of sleep. As a temporary emergency solution, one of you can sleep while the other keeps the cat company, and then switch. Look up segmented sleep.